Skin walker in my dream

This is a short story but it’s 100 percent true. I’m a 15 year old male who lives 2 hours from the wendigo capital of the world, Kenora ontario.

This was a dream that would lead to real events and in my dream me and my father brought home a deer but as soon as we killed it and brought it home to clean it, it had disappeared. All we found were the front hooves covered in blood on the ground.

Skip to a couple months later I went hunting with my dad on our property far from  our town. It was about 6 in the morning and freezing, I’ve never been so cold in my life. I was to cold and trying to worry about stay warm, I didn’t realize the Forrest was dead silent which was weird because it’s usually full of sounds of cows mooing. But not a single sound. OK so this is how we were set up me and my dad were in 2 different tree stands about 10 feet apart and we cleared a little trail so we could see the little patch of tall grass where we put crushed seeds and sugar because that’s what drawings in the big bucks.

After 2 hours of no action my dad managed to fall asleep while I sat waiting for anything but I started to hear the very faint sound of leaves get crushed but something that slowly got louder. I could start to see a little bit of movment in the tall grass and when my eyes focused in I saw a huge male whitetail deer eating the seeds I made movement to get my gun in position while my dad was still asleep. I reached in my pocket as quiet as I could to grab a bullet and managed to get it it the chamber without making a sound. As soon as I put the bullet I looked through the barrel at the deer and it was looking at me now I knew I had to make thends shot before it ran but I couldn’t bring myself to pull the trigger. And the most horrifying thing happened next, it stood up on 2 legs. Now that I saw it’s full body I could see it better and it didn’t even look like a deer, more like a man with a deers legs and head but one thing I noticed about its legs that the front legs had hands all bloody and looking like it’s hooves were ripped off. It stared for about 30 seconds and then ran towards me and nd underneath the free stand and out of sight.

I sat in the cold silence until I could hear the sounds of the cows and birds and wind again. I woke up my dad and told him we need to leave there’s nothing here. We packed up and didn’t left. I still come out to the property every once and a while but whenever I do I bring my gun. If anyone knows what this is please help.

train station horror

I live in a rural part of eastern Europe so seeing wild animals is my everyday life. But what has happened to me and my friend last full moon has completely shocked me.

We were quite bored so we agreed to meet at night to take a walk around the area. We went to the village next to ours, about 2 kilometers away.

There is an old train station there, it’s a place where we like to hang out. The road passed us quickly, because we talked and joked on the way. After we got there, we spent a few minutes on the station platform and decided to come back because it was getting quite late. As we walked along the tracks, we heard a voice behind us “hey you, there on the platform”, we turned around and saw nothing.

I thought that some kids are making fun of us, but after a while somebody laughed some 20 meters behind us. I turned around and saw the most terrifying sight in my life.

A strange creature similar to a dog but with hairy human legs and a head that resembled that of a vulture was kneeling beside the tracks. It was staring at us with his black eyes. After a few seconds, it opened its mouth and said, “hey you, come here.” At this point, we turned around and started to run as fast as we could.

We reached the nearest lighted street and we stopped. The strange creature was no longer behind us.

After this experience, we returned to our homes as soon as possible.

I have lived in this area for 16 years, I have seen wild boars, deer and wolves, but this thing did not resemble any animal known to me. Since then, I have never left home after dark.

Was it a Wendigo?

It’s a story that has happened to me a couple years ago, while hunting.

I live in Canada, on the South Shore of Montreal, but I like to go hiking in the region called “the Laurentides”. The forests are beautiful and there are tons of trails you can follow. But I am an adventurous one and I don’t follow them very often.

One day, in late october, we had snow, which is not uncommon, but still not common enough to make us all a bit surprised. I had the not so brilliant idea to go hunting, so I picked my bow, my hunting knife and my quiver and went into the forest.

After a few hours, I came to a small clearing that I knew quite well, and I decided to stop to drink a bit of water. Then, from the other side of the clearing, I saw the head of a deer. That’s what I thought at firsf, but I realized it was way too tall to be one, so maybe a moose. So silently, I drew an arrow and positioned myself. It was a beautiful animal, white as snow. I had never seen such a pale buck in my whole life and was amazed at the beauty of it.

But then, something in the atmosphere changed. Slightly. The wind changed direction. There was no other sound that that of the leaves. The moose turned slowly, in a deranged way, like it’s neck was cracking to do so, in my direction and we had an eye contact.

I have been a hunter for over a decade now. I have felt something there that I hve felt only a very few times, which was when I came face to face with a bear and when I was surprised by a cougar in one expedition outside of the province of Quebec. The feeling of dread, shiver rolling down slowly down my spine, cold sweat, a primordial feeling, ingrained in our human DNA. The feeling all hunters recognize when you no longer are the hunter, you are the prey…

I did not move for what seemed like an eternity, and so did the thing. I started slowly backing off, I knew my bow wouldn’t cut it if I actually had to fight that thing. Step after step, always so slowly, I backed off, until that…thing, rose on it’s two back legs. There was no hoofs on the front legs either. More like claws. And it was emancipated, like malnourished.

I remember running. I am a good runner, and exceptionally agile in the woods, so naturally, something so massive would have difficulties coming after me in this dense forest.

Boy was I mistaken.

It gained ground way too quickly for my taste, so I did what I could. I jumped in a mud puddle and stopped moving. That thing ran past me. I waited there for I don’t remember how long, then I made a run for it to my cabin.

It was the first time in my life I actually feared for my life. I am an amateur boxer, an intrepid hunter and an ex security agent that has seen it’s fair share of danger. And yet, nothing even came close to this thing.

I was hoping someone could give me an explanation about this thing. I digged up a little and the only thing I found was the Wendigo, but, it’s a legend right? What I saw was way too real…

There’s something in her woods.

Just to clarify, this didn’t happen to me, it happened to my girlfriend a year or two ago. Nevertheless, i always get freaked out whenever im in her woods.

There’s been two incidents, so I’ll try to make them quick. One night she had a few of her friends over – laughing, drinking, having a good time in general.

They did all their little parties in her dad’s garage, which was a few yards away from the house. Beyond the garage was an unkept path that led into the woods behind her house. Across from the garage was an old trampoline that was too ripped to be able to jump on. They decided to head back in when it got dark.

My girlfriend has a big black dog, not sure of the breed, but they definitely knew she was inside at the time. Right before entering the house, my girlfriend looked at the trampoline and saw a pair of bright yellow, shining eyes.

Almost cat-like. She called her friends over, and they saw it too. Her dog, Jasmine, was right behind them in the house. When Jasmine let out a bark, the thing took off at an inhumane speed. The morning after, they found long claw marks on the side of the garage.

The second time was when my girlfriend was taking a walk on the trail through the woods, she has schizophrenia so she hallucinates a lot, but she swears that she knew what she saw was real. About half-way down the trail, through the dense shrubbery, she saw a grayish..

Thing walking on all fours. Its limbs look twisted and like it wasnt assembled right, but it looked human. She waited for whatever it was to pass before running back home. We never go out to her woods alone anymore, especially out night or without a weapon. She believes that her woods belong to wendigos or maybe skinwalkers, she couldnt tell very well.

One thing is for certain, something strange is living in her forest.

Southern Ohio Skinwalker

This happened about a year ago, last summer. Some background. I’m a 21 year old non-native american (100% German bloodline) male and somewhat know about Skinwalkers and Wendigos, mainly from the massive amount of time I spent on 4chan in the past couple years. I live in the hills of the Ohio River Valley. Im an avid coyote hunter and fisherman. What time I am not spending at work, playing video games, or browsing 4chan, I’m in the woods or on the river.

One night after I left work I decided to go fishing at the pond on my friend’s property, to the northeast of my house. I got home, grabbed my rods, tackle box and trusty HK VP9 (because I carry everywhere I go nowadays), and ran to the store and bought some chicken livers for bait. I should also mention that I brought my puppy. A 9 month old German Shepherd/Rottweiler mix that I named Mauser.

As I arrived at my friend’s property and began pulling my truck into the field surrounding the pond, the sun started to set. It was eerily quiet. No noises of nature, or any noise at all other than the engine of my truck running. It made me feel kinda uneasy, but I just pushed it out of my mind.

I got out of the truck with my pup and began to set up my rods when Mauser started acting a little uneasy. I patted him gently on the side to try and reassure him that everything was fine. By the time my rods were set up and ready to go, it was dark out. So I went back to the truck to grab my glowsticks and head lamp. It was then that Mauser jumped into the truck and wouldn’t move.

I asked what he was doing, almost expecting an answer, but instead I was hit with the most God awful stench I’ve ever smelled in my life. The smell of sulfur and rotting flesh. I started to worry at that point. In an instant, every thread on 4chan that I’ve read about Skinwalkers flew through my mind.

I stayed still and silent for a second, listening. All of a sudden, I see Mauser start shaking and hear footsteps behind me. The stench of rotting meat grew stronger. My heart was in my throat and I had completely forgotten the handgun clipped underneath my steering wheel.

I stood there for what seemed like hours, even though it was only seconds. I slowly started to turn my head back towards whatever was behind me. About 50 feet behind me, barely lit up by the light back by the pond was what I know was a skinwalker. I was horrified. It was easily 9 feet tall, and had the head of a deer with scraggly antlers, as well as a deer’s legs, and a human’s torso, but it was rotting.

Fight or flight had hit me at that point, so I jumped into my truck and slammed the door shut. I grabbed my pistol and rolled down the window and started shooting while trying to back out. I had my magazine empty in mere seconds and was out of the field seconds later. I had thought I was safe and that I was going to get away. I was wrong. I looked over and saw Mauser with all his hair standing up, teeth barred, savagely growling at something behind the truck.

It was then that I felt the back of the truck drop. As if something had jumped into the bed. I didn’t dare look into my rear view mirror. I kept driving towards the dirt road to take me from the field back to my friend’s house. I heard a loud screech coming from right behind me. It sounded like it was close, but at the same time far away and coming from other directions.

I drove for another 10 minutes. Hearing tapping on my back windshield the entire time. Once I got back to my friend’s driveway, all was silent. I gathered the courage to get out of the truck, forcing my pup to stay inside. If rather have something bad happen to me than him. This all happened last summer, so almost a year ago. I go back there to shoot and do target practice sometimes, but I always have a feeling of dread around that pond, and I can still hear the screeching sometimes. As if I could forget that sound anyways…