i don’t want my family to be a valentines day gift

Our marriage has been dead for quite some time and both me and my wife never talk about anything, do anything and I know we both think about leaving each other. We have three children and they consist of two boys from ages to 8-10 and a younger daughter who is 6 years old. As you can tell me and my wife have come to hate valentines day as it reminds us both about our own hellish marriage. We both grow jealous at other loved up couples and become disgusted at young love on valentines day.

We both used to be just like any other couple when we first met but then we got married and had two kids it all changed. Add in a high pressured job, monotonous routine and oh yes the boredom. No body told us what marriage was like before when we were just boyfriend and girlfriend. I guess we both resent each other now but something happened which at first was seen as a god send to distract me and my wife from the ever coming dreaded valentines day. Someone had drew hearts on our door and it was in blood and so I cleaned it off. Then I would find the heart drawing again on my door like 30 minutes later.

We live in a non attached house in an expensive neighbourhood with a forest near by. All of our neighbours houses have some distance separating all of us and the CCTV showed absolutely nothing and we couldn’t see anyone drawing a heart shape on our door. Then we started finding multiple heart shapes inside our house covered in blood and my wife started to suspect our children but it couldn’t have been them, as I watched the CCTV again.

Then in the forest everyone in our neighbourhood could hear some sort of celebration going on and we all assumed it was gypsies. We called the police and when they inspected the forest they couldn’t find anything. Then around mid January I started noticing rough looking homeless like men with teeth missing just smiling at me, everywhere I went. Then when I found heart shaped drawing on my children and wife which was made in blood, things became more serious. My wife assured me that she had no idea where the love heart drawings came from and this was becoming extremely worrying.

After that incident I would find my wife dressing all of my kids in fancy clothing and what was even more unusual was the way my three kids were just standing there not even bothered. They were just staring into nothing and the same with my wife. I would question her and my kids but got nothing but silence and they were all just staring into nothing. I even once found my wife trying to wrap my 3 kids in a present wrapper after dressing them in fancy clothing she bought from a costume shop.

I intervened and when questioning her all she could mutter was “valentines day gifts valentines day gift” and I had no idea what she was on about. Then on the 1st of February 2018 I awoke to screams coming from my wife from downstairs. I ran downstairs and I found one of those hideous men who have been following me around with a hagged old woman next to him. My eldest son in fancy clothing and wrapped up like a present was given as an early valentines day gift to the woman, who looked exactly like a witch. I was lost for words and I could feel physical pain coming from my heart as it was beating so fast. The witch then bit into my eldest son who didn’t scream and my wife was screaming but at the same time shouting out loud “enjoy your valentines day gift”

“aww this is such a romantic present I can’t wait to find out what I am going to get for valentines day” the witch spoke to her lover with her mouth covered in my eldest sons blood.

I could feel something invisible drawing something on my chest and it was a heart shape again. Then all of a sudden I found myself back in my bed and I had such bad pains in my chest and I started to wail and cry in such sorrow for my eldest son. I could hear my wife preparing my second eldest son and she was also trying her best to resist whatever was controlling her by randomly shouting out loud at the top of her voice. I wanted to phone the police or to get help but I couldn’t for some reason because black magic had control over me. That night a different witch received my second eldest from her lover and my poor boy was wrapped up like an object.

“this is such a lovely gift” the witch proclaimed as she started to tear up

Then as she bit into my second eldest boy thier body shape started to become awkward and ragged. Their eyes turned black and blood was all over thier faces and my wife against her will kept on repeating “hope you enjoy your valentines day gift”

“oh lovey of course I will” the witch replied to my wife with her voice deepened and her true form desperate to get out.

Then I appeared back in my bed and a couple of weeks went past and my daughter was left sleeping beside me and my wife came into the room as I was sleeping with my daughter and started going bezerk at me. She kept asking me why I was such an unromantic husband and why I haven’t gotten her anything for valentines day. Everything she felt about me was coming out now and I knew she was not in the right state of mind.

Then eventually a third witch with her dirty, uncleansed and horrible looking lover picked up my daughter who was wrapped up like a present. I tried with all of my might to stand up and fight but I couldn’t and the third witch started to tear up in such Joy and she kissed her man. I had to witness for the third time my only daughter being ripped apart to shreds. My house was a mess with blood everywhere and I was desperate for fresh air.

The witch then told me for valentines day that her and the other two witches will have me and my wife for a romantic meal with thier lovers. My wife was just silent and I was so weak to say anything.

Happy valentines day.

my valentines day horror story

Hello. This story happened to me a year ago. On My birthday, which is the same day as Valentines day.

I live in a small village near a bigger town, where everyone knows each other and almost no crimes happen here, maybe a small robbery but that’s it.

So it was 14th February, my birthday, and I was hanging out with my 2 best friends. I’ll call them Kate and Peter for this story.

I was turning 13 that year. So that made me the oldest out of us. We were watching horror movies, eating popcorn and just enjoying our time. You see, the room we were in, is sort of under ground, but the windows are still out, so you can see what’s happening outside. It was already very dar out, since it was about 17:30 (Europian time).

My parents weren’t home, so I thought, what if we took some shots, it was my birthday after all. Peter wasn’t in the mood, so it was just me and Kate. We felt so cool now. I don’t remember how many shots we took, but I was already feeling kind of weird amd we decided to stop. We were only kids after all.

A while later, the time was about 19:46, weird stuff started to happen. First, there was knocking on the windows. And we were sitting back faced against them, so it was annoying to turn around everytime. I thought it was my gramdmas cat messing with something outside, but I didn’t see him.

A while later, the knocking stopped. We didn’t think much of it, since the house is near a forest, at this time it could be some animal.

After a bit more drinking, the knocking resumed. Now it was loud. We were a little scared now. Kate suggested that we go investigate it. “Are you crazy?” Peter said.” It could be a killer.”

,,Haha, you’re such a pussy,” Kate replied. I was scared too. ,,Maybe we shouldn’t go. It’s probably just an animal.” I said amd we continiued watching horror movies.

For a while nothing else happened beside the knocking. I don’t remember what I was doing, but I looked back at the window and I saw what I still remember today. It was a man. Looking down the window. He would have to be laying on the ground to see inside. And it looked as if he was doing just that. I looked back at him and I screamed. He just continiued looking at us like I haven’t noticed him staring.

I was so scared, but Kate and Peter seemed so calm. Kate asked me quietly: ,, Is the door locked?” I said: ,,I…  don’t know.”  There are three doors in this house. And I had to go lock them all. I told Kate to call my parents and ask them what to do.

We didn’t know what to do. The man just kept looking. At one point we even thought he was dead, but his sudden eye movements were a confirmation that he’s still alive.

My parents said that they are on their way home. My father told me to take his gun for safety.I am not a profesional shooter, but Peter is better than me, so I gave him the gun and we sat in the sofa together watching and waiting.

My parents are about a 20 minute ride away from out house. It was after 10 minutes, when we realised that the man was gone. He was no longer laying down and peeking inside. No we were bayond terrified. I called my dad and he told us that they will be home soon and that he called the police.

About 2 minutes later we started to hear sounds from upstairs. What happened at that moment is a blur, but I remember Kate starting sobbing, and Peter was just holding the gun so tight.

It sounded like he was walkin with metal boots, because we could hear his every step. He just walked aboud the house. I trued to tell myself that we will be fine and that my dad will be here soon. But one side of my brain kept telling me that this man was dangerous and that he was gonna kill us.

Then we heard police cars pulling up and we were so relieved. Th man, who was till one floor above us, sounded like he was running. I know my house very well, and I could tell by the sound and location that he was entering the kitchen which is right above us.

One police man entered our room and took us outside. Not long after, we saw the man. They found him hiding behind the kitchen counter. He looked very poor and sick. His hair was long and grey. He looked about 60 years old. We still don’t know what he wanted from us.

Me and my friends still remember this event and we never stay home alone at my house without locking the door or when no one is home.

Thank you for reading this. (I’m sorry if my grammar was horrible, but I tried 🙂

My Crazy Obsessed Friend

Ok, So before i tell you my story, I need to catch you up. This is the second time this has happened but hopefully the last anyway, This happened the same year I met Joe and all that went down. Matt had moved away so I was single.

It was valentines day week and this was usually the time people start getting all lovey dovey but I don’t care much for it mainly because I find myself sick every valentines day. There was this girl, her name we can say is Darla because I want to respect her. Darla and I where pretty good friends, We hung out and had a few classes together, She had previously told me she was gay and I respected that, Frankly I was proud to be her friend.

“What are you gonna do for valentines, Moon?” She had asked. Jessica herd and knowing my Valentines day curse she butted in, “Probably lay in bed all day and watch anime!” Everyone started to laugh even me but Darla didn’t, she kept a still face and kept staring at me. I was pretty creeped out but I didn’t say anything and kept talking. But as Valentines day kept getting closer and closer she would keep a better eye on me, constantly want to be around me.

I think it was about 4 or 5 days away from Valentines when she sent me a message.

“Hey are you awake?”It was about 12 am but something woke me up.

“Yeah..whats up?”

“Oh..i just wanted to make sure you where ok?

“It’s 12 Darla..What did you need?”

“I love you Moon.” Is what I remember. I had fallen asleep tired after waiting for a response for 30 minutes.

The next day when I saw Darla she ran at me and pushed me against the wall and screamed.

“WHY DIDN’T YOU ANSWER!” Jessica pulled her off me but I couldn’t believe what had happened. I froze watching Darla scream at Jessica that I was hers and that no one else could touch me. After that, I was taken out of school because of extreme bullies..but that’s not the creepy part. Randomly I had gotten a text from Darla apologizing to me for everything she did, I said it was fine and I forgave her..and then we just stopped talking.

As I was on my way to Church I looked up from my phone to see a poster..One of those police missing people posters, but with Darla’s picture. My heart sank, I had a friend who we can call Abbie. I had asked her what had happened to Darla because she went to the same school, Apparently after I left Darla became distant and some say she killed herself but others say she ran away and the scary part is…I was the last person she ever talked to.