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Don’t Tell Anyone

Now, the story I’m about to tell is in no way, shape, or form for attention. In fact, I want to raise awareness about this kind of thing. This happens and you’d be surprised how these situations are often avoided and never discussed in homes. Again, if you feel discomfort with the topic of pedophilia don’t read on.

I was very reluctant to share my story. Then I thought that this could be a very therapeutic thing for me to talk about. Currently, I’m enter my young adulthood and till this day I’m scarred from my childhood.

There’s Something In The Attic

My house has three stories, including the basement. All the bedrooms are upstairs, and my old room just happened to be right below the door to the attic.

I always found it incredibly hard to sleep in that room, as it was always either freezing in winter or nearly 100 degrees in summer. None of the other rooms had this, but I always assumed it was just faulty heating.

The Me in The Mirror

I’m not sure what this experience really counts as. Clones? Alternate reality? All I know is that it’s an experience that’s stuck with me for nearly all of my life. The events I’m about to tell you about happened when I was fairly young, between the ages of six to eight tentatively. I’m twenty now, so you’ll have to forgive me if I miss a detail or two. I will try to be as descriptive and detailed as I possibly can, considering what I remember. Anyways, this is the story about the time I met another me in a mirror.

My family has a long history of working on boats. My mother was a wedding coordinator for a yacht company and my stepfather was a captain for that very same company. My biological father, who I still see often and am on good terms with,  was a DJ on a rival yacht company. These companies were known for hosting cruises around the harbor they rested in. They did other events like weddings, birthday parties, and things like that, but, general cruises around the area for rich tourists and the like were the most popular. It was a very rich-people sort of business with a rich-people sort of vibe. The boats were huge, well kept, and the fanciest things on the harbor. It was kind of ridiculous and very over priced, but hey, it was a business. So cheers to them, I guess.

Doppleganger in my House

This happened to me a little less than a year ago now, but first let me set the stage:

My name is Amber. I am a 29 year old single mother, currently residing in Tennessee. living with me are my now 7 year old son, my elderly disabled mother, and at the time of this occurrence my cousin was sleeping on our couch. Here’s the fun thing about my family: we ALL know that the paranormal is real. My mother was trained as a Shaman, my dad used to do energy work, and my cousin and I are Pagan and were raised, or rather trained, to deal with things that most people refuse to believe exist. Have you seen the show “Supernatural”? Well, one reason we love it in my family is because they tend to get the lore, and the “how to fight this beastie” stuff, pretty close to accurate, and my cousin and I especially love it because it is about as close as mainstream media is likely to ever come to showing how we were raised.

Now, he and I actually didn’t meet until high-school, and didn’t know we were related for a long time. He just became friends with my older brother, and became a part of our family, and THEN we realized we have common blood. small world, right? anyway, we grew up separately, but our families both raised us in much the same way. We each grew up in a relatively stable home, not a massive amount of moving around like the boys on the show, but were taught to study as much lore, on as many creatures and spirits, as we could find. As a result, although we don’t usually drive far to investigate paranormal happenings, when something DOES happen near us, or near our friends, we can usually figure out what it is, if it’s dangerous, and if so how to get it gone, without much trouble.

Scary Experience with a Toy Rattlesnake

A few years ago, my family took a short holiday to a city we’d never visited before in Asia.

I have two sisters, and the youngest one has always been a little distant and timid. At the time of this story, she was about 7 years old. On the first day of our holiday, we visited several shops selling handcrafted souvenirs including small toys, keychains and jewellery, which had been made by the local indigenous people. I wasn’t feeling very well, so I stayed outside at most of the shops we visited.

At one of the last shops we visited, my youngest sister exited after a long time spent browsing inside, and told my parents she’d seen something she wanted very badly. She described it to be a ‘cute’ snake toy that was made out of wood.

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