My wife and I were sitting on the couch last night playing some PS4 together, a totally regular game night. Now, as I said in my last encounter, I’m scared of the dark because of what happened, and absolutely ALWAYS lock all of my doors and windows at night. Despite this, while we were playing PS4 I began to hear what seemed to be the meow of an injured cat. It sounded like it was on my driveway. I paused the game and my heart was pounding because any random noises at night now put me on edge. Being an animal lover I could only ignore the meowing for so long. I mean I love animals, what can I say?

My wife also wanted me to go outside and check on the cat. Since I haven’t told her what happened a few months ago (and still refuse to tell her) she doesn’t really understand just how truly terrified I am at night. After about half an hour of constant meowing I decided to at least TRY to man up. So I got off the couch and grabbed my flashlight. I nervously  crept to the window next to the front door and peaked out of the curtains ever so slowly. Without even using the flashlight I could see the silhouette of a cat at the very end of the driveway and breathed a sigh of relief. I started the process of telling myself to man up and began slowly unlocking the front door and stepped outside. At this point, I was kinda proud of myself for even stepping one foot outside at night. I literally hadn’t done that in months, usually I’m in bed well before 11pm as I really don’t want to be awake when all the freaks come out. Honestly, my last encounter changed my entire perspective on reality. How many other  fowl creatures creep around at night without no one ever seeing them? This is the single most terrifying thought to me. What kind of unimaginably terrifying things tap on my windows at night that I’ve never seen or heard? Lord, my heart is thumping right now..


Anyway, as I was saying; I took a step outside into the front yard and felt the chilly night air brush past my face for the first time in months. It was kinda nice actually, at first. As I took a few more steps down the driveway, the stupid cat ran away into the street. Well it can’t be all that injured, I thought.  Maybe it was just on heat or something? I turned around and quickly walked back inside. Just as I sat down and unpaused my game, the stupid cat started meowing AGAIN. After about 45 minutes of this all up, I’d had enough. I knew it wasn’t hurt, I mean it was basically trolling me, so I got up again with the intent of chasing it away this time, so I stepped outside, turned on the flashlight and walked down the driveway. I had actually forgotten about being nervous for a brief moment. As expected the cat ran away again when I got close and I, being slightly irritated, chased it into the street. As it ran into a long patch of grass it turned and looked at me and the flashlight caught it’s glowing eyes. For some reason I kinda got spooked when it did that. Now this is where things got weird….It turned it’s head and disappeared…Hang on, what the heck? There was NO WAY something just vanished, I mean the patch of grass was relatively small and from where I was standing it couldn’t have gotten away without me seeing it. There was the small patch of grass and a solid metal fence behind it. No holes and the fence was too high for it to jump

This is where alarm bells started going off in my head. Suddenly I was freaked out again and after last time, there was no way I was going to stand there a second longer. I turned around and started fast walking back towards my driveway. Just as I crossed the line to my property I began to feel that familiar feeling of deep, deep dread. I kept thinking, Why the heck did I come outside? How stupid are you? In that moment, just as that last thought crossed my mind, a fowl smell brushed passed my nose. It sounds so typical but it really did smell like death, garbage and vomit mixed together. I bolted up the driveway to the door as fast as I could, I truly felt as though a predator was about to pounce and rip my guts out, just like last time. As I reached the front door I felt a thick, humid pocket of air blow past me. All these things combined scared the living shit out of me. I knew that stupid cat was a trap, but the animal lover in me refused to let a potentially hurt animal suffer. As I slammed the front door shut I turned around to lock it and was horrified to feel something blocking it from properly closing. My stomach is dropping just thinking of it…There were a huge set of hairy grey fingers stuck in the door…Disgusting, yellowish claws at the end of the fingers. I almost pissed myself and turned back around, let go of the door and ran through the sun room, slamming that door shut instead and locking it. There was no way I was going to try fighting with this thing to close the front door. Luckily, the sun room door is only a few feet directly in front of the main front door. By this point my wife realised what was happening and she was sitting on the couch curled into a ball just crying.

I’m not even sure if this was the same thing as last time as I didn’t see it’s face (thank god) but none the less I was just as completely and utterly terrified as last time. The ‘thing’ was banging on the sun room door for what seemed like hours. It didn’t even make a single noise other than that. I’m gathering it was big, really big. That hand was just…So unnatural. It looked like a paw mixed with a decrepit old mans hand. My wife and I locked ourselves in the bathroom for the rest of the night, just holding each other. We didn’t say a word. She was obviously feeling the same deep terror as I was. At some point we must have fallen asleep because I woke up on the bathroom floor around 7am when the light started shining through the window. I cautiously went to the front door to check ‘it’ was gone and fully expected it to have ripped the house apart. Oh yeah it was gone alright, but my main front door had been ripped off it’s hinges. It was laying on the porch, splinters of wood and screws all over the place. I think I need to consult a pastor about this. I can’t live comfortably knowing that this thing is still out there. I feel like I’m back to square one in terms of dealing with this emotionally, I mean what do you do in this situation? My wife and I are scared. Now even during the day, because we know that with each passing hour, the sun is getting closer to setting…

The Lamp Post/The Board

I was, 12, and finally on summer break. The day I saw this guy was, strangely beautiful. Quiet, and somewhat creepy. I didn’t think much of it, because I love silence, no one nearby. Not needing to deal with the problem of others who like to talk.

But back to the story, I had just walked the lake a few times with my best friend. We had gone back to my friend’s house, since he lives right by the lake. We then sat down in the grass talking for literally hours, which I was getting drained from this, boredom was taking me over. Suddenly, lets call my friend Luke, I’m sure my friend doesn’t want his real name out, Luke asks if I want a drink. I politely said no but thanked him, he went in to get himself his own. I didn’t want a drink, knowing he’ll take a long time, so I would get silence.

But, the post in front of me, suddenly flicked. I stared under it, so I would be able to watch it flicker but also watch if someone was tampering with anything connected to it. I didn’t see anyone. I thought, it’s just old, that’s why it flickered. But as I looked down to continue playing with the grass and dirt, in the darkness I caught a glimpse.

Some background, most of my friends think theres something paranormal about me, because apparently at a birthday party I was at in 3rd grade, I did something I don’t remember. I walked out of the other room which I got for myself, with out my glasses, so everything would be blurry. And my friend who was the birthday kid, said my eyes weren’t fully open. But what I said, shocked him and only him. “Don’t play it.”

“What?” He responded, but I quickly said, “don’t play the board.” Then I walked back inside the other room. Everyone looked at my friend, to see he was reaching for a board under the couch, which was a ouija board. He looked at everyone and, he says he didn’t say anything about it and was planning to say something after getting it out.

I stared now, at the glimpse I saw. The person, it was a silhouette of a person. I was watching it grow closer to the post. I watched them step into the light of the post, I saw they were hooded, covered in black clothing. They rose their hands and started making whooshing and other noises, moving their hands, the light now flickering rapidly. I stood up, knowing he couldn’t see me. I had a small stone in hand, ready to throw, when Luke kicked open the front door and charged out. Luke had saw the man through the window, and thought the man was going to hurt me.

Luke thought this because he think he saw the man look over at me when I stood. The sudden door flying open scared the stranger and me, and as I looked to see what caused the crash. Luke was charging at the man, already almost beside me. The man simply walked back into the shadows, and took off. I grabbed Luke before his foot hit the ground. For once I remembered what I did, and I remember what I felt and heard. Something was telling me not to follow him, because this man was unknown, so unknown dangers. This wasn’t me but I agreed with it, and while Luke was yelling at me to let go, I said, “don’t.” I realised I was being ‘paranormal’ again. So I sat down and hugged my knees acting like I was scared, which I’m surprised he believed it. Since I’m normally emotionless.

I’m now long gone from 6th grade, and I’ve done many creepy things. And I still listen to the warnings of the random thoughts I get. Luke and I still talk, and he hasn’t seen the man ever since the incident. I’m glad, as I don’t want him getting hurt or haunted.

the piper road creature

My name is Olivia, and about two years ago I finally escaped the hell that was my old home. I’ve lived on a road called Piper Road for almost six years, and through those years i’ve had many strange encounters and have seen some very disturbing things, but nothing can compare to the creature that stalked me and my friend for years. Piper Road was a quiet road, slightly out in the country, the homes were a good distance apart, but still within walking distance, my friends home was one house down from mine, so we’d often hang out with each other in the woods behind our homes. These woods were about three or four acres, and surrounded by dry vast fields that we’d have to run through to get to the woods. Because we’d go to the woods so often, we had gotten used to the strange growls and occasional footsteps coming from the thick brush beyond the thin trails. Me and my friend, Miranda, had once traveled off the trails once, to explore and hopefully find what was causing all of the strange noises and footsteps, but when we did, we couldn’t move, we had stumbled across an opening in the thick brush, where bodies of deer where piled on top of one another, their bodies were bloodied, and tore, with thick claw marks engraved in each. Limbs were also thrown around the surrounding area, and the same claw marks on the bodies covered the trees. A few moments after we found the bodies of deer we heard cracking and fast uneven footsteps, my friend grabbed my arm and practically dragged me out of the woods as we heard the footsteps fade and sharp growling in the distance. We asked each other about what that thing could’ve been, but nothing seemed to make sense, the only animal bg enough to take down all of those deer, and have claw marks that big would’ve had to been a bear, or a wolf at the least, but we live in michigan, and there are no bears or wolves that come down this far that we know of.

After that, we promised each other never to go off the trails again, and to never go into those woods alone. However, years past and she was in high school and I was in my last year of middle school, so we barely even saw each other, those promises we made were broken as I had decided to go into the woods alone one evening, I remember the time, seven-ten, the sun was floating just above the horizon, so it was still very light out. I had called a few friends as I walked around the woods, talking to them on the phone leisurely without fear, but to this day, I regret being so ignorant. As I ended my last phone call and made my way to the entrance to the woods to leave, I began hearing subtle noises, brush moving, strange hissing noises, but nothing too strange, until I was only about twenty feet from the entrance. I heard footsteps, not of an animal, they were in sync, one after the other, because of this I assumed they were human, so I called out to what I thought was my friend, “Miranda?” I questioned, but the footsteps didn’t stop so I called again, “Miranda is that you? c’mon this isn’t funny.” Then I saw it, only four feet ahead of me, as it began to walk out of the thick brush, it stopped, and I could see it. It was tall, maybe seven feet, but hunched over, with its arms hanging loosely from its sides, it was a strange color, the skin color was faded and had a freakish silver tint to it. As I stared at the beast more I slowly began to realise how inhuman it was, it arms were so long that as I traced them with my eyes I realised they touched the ground and sagged, it was also very thin, however because half of its body was covered by leaves I wasn’t able to see all of its face, what I could see was that its jaw was opened in an inhuman way and  was hanging disturbingly low and wide.

I stood there staring at that monster for what felt like hours, move, move! you have to move! what are you doing!? I mentally screamed at myself but my body wouldn’t listen. Then I saw its head tilt as if it were wondering why I was still standing there. I could feel its eyes piercing me, as it shifted its weight and leaned in my direction. At that moment my heart felt as if it had stopped beating, everything was dead silent, not even the wind blew. I told myself I had to pass that thing if I wanted out of these dammed woods, there was no other way. I took a deep breath and began to walk forward, “It’s fine, it’s just your imagination, it’s not real,” I told myself as I walked directly by it, so close i could hear its breathing. Then I ran for home, never in my life have I ran as fast as I did that night,and as I got to my house the sun was at its very last light, I went to the back room and looked out the window, to see it there, at the edge of the woods, watching me.

Giant White Creature

I’m not trying to suck up to anyone by saying this or just to get into a video but I have been watching a lot of Darkness Prevails on YouTube these past few months the only reason I mentioned it is to say that I know the general appearance of monsters such as the Wendigo or Werewolf but the thing I saw I’ve never heard of before.

Before I begin the story there are few things you need to know. I am a baptist christian so I don’t believe in ghosts or that sort of thing but I firmly believe that monsters are far too real.

This “encounter” if you will happened when I was fourteen and  me and my dad were deer hunting at a friends house in upstate New York, we were hunting in a field behind the friends house. Between the house and the field was two large garages and a small valley woods surrounded the field on three sides with a farm off to the left side I don’t know the exact distances but now you know enough for me to go on with the tale.

Me and my dad were sitting in the hunting blind (more of a elevated large plastic can) and it was getting darker and no deer had shown up yet so I was getting bored and staring out of one of the plastic windows in the blind that was facing the house, the window was filthy but it was propped open to let in some cooler air.

As I was staring out of the window I saw this thing, I don’t know what else to call it, at first I thought it was a large white dog like a great dane but it was far too long for a great dane in the five to nine foot range and it had four long legs and it seemed to have a almost graceful stride,

I couldn’t judge the height of the creature due to the distance but if I had to guess possibly close to four or even five feet tall.

When the creature first appeared I whispered “Dad look,” he turned around thinking I had seen a deer he saw the thing but shrugged it off and said “Must be a neighbors dog,” after that he turned away and looked back toward the forest scanning for deer ,

but I still watched the creature as it walked toward one of the garages witch had a large opening in the front and the back with some landscaping equipment and tractors in it. I really wish I had thought to write it down as soon as I saw it  for now I can only remember fuzzy details for instance I can,t remember what the things head looked like or if it even had one but I do know that it had some sort of long tail.

This is my first time writing a story and this mystery is bugging me so please if someone knows what this might have been tell me please.


That Thing

First of all, I would just like to say that I still don’t know what I saw to this day but I have some idea of what it was.

Let’s begin.

I have always been afraid of the dark. But ever since I saw that thing I am even more terrified than before.

I was on my way home from my granny’s house and it was only about half past 8 or 9 at night. It was dark though because it was the winter and it still is (this only happened a few weeks ago).

As my mum was driving home along the country roads, I was looking out the window as I usually do. I quite like looking out the window when I’m in the car because there is just something so relaxing about it. I just don’t like it now at night.

As we were coming onto the motorway, there was this house. I’d never seen it before so I was intrigued and I keep looking for closer inspection.

I suddenly got this dull sunken feeling in my stomach. You know that feeling you get when something bad is about to happen. Yeah, I got that.

So, as my eyes moved away from the house as we drove past I saw this strange, white figure standing on a tree stump almost beside the derelict well some distance from their house. It was unlike anything I have ever seen.

This thing was tall. Very tall. It looked about 6 foot something and its eyes were glowing this yellowy orange color, kind of like when you see a fox on the road and your headlights illuminate their eyes.

It had abnormally long arms and was hunched over like you do when you have just come home from a long day at work or school and you are shear exhausted.

It was a slim creature and its paper white complexion made it looked ill and frail.

Its hands were extremely bony and it had very long fingers to complete the creepiness.

If you can’t picture it already it basically looked like slender man stripped of his clothes.

I have a pretty good photographic memory so I can see it and scan everywhere afterwards. But what was strange about this creature was it wasn’t male nor female. It was flat, down there. Excuse me for saying.

I couldn’t manage to see its feet as they were covered by the rail at the edge of the road to stop your car from going into a field if you crash. Presumably, it had feet. I dread to imagine what they were like.

It was staring straight at me. But there was no emotion. It was blankness. Once I had processed what I was seeing I immediately hid under my blanket. All I could see was that creature lurking. The full image. Everything I saw in a split second kept flashing before my eyes yet it was standing still. It seemed to last for eternity.

Now I think about it, my surroundings felt unnatural, different maybe. Passing that house, I couldn’t hear the cars going past. Every sound I heard seemed to be dull. Like the volume had been purposely turned down. But straight after we passed it, it was back to normal.

I would really appreciate it if somebody, anybody could tell me what I saw.

It was shortly after this incident that I came across darkness prevails. I listened to the stories about skin walkers and I’m thinking that it might be something like that. But if anybody has any idea please tell me. Thanks.