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Figure of My Imagination?

My name Is Stella, and I’m 13 years old. Even though I haven’t been alive that long, that doesn’t mean I haven’t seen some shit In my life. I live In a town that’s not really known for paranormal activity. I, and my dad, have definitely experienced It the most paranormal activity In my family. It was hard to choose one to tell, so I’ll tell the most recent.

So every year me and my family would go on a road trip somewhere (normally the same place) for camping at summer. It’s a AA camp trip with so alcohol anonymous members, and some of my friends would be there. On Halloween the owners of the camp site would set something up called the haunted forest, I never went (I don’t know why, I have a strong passion for scary and paranormal stuff), but I think it was because of my family, who never really liked that stuff (minus my dad). Anyway, it was one year that my friends were playing something I didn’t want to, so I walked out into the woods to explore the unfinished props for the haunted forest. There was a maze that I walked through (that wasn’t really a maze now that I think about It), a “police station”, castle, and the prop room. I found a giant teddy bear (that wasn’t creepy actually), Mickey Mouse hand/glove, a bat with (fake) nails In It. It was interesting to find this stuff, but In the woods, alone, almost dark, creepy items……. Totally not suspicious (sarcasm noted).

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