Won’t be visiting Aunt Jane

This experience happened around 10 years ago when I was about 9 years old.

My parents had been fighting, and they were in the process of getting a divorce. They didn’t want me to have to be in that kind of environment, so they decided that I should stay with my aunt, who we’ll call Jane, for the summer. At that point, I had only met my Aunt Jane twice. I was a shy little girl, so I was really scared to have to leave my home behind for those few months. My mom convinced me by telling me all about the woods Aunt Jane lived in. Her house was isolated, and woods surrounded it for miles. I had always lived in the city, and I was dying to experience the outdoors. I quickly forgot about all my previous fears, and was now couldn’t wait to visit.

I started packing a week before I even left, and I couldn’t wait until the day I would leave.

Sometime in late June, Aunt Jane came to pick me up. Aunt Jane is a very petite woman. Probably about 5″1 and 120 lbs. Short black curly hair, and wearing at least 4 inch heels. She was younger than my mother, probably in her early 20s. She was amazing and easy to talk to. Funny, friendly, the whole package. It was a great change from the constant arguing of my parents. Aunt Jane lived about 400 miles away from my home and in another state, so it was a two day trip to her house. We stayed in a hotel after driving the entire day, and all was well. The next day, we finally arrived. What I heard about the place was true, In all directions, there were only trees and hills.

It was amazing.

The sound of nature was absolutely beautiful, and I couldn’t wait to play outside. By this point, though, it was dark out, and Aunt Jane told me not to play outside until tomorrow. I was disappointed, but I soon got over it when we walked into her house. It was huge. I was used to our small one story, one bed two bath house and wasn’t expecting Aunt Jane’s 2 story 4 bed 3 bath house. She showed me to the room I’d be staying in and introduced me to my uncle, who we’ll call Dillon.

He was a giant compared to me aunt, standing at 6″0 and weighing 192 lbs. He was friendly and young as well, and we got along great. The room I was staying in had a small twin bed with a pink and yellow striped blanket and stuffed animals for me to play with on one of the shelves. I was so happy. I fell asleep easily that night. When morning came, my aunt suggested that we go shopping. We stayed out all day until dark, so I couldn’t play outside.

This kind of thing went on for the next few weeks, Aunt Jane either finding things for us to do inside or us leaving the house until dark, so I never got a chance to explore the property. One night, curiosity got the better of me, and I decided to sneak out to play outside after everyone went to sleep. Aunt Jane and Uncle Dillon both slept in the master bedroom upstairs, and the one I was in was staying in was downstairs. I waited until about [2:00] AM, then I snuck out the front door with a flashlight and began walking around the property, though, something about it felt different.

I could hear sounds of nature from the bedroom window, frogs and crickets, and could feel a light breeze whenever it was open, but now that I was outside, everything seemed still. No sounds, no wind, no nothing.

I continued walking, until I felt something grab the back of my leg and pull me to the ground. When I turned around, I saw something that still gives me chills writing about today. It was tall and inhumanly thin. It was completely pale white, and had the eyes of a human and the teeth of a dog. It was at least 7 feet tall and easily towered over me. It had no fur, no hair, no eyebrows, just completely naked. It’s genitals were covered by a brown skirt type of thing, seemingly made of tape and twine. I locked eyes with it, and it let out an almost human scream.

It was the most painful sound I’ve ever heard, and it still gives me nightmares to this day.

Immediately, I turned around and booked it to the house and ran inside. I locked every door and shut every window and ran up to Aunt Jane and Uncle Dillon’s room, woke them up and told them everything. They didn’t do much else besides tuck me into bed and tell me everything would be alright, but it didn’t help. For the next few nights, I would hear things scraping at my window, intentional sounding knocks, or that same scream from the woods.

The room I was staying in had no curtains or blinds, so every time I heard something I would look to my window and see nothing.

A week of this goes by, and I hear the scream again. This time, though, it’s right at my window. I look to see that same creature looking directly at me, smiling wider than I thought possible. It began to knock loud and hard on the window, and I grabbed a pillow and blanket and ran to the bathroom.

I locked the door, too scared to even run to my Aunts room.

There were no windows in this particular bathroom, and it was the smallest one in the house. I threw my pillow and blanket into the tub and began to cry, I didn’t get any sleep and came out of the room the minute I heard Aunt Jane’s voice that morning. I told her everything, and she believed me. She told me that’s why she didn’t want me out there, that there are some things in this world you can’t explain, and shouldn’t try to. I just wanted to go home, but I knew I couldn’t. My aunt ended up moving me to a different guest room upstairs, and I felt safer.

This room had drapes, and was also higher off the ground, out of reach of that thing.

The next month went normal, and I actually had a lot of fun. I did so much there, and I forgot all about the thing I saw earlier in my visit.

Then comes the last day of my stay there, it went great, We went to a waterpark about an hour away, got ice cream, and watched movies together. I was so sad that I was going to have to leave soon. I went to bed as normal, only to be woken up my a loud bang outside my window. Hesitantly, I opened the curtains and looked down. There, I saw it. Knocking on the window of the room I previously stayed in, and looking up at me. It pulled its hand up and began to wave. It then mouthed the word “goodbye,” and took off running into the woods.

I haven’t told anyone except my aunt and uncle about this experience, and I don’t plan on doing so. I now understand why Aunt Jane and Uncle Dillon sleep upstairs.

The Daughter of Death

It was another boring and painful day at the hospital. As always, they brought me some food, which wasn’t very tasty, they checked if I was still alive and said some nice words, so I could feel a little bit better about this horrible situation.

I was suffering from lung cancer.

Suddenly, about 4p.m., I started feeling weaker and weaker as time moved on… Finally I couldn’t even cough, I begun to choke on my own breath and slimy spit… I tried to push the button next to me to call a nurse, but I couldn’t reach… Then the darkness came.

I wasn’t hurt anymore. I couldn’t feel anything physically. There was only me, silence, darkness and a feeling of being an embryo in a cradle of mother’s womb…

However, there was also another strange feeling. Like somebody is next to me, almost touching me… I tried to open my eyes, but they were already opened. I tried to turn my back, but at the same moment I wanted to move, a figure appeared right in front of me.

I couldn’t even tell if it was a male or a female… It had long, heavily damaged purple hair, anorexic unnatural but feminine body with missing breasts, nipples and any kind of genitals, it’s pale and thin skin was covered in ashes, but what was more concerning… it’s face.

It seemed like a cluster of contrasts, it was both friendly and hostile, happy and depressed, tense and calm, focused but almost distracted by something nonexistent. The character was drilling me with it’s eyes both through and within me, I just couldn’t stop looking at it… I wanted to ask it what it is, but it answered me before I could even say a word. It’s whisper sounded like intensively crackling fire in a deep cave… It said: “It doesn’t matter who am I. Now you are with me.”

“Are you… Death?” – I asked, because I finally realized that it was holding a scythe made of black wood and with a crystal blade. The character didn’t respond.

I waited long for the answer and I wanted to ask again to be sure, but I decided to ignore this question at the end. I started thinking that I probably guessed right, and that was the reason why it didn’t even say anything. When I was totally certain about it, it said: “I am her daughter.”

“If you are a daughter of Death, then… am I going to die? Am I dead right now? What’s going on?!” – I started panicking.

She silenced me with one move of her hand, bringing me the feeling of weird sticky wetness, which wasn’t that pleasuring… She wanted me to come with her, but I was too afraid to die. I just wanted to come back and never return to this place… I found enough power inside of me to escape and… wake up.

My face was covered with a blanket and someone was pushing the table I was laying on. I moaned and at the same moment the table stopped and a person pushing it took the blanket of my face.

– We thought you were dead, sir! – said this man. – We have to change protocols now and take you back to the hospital…

– But… why? – I asked. – I feel great!

And it was actually true. It seems like I healed myself during this journey in a realm of death.

– Sir, your name is Derek Hamilton, right? You died out of lung cancer. You are still suffering from it for sure!

– But I can breathe normally, I don’t feel pain, I’m cured! I swear!

I was moved the same day to the hospital so I could be tested again for lung cancer and everything seemed to be stable, like I never suffered from it before. They held me for a couple of days in this place to observe if the sickness comes back to me, but it never came.

This was the best thing that could happen in my life! I appeared in news as a person resurrected by God Himself, people were shaking my hand on the streets and I was treated like a reincarnation of Jesus.

My family has never been so excited to see me before, everyone was crying of happiness, we made a huge party to celebrate my return from the dead, but when they asked me what happened on the other side, I never answered…

After party some family members decided to stay for the night, like my brother Jason, but most of them left. I was a little bit drunk and tired, I kissed my wife for good night and laid down next to her.

Before I closed my eyes, I was playing with her beautiful hair and enjoying her smell, but all of a sudden, I started feeling weird and I heard the sound of a ticking clock. I couldn’t resist the shiver that went down my spine – we never had a clock in our room. I leaned on my elbow to see what’s the matter, and I saw her… Those black eyes and a face full of contradictions.

She was just standing there, pointing at the levitating clock without hands to show the time. I tried to wake my wife up, but she was cold as a grave stone. When I rolled her on her back, she was all pale and her lips and eyelids were pure purple and dried out. I started screaming her name in agony, but nothing helped me in this situation…

The Daughter of Death was still drilling me with her eyes, all emotionless, without any sense of compassion – those two things were the only ones that I could tell for sure about her. I couldn’t stand it, I couldn’t even move toward her, I was only able to cry and moan as my wife remained silent… dead.

Finally, my brother appeared. He opened the door with all his might, switched the light on and then the Daughter disappeared. My wife jumped suddenly and frightened me even more, even though she seemed scared too.

– Derek, what happened?! – asked my brother, all worried. – Were you crying at the moment? You were screaming like insane!

– I didn’t hear anything – threw in my wife. – But you are right, Jason, Derek looks horrible and petrified! What happened, honey?

I couldn’t speak for a longer minute, but I calmed myself down and explained them it was probably just a dream. Even though, it wasn’t the only situation like that…

Since that family party the Daughter of Death didn’t let me live normally. Every night I was coming back home from work, even seeing a sleeping hobo was like a horror scene, because she was always next to the sleeping, presenting me them as dead.

Sleeping with my dear wife turned into daily tragedy, sleeping cats were now dead for me, even seeing sleeping humans and animals on TV, photos or the internet was unbearable…

Now, as I’m writing it, I’m not going to bother you with me describing every single situation like that… I decided to face Death herself. My family was worried about me and I couldn’t stand anything anymore…

This is my story and all I want to say is… accept your fate. Never try to escape Death. Her daughter fill follow you… It doesn’t matter where… It doesn’t matter how… If you’re dead once and you come back to life… It’s better to die twice.

This is my last goodbye… I am Derek Hamilton… and this time I surrender.

My Crazy Obsessed Friend

Ok, So before i tell you my story, I need to catch you up. This is the second time this has happened but hopefully the last anyway, This happened the same year I met Joe and all that went down. Matt had moved away so I was single.

It was valentines day week and this was usually the time people start getting all lovey dovey but I don’t care much for it mainly because I find myself sick every valentines day. There was this girl, her name we can say is Darla because I want to respect her. Darla and I where pretty good friends, We hung out and had a few classes together, She had previously told me she was gay and I respected that, Frankly I was proud to be her friend.

“What are you gonna do for valentines, Moon?” She had asked. Jessica herd and knowing my Valentines day curse she butted in, “Probably lay in bed all day and watch anime!” Everyone started to laugh even me but Darla didn’t, she kept a still face and kept staring at me. I was pretty creeped out but I didn’t say anything and kept talking. But as Valentines day kept getting closer and closer she would keep a better eye on me, constantly want to be around me.

I think it was about 4 or 5 days away from Valentines when she sent me a message.

“Hey are you awake?”It was about 12 am but something woke me up.

“Yeah..whats up?”

“Oh..i just wanted to make sure you where ok?

“It’s 12 Darla..What did you need?”

“I love you Moon.” Is what I remember. I had fallen asleep tired after waiting for a response for 30 minutes.

The next day when I saw Darla she ran at me and pushed me against the wall and screamed.

“WHY DIDN’T YOU ANSWER!” Jessica pulled her off me but I couldn’t believe what had happened. I froze watching Darla scream at Jessica that I was hers and that no one else could touch me. After that, I was taken out of school because of extreme bullies..but that’s not the creepy part. Randomly I had gotten a text from Darla apologizing to me for everything she did, I said it was fine and I forgave her..and then we just stopped talking.

As I was on my way to Church I looked up from my phone to see a poster..One of those police missing people posters, but with Darla’s picture.┬áMy heart sank, I had a friend who we can call Abbie. I had asked her what had happened to Darla because she went to the same school, Apparently after I left Darla became distant and some say she killed herself but others say she ran away and the scary part is…I was the last person she ever talked to.