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Evil Spirit or Wendigo

I was about 12 years old at the time of this story, and I still don’t fully understand what happened to us.

When I was in grade 6 I met a kid named Brodie. We were into the same games and he was already friends with my best friend masen. So after we talked for a few weeks at school and hug out during lunch he started inviting us over on the weekends to play playstation 2 and watch movies. We started hanging out all the time and we were introduced to his friends from town.

Wendigo in Colorado

So i’m a 16 year old slightly built male from Colorado. I am very into things involving the supernatural and so I am fairly paranoid. Every year I would go up into the Colorado Rockies and cut wood for my grandparents, I practically lived there i know every part of the eighty acres they had.

They have a wood burning fireplace to keep warm during winter. I and two other family members usually… But this time I came up twice, The second time it was late fall and I was out of school, while my grandparents were enjoying warmth inside I was in the middle of the woods doing some last minute cutting, in the middle of a light snow, I had  stopped and decided to eat and listen to a little music while refilling the chain oil.

Woodcutting and Wendigos

As most of these stories start out here’s a little background information on myself, those involved, and the location where this took place. This event occurred during April, 2016, on a plot of hunting land outside Richland Center, Wisconsin. Richland Center is a small town in the hilly terrain of southwest Wisconsin, with a population of around 5,000 people. The plot of land sat around 15 miles outside the city (exactly where is being kept secret since we don’t want people to go snooping through the woods or breaking into the cabin since it is easy to find). The land was owned by my father’s friend James (obviously not his real name) and was fairly large. Exactly how many acres I don’t know, but a large plot.

The cabin is about twenty yards into a small patch of woods just off the road. Beyond the cabin there is a corn field that sits in the curve of the U shaped woods we use for hunting. There is a ridge that runs across the center of the field sloping down on each side at a steep angle. At the midpoint between the woods and the cabin is a little island of trees that is only about twenty feet in diameter with a deer stand in it. This location will be important later. Now that the background is out of the way I can begin to tell the story of my encounter with what I believe was a Wendigo.

Wendigo Goes Bump in the Night

I’d like to start this off by stating that I don’t have much time left. Ever since that day, my paranoia has been growing worse and worse. Local wildlife has began acting strange again, I feel sick more often, and I can never shake the feeling that I am being watched.

It all started about a year ago when I went to a friends house for a party. He had invited me and six other friends to play air soft in his large woods that he owned. We were planning on getting in one long match, eat some pizza and nachos, go out for a night match, and then pull and all-niter playing video games and just having fun in general. Now, sad to say, we don’t have such parties anymore. Or at least, I don’t attend them anymore. Now I lay awake, pointing a shotgun at the door

Wendigo on the Roof

So, first of all sorry for any grammar mistakes I make. I am from Lithuania so that’s why.

Let me just say I am a sucker for the paranormal. I have tons of encounters with ghosts, poltergeists, monsters ect…

But this is one of the scariest. I have grandparents. I love them. My mum usually leaves me with them if she is gone for a few days. And one day this happened: I was at my grandparents place and I was home alone. It was at least 8 pm. I was siting on my computer and doing homework. Ya know, all kind of stuff teenagers do. I was going down stairs to get something to drink when I heard… foot steps… not in my house, but outside. And I was scared beacause I watched way to much scary stories tonight. But I didn’t want to a wuss and thought: It’s most likely my neigbours dog or something. So I went back to doing homework.

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