Monument 83 Fire Lookout

I went for what was going to be my first solo backpacking trip. I had called ahead to the ranger station to confirm there was a water source near where I planned on camping and they said there was. I arrived at the trailhead around 6:00AM on a sunny Tuesday. I wasn’t the only car at the trailhead but the Monument 83 trailhead is shared by the more popular Monument 78 trailhead (The Canada-end of the Pacific Crest Trail). I hoisted on my 35-pound pack and set out on the 9.6-mile hike.
Around 6.5 miles in I passed a creek but since there would be water at the top, I didn’t refill my bottles. The road-trail ended and the real trail started. The trail was now much steeper and I drank more water. I arrived at the Monument 83 fire lookout with just two cups of water left and no water source. I walked in several directions but found nor heard any water. I changed my plans to stay back at the creek after a break at the lookout.
I noticed the door to the lookout was open and I could hear voices from inside. The lookout is for emergencies only but since this was the year of the Farewell Creek Fire and the entire sky to the Southeast was black with smoke, I assumed someone was staffing it. I called out for permission to climb the tower. There was no response. I realized it wasn’t voices I was hearing but a radio repeater and thought maybe the last people to visit the lookout had failed to close the door.
I climbed the tower but the trap door to the catwalk was closed. It wasn’t locked but it wouldn’t budge. That meant it had to be blocked from above. I realized whoever was in the lookout likely didn’t have permission to be there and obviously wasn’t friendly. I became as quiet as possible as fear raced through me. It dawned on me I was a solo female hiker, unarmed, on a deserted trail and 9.6 miles from a road. I left very soon after that.
I stopped at the water source to fill my bottles. I’d been rationing water for a while and then ran out and guzzled about 4 cups. I drank too quickly and immediately felt sick. I sat on a log while my stomach accepted the water and tried to figure out where to pitch the tent. As the nausea faded the fear came back. I KNEW I had to get out of there! I was only three miles from the lookout and whoever was up there could be at my camp in less than an hour. I imagined being awoken to my tent unzipping and knew I wouldn’t be strong enough to fight off an attacker.
I hiked back to the truck. I ended up hiking 19.2 miles in one day with a full backpack. I stayed at a nearby campground and nursed my silver dollar-sized blisters.
I’m not sure anything would’ve happened to me but everything about that situation felt off and I’m glad I trusted my gut!

The Jin from Hell

This is a true story my grand parents told me about my great great grand father. Jin are the middle eastern names for demons who lurk in our world, haunting and terrorising the souls who cannot defend themselves from them.

First of all I would like to give you some back ground information about me and my family. I live in Sydney Australia but I originally come from Lebanon in the Middle east, born and raised there. My family has a long history of catholic priests that go back centuries. this story occurs in the south of Lebanon where my family originates. My Great Great grand father was a priest for many years throughout the late 1800’s to the midd 19th century traveling from one village to another to serve at masses and the needs of the local town’s people such as the poor.

he would often stay for many days at a time in each village, so my family being him was a good opportunity to gain quality wisdom and knowledge which was extremely valuable considering the time of history where this occurred. our family always experienced strange supper natural anomalies which were both positive, and at times blood curdalingly frigthning. One year my great, great grand father was traveling a long distance to get from one village too another. It started to get late and his donkey which he was ridding was becoming restless as the blackening darkness began to settle over the land.

In the village and rural areas of Lebanon there was a large presence of wolves and hyenas hiding in the dark, waiting for their next victims. Which is why hardly anyone travels at night unless they were decently armed. looking out into the far distance, he could see the light a near by village which seemed to be alive with laughter and and dancing. as he approached the village he realised that the laughter was permitting from a local wedding party which was taking place and it seemed as though the whole village was attending it.

Though he would soon realise that this was not the case. with fatigue and hunger taking over him he became desperate for a pace to stay before he could wake up the next morning a continue his long journey. suddenly he could see from a near by house, an old wrinkled woman was sinisterly calling him over to the questionable house that evidently was isolated from the village, basically on the darker side of town where the light of the wedding party could not reach it,”come over here father”. desperate for food and somewhere to sleep my grandfather had no choice but to move toward this creepy and old lady who seemed very keen to get him inside and away from the town’s people. inside my grandfather was shocked to see a considerable large table, littered with amazing foods that looked like they only came out of the kitchen a minute ago.

The old lady kept pressuring him too dive into the food which he was dining to eat. however my grandfather knew better as a catholic priest before eating a meal, so he raised his hand in making the blessing with the sign of the cross.”in the name of the father, and of the son and of the——–oh my God”. with a quick burst of wind which came in like a flash, the old lady had vanished into thin air, and the food had all turned into shit, which gave out a smell that was so awful that even hell itself would have turned their stomachs just from passing by it.

My grandfather booked it from their as fast as his old legs could take, him. though he was tired and hungry, the adrenaline that had built up inside him made him run probably faster than he had ever ran in his entire life. the next morning he arrived back home, safe and sound and didn’t hesitate to tell the people of the village what he had experienced, and of course being the priest of the town he was highly respected by the people, who believed that he could have died eating the shit which was supernatural disguised as delicious food by the Jin.

we all know today that it was through the power of his blessing before he ate that drove the Jin away and exposed the true nature of the food in front of him. my grand father died decades before I was alive, but I know without a doubt that this story was realer than any other story I have heard in my life, which is why today I believe in the supernatural and know who is my friend and who is my enemy that lurks in the dark.

Traveling Nurses and Mountain Man

This is my mother’s story. Back then, before she had me and my brother, she was a traveling nurse, going from state to state, Sometimes alone, sometimes with company.

I enjoy hearing her stories, they made me laugh and made me want to go out.

One story she had really stuck out.

My mom, Deb, is her name, along with her friend Theresa, were near the mountains, far from the city, and Theresa and her really needed to pee.

My mom said next place we stop at, we’ll use the restroom. They came up to this odd place in the middle of nowhere, both my mom and Theresa got out and out of the building came this goofball hillbilly like guy, with glasses, overall, and straw hat. Like someone from Hee Haw, Theresa asked can we use your restroom? The guy replied, the restroom is only for people visit my museum. Both my mom and Theresa were surprised. A museum? My mom asked. Might as well.

The guy took them to such odd pictures and sculptures you will definitely never see in a regular museum. Tree carvings, a big wall with windows, and little figurines posing for a historical moment, every time he showed my mom and Theresa a piece of his collection, he would always end the sentence with “ain’t that something?” Theresa was cracking up, Deb! He’s a nut! My mom chuckled in agreement.

Things got really weird when they entered the wax sculpture part.

I’ll be back, the man said, leaving my mother and Theresa alone. Theresa was getting nervous, and my mom, saw this, and decided to tease her. Theresa, she said. Remember that movie, the Wax Museum? Theresa shuddered. Oh my God! She said quietly. My mom said, look closely. See if they’re real.

Theresa creeped close trying to observe the sculpture. Ahhh! Screamed my mom, nearly making Theresa wet herself in fear. Damn it Deb! She screamed! My mother was laughing, until they heard, can you ladies come back here?

It was the man. Suddenly, my mom looked at Theresa, both gave a , Hell No look to each other, ran back to the car, and drove like a bat out of hell. After a few minutes, both were laughing at the situation, You don’t think he was dangerous, do ya Deb? Theresa asked.

My mom replied, I don’t know, but still, Ain’t that Something?

Stay out of the woods of Ohio

I grew up in the city, my parents were both backwoods people but when my sister and I were born they’d been forced to move, so as soon as we were old enough my parents quickly sought out a large plot of land and started building a log cabin like they’d always planned.

Having finished my last year of high school I’d spent most of my time working odd jobs around the property with my dad until College started in the fall, and this night like many others I’d just pulled into the drive from the drive to town with a bag of stuff for my dad. It was late and we were going to finish the project in the morning so I set the parts in the barn, locked my truck and went up to bed.

Sleep had come quickly after the long day but it’d only been an hour before I heard a familiar noise, rustling. living next to a large plot of woods and with a number of cats on the property working as mousers it wasn’t uncommon for there to be coyotes on the property, so I got out of bed, grabbed my dad’s old rifle, a 30-30 caliber lever action that we kept for these occasions and stepped outside.

Flipping on the porch light I saw nothing of note, the cats were asleep in the barn most higher up away from predators and the dampness of the barn’s dirt floor. Slinging the rifle over my shoulder I walked off the deck stepping into the large backyard looking for anything out of place. I saw nothing of real note, the barn wasn’t open, the garden was fine, in general everything looked like it had when we’d gone to bed. But I still rounded the barn heading towards the shed to make sure the tractors hadn’t been taken. even out as far as we were crooks would go to any length for some things.

As I got round the back of the barn I saw the shed still locked up tight as well, nothing to worry about but as i turned to head back for the house I saw a cat in the corner of my vision. A large yellow tomcat, he was slinking along the ground, he pounced onto a mouse killing it before proceeding to head towards me. But something wasn’t right. I knew tails of creatures that would stalk the forests, drawing people away from their homes but never believed them truly, but the rifle was off my shoulder and in my hands before I knew what had happened. The cat stopped, it’s gaze almost sharpening and something just seemed wrong. The other cats ran when they saw the rifle, they knew it was loud and so they avoided it. this one though was staring me down.

Backing away from the cat, i kept my eyes on it as long as i could only losing sight as I rounded the barn still backing towards the house. I watched as rather than a cat, a small wounded dog rounded the corner limping and looking hurt, I knew if my mother or sister saw it then everything would be over and whatever this thing was would kill us the minute we got close. So I raised the rifle now standing on the deck my back to the door, lined up the small dog in my sights and squeezed the trigger. The rifle was loud even with hearing protection, so I knew it’d awoke everyone in the house, but even the rifle’s bark was drowned out by the sound that creature made. A loud howling shriek, somewhere between a large cat, a wolf and a person all mixed into one and so loud i had to cover my ears. I levered the spent shell from the rifle and raised it to fire another as the creature, now no longer a dog but some oddly deformed deer bounded into the distance, firing again I watched the round miss sailing over its head as it whipped off to the right and seemed to disappear into the woods.

My dad came down a few seconds later asking what had happened, another rifle in his hands as well and I tried to explain to my parents what I’d saw. Neither truly believed me though thinking I was crazy. I’d always had an over active imagination so it was no surprise me telling them a shape shifting creature was chasing me was brushed off.

After digging some more I found that I’d apparently encountered a skinwalker, and it had most likely chosen me knowing that I often checked the many buildings when I came outside. I don’t know if that creature is dead, but now I do know. Don’t trust the woods of Ohio

True GameStop Horror Story

I hope this story gets to be uploaded on a channel, to get the word out that can literally happen to anyone.

The picture in this story, is actually the GameStop that I currently working at. By the time of this, it happened last night (Saturday).

I got called in to work from 5- 10 P.M. I decided to take it, being a gamer, and that means more money. So I went in, and did my five hours. It came time to restock games, merch, and accessories.

I was with two others. One of my managers, who I developed a friendship with, and another co-worker, who I have gotten close too.

We’ll call my manager Felix, and my co-worker Bryce.

Bryce and I we’re vaccuming, and putting this on the shelves, and walls. Felix was counting the money in the register.

Everything was quiet, and going well. Until the phone rings. We thought it was a customer. And since we closed at nine, and it being about 9:30- 9:45, we didn’t answer it. It takes about an hour, or two to clean up and everything.

But they called immediatly back. Felix answered; “Hi, thank you for calling GameStop. How can I help you?” Bryce and I stopped what we were doing to listen to whatever is going on. The look on Felix’s face, kinda shook me.

Out of the silence, all he said was “Yea, I’ll let my employees know, and we’ll talk about it”

Both Bryce and I asked him what’s going on. What Felix told us was kind of scary, but it didn’t make sense.

Felix said “There is someone calling every GameStop in this area threatening to rob one. He said he was targetting this one. We don’t know if it’s a joke, or not. But we need to lock the backdoor, and be careful. Doesn’t matter if it’s a joke or not, we shouldn’t take any chances.”

Felix told Bryce and I to go into the backroom, and make the huge metal alarm door was locked, and shut all the way.

As he was saying this, the phone starts to ring. Felix answers it, with the thought it could be the same person he was talking to before. As he answered, there was no one on the other end. Absolute silence. After Felix hung up, they called right after, like not even a second later. Felix picked up, and greeted them with “Thank you for calling GameStop” and it was the same. Silence. Felix hung up, and they called back. Again, Felix picked up and greeted them. But this time, it was just heavy breathing.

This happened two more times.

It got to the point that Bryce took the phone, and kept pressing the “END” button.

Whoever they are, they had their number shown on our phone. After calling and kept getting rejected, they stopped.

Everything started to die down, so Bryce and I was going to take out the trash in the back. As we were about to put the key in to unlock this huge metal alarm door, so the alarm won’t sound, the phone started to ring again.

Bryce looked at me in pure fear. He and I didn’t know what to do, nor think. Since Felix was on the floor, and we were in the backroom, we didn’t know if he picked up, rejected, or whoever was calling stopped calling. So Bryce and I ran out the backdoor, and threw the stuff away and ran back inside.

Don’t get mad at me, it was Bryce’s idea. Plus, he’s the one that ran outside. I was just holding the door.

We make our way back from the backroom, and back into the floor where Felix is.

As we were walking to Felix, and tells us to lock everything down, and turn off the lights.

We were basically in lockdown for about 30 minutes. And about this time, it was about 10:10- 10:20.

We get another call. Felix picks up, with just a “Hello?”. And on the other end was the main manager of our GameStop. We’ll call him Cody.

Cody goes and says that he got the police involved, and they got the guy. Cody goes and mocks whoever this guy is, and says “He was stupid enough to use his real phone number. He didn’t even attempt to restrict it in time. Because apparently he called our store, and a few others with a restriced number.

His name was never revealed, but apparently… he was really.. going to rob our GameStop. I’m so glad no one was hurt, or no GameStops were robbed, and just saying ours as a distraction.