UFO Sightings

My story starts in a town called Chico in Northern California. My wife and I decided to go to a park that’s down the street from our place on a clear night in 2016. We arrived at the park where there were a few soccer games going on at the playing fields so we went to an area a little hidden away from places people were at because we brought some adult beverages.

As we were star gazing I had noticed something moving in the sky. It was obviously closer than satellites are and moving at a fast steady pace across the sky and we actually caught this on camera. After we stopped filming we kept looking in the general area and noticed that it had just disappeared. Nothing too creepy just a little Paranormal.

Fast forward about a half a year and we have a more intense sighting. It was about 2am and I needed to go get cigarettes and while we were at it some snacks and lottery scratchers. I’m driving and my wife is in the passenger seat and we leave our apartments and turn on the main road.

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