Urban Exploration story

To start things off, I’m a local filmmaker in my area. I like to make short found footage horror films. It sounds dumb, but this is important info to know going into the story. I normally film at abandoned buildings because I love the atmosphere and the look of them but and one time a couple years ago, I stumbled upon something that made me almost stop exploring abandoned places altogether.

For context, I live in Pennsylvania and there’s a really popular abandoned location called The Ruins near Allentown. I really have no idea what it could have possibly been, but nowadays it’s a bunch of concrete buildings, tunnels, and walls, all decayed and crumbling. It’s actually a really beautiful place.

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Urban exploration experience

Two weeks ago me and three of my friends, let’s call them Kyle, Andy, and Max, went to four abandoned houses.  Now Andy, Kyle and I have been planning this for at least a month and we gathered a lot of supplies and Andy got a new camera just for the occasion. We live in Georgia and we decided to meet up at Nash farm battle field at [7:20] PM and we all piled into Kyles Jeep.

On the way to a  neighborhood across from the first house we talked and cut up like any teenage boys would do and Kyle and Max told us the way to walk to the other three houses and what we planned on doing. So once we parked the car and we ran to the first house we walked around to the back and we entered through the garage.

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Abandoned Children’s Asylum

This incident happened about two months ago. Me, and a couple friends of mine decided to make our first visit to our local horror hot spot, Dejarnette Sanitarium. In it’s prime, the place was basically a children’s mental asylum. Some crazy stuff went down there, from lobotomies to suicides. The sanitarium has long been abandoned, and just sits there, inviting horror junkies in.

There were five of us in total, and only one of my friends had been there before. We went around 8:30 pm so it was nice and dark. We parked at the Lowes across the street from it, ran across the road, and sprinted about 100 yards through a field of overgrown, neglected grass and all met up at the back fence. Once we were all assembled, we squeezed through a gap in the fence, and walked up a massive set of stairs and up to the back doors. The doors were boarded up to try to ward people like us off, all except for one frame someone had knocked out. I have a reputation of being semi not afraid of anything, so I played my roll and went in first.

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