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I grew up in Russia I didn’t know anything about Native American stories as far as I knew it was the classics(Bigfoot moth man etc) when I turned 20 I moved to Utah to start fresh so to speak I remember dating this girl who was native and telling me about these stories and what to do to protect myself from them but me being a sceptic ignored it I bought this property on the outskirts of town near a forest a couple hundred feet around before breaking off into badlands

I go hunting and wood collecting in these forests all the time; after about a month of living in this house I started noticing weird prints in the grass and mud but the thing that got me was it was footprints and handprints

A wendigo attacked my horse

I guess this all started when I was making myself some pasta. I live in a merry little house deep in the woods in Indiana. This makes me pretty isolated, which honestly isnt really a bad thing. No Jehovah’s witnesses. No door-to-door salesmen. Its a peaceful little place. The nearest house, or any sign of civilazation really, is several miles away. My house is near this little abandoned dirt road that goes into the city about 10 miles away, which is sort of a long way to go if you need help or anything. I love being surrounded by nature. Just woods for miles and miles.

Behind my house is a big field enclosed by a fence, which is where I keep my horse.She is a big, sturdy old draft horse that is’nt fazed by anything.Her name is Andromeda, and she is the calmest, bravest horse I have ever known. You could fire a cannon five feet away from her and she wouldnt flinch. She is absolutely pitch-black with tiny little white dots all over her back like the constellation, which gave her her name. I love to gallop bareback through the forest with her. We have encountered mountain lions, bobcats, and even a few black bears, and she hasnt bolted once.

The thing we saw that day

This story takes place up in Panguitch lake, up far in the woods where my dad and I have our own family cabin. A little background, originally i’m from Vegas and around the time during the spring break of 2014 we went up to our family cabin for a fishing trip. It was for the whole weekend, so my dad said I could invite a friend, so I decided to invite my good friend Hunter. It was an early Monday morning when we set out to leave for the cabin. In all it was about a 7 hour drive to the cabin, I slept for most of the car ride there.

By the time we reached the cabin nightfall struck. Hunter and I got out of the car and, grabbed our bags to take inside. We were so tired that we just dropped our bags and crashed on the couch. My dad of course took his bags into the first room of the cabin and slept on the bed. The next morning, Hunter woke me up and asked me to go explore the woods with him since he had never been here before, and he loved exploring. So being annoying as he was I finally said “OK”

my wendigo encounter

So what i’m about to tell you happened 2 weeks ago. So I was going on a trip to my grandparents place witch is about a 1 hour drive. The road leads through a huge forest nearly 45 minutes of the drive there. so I was leaving with my parents a 6 p.m and it was almost night.

So through the hole drive it was going to be night we asoumed.

Unidentified Monster

I believe I have seen or several wendigos. I’m seventeen at the time of this writing. I live in Montana now, but my first experience was when I lived in Colorado.

Around my house in Frisco (Colorado), there was about an acre of woods. Before the cul-de-sac I lived on began to be developed the woods were mostly lodgepole pine. I was outside during summer, and I was around 10. I don’t have a good memory, so I don’t recall my age exactly.

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