Be Careful Standing in the Way of the Wind

Have you ever experienced on a really windy day the wind just hopelessly becoming trapped in some tunnel, tight space or inside a building.

It desperately tries to find a way out as it knocks things over, or starts banging doors and making a high pitch noise. Its quite annoying when it happens especially if you have to walk through tunnels and tight spaces to get home and you can really feel the force of the wind fighting its way out of tight corners.

The wind you can say is claustrophobic in a sense and some people do try and find something fun out of the wind trying to fight against it.

When I was younger hanging about with my friends around my house and on a really windy day I use to open the front door to trap the wind. I would just experience watching and feeling the wind knocking things over, banging doors and making the most eeriest sounds.

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