I don’t know what it wasNarrated! 

To begin, I live in the heart of the Great Smoky Mountains of East Tennessee and was raised here. My best friend, who I’ll call B, was born and raised here as well, and we’ve been close since we were barely thirteen. We are still like sisters and spent most of our time together until we both got married and had families of our own. Now that you have a little background, I’ll share a short, but creepy two-part story about what we saw one night by the river on highway 129.

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Confession of a Security Officer.

First of all i want to start by saying i did not see what did this, but is had to be something. This took place in the summer of 2007. I had just started working at a security company, and was tasked with guarding an apartment building that was under construction. Workers were there until about 6 P.M., and i would make sure no one came in and stole any of the equipment, or supplies. There apartments were the kind that had stairs on each end that went up and down with open ended corridor. The doors were those aluminium ones, and this is important later. Part of my job at this site was to patrol the four stories every hour, and make sure all the doors were still closed and locked. At about 2 A.M. I left my car, which was seconding as my office, and started to walk around. As i got to the third floor of the second building i just felt fight, flight, or freeze kick in. So i just bolted. I made it down the hall and to the end of the stairs, and started jumping down the stairs. I made it back to my car, and stayed in it until sunrise. When i went to go investigate before the morning construction crews came in i found on one of the doors on the third floor bent and swung opened. I went to examine the door, and make sure no one had broken in. When i closed the door my stomach dropped. On the outside of the door was three deep claw marks. Each one about a hand’s width apart from the others. It had torn through the door, and done so much damage that they had to replace it. I never heard anything approaching, and if not for my instincts i would have probably not be here to type this up.

The Thing on the Wolf River Trail

The following story is true and happened last year during December. Before I begin I’d like to preface the story by saying I am a 16 year old boy who is 6 feet tall, and I am very muscular. It takes a lot to scare me, and whenever I’m out with friends or alone I always have a balisong, aka butterfly knife on me. The ones I own are also brand knives from Bladerunners systems, so they are sturdy and I know I can trust them to work properly if I ever need to use them. I would also like to state that during the story I did not have my phone because I did not want to have anything to distract me. This will be explained later on. On to the story.

I live in an urban part of Memphis, next to a place called the wolf river. It is a popular area for bikers and runners because it has long winding trails that go through a forested area with a river going through the middle. Sometimes I used to go out in the middle of the night and skate along the paved trails, however after this encounter with what I saw last December I don’t think I’ll ever go back there at night.

Anyways around mid December when my school got off for winter break, I decided one night to go out and skate to, as well as on the wolf river. Even during winter it doesn’t snow or ice over very much down here, so I knew it would be safe. As I crossed the street and entered the trail, I could hear the sounds of crickets and the noise of the forest around the trail. I love nature and the sound immediately calmed me.

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My Friendly Encounter In The Woods โš

I’ve been wanting to tell about this encounter for the longest time on this here but I didnt’t think anyone would believe me but here it is…I’m a 21 year old female from a small town in Mississippi, My story begins in the smaller town of Columbia where my fiance’ is from. This all started the first time I stayed the night at his house, he would always tells me how creepy the woods around his parents house are and how they would always creep him out as a kid. So one night around 8:30 or so we decided to go walk the old trails that were starting to grow back up cause he hasn’t been in those woods since he was a kid, so we started walking and we kept hearing these weird noises thinking it’s just us being big babies we kept walking the deeper and it got the quieter the deeper we got and at one point we saw these old cars and toys….just.. sitting there tangled up in the trees and vines…I tugged his arm and he says “don’t worry baby girl that’s normal around here”. Let’s just say..I stayed pretty close to him after that, He had to use the bathroom so he walked across the branch to cross the creek and I stayed back in the woods watching him go across the water, he climbed the other side and said he would be back in a few minutes. I just looked around staying pretty close to the edge of the woods so I could see when he would come back, I heard leaves crunching behind me thinking it was just my fiance’s Alaskan Husky ingeniously named Husky.. I breathed a sigh of relief and turned to call to him to come give me some comfort of being alone in woods I’ve never been in before..but as when I turned around it didn’t take me long to realize it wasn’t Husky..It was this..this creature hunched over looking at me. Now as a background on myself I love listening to monster sightings and paranormal stuff. But I’ve never heard a story about a creature looking like this thing, It was huge compared to my height of 5’6 and it would have towered my 6’2 fiance’ as well.. this thing was skinny and had black and brown hair all over with huge eyes that were almost human looking but its legs were long and bowed out to the sides slightly like it was horseback riding to long..it walked closer to me slowly I stepped back and slipped of the edge of the embankment and before I knew what was happening I opened my eyes to see this thing holding my arm pulling me back up into the woods and standing me on my feet again.. it just turned it’s headed to the side and stared at me, it turned and ran away when Husky came running towards it barking. I leaned down to pet Husky and heard my fiance’ calling for me I turned and walked over to him trying to explain what I saw and he just joked and said it was probably just Bigfoot. Of course I don’t believe him I know what I saw and even to this day when I stay the weekends I’ll see it standing in the woods on the way to his house, and standing in the woods behind his house and when it sees me it just leans it’s head to the side for a second or two puts it’s head back upright again and then walks back into the woods. Please if anyone else knows what this thing is or has any idea or had a similar encounter please let me know. Thank You!

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