Vampire in Serbia

This story is not mine, it is a story told to me by one old lady who is the grandmother of my best friend.

In Serbia during the 1950s in villages there were was no electricity or many things that today we take for granted. So if you want to make a bread you have to go to the old mills on the river and make flour and bring it back home so everyone can eat, usually it was a job for a kids in 15,or 16 year old.

One day two brothers and sister who is a grandmother who is telling this story went to a location where the mill is so they can get bigger among of flour back home for bread.

So the mill is on the little river and has one bell in front of the entrance (this will be important) but if you want to ring it you have to grab small metal bar and hit it, maybe 200 meters there was small cottage where people slipping if they have to.

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El Vampiro

This is a story my father told me since I was little. It was an experience that shook him to the core. When my father was younger he was in the air force and was stationed to Camarma, Spain where I was born. He requested to be stationed there because my mother is a Spaniard and wanted to be close to her family. Being in the military he met a few friends and they loved to go metal detecting around some of the neighboring pueblos that day back to medieval times. These little pueblos are rich with history and often have coins and jewelry in their soil.

On one of these metal detecting excursions, my dad and his friend were greeted by a few local teens. The teens were excited about a discovery they had made outside of an old abandoned stone church. Outside of the old church was a large hole, big enough for a grown man to fit.

The teens explained that it was the church basement and that they saw something strange down there. My father being the adventurous sort decided to take a look. My dad and his friend crawled into the hole partially hoping to find some kind of abandoned treasure or relics.

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blood shortage

I remember when times were good and there was enough blood to feed every vampire in the world, then everything changed 2 years ago and a great panic came upon the whole vampire world, that there was a huge blood crisis. Most humans had been turned into a vampire and it has led to a blood shortage never before seen or felt. The fear and moans of every vampire family was the greatest moan of suffering I had ever seen; it was brutal to witness.

99% of vampires live from 300-400 years and after living your expected life expectancy, even drinking blood won’t be enough to help vampires and even protect them against diseases and you couldn’t even step out into the night because your skin will be too sensitive. There is the 1% of vampires though who have actually managed to live for about 1000+ years and they are the special kind of vampires. No one is really sure where vampires came from and the religious vampires believe it came from Satan but the scientific vampires believe it was just nature and the freak of evolution.

Every 50 year’s vampires are allowed to reproduce children and it use to be that 100 vampire babies were allowed to be born every 50 years but due to the over population and the current climate of blood shortage, it has now been reduced to just 2 vampire babies allowed to be born every 50 years. If you don’t follow these reproduction rules the vampire babies will be put under the sun.

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Wendigo Invites Himself

My name is Tricia Wert and I want to tell you my story. English isn’t my mother language so I’m really sorry if you need to rephrase some of my sentences. The story that about to tell you is 100% real. Isn’t a fantasy and I know it would be sound so crazy. It’s my real horror story and it still happening right now.

So, let begin my story this way. I’m a women who lives in Quebec, a french city in Canada. Since I was little my life was full of strange experiences but this kind of things don’t bother me. I live my life like a normal person whatever I can see or heard…Until last month.

At the  last October something strange happen to me. It begin with a nightmare.  The most horrible nightmare ever with a ton of blood all over my room and I heard a Latin chant. Like a prayer. This prayer was chanting over and over again.

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Vampire in the forest.

Firstly I would like to say that I love your videos and I’m looking forward to see more of them , until than here is my story:

Hello , as to give a little background to this story I am currently 19 , and I live in North-East Romania .

This story happened when I was 17 . As the summer break started , me and my girlfriend(I will call her Agatha for privacy reasons) at that time decided to take a tour of the East Carpathians. We decided to take the train to Brasov.

Once we reached this city  Agatha and I agreed to visit the famous Bran Castle(the one in the picture I added), the Castle where Dracula supposedly lived.

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Vampires in the Woods

I remember my childhood very clearly. I remember the huge Victorian style home that I grew up in. It was in a big patch of woods in northern Louisiana, so the trees were very tall pine trees. I remember they smelled so good. Our house was about five miles away from neighbors on all sides, and the only way to reach it besides a trek through the woods was a tiny dirt road that lead from the main highway to our house. It was an absolutely beautiful setting for a beautiful home. The sun would burst through the trees, and now that I think about it, even during the height of Louisiana summer or the middle of winter, that area always felt as if it was fall. Maybe a solid 68 degrees all year round, which is strange.

I was a rambunctious child, eight years old at the time, with a huge imagination. This huge imagination would be the explanation given to me by my mother when I told her that there were kids living in the woods around our home. I’ve only ever spoken of this to my mother, and even now writing about it there are memories flooding back to me that I have somehow completely erased. There were vampires in those woods around my home, I’m sure of it.

One bright but cool August day, I decided to play outside with our Husky puppy, Marcella (we called her Marcy). My mother gave me her usual “stay close to the house, don’t go into the woods” warning, and I bolted out of the door with Marcy. My mom always reminded me that there were black bears in the woods and to never go farther than the edge of them, which literally surrounded our entire house besides the small dirt road. I remember seeing at least two back bears, but that’s besides the point.

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Hellish vampiric creature

This all happened around a month ago, in December of 2017. A while ago I posted about my encounter with a strange pale creature in the woods behind my mom’s house. I had prayed i would never see this creature again, but I have and I am begining to belive my initial belief that it was a rake-like creature was dead wrong.

It was early December and I was staying at my mom’s for awhile. It was about 10 pm when I decided to go to the gas station a few blocks away. There is a small forest behind my mother’s house, and I decided to cut through the path in the woods that would make the trip much quicker.

The whole time I was walking, I felt like I was being watched. The woods were dead silent, the only noise being my feet crunching the leaves. Apart from the uneasy feeling, I got to the gas station alright. I bought a six pack of beer and trecked back through the woods.

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City vampire

I enjoy walking around at night, at least I did before this happened.

I live in Romania and during the summer the weather is very arid. To escape the arid sun I decided to go outside at night for long walks through the city. I live in one of the biggest city in my country so we have our fare share of creeps and drunks.

This happened last summer, I was 18. That particular night started as usual, I left my home around midnight and I was welcomed by the calming, chilly, breeze. I started to stroll down the streets through the park that is a few streets away from my flat. I took no flashlight with me, only my lighter as I am a avid smoker, because moon’s light was enough for me to see where I am stepping.

Few minutes into my walk through the park and I noticed the sound of footsteps behind me. I turned around and there was nothing.

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Rhode Island Vampire

My story starts in October 2016, my ex boyfriend, Ricky wanted to go to Mercy L Browns grave in Exeter, Rhode Island.  Some back story of this is that in the 1800’s there was this scary disease killing people.  So when Mercy died, her family was strangely falling ill.  They blamed her for the phenomenon, dug up her corpse and discovered her body still had blood flowing and nothing had decayed over the course of time of which she has been deceased.  They removed her heart and burned it on the stone near her grave.  Since then, its rumored to be haunted and a hot spot for sightings of mercy to get revenge on those who go to disrespect her.

Now back to my story.  I have been fascinated by the paranormal and history since I was 9.  So now that I am 18, and with a new license, i wanted to go.  Ricky, had been a lot of times and knew exactly where to go.  Mind you, I was kind of a scardy cat when it came to things like this.  I wont sleep alone without a light on and some kind of background noise, with my door shut and locked.  Something ive always done since i was a child.   We’re driving into the cemetery at 2 am, i shut off my headlights and drive in further.  Ricky then says “Stop right here, and get out with me.”  i tell him “I didnt agree to getting out, only to come along.”  we continue to bicker about going out there or not and actually visiting Mercy.  After 45 minutes of going back and forth, i finally agree to get out, i grab my emergency flashlight and turn it on.  I walk hesitantly to the grave.  Looks exactly as it does in those pictures i saw when i was 9.  But the only thing missing was the 19 pennies.  Out of respect and fear of upsetting Mercy, i run back to my car and get 19 pennies out, placing them on her grave as how i remember they were in the pictures.  Leaving them as sign of respect and offering i guess.

I turn around to see Ricky, smoking, i look at him with disgust and disappointment.  Seeing that as a bit disrespectful to the deceased.  I thought i had saw someone walking in the background, in the dark, with no light.  This was all around the time of the clown scares.  We were that typical horror movie couple to get killed first.  I had no intentions of joining those in that cemetery so we jumped into my car and sped out of there.  When we were a decent amount of a ways away from there, Ricky put some music on and we just jammed out.  I dropped him off at his house at 3 :30 am.  Im on my way home, about a 5-10 minute ride.  This is where it gets really scary.  I look at the clock, 3:33 am, the witching hour prime time.  I just happened to look in my mirror and saw a girl, one that look as if she came from that scare pop up from youtube, in the trunk of my Volvo Station Wagon.  I started swerving all over the street.  I  regain control and look back, she was gone.

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My friend the vampire

I’m back again as I saw you needed a good vampire story. In my almost 19 years of living I’ve seen and experienced shit I thought wasn’t possible but hey, that’s life for you. Anyways this story takes place almost a year ago with a certain girl we’ll call Lana. I met Lana over a party my friend invited my to in the woods. It was midnight and we were having a good time, everyone drinking alcohol while I had a Coca-Cola. Amongst the crowd of 20 people I see a pale beautiful brunette girl in the distance shyly looking at the crowd. I walk up to her and I introduce myself as Artorias and she says hello and introduces herself as Lana. We hit it off right away as she loved to hike and star gaze. We both talked about history and how beautiful it must have been to see the stars so clearly. We talked for a good 40 mins until I realized I had to be home so I asked Lana if she had a phone which she did. Right off the bat I thought “yes! Someone to star gaze with.”

We texted each other every night until I slept from exhaustion. It wasn’t until the 4th night texting I realized she only responded when the sun was down or completely dark outside which I thought was odd. So I asked if she did any late night work or something and she shyly admitted that her father home schools her and does it at around sunset and at night she would do homework and all that jazz then sleep during the day. At first I thought this was odd but then I was like “I’ve had more bizarre people come into my life that led to bizarre adventures so why not let one more in.”

One day she asked me if I believed in vampires and I responded with “I’ve seen a lot crazy shit so anything is possible.” Which she must’ve got excited about as her style of text shifted into one of excitement and eagerness.

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