Surviving a concentration camp

I would like to remain anyonymous, I have changed names to protect people as well.

This is very hard for me to type out. I ask that you please keep this story as whole as possible, These were told to me by the 2 people who survived these nightmares.

and before I begin excuse my English, I am only ok at best at it, And recently switched to using a touch screen so I apologize for any typos.

my great Grand father we will call Mihael and his brother we will call Joshua, were just grandpa and uncle to me, most people in Roma communities have children young so it is not uncommon to know your great or great greats. Both if them were kind but old world and strict people, I knew they were in a war as a small child, But I did nit know much other than they did not like to talk about it.

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Well damn, looks like one of my stories actually made it to a video, honestly didn’t expect much since I’m not the greatest at suspense per say but he changed it up to make it a little scarier i guess. Didn’t sound much like my personality though. Anyhoot old darkness is still looking for campfire stories and i got the feeling that campfire stories should really be stories that keep you on edge while you are out at night. I got a story for that. Lot weird things call my woods home and this one is one that really worries me sometimes.

I understand that skin walkers are a common topic on this channel from what i can tell and i think that’s the creature I’m dealing with. But i could also be wrong, because if this is a skin walker it’s advanced to another level. Not only does it imitate voice. It imitates appearance. And it really wants me dead or gone.

I like to call it skinny, i think it pisses him off though. And when i say his name i say it loud because especially at night, i know he’s listening. I’ve lived here for three years now and he’s been harassing me for about a year now. And he’s good. One of the smartest things to come after me so far. And the only one that can seem to almost get in my head. He tries to lure me out not by pretending to be someone or someone in trouble like other imitators that I’ve dealt with before. He’s aware that that stuff doesn’t work on me anymore. No he tries to piss me off. He wants me to try to kill him. The problem is we both know i probably can’t.

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