Urban Exploration story

To start things off, I’m a local filmmaker in my area. I like to make short found footage horror films. It sounds dumb, but this is important info to know going into the story. I normally film at abandoned buildings because I love the atmosphere and the look of them but and one time a couple years ago, I stumbled upon something that made me almost stop exploring abandoned places altogether.

For context, I live in Pennsylvania and there’s a really popular abandoned location called The Ruins near Allentown. I really have no idea what it could have possibly been, but nowadays it’s a bunch of concrete buildings, tunnels, and walls, all decayed and crumbling. It’s actually a really beautiful place.

This place has a few different locations. I was exploring it with two other friends while location scouting for one of my films. I separated from them in an effort to try and get the feel of a character from the movie and find the most unnerving spot. They went toward the main buildings, and I walked more into the forest. On our way in I noticed a structure off the path that I never saw before. After walking through the overgrowth and bushes and shit to find it, I finally stumble upon this building with a huge hole through it. To get a sense of what I’m looking at, Imagine a concrete square, but with no front or back walls, so it’s got a roof and two side walls. Crumbling buildings are usually a common sight at The Ruins, but what really freaked me out is the fact that there were a bunch of small, dug up holes in the dirt on what should have been the floor to the building, almost as if they were little graves.

There had to be at least 8 small holes there and they all had markings, like little crosses or wooden symbols sticking out of the ground next to them. I have no idea what they were being used for, but I never saw anything like it. I was worried that whoever dug them was going to come back to bury what they intended on burying, so I left as soon as I realized what was going on. I met up with my friends and I didn’t mention what I saw to them. I don’t know if I was too scared by it or if I just didn’t want to freak them out. Still thinking about what I saw just makes me feel uncomfortable.

The funny thing is that I’ve gone back there countless times and I’ve never been able to find that building, or the “graves” again. Nothing that even looks remotely similar to it. I don’t know what I stumbled upon that day, and I really don’t know if I want to find out.

Urban exploration experience

Two weeks ago me and three of my friends, let’s call them Kyle, Andy, and Max, went to four abandoned houses.  Now Andy, Kyle and I have been planning this for at least a month and we gathered a lot of supplies and Andy got a new camera just for the occasion. We live in Georgia and we decided to meet up at Nash farm battle field at 7:20 PM and we all piled into Kyles Jeep.

On the way to a  neighborhood across from the first house we talked and cut up like any teenage boys would do and Kyle and Max told us the way to walk to the other three houses and what we planned on doing. So once we parked the car and we ran to the first house we walked around to the back and we entered through the garage.

The first house wasn’t very creepy until we went into the attic and we saw a toy tractor and the moment I touched it we all got a bad feeling  and we left  not shortly after that.

On the way to the second house it seemed like the thorns would cling to us almos like they didn’t want us to go any farther. Now the moment we went into the second house we were all scared. I shined my light and for a split second I saw a smiling face and spray painted on the wall was  GET OUT NOW. Being the two superstitious people in the group me and Max left and soon Andy and Kyle followed. We instantly started arguing about going back into the house and how the words was not a request but a command.

But we ended going in again and we saw another horrific spray site.

There were three stick figures and they looked sad like they left someone behind  and right above it was the words LEAVE NOW. We left and me and Max refused to go back in because of the terrible feeling we got.  So we headed to the third house.

But before we left I saw the disembodied smile once more. Now the third house didn’t have a creepy vibe until we went inside and found sheets covered in blood and some panties in a small puddle of blood.  There was also what seemed to be foot prints leading to a crawl space so we  of course got out of there.  Now the moment I looked at the last house I knew something was off I spoke up but was ingnored   Upon entering we were greated with a  swastika and confederate flag  Sprayed on the wall. But that wasn’t the creepy one.

In red spray paint was a pentagram and I instantly felt like I was being watched. We explored the first floor for a bit until we came across a stair case and it was  in poor condition. So Andy was about to walk up them but me and the other two at the same time said no we gattta get out of here and so we did.

We were heading back to  the car when I stopped and looked up into the window of the  fourth house and saw a black figure looking down at us  and I ran.  It seemed the others got the idea because the next thing I knew we were at the road and I was telling them what I saw. I don’t know what exactly it was but I knew it wanted to hurt me and my friends and it terrified me. So after that we went home and Andy sent us a picture of the fourth house and he told us to zoom in on the picture and I this is what I saw.

We tried to talk it over and we decided the fourth house either had some dude upstairs or some kind of evil spirit.  But all I know is I never want to feel that sheer terror I felt again.

Abandoned Children’s Asylum

This incident happened about two months ago. Me, and a couple friends of mine decided to make our first visit to our local horror hot spot, Dejarnette Sanitarium. In it’s prime, the place was basically a children’s mental asylum. Some crazy stuff went down there, from lobotomies to suicides. The sanitarium has long been abandoned, and just sits there, inviting horror junkies in.

There were five of us in total, and only one of my friends had been there before. We went around 8:30 pm so it was nice and dark. We parked at the Lowes across the street from it, ran across the road, and sprinted about 100 yards through a field of overgrown, neglected grass and all met up at the back fence. Once we were all assembled, we squeezed through a gap in the fence, and walked up a massive set of stairs and up to the back doors. The doors were boarded up to try to ward people like us off, all except for one frame someone had knocked out. I have a reputation of being semi not afraid of anything, so I played my roll and went in first.

Immediately I was hit with the stench of what it smells like in an attic. I don’t know how to describe it, it’s just like a neglected industrial smell. Once everyone piled in, we looked around us. The place was a giant maze of spray painted walls with all sorts of things written, from funny things to satanic symbols. The grounds were covered in broken glass, heroin needles, broken tiles, and god knows what else. This made it impossible to walk silently. Every step you took made a crunch. We walked around, my friends wielding small pocket knives and myself, a crowbar. Nobody was really intimidated yet, as nothing had happened, so we were all joking and laughing. We were looking in every room, and at one point I threw my crowbar into the ceiling at a light and shattered it everywhere. We were so relaxed. We kept going down the hallway, and one of my friends, we’ll call him Leo, said something along the lines of “hey guys, check this out.” we all walked over to him, and he was looking into a doorway with stairs going up.

I blurted out something along the lines of “hell yeah” and walked on up the stairs without hesitating. Leo, being the one of us who had been there before, told me to wait at the top for the rest of them so we could all do a sound check. I didn’t really listen, and I kept going and went through the doorway at the top, looking around. Leo and the rest of my friends came through a couple seconds later, and Leo looked at me angrily and told me to stop and listen. I sighed, and stood still and we all listened. Nothing happened.

“See?” I said. Leo kind of sighed and we kept walking. We were about halfway to the end of the hallway when I saw an elevator. I walked over to it, and so did one of my other friends. We’ll call her Sam. The button on the elevator that controlled if it went up or down had something written above it, “Press Me” I looked at Sam, and reached out and pressed the button. Nothing happened, and we turned around and saw the rest of our friends in a small room across the hall. As we were walking towards them, I heard the elevator clunk a bit as if it was trying to move. Sam later told me she heard it too but didn’t say anything. Once Sam and I joined our friends, we heard what sounded like metal hitting metal. We all froze and everyone looked over in the direction that it came. The elevator.

There were three light taps, a pause, and three light taps again. This kept happening at an even pace, and was progressively getting louder. We all panicked, saying how we needed to get out of here, and everyone ran to the steps, past the elevator. We were all scared, and adrenaline was flowing. We ran down the stairs, following Leo, hoping he knew how to get out. Eventually we made it to the back doors again, and I was the last to go out as well. We all sprinted back through the field, over the road, and up the hill to the car. I wish I could say our story ended there. Sam was having a panic attack, and Leo and I were trying to comfort her as another one of our friends yelled “There’s a light!” We all kind of ignored him has he makes jokes like that all the time, and when we were all in the car, getting ready to leave, he yelled again. This time, we all looked, and at the front doors of the sanitarium, there was a bright orange flashing light. Everyone freaked, and we were laughing and screaming at Leo to drive as the light faded to a small flashing yellow light and then faded. After it went out, it flashed yellow orange extremely bright for only a second, and then went off for good.

We don’t know what we saw. We went to a McDonald’s and talked about it for hours. Our only two theories are a ghost, or an extremely coordinated, insane homeless person. Thank you for reading/Listening!