Southern Ohio Skinwalker

This happened about a year ago, last summer. Some background. I’m a 21 year old non-native american (100% German bloodline) male and somewhat know about Skinwalkers and Wendigos, mainly from the massive amount of time I spent on 4chan in the past couple years. I live in the hills of the Ohio River Valley. Im an avid coyote hunter and fisherman. What time I am not spending at work, playing video games, or browsing 4chan, I’m in the woods or on the river.

One night after I left work I decided to go fishing at the pond on my friend’s property, to the northeast of my house. I got home, grabbed my rods, tackle box and trusty HK VP9 (because I carry everywhere I go nowadays), and ran to the store and bought some chicken livers for bait. I should also mention that I brought my puppy. A 9 month old German Shepherd/Rottweiler mix that I named Mauser.

As I arrived at my friend’s property and began pulling my truck into the field surrounding the pond, the sun started to set. It was eerily quiet. No noises of nature, or any noise at all other than the engine of my truck running. It made me feel kinda uneasy, but I just pushed it out of my mind.

I got out of the truck with my pup and began to set up my rods when Mauser started acting a little uneasy. I patted him gently on the side to try and reassure him that everything was fine. By the time my rods were set up and ready to go, it was dark out. So I went back to the truck to grab my glowsticks and head lamp. It was then that Mauser jumped into the truck and wouldn’t move.

I asked what he was doing, almost expecting an answer, but instead I was hit with the most God awful stench I’ve ever smelled in my life. The smell of sulfur and rotting flesh. I started to worry at that point. In an instant, every thread on 4chan that I’ve read about Skinwalkers flew through my mind.

I stayed still and silent for a second, listening. All of a sudden, I see Mauser start shaking and hear footsteps behind me. The stench of rotting meat grew stronger. My heart was in my throat and I had completely forgotten the handgun clipped underneath my steering wheel.

I stood there for what seemed like hours, even though it was only seconds. I slowly started to turn my head back towards whatever was behind me. About 50 feet behind me, barely lit up by the light back by the pond was what I know was a skinwalker. I was horrified. It was easily 9 feet tall, and had the head of a deer with scraggly antlers, as well as a deer’s legs, and a human’s torso, but it was rotting.

Fight or flight had hit me at that point, so I jumped into my truck and slammed the door shut. I grabbed my pistol and rolled down the window and started shooting while trying to back out. I had my magazine empty in mere seconds and was out of the field seconds later. I had thought I was safe and that I was going to get away. I was wrong. I looked over and saw Mauser with all his hair standing up, teeth barred, savagely growling at something behind the truck.

It was then that I felt the back of the truck drop. As if something had jumped into the bed. I didn’t dare look into my rear view mirror. I kept driving towards the dirt road to take me from the field back to my friend’s house. I heard a loud screech coming from right behind me. It sounded like it was close, but at the same time far away and coming from other directions.

I drove for another 10 minutes. Hearing tapping on my back windshield the entire time. Once I got back to my friend’s driveway, all was silent. I gathered the courage to get out of the truck, forcing my pup to stay inside. If rather have something bad happen to me than him. This all happened last summer, so almost a year ago. I go back there to shoot and do target practice sometimes, but I always have a feeling of dread around that pond, and I can still hear the screeching sometimes. As if I could forget that sound anyways…

The Thing in the Adirondacks

For the sake of the story, you can call me Cal. I worked as a police officer for the Atlantic City PD of New Jersey for eighteen years, and when I retired I pulled some strings from my many years on the force and cooperating with New York Police Officials to get a job with the Adirondack Park Rangers. I’d always loved the great outdoors, something I missed from my work in Casino Central at Atlantic City. And what could be more outside the loop than a 6.1 million acres of woods, rivers, lakes and mountains? I was looking forward to it: a quiet bachelor’s retirement, preserving the forest and looking after the nature I loved. But as it would turn out, Nature also holds a lot of terrible secrets.

I arrived at the Adirondack Park in 1995, a year after my retirement, to my designated Park Ranger cabin – we were required to live and work on the reserve. I was driven up from Atlantic City by the guy I was replacing, a fellow who I’ll call Joe. Joe had worked here for over thirty years, and in spite of his greying hair he was still spry and full of life. After a long drive we pulled into the clearing around the cabin. Joe showed me the well from which we drew water, where the power lines were and around the small two-man cabin. As we were sitting on the front stoop; laughing sharing fishing stories and chewing on cigars, Joe suddenly got very quiet. He trained his ice blue eyes on me and asked, “Do you believe in God, Cal?”

My family is Italian and Irish, we’re about as Catholic as they come. My answer was an instant yes. Joe grimaced, grinding the stogie on the wooden railing of the porch. “I don’t know about God myself,” Joe said, staring at the old growth rows of Oak that ringed the clearing, “The devil I’m more sure of. I’ve seen him – he lives in those woods.” I thought Joe was being over dramatic, and I chuckled. But he gave me a look – cold, dark and foreboding, and my laughter extinguished. “You’ll see what I mean soon enough,” He said, disposing his cigar in the garbage inside the cabin. As he came back out with his fedora, he paused and looked at me. “I love these woods – but there are dark things out there you couldn’t begin to imagine.”

For the first month after Joe left, I could almost convince myself his terrifying words were nothing more than Park Ranger hazing – he was indoctrinating me to the camp by scaring me. I quickly fell into the rhythm of Ranger life, patrolling the woods and clearing paths, participating in biomass surveys with people from Albany. It wasn’t all sunshine – poachers were rife, and anti-government militia training illegally in the park aren’t friendly at the best of times. But after eighteen years on the beat, those punks didn’t scare me. What did scare me – to the point of quitting my job – happened late one night.

Part of my old life on the beat was being a night owl, and being a park ranger was no exception. It was late August and almost 10 PM when the Ranger station called in. They said a family had gotten separated from their little girl, and they needed all hands on deck to mount a search. I was instantly awake, putting down my dogeared W.E.B. Griffin book and hauling on my Park Ranger uniform and donning my cap. I met up with my Boss, Captain O’Rourke, and he assigned me to follow a Tributary of Grindstone Creek, near where the family had last seen their daughter. I led a bunch of civilian volunteers down the creek, armed with flashlights and intermittent firearms. There had been black bear activity in the area, so packing heat made sense.

As we fanned out along the creek, I gradually separated from the others, scanning the forest until my flashlight caught something pink – totally at odds with summer ground cover. I yelled out that I’d found something, but then my flashlight panned up – and I wish, to this day, that I’d never done that.

The girl was in pieces, scattered across the clearing. What my flashlight had caught was a dismembered arm, with the stub of a pink t-shirt still attached. I’d seen horrible gangland slayings, but nothing ever topped the brutality of the scene. I gagged, and that was when I heard it – a strange, cooing, hooting sound. Something about the sound turned the blood in my veins to ice as I planned my light in the direction of the sound – and it felt like my soul died in my chest. Standing there, easily seven feet tall, was this THING – that’s the only way I can describe it. It was tall but heavily emaciated, about as wide as a lamp pole – I could see its ribs protruding out of its rotting grey flesh. Its feet were hooved, but it had hands like a humans – albeit with long, disgusting black talons in place of fingers. It’s head – that’s what still gives me nightmares. Instead of a normal head it wore a deer’s skull, a buck’s head with a massive rack of eight-pointed antlers. It’s mouth was full of dagger teeth, which curved up and outwards the closer to the front of the mouth they got. In its jaws, the child’s leg dangled limply as it fixed me with a nightmarish glared of its yellow demonic eyes.

Neither of of us moved for a space of about ten seconds until it cocked its head to the side. It let out another cooing hoot, and took a step towards me. That was enough. I screamed as loud as I possibly could, and pulled out my revolver, firing again and again after the thing as it turned tail and bolted through the brush, faster than any living animal I’d ever seen. I didn’t stop firing until my gun clicked empty uselessly, and the search party found me a sobbing wreck a few minutes later. I lied and said it was a black bear, but I know what I saw – it wasn’t natural, not of this world of the living. There and then I quit my job, left the Adirondacks and have never looked back since.

Wendigo in the Woods

So, I am 17 years old and I live in a very wooded area. My friends and I usually go into the woods near my house because we could smoke and get away from everything. I’ve always had an eerie feeling about these woods though. I’ve felt like something didn’t want us to be there. This one particular night we where all messing around and walking down the usual path.

We noticed these deer following us, but we didnt put much thought to it.

Then we heard a branch snap behind us. We looked being us and saw the same deer but on looked odd. It just didn’t look right. When it noticed that we knew it was there the odd one stood up. That was odd. I didn’t think deer could stand on there hind legs that easily. We didn’t pay much attention though So we kept walking.

After maybe about 20 minutes of walking we came across a circle of some sort.

It was red and had some animal skulls around it. Now we were seriously freaked out.

Then we heard a loud snap of a branch nearby. I looked to the right and saw that same deer i had seen earlier. It made a horrifying noise. Like a laugh. It tried to sound normal but it sounded so wrong. Then it bent it’s legs and sort of stretched it’s torso out.

It had large pointy black claws. It snapped it’s head towards us. It bent down on all fours and crawled towards us. We ran so fast. One of my friends, John slipped on a rock near a small stream. “Oh god my leg!” he cried.

I looked back and his leg was snapped backwards. I feel bad for this but I kept running. Me and my friend came to two different roads. I told him to follow me but he didn’t. I kept running. Then I heard the worst things I will ever hear in my life.

I heard Trent and John screaming at the top of there lungs.

“What the hell is that?!”

Then I heard Trent scream and then I heard John still screaming to help him. I couldn’t I felt so bad. To this day I still don’t know what happened to them but I don’t want to know.

But I still feel so bad that I left them. I will never forget it.

Wendigo encounter

This is a really wierd. But this is the only time I’ve actually beleived in the supernatural.

I’ve alwayse known about crap like this but ive never seen anything crazy. This all happened just a few weeks ago back in December of 2017. I live in town in northern Minnesota,  on the city edge, but its still pretty heavily populated. But there is still alot of animals walking around, but this was never like any animal I’ve ever seen in my life.

It was around 7 or 8:00pm.  I was sitting home alone with my cat watching a movie, then all of a sudden out of nowhere my cat, which was calmly sitting on my lap sleeping jumped  out of my bet and hid under my bed.

I asked her what was wrong but she just sat under my bed looking around my room like a monster was in my room or something.

But I wasn’t far off. About 1/2 an hour later after my cat hid, I decided to take out my trash, like any other day. I walked out past my backyard gate opened it, and put the trash bag in my dumpster. Then I heard it, something in my neighbors ally.

I paused for a while, then it crawled out, a large, skinny, and boney, body looking like a human corpse, rotting and creaking when it moved. It looked at me, then snarled at me.

The next thing i knew i was in my house, with my kitchen knife. I ran so goddamn fast back to my house and ran into my kitchen, grabbing a knife and closing the shutters, wondering what I just saw. I waited a few minuits waiting to see if i came to my house,

But nothing happened. Then the next day texting my friend who lives two blocks away from me.

I asked him if he ever saw anything strange last night. He said that he did see some stray cats running really fast away from the ally but nothing else really. Then I realized what I saw the night before might actually be real. Then i realize what I saw that night was a wendigo. I realized by playing the video game untill dawn a few days ago.

And I realized how much deep trouble i could have been in that night. Now when i take out my garabage I always have my pocket knife in my pocket, just incase…

The Wendigo that Lurks

This happened when I was 20, I was moving out of my parents house to move into a farm. When I got to the farm, I began setting all of my stuff down. I cleaned up the dirty farmhouse and found some stuff that belonged to the people who used to live here.

Three weeks after settling into the new place, I began hearing random noises at midnight and it kept me up. When I always heard these sounds they annoyed me so I got out my rifle and flashlight. I tried to find out what the noise is but I end up finding scratches around the farmhouse and the trash can on the ground with trash everywhere. I also though it was raccoons.

One day, at midnight I heard the noises again and I busted out my rifle and flashlight, I went around the farmhouse and found nothing, I then looked into the forest and saw some shadow running into it. I ran after it also, thinking that I would finally catch the trouble maker. When I got into the forests I found nothing. I only heard the rustling of leaves and the sounds of animals. I then heard a strange roar from nearby.

My dumb-ass self went to go check it out and I ran toward the sound. When I finally heard the sound, I hid behind a tree, pointing my rifle at the shadow, I finally realized what it was, it wasn’t an animals. Instead it was a lanky, tall beast. With a deer skull as a head and huge antlers. It had long arms and legs and claws. It was pale and had some flesh missing.

I could see it eating a dead bear. I then react by shooting the thing in it’s back, almost hitting it’s neck. It reacted by screaming and throwing skin and guts everywhere. I reloaded and took another shot and another. The beast would scream and scream. It began sniffing. I reloaded once again and shot. The bullet would miss, almost hitting in it’s head.

The beast would run to where the noise is, I reloaded as fast as I can and I would aim. I then would shoot in it’s leg, making it unable to walk normally. It would limp away, whimpering. I would sweat asking myself “What in the bloody hell was that thing?”. I then ran out the forest as fast as I could, not even bothering to mess with that thing.

The next day, I told my friend about the beast and what it looked like. My friend would say “Ever heard of the legend of the Wendigo?”, I replied with “What’s a Wendigo?”. My friend said “It’s a beast that lives in a forest that eats human flesh.”. I then gulped and said, “I gotta go.”. I went back to my home, wondering if the beast I encountered really was the so called “Wendigo.”. But ever since that day, I encountered it or something like it again.