True GameStop Horror Story

I hope this story gets to be uploaded on a channel, to get the word out that can literally happen to anyone.

The picture in this story, is actually the GameStop that I currently working at. By the time of this, it happened last night (Saturday).

I got called in to work from 5- 10 P.M. I decided to take it, being a gamer, and that means more money. So I went in, and did my five hours. It came time to restock games, merch, and accessories.

I was with two others. One of my managers, who I developed a friendship with, and another co-worker, who I have gotten close too.

We’ll call my manager Felix, and my co-worker Bryce.

Bryce and I we’re vaccuming, and putting this on the shelves, and walls. Felix was counting the money in the register.

Everything was quiet, and going well. Until the phone rings. We thought it was a customer. And since we closed at nine, and it being about 9:30- 9:45, we didn’t answer it. It takes about an hour, or two to clean up and everything.

But they called immediatly back. Felix answered; “Hi, thank you for calling GameStop. How can I help you?” Bryce and I stopped what we were doing to listen to whatever is going on. The look on Felix’s face, kinda shook me.

Out of the silence, all he said was “Yea, I’ll let my employees know, and we’ll talk about it”

Both Bryce and I asked him what’s going on. What Felix told us was kind of scary, but it didn’t make sense.

Felix said “There is someone calling every GameStop in this area threatening to rob one. He said he was targetting this one. We don’t know if it’s a joke, or not. But we need to lock the backdoor, and be careful. Doesn’t matter if it’s a joke or not, we shouldn’t take any chances.”

Felix told Bryce and I to go into the backroom, and make the huge metal alarm door was locked, and shut all the way.

As he was saying this, the phone starts to ring. Felix answers it, with the thought it could be the same person he was talking to before. As he answered, there was no one on the other end. Absolute silence. After Felix hung up, they called right after, like not even a second later. Felix picked up, and greeted them with “Thank you for calling GameStop” and it was the same. Silence. Felix hung up, and they called back. Again, Felix picked up and greeted them. But this time, it was just heavy breathing.

This happened two more times.

It got to the point that Bryce took the phone, and kept pressing the “END” button.

Whoever they are, they had their number shown on our phone. After calling and kept getting rejected, they stopped.

Everything started to die down, so Bryce and I was going to take out the trash in the back. As we were about to put the key in to unlock this huge metal alarm door, so the alarm won’t sound, the phone started to ring again.

Bryce looked at me in pure fear. He and I didn’t know what to do, nor think. Since Felix was on the floor, and we were in the backroom, we didn’t know if he picked up, rejected, or whoever was calling stopped calling. So Bryce and I ran out the backdoor, and threw the stuff away and ran back inside.

Don’t get mad at me, it was Bryce’s idea. Plus, he’s the one that ran outside. I was just holding the door.

We make our way back from the backroom, and back into the floor where Felix is.

As we were walking to Felix, and tells us to lock everything down, and turn off the lights.

We were basically in lockdown for about 30 minutes. And about this time, it was about 10:10- 10:20.

We get another call. Felix picks up, with just a “Hello?”. And on the other end was the main manager of our GameStop. We’ll call him Cody.

Cody goes and says that he got the police involved, and they got the guy. Cody goes and mocks whoever this guy is, and says “He was stupid enough to use his real phone number. He didn’t even attempt to restrict it in time. Because apparently he called our store, and a few others with a restriced number.

His name was never revealed, but apparently… he was really.. going to rob our GameStop. I’m so glad no one was hurt, or no GameStops were robbed, and just saying ours as a distraction.

The Landlady

The story I’m about to tell you might sound like a campfire tale…some twist on an urban legend or something…at least, that’s how it seems whenever I think about it, or tell the story to someone. I can assure you, however, that it is NOT. It happened to me around 16 or 17 years ago, when I was about 18 or 19 (I can’t remember exactly).

I was staying with a friend of mine at his apartment, which is in a small, old building in the downtown area of the small town where I grew up. Next door was a slightly larger, but even older apartment building, and both were owned and operated by the same people.

So one day my friend had to take his rent money to his landlady, who lived in the building next door, and he asked me to join him (I can’t remember why…perhaps he just wanted to introduce me to her??)…so I did.

The building she lived in was three stories, with small businesses on the ground level, and apartments on the upper levels. Her apartment was easy to find, because it was the first door on the right as you enter the second floor (in other words, the first apartment you see when entering the residential portion of the building), and there was I sign on the door that read “Manager”.

My friend knocked on the door, and we were greeted by an older man…probably in his 60’s. He was thin, maybe 5’9”, balding gray hair, and somewhat gaunt-looking…like he’d worked hard for too many years, and it had taken its toll. Apparently, he was a close friend of the landlady, and also worked as a maintenance man in the building.

Anyway…we were invited in and shown to the living room, where the landlady greeted us, and asked us to sit. She was a fairly large woman, with short, whitish-blonde hair, pale skin, and dark circles under her eyes. She seemed quite healthy…but there was something “sickly” about her face. I remember thinking it rather strange that she looked so ill, but spoke and moved like someone in perfect health.

The apartment itself was clean, though somewhat cluttered…the furnishings were clearly old, but still in good condition…and the place was decorated with lots of antiques and knick-knacks…all of which appeared a little dusty…as if the place hadn’t been cleaned or even lived in for awhile. Though I couldn’t determine exactly WHY, something about the atmosphere there just felt “off”.

Despite all of this, the landlady was a friendly woman, and we all chatted for about 20 minutes after my friend gave her his rent money…though I can’t recall what we talked about…then we left, and the whole thing began to fade from my memory…for awhile.

Approximately 1 year later…after my friend had moved away, and we’d lost touch…I was looking for an apartment, and remembered those buildings and the pleasant conversation I’d had with the landlady, and I decided to go there and find out if she had any apartments for rent.

I remembered which apartment she lived in, because, like I said before, it was the first one on the right when you enter the second floor…pretty easy to remember. When I got there, however, there was no “Manager” sign on the door. I knocked anyway, and got no answer. I waited a moment, then knocked again…still, nothing. I thought perhaps she was out, or had moved, so I decided to walk around and see if there was a “Manager” sign on any of the other doors.

As I made my way down the hall, I noticed an open door to an apartment that appeared empty, and there was a woman inside vacuuming. I figured she might know where the landlady was, so I knocked on the open door and waved as the woman looked up at me. She turned off the vacuum, walked to the door and pleasantly asked, “can I help you with something?”

I remember thinking immediately that this woman looked like a much younger, much smaller version of the landlady. She, too, had short, blonde hair, cut in much the same style as the landlady’s had been. She looked healthier, though…and not just because she was thin, where the landlady had been quite large…but her complexion was simply healthier-looking.

I explained to her that I was looking for the landlady, because I was interested in possibly renting an apartment. She then informed me that SHE is the landlady, and that the apartment we were currently standing in the doorway of, was the only apartment available. This didn’t really phase me…I mean, it had been about a year, and I figured the building was simply under new management.

She showed me around the apartment, and we spoke for a minute about what I needed to do to apply…and though I could’ve just ended the conversation there…I for some reason felt compelled to ask about the previous landlady…the one I’d met a year ago.

At this, the woman looked confused. “I’ve managed this building for over four years”, she said. Now was confused. Though there was a resemblance, there was NO WAY this was the woman I’d met before. She was too young. So I told her that I’d visited the landlady a year ago, and pointed-out her apartment. She assured me that wasn’t possible. She then informed me that had once been her mothers’ apartment…and her mother had indeed been the landlady…but she’d passed away nearly 5 years ago.

At this point, I think we BOTH felt a chill run up our spines. So I described the woman I’d met a year before, AND the old man who had been at her apartment. She told me I was describing her mother perfectly, and the man who had been her friend, too…but BOTH had been dead for quite some time. Ok…now we were both freaking out a little. So I went on to describe the apartment…and again, she told me I was describing her mothers’ apartment in perfect detail.

I spent a lot of time going over the whole thing in my head after that…but all these years later, I STILL can’t think of any logical explanation. There’s no way I misjudged the amount of time that had passed. It had only been 1 year…not 5. Hell, had it been 5 years, I would’ve been like 14 or 15 when I met the landlady, and I certainly had no friends who lived on their own at that age. I also don’t believe the woman was lying or just messing with me. Her reactions were genuine, and she even became visibly emotional once she realized that I’d likely encountered her mother’s spirit. I’ve come to learn that nothing in this world is certain…and it’s possible that reality itself is just an illusion…so I can’t say with any certainty that I encountered any “lost souls”, “spirits”, or some other paranormal phenomena…but I DO KNOW that I can’t explain this experience. Eerie as it was, though, it never frightened me. I mean…I probably won’t ever rent an apartment in that building…but I wouldn’t be opposed to visiting it again…if only to see what strange or unbelievable things may occur.



My expirence with the djinn

Djinns are part of the Islamic religion, they are sentient beings that exist on a different plain but can interact and effect ours. They are the explanation for any paranormal or strange scary encounters in Islam, They are also known to mess around with people just for fun. example: footsteps when your home alone, its probably a Djinn. Today I’m going to go to in depth about my experience with the Djinn.

The are 5 types of Djinns that i will briefly go over, but before i go over them i need to tell you that all djinn have the same abilities but these are the 5 tribes, or nations i guess you could say of djinns.

1st we have the MARID  (pronounced MAA–rid), they are considered to be the strongest of the 5, they are you traditional genie in a bottle type of Arabic folk tales. 2nd we have the

EFFRIT (pronounced eff–FREET), these guy are the smartest of the bunch. They live in complex societies similar to ours. They are known to shape shift and, trick and scam others.

GHOUL (Arabic pronunciation uses a guttural gg sound somewhere between an English G and a French R). This tribe is native to Europe and north America. They are undead like and know to eat human flesh. They are known to be nocturnal and pretty dumb. Ghouls aren’t the most dangerous, but you would want to catch on of them in a dark ally way at 3 am.
SILA,  This is the one in my story. These Djinn’s are the most talented at shape shifted and usually appear in black animals like dogs, sheep, spiders, snakes, and other animals associated with bad omen.

And finally VETALA, these are your traditionally classic vampire like creatures, with psychic powers native to the south indo area of Asia. However, vetala can also change shape at will. They are thought to be natural psychics, able to foretell the future and gain insight into the past, as well as read the thoughts of others.

Here is some common knowledge you should know on Djinns. Djinns usually prefer to be unseen and live in secluded areas, like caves, land fills, lesser populated areas like woods, mountains, dirty or “haunted” neighborhoods, islands, etc. Djinns are capable of possessing others and entering dreams. They can physically change the room temperature either extremely hot or cold. They are capable they are capably to change the mind process of a person.

Disclaimer: i apologize if I’ve hyped up the Djinns because my story isn’t an over the top nearly possessed Hollywood material level story.

when i was visiting family in village in Sudan, it was night and i was trying to sleep and it was fuming out side, and it get up to 120 in the summer. I heard dogs barking far away, i didn’t think much of it, they soon got closer and closer. eventually they got pretty close , like a couple houses down.

Out of the corner of my eye i saw a dog shaped creature. it got a bit closer, and they barking in the distance got closer. It moved silently and every time i look away it inched closer, and the barking got closer. by the time it was 7 feet away i put away i put my glasses on. when i got a good look at it, it looked like a shadow of a dog just stood up, it looked so flat but it had depth to it.

it looked so unnatural and confusing, but as quickly as it came it left, and the barking faded and stopped.



Stranger at the ballfield

This story happened two years ago, Me and a few of my friends had plans to go to the baseball field at night to sit on the bleachers and have a chat. We live in a town called Stephenville Crossing, in Newfoundland, Canada.

Me and my friends had texted each other to get ready, I was at Caitlin’s house, she is my cousin, and our friend Rae-ann was also with us. We texted our friends to meet up at the local canteen, Karl’s canteen, where many of us would buy candy and food.

We started walking to the canteen, it was about a ten minute walk from Caitlin’s house, so when we got there our friends had not made it yet, so we went inside to grab a few of their signature brownies. After standing around for a few minutes we seen our friends coming toward the canteen, yelling out to us.

They told us they wanted to grab a bag of candy so we waited for them outside.

A car pulled up to the canteen and a tall man in a suit, wearing a blue tie and a fedora got out of the car. Keep in mind that Stephenville Crossing does not have a large population, only about 1200 people, so we’re a town where everyone pretty much knows everyone else. So this guy was a stranger to us, and the way he dressed was off as no one in this town wear clothes that fancy,

we just assumed he was on vacation or from out of town. He looked at Caitlin and Rae-ann, smirked and said “Hello, darlings!” without even acknowledging me, and the way he said it with a raspy voice, in a tone that seemed seductive.

He walked into the store, as our friends were walking out.

One of our friends, Eric, had made a remark about the man’s fedora but we told him to not say anything too loud because of the creepy vibe the man had.

Halen, one of our friends, and his girlfriend, Hayley, had bought a family size bag of chips to share, but Hayley nabbed it from his hands for herself, so he didn’t bother to stick by her and came over by me to chat.

We proceeded to talk about our usual topic, comic books, in which we would often debate over whether Batman or Spider-man was better.

We walked passed our local bar, the cozy corner, which was the way to the baseball field, now the canteen was out of sight, and I hadn’t even thought about the creepy man anymore.

We then met up with Amber and David, who had been walking together down the street, we wanted them to come to the baseball field with us, they accepted and came along.

When we got there we seen our friends Brandon and Audrey, who are a couple, cuddling on the bleachers. We didn’t invite them to the baseball field but they were already there so we sat with them on the bleachers and ate our candy.

We always thought they were kind of annoying together, and gave them the name “Braudrey”, which we thought was funny. We also gave Brandon the nickname “Tough meh” because he believes that he is the toughest person in our friend group.

We seen a car turning in to the baseball field towards us. The baseball field is next to a forest and large bushes, so sometimes people go in the woods to have sex, or do drug deals, so sometimes at a time this late and dark people often drive up to the baseball field with their girlfriend or boyfriend to have sex, or multiple will drive up to deal drugs.

Due to this being a usual thing, we were not alarmed by a car pulling up, but once it got close enough we realized it was the car of the creepy guy at the canteen.

Amber,David,Brandon and Audrey did not know about this guy so we told them about how creepy he was, and how he was particularly interested in Caitlin and Rae-Ann. David, being the craziest of the group, jumped off the bleachers and started yelling and making noises like a shrieking cat.

The car then began to turn around and left the baseball field. We praised David for scaring off the creepy man, and laughed about how strange the man was, and once again made fun of his fedora.

About an hour later we decided to walk back to town, and instead of going toward the road we decided to take the trail through the bushes. I stood by Halen, I was once again explaining why Batman is superior in our fun little debate, and he also came to me about problems, as he was upset that Hayley only let him have a few chips from the whole bag.

Thats when I heard David and Amber screaming, they were at the front of the group. They were running back and yelling for us to run, and when we looked, there was the creepy man running toward us.

We all began running back to the baseball field, and decided to  run into the woods, which may seem like a stupid idea, but we were familiar with the woods and had many hiding places, and since it was at night it would be hard for him to see us.

Brandon had pissed his pants, the large wet spot was noticeable on his jeans, so much for “tough meh”, although our lives were on the line so it is understandable. We decided to stay hidden for about half hour, and then we all quietly left the forest and ran for the road to get under the street lights and by the houses.

We all hastily walked back to the main part of town, we all went our separate ways to go home, all agreeing that it would be a long time before we go back to the baseball field late at night.

The wisper at the nursing home

Hello, my name is Nathan I recently worked in a Nursing home. I was not a nurse but a dietary aide. Which ment I worked in the kitchen, I did what the cook did not do. The shifts I had were from 6 am to 8 pm. Sometimes I worked overtime either because the residents were slow at eating or because we had a new person. We had food trucks that held atleast 24 trays of food for the respective units. Things always seemed a little strange. So it was 5 pm. Bringing up the first food truck. I’m waiting for the elevator and behind me in the unused at the time, dining hall a wisper. I didn’t think much about it at the time thinking it was the building making noise. So I bring the food truck to the second floor, and come back down to prepare and deliver the next one. It felt colder when I got into the first floor. It was quiet.

The next day I am working another 6 am to 8 pm. So again at dinner time waiting for the elevator and I hear the wisper and this time I listened to it. It sounded like a small child, saying my name. I shrugged it off again thinking it’s just my brain over thinking and just fatigue after a long shift.

After serving all the food trucks and waiting for them to come down I go to the bathroom. I lock the door and hear a knock. The doors were locked and there was no family at the time. I asked who it was. There was no answer. I finish up and go grab the trucks and try to get out of there as soon as I can.

I go to work the next week because I work long shifts just on the weekends. So it was another long shift but this time at lunch. I told my co-worker what happened the week before. He didn’t belive me and shrugged it off as well and told me it was just the buildings pipes or something. Then something in the kitchen falls over, we think nothing of it.

Weeks pass and nothing happens except the occasional knock and stuff. So I go to the bathroom and instead of a knock somone pulled on the door making a loud bang. My co-worker investigated and when I got out and asked if anyone was out there. He didn’t see anyone out there and we were the only ones on the first floor. We both hear a wisper and try our fastest to get out.

The next day he was to work a long shift with me, as the one who was going to work there got sick. We get through most of the day without any knocks or whispers. I told him to watch outside of the bathroom door and see if anyone is trying to pull a prank. He was not the type to pull pranks, he was kore laid back. So he agrees and I go to the bathroom. A loud bang on the door that shakes the door and I quickly open the door as it was used as bait and no one was out there. My coworker was immediately shocked and said “what the f**k?” I asked him if anyone was out there. He said “No but I saw the f**king door shake and heard the bang!* So we finished up our work and we were both heading out. Right as we were leaving a sudden deep voice and loud voice yelled and said ” Just Die Already!” We bolted out of the building. I come in next week. My co-worker put his 2 weeks in but didn’t show up for any shifts. Found out while we were leaving and heard that, 3 residents passed at the same time. I started looking for a new job. When I put my 2 weeks in the whole building lights all flickered. I couldn’t put my leave as “Haunted”. I just put it as ” New Job” dispite that not being the case.

My last two days activity spiked. The second to last day there, stuff was falling off the walls, and banging sounds can be heard. Even management heard it. Nothing else happened. The last day I was there all my coworkers brought a cake for me and was sad I was leaving. It was my last day but also for others. What ended up happening is that when we were having the party after the shift all the lights went out on the first floor and went quiet. We all heard “YOUR SOULS ARE MINE!” We all tried to leave but the front doors wouldn’t open. We went out the kitchen exit, I did the mistake of looking back and say a black figure darker than the rest of the darkness in the kitchen, I can never forget what it looked at as I saw two red eyes charging towards me and the others. The backdoor kitchen door slammed tight. The management team and a few of my coworkers all quit that night. I was happy enough it was my last day.