i don’t want my family to be a valentines day gift

Our marriage has been dead for quite some time and both me and my wife never talk about anything, do anything and I know we both think about leaving each other. We have three children and they consist of two boys from ages to 8-10 and a younger daughter who is 6 years old. As you can tell me and my wife have come to hate valentines day as it reminds us both about our own hellish marriage. We both grow jealous at other loved up couples and become disgusted at young love on valentines day.

We both used to be just like any other couple when we first met but then we got married and had two kids it all changed. Add in a high pressured job, monotonous routine and oh yes the boredom. No body told us what marriage was like before when we were just boyfriend and girlfriend. I guess we both resent each other now but something happened which at first was seen as a god send to distract me and my wife from the ever coming dreaded valentines day. Someone had drew hearts on our door and it was in blood and so I cleaned it off. Then I would find the heart drawing again on my door like 30 minutes later.

We live in a non attached house in an expensive neighbourhood with a forest near by. All of our neighbours houses have some distance separating all of us and the CCTV showed absolutely nothing and we couldn’t see anyone drawing a heart shape on our door. Then we started finding multiple heart shapes inside our house covered in blood and my wife started to suspect our children but it couldn’t have been them, as I watched the CCTV again.

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my valentines day horror story

Hello. This story happened to me a year ago. On My birthday, which is the same day as Valentines day.

I live in a small village near a bigger town, where everyone knows each other and almost no crimes happen here, maybe a small robbery but that’s it.

So it was 14th February, my birthday, and I was hanging out with my 2 best friends. I’ll call them Kate and Peter for this story.

I was turning 13 that year. So that made me the oldest out of us. We were watching horror movies, eating popcorn and just enjoying our time. You see, the room we were in, is sort of under ground, but the windows are still out, so you can see what’s happening outside. It was already very dar out, since it was about [17:30] (Europian time).

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My Crazy Obsessed Friend

Ok, So before i tell you my story, I need to catch you up. This is the second time this has happened but hopefully the last anyway, This happened the same year I met Joe and all that went down. Matt had moved away so I was single.

It was valentines day week and this was usually the time people start getting all lovey dovey but I don’t care much for it mainly because I find myself sick every valentines day. There was this girl, her name we can say is Darla because I want to respect her. Darla and I where pretty good friends, We hung out and had a few classes together, She had previously told me she was gay and I respected that, Frankly I was proud to be her friend.

“What are you gonna do for valentines, Moon?” She had asked. Jessica herd and knowing my Valentines day curse she butted in, “Probably lay in bed all day and watch anime!” Everyone started to laugh even me but Darla didn’t, she kept a still face and kept staring at me. I was pretty creeped out but I didn’t say anything and kept talking. But as Valentines day kept getting closer and closer she would keep a better eye on me, constantly want to be around me.

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