Something attacked me!

So to start off I live in a small farm town with lots of overgrown fields,. I was 12 and my friends,the same age loved the paranormal and explored lots of the fields around us. This day we decided to look around one of the fields close to me.

For the first while things weren’t anything special but about an hour in I lost my friends and I called out the them, but I heard nothing. I called out again and then hear some noises close to me. I said,” ha, funny joke guys.” No response, now I was getting scared and started walking back and then out of no where I felt hands on me and then I was pushed to the ground.

Now I’m a big strong person and none of my friends can push me down without really trying and this think felt like I was easy to ruin. After this I picked myself up and ran to the house where I see my friends, they say they were looking. That asked what happens and I just said I tripped. That night I got no sleep and heard my dogs barking, at something. Since then I’ve never seen or heard anything but I have seen animals turn up ripped to shreds but we just say pass it as a fox.

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