The wisper at the nursing home

Hello, my name is Nathan I recently worked in a Nursing home. I was not a nurse but a dietary aide. Which ment I worked in the kitchen, I did what the cook did not do. The shifts I had were from 6 am to 8 pm. Sometimes I worked overtime either because the residents were slow at eating or because we had a new person. We had food trucks that held atleast 24 trays of food for the respective units. Things always seemed a little strange. So it was 5 pm. Bringing up the first food truck. I’m waiting for the elevator and behind me in the unused at the time, dining hall a wisper. I didn’t think much about it at the time thinking it was the building making noise. So I bring the food truck to the second floor, and come back down to prepare and deliver the next one. It felt colder when I got into the first floor. It was quiet.

The next day I am working another 6 am to 8 pm. So again at dinner time waiting for the elevator and I hear the wisper and this time I listened to it. It sounded like a small child, saying my name. I shrugged it off again thinking it’s just my brain over thinking and just fatigue after a long shift.

After serving all the food trucks and waiting for them to come down I go to the bathroom. I lock the door and hear a knock. The doors were locked and there was no family at the time. I asked who it was. There was no answer. I finish up and go grab the trucks and try to get out of there as soon as I can.

I go to work the next week because I work long shifts just on the weekends. So it was another long shift but this time at lunch. I told my co-worker what happened the week before. He didn’t belive me and shrugged it off as well and told me it was just the buildings pipes or something. Then something in the kitchen falls over, we think nothing of it.

Weeks pass and nothing happens except the occasional knock and stuff. So I go to the bathroom and instead of a knock somone pulled on the door making a loud bang. My co-worker investigated and when I got out and asked if anyone was out there. He didn’t see anyone out there and we were the only ones on the first floor. We both hear a wisper and try our fastest to get out.

The next day he was to work a long shift with me, as the one who was going to work there got sick. We get through most of the day without any knocks or whispers. I told him to watch outside of the bathroom door and see if anyone is trying to pull a prank. He was not the type to pull pranks, he was kore laid back. So he agrees and I go to the bathroom. A loud bang on the door that shakes the door and I quickly open the door as it was used as bait and no one was out there. My coworker was immediately shocked and said “what the f**k?” I asked him if anyone was out there. He said “No but I saw the f**king door shake and heard the bang!* So we finished up our work and we were both heading out. Right as we were leaving a sudden deep voice and loud voice yelled and said ” Just Die Already!” We bolted out of the building. I come in next week. My co-worker put his 2 weeks in but didn’t show up for any shifts. Found out while we were leaving and heard that, 3 residents passed at the same time. I started looking for a new job. When I put my 2 weeks in the whole building lights all flickered. I couldn’t put my leave as “Haunted”. I just put it as ” New Job” dispite that not being the case.

My last two days activity spiked. The second to last day there, stuff was falling off the walls, and banging sounds can be heard. Even management heard it. Nothing else happened. The last day I was there all my coworkers brought a cake for me and was sad I was leaving. It was my last day but also for others. What ended up happening is that when we were having the party after the shift all the lights went out on the first floor and went quiet. We all heard “YOUR SOULS ARE MINE!” We all tried to leave but the front doors wouldn’t open. We went out the kitchen exit, I did the mistake of looking back and say a black figure darker than the rest of the darkness in the kitchen, I can never forget what it looked at as I saw two red eyes charging towards me and the others. The backdoor kitchen door slammed tight. The management team and a few of my coworkers all quit that night. I was happy enough it was my last day.


The Rain Monster

I wouldn’t have thought something with the fictional-sounding name of “the Rain Monster” could actually exist within the local woods.

I was wrong.

Hi, my name is Xander Despenas. I’m 16 years old and live in Mason City, Iowa. My best friend, Hunter Tyler, is 14 (going on 15 on November 4, 2017), and he is the one that discovered the Rain Monster.

You see, the Rain Monster is a paranormal entity that appears normally when it is raining or overcast (hence the name), but does make brief appearances under other circumstances. The strange thing is, we have no idea as to what this thing’s origins are. Perhaps an angry spirit? Or something conjured through a Ouija board? We weren’t too sure then, but now we’re pretty confident that the Rain Monster is something much more demonic, something from the depths of Hell itself. We’ve done multiple investigations regarding this entity, and much to our surprise, a lot of evidence supporting the idea of this thing’s existence has come up in almost all of our documentations.

October 30th, 2015

This is probably the most controversial piece of evidence we have.

According to North Iowa Today, an unnamed 47-year-old man from Fairfax, Iowa (which is roughly a two and a half hour drive from here) was found dead in his car in front of the woods the Rain Monster is located in. Medical examiners had claimed his passing on was due to self harm. (Read the story here:

Now, it’s weird enough that a man would drive almost three hours from home to kill himself, but this is where it gets weird. You see, throughout our investigations, we had come across some interesting and disturbing things in those woods, including a shredded couch, a shovel, and a rope tied to a tree. We’d always thought somebody had committed suicide out there, but one question always came up: if someone hanged themselves out in the woods, who buried them? What was the shovel for? It was such a roadblock for us that we could never get by. But after we heard of the suicide in front of the woods, a new question came to mind: was it the Rain Monster that caused it?

There is an outline of small trees and tall grass just before you enter the woods. This is what we’ve called the “Border to Hell,” because we have discovered that the Rain Monster cannot (or at least will not) go past the border. But what about the suicide? And that, ladies and gentlemen, is where the theories get even more believable.

I’ve recently been thinking about this whole thing, and I’ve finally thought of a good question: what if the man didn’t commit suicide, and instead the Rain Monster got to him? But that would mean the Border to Hell would have finally been broken, and the Rain Monster would be able to expand his territory heavily. This is where the problems are starting.

I will update you on any new encounters with the Rain Monster or any updates on its whereabouts.

The Man At Target

To start off, Target has been a go to place for me for as long as I can remember. My mother and I would be in there at least four to five times a week, we were there so often that employees would remember us and greet us by name whenever they seen us. However, it never occurred to me just how dangerous a shopping center could be, until one night changed my life forever.

I live in a small town in southern West Virgina, there are no more than 5,000 people who reside in my area. Most of them being elderly and harmless, and the occasional young punk who will do anything for a buck.  But all in all it is a fairly nice and safe area, or atleast I thought.

One night after school my mother asked me if I would like to go to Target with her pick up a couple groceries and of course I agreed and we went on our way.  Usually we went to target during the evening time or the early morning but this time it was around 11 PM,  so of course there were no cars in the parking lot but maybe one or two.  We were greeted by familiar faces and smiles as we made our way down each aisle.  Being only eight or nine years old at the time  I remember how excited I was when we approached the candy aisle and I begged my mom to buy me some candy and of course she said no. As I continued walking with her upset we noticed someone following us, and it wasn’t in a way that a normal person would just be going up and down the isles looking for something it was pretty obvious that they were following us.

My mother being protective as she always was, quietly told me to stay by her side and to not wander off.  As we quickly turned the corner and went down the next aisle we stopped hearing footsteps so my mother began to calm down.  But just as she breathed a sigh of relief a man poked his head out of the aisle that we were just in and when my mother locked eyes with him he quickly went back around the corner.  At this point my mother had had enough and decided to confront the man, she had me by the hand and we both slowly walked around the corner of the  isle and to both of our surprise nobody was there.

Thinking that maybe this person was looking for someone and it was a big misunderstanding we went about our shopping.  Just as we were finished and about to get to the checkout lanes my mother spotted the strange man once again staring at us with a sinister stare that only she could describe as hatred.  Fed up my mother marched over to him and asked him what his problem was and why he kept staring at us all he simply said was “why didn’t you buy her candy, she’s a pretty little thing, she deserves it.”  At that point my mother was so red in the face that I knew she was about to go off on this man.  But before she could say anything he started to reach for me and he almost grabbed my arm before she tackled him to the ground and called for help.

One of the regular employees who knew us immediately called the police and said that they would be here within 10 minutes.  Once the police got there it turns out he had been wanted for several counts of child pornography and molestation.  As my mother was giving her statement to the police officer I’ll never forget that face, that evil grin, and the words, “I’ll be back for you pretty girl” he muttered as the police were walking him out the door.  That encounter gave me nightmares for weeks and since then I have honestly never returned to Target nor do I ever want to.  It just comes to show how crazy people are nowadays, and how protective parents need to be of their children because you never know who is lurking in your town wanting to take your baby and do who knows what.

Sunset Beach


The story I’m about to tell you is actually about two separate events, but given the subject matter and the fact that both took place in the same location, I usually think of them as two parts of the same story.

Anyway…I grew up in a small town on the southern Oregon coast. The beaches there are beautiful, but given the cold, wet climate, they’re usually only frequented by sight-seers and bored locals. The most popular of the local beaches is Sunset Bay State Park, or, as the locals refer to it, ‘Sunset Beach’.

It’s not a large beach…but it’s beautiful there. There are tide-pools to explore, countless nature trails and hiking paths, barbecue areas, a campground, etc. Having grown-up there, though, I eventually began thinking of the beach as a cold, wet, windy place that was often an awful place to visit. Still…in an area with nothing to do, I often got dragged to the beach by friends who, for some reason, still enjoyed it there.

It was on one such occasion when the first event occurred. I’d gone to Sunset Beach with a couple female friends of mine, and we were busying ourselves by exploring the tide-pools and taking photos of the picturesque views…when suddenly one of us (I can’t remember who, exactly) spotted a strange light/object in the sky. From where we were, it looked like a plane at first…but it wasn’t moving. It was just sort-of a pulsing light hovering in the sky.

Then it suddenly vanished and reappeared almost instantly in a different part of the sky…quite far from where it had been before. We watched it for a moment…then it vanished again, and reappeared somewhere else. It did this several times before vanishing entirely. We tried getting pictures and video of it, but given how high it was in the sky, our cameras didn’t pick it up. We thought it was weird and even kinda’ cool…but we weren’t 100% convinced that it was alien in nature.

Fast-forward several years. I had found myself homeless, and the only thing my family was willing to do to help me out, was to get me a tent and set me up in a campground. Since you can only stay in a campground for a week or two max., I sort-of bounced from one to the next, until I’d stayed at most of the local campgrounds.

While I was staying at Sunset Beach, I never saw any strange objects or lights, or anything out of the ordinary…but I did hear something that chilled me to the bone. While I was lounging in my tent one day, I heard this very loud noise that sounded like a jet flying over-head…only WAY TOO LOUD…like it was flying extremely low. Also, it didn’t fade-in or out. It just started…went on for a minute or two, then suddenly stopped. It didn’t seem to be moving, either. Basically, it sounded like a jet hovering 50 meters over my tent…which isn’t possible.

I sat there sort-of stunned until the sound stopped. I then regained my senses, and went outside…only to find NOTHING. There was nothing in the sky but clouds, and no vehicles around. Everything seemed normal. It was strange.

The next day (which was my last at that campground), I heard the noise again…but this time I wasn’t as shocked, and I hurried out of my tent to see what it was. When I got outside, I could still hear it…as loud as ever…but I could see NOTHING. Again, nothing was in the sky, and there were no vehicles around…nothing at all that could have produced a sound like that.

When I told my mom about it later that day, she laughed at me at first. She’s never really believed in aliens or the paranormal at all…but she then told me that several of the residents at the RV Park her and my dad managed (just a couple miles from Sunset Beach), had mentioned the sound, too, and were just as baffled by it. Mind you, these are elderly residents…most rather wealthy and reasonable people. Not the sort prone to flights of fancy.

I’m a 36-year-old intelligent guy, and also extremely familiar with the area where these events occurred…and I can’t think of ANY logical explanation…especially for that sound. I mean, it was like standing a few meters from a Boeing 747 as it starts, then stops its’ engines. It was THAT loud. A couple years later I started seeing reports online of people hearing strange, loud sounds that were seemingly coming from nowhere, and I now wonder if they’re hearing what I did. Anyway…Sunset Beach is a real place…you can easily find it online. Check it out sometime if you’re interested the unknown. You may just find what you’re looking for there.

Lac Wendigo

This story was inspired by our scary experience in Algonquin Park, Canada, where we got stuck on a road called Lac Wendigo.

My family and I were camping up North for some time. But sadly after 6 days we had to leave.
It was early in the morning when we left, about 8:00.

I was with 3 people. My mother Cindy, and my 2 cousins Sheryl and Samatha.

As we were driving, my mother, being the outdoorsy type, wanted Sheryl to drive through her favourite place, Algonquin Provincial Park.

It was simply gorgeous. I was eight the last time I went, so I hadn’t remembered it much.

I was too busy taking photos to realize Sheryl had turned down a road with the name Lac Wendigo.

It was quite a narrow road. We stopped a few times to have a snack and take some pictures.

“I’ve got to turn around.” Sheryl said as she looked for a wide spot to turn. The only problem was there was nothing but a narrow path. She ended up having to unhook her trailer and back up until she could turn around.

In the meantime blackflies and deerflies swarmed her car. It got so bad that we had to roll the windows up. Even then all you could hear was tapping on the glass from the flies ramming into it.

Sheryl was finally able to turn her car around, but she had to back up to get the trailer. Both Sheryl and Samantha were panicking. Their faces both filled with dread.

Everyone got out of the car when we drove to the trailer. We turned it around and hooked it up. Then I heard Sheryl curse under her breath as we got back in.

All for of us got out of that place rather quickly. Though, as we were exiting I got the feeling I was being watched. So I looked back, and behind me stood something I’d never forget.

There was a tall creature, that looked like a moose, but it was standing on its hind legs. It looked at me so… angerly.  The creature stared at me with white glowing eyes and a wide killer smile.

I don’t remember much of it because I felt like I had blacked out. But it still haunts my nightmares to this day.