It lurks in her basement

This happened in April of 2016; I had been staying with my now ex-girlfriend, who we’ll call Emma. Emma and I were no strangers to anything paranormal or monstrous and this wasn’t the first or last time we had encountered something of the like. Now, before I move on I should describe the basement as this is important. The basement in Emma’s townhouse was very small, and it was where her “bedroom” was. It was roughly 28 feet long and was shaped almost like a blocky letter Z with the bedroom in the section under the stairs and a smaller area with an art desk on the latter end. Emma’s bed was located under the stairs and was very tiny, the room itself was 7 feet, both in length and width, being sectioned off only by 2 thick curtains rather than a door.
when I had arrived on the Friday I greeted her and noted how she seemed to be feeling much better as she had a gum graft 2 weeks prior. Throughout my stay nothing unusual had happened until Saturday night when I had gotten a random feeling of unease. I brushed it off and we went on with our night, watching movies on her bed and chatting about our friends.
The following morning I had awoken at 9 am which was very unusual as we had stayed up very late and I used to sleep like a rock back then. As I lay in the bed I wondered why I had woken up. Emma was still asleep and if i had been woken up from any sound she would be awake too as she slept much lighter than me. I rolled onto my side, looking out towards the curtains on the other side of the cramped room. That’s when I had seen what woke me up. Tall and slender, in the far corner of the room wedged between the dresser and curtain stood a creature so large that its neck had to be lowered for it to fit beneath the ceiling. It was black, it appeared to have some sort of cloak on and had a long, dark beak with a slight curve, with dull, white eyes above it. I laid there, motionless and confused at what I was seeing. I blinked and the creature remained, staring at the wall across from it. Cautiously, I sat up as quietly as possible to try and get a better look at what I was seeing, what I didn’t want to see. As I propped myself up on one arm the thing slowly turned its head to face me, moving its body only after it had settled its cold, lifeless gaze upon me. It seemed as if this terrible creature’s body was sucking up every last bit of light, sound, and energy in the room, and I felt as if I was being judged by it. Mustering up my will to move, I tore out of the basement and up the stairs. For the remainder of the day I spent my time upstairs with her mother, leaving her home only after she had woken up some 5 hours later.
I had called her later that night via skype and asked her if she had ever seen a creature like the one I had seen earlier that day. Her facial expression dropped into one of fear and confusion.
“That thing used to follow me around my old house before we moved” She said in reply.
I was confused, and scared for at the time I had no idea what this demonic bird-like creature was.
Emma moved to a house that was a bit closer to mine, and whilst renovating it, she and her family had found that a small room in the basement seemed to be full of negative energy. Slowly, weird things started to happen and the creature would appear in her new home as well. It still emanates a dark feeling and her dogs bark and whine at the creature whenever it appears. I don’t know why it follows her or why it just stares but I think it may be a Raven Mocker. Upon googling the creature I had found an illustration of one in front of a full moon that looked exactly like what i had seen. All I can do is pray that it doesn’t decide to do something more than watch her.

The Love House

Last week I was driving home with my fiancé and friend, We had just had dinner and we’re going around the mountain we take every night on our way home. It was a little after 12 AM.

My friend had never been inside of the so called love house. It was built in the 1700s and was abandoned on Spencer’s mountain and falling it.

Several stories have been told over the years with the house, that a girl named Sarah was brutally murdered there back in the 1700s. And that the mansion was built on top of a Indian burial ground. Whatever the case may be my friend wanted the experience.

So we parked my Dodge Challenger off in the distance hidden upwards on a hill so that no cars or anyone could see it. At this time no one passing would be able to spot the car, we walk about 3 minutes and make our way to the driveway of the abandoned love  house. Having to step over a chain with a old no trespassing sign on it we make it to the back and crawl through a small hole that’s been cut out in the back, as we get in the house is filled with pentagrams and other demonic type images on the walls. We didn’t seem to hear or experience anything while in it right away, as we made it upstairs I got this feeling that we should leave.

We three quietly made it back outside and went around the house and I saw in the distance a old truck with a spotlight on it shining upwards our way. Keep in mind this mountain is abandoned and it’s after 12 AM so likely no one would be passing by.

The truck heads this way and we all scatter and hide, I watch the individual shine his light at the house we were in, i try and get further out so I could get signal so I could call my girlfriends mother since she lived close.

I called her and told her what was going on, and that she should come down here armed just Incase. She stayed on the phone with me and made it, I told her where my car was and she pulled up beside it, out of nowhere the white truck came in behind her and she asked him for help because she couldn’t find us.

He just stared at her, no emotion. Would not speak or say a word..

She told me she was scared at this point, at this time she backs out and the guy starts chasing her, she calls the law and my phone dies.

I’m trying to run further through the woods and get a upper view of what’s going on, I suddenly hear footsteps and chanting. I stop and try to stay still and hidden hoping whoever these people are will pass.  One of them runs up on me out of nowhere, I had my knife in my hand and stuck him in the thigh and punched him in the face and started running.

I ran so much I felt sick, and was still surrounded. I noticed cops had arrived but I couldn’t come out because I was hiding from these people. The cops left without trying to find me, luckily my mother in law was able to grab my girlfriend and friend.

I seen a blue figure walking in the woods in the form of a woman.

I followed it and it went away after a minute of me following. In a miracle I was able to get my phone to turn back on, I called them and they told me I needed to get to my car now.

They went up the road to turn around and met another truck with a spotlight that started violently chasing and tailgating them. She led him away from me, I barely made it to my car as I ran across the parking lot in between the woods and the hill where my car was I spotted the original truck. He was sitting watching at the house, I made it to my car and backed out when another truck bright lighted me and tried to hit me.

I peeled out and took off, they didn’t seem to try and chase me at this point considering the type of car I was driving. The truck chasing my mother in law and girlfriend and friend, disappeared aswell. I’ve talked to people about this, not long ago a woman was coming around Spencer’s mountain late at night and came across a branch in the road. She got out to move it and they came in the trucks and from the woods to grab her.

Luckily two other cars came and they retreated. Looking back at them chanting at me in the woods, it almost seems like they wanted a sacrifice. I feel like these people were truly evil. They had no facial expression, no emotion. I haven’t been back around the mountain since.

Summer Break At Fudge Rd.

It was the summer of 2011…I had recently joined a band, and had been spending a lot of time on the road with my fellow band mates. We had a night off from shows and decided to all pile into our van for a drive around the countryside. Our bass player, Billy was the driver. There was also Adam in the passenger seat, along with Eli, Myself, and a friend named Ryan all piled into the crowded backseat. It was an eerily quiet night, and it soon sparked our curiosity for adventure. Now I should mention that in our town of rural Ohio, there were many urban legends. One of the most popular being the “Crybaby Bridge”. The Crybaby Bridge is located on a desolate road in the countryside of West Alexandria, Ohio. The legend goes that a woman had killed her child and hung her self on the Bridge one night, and that if you drive onto the bridge, turn your car off and say “mama” three times, the cries of her and her child can be heard coming from the Bridge. So being the curious teenagers we were, we decided to head to the Notorious “Fudge Road” where the Bridge was located.

We had arrived at our turn to begin traveling on the road when we had come across a sign saying that it was closed. We stopped our van for a moment, wondering if we had the right place. Adam had insisted it was right, so we drove around the sign and continued into the darkness of the road. It had an incredibly dark atmosphere to it, and was only big enough for one car to drive on. There were big trees on each side of the road, forming what looked like a shroud or tunnel, causing the headlights to be our only guide to the Bridge. The stars and night sky were enveloped in the darkness of the trees, and as we travelled along the dark road we had noticed multiple abandoned homes and sheds on the roadside. It seemed like the perfect place for a spooky adventure, but in the next few moments we had regretted our decision to adventure down this mysterious trail.

We had finally managed to get near the Bridge when we had seen a car parked in the middle of the road. Like I had mentioned before, the road wasn’t very wide, so this car was essentially blocking the way to the Bridge. It looked abandoned and as if someone had just left it there. We told billy to go around, as the Bridge was only a short distance away. It was at this point that we passed the car and noticed somebody sitting in the drivers seat. It was a man, he was wearing a mask and had his seat leaned all the way back, as if he were trying to hide. As soon as we passed his car, he started the engine and soon enough his lights were following right behind us. In a panic, I told Billy to drive faster, that we were being followed. He sped up, but once he had reached the Bridge we realized it was a dead end. The Bridge was damaged, and had a large sign blocking the way. Our only choice was to turn around and drive back the way we came. Billy slid the van into the grass and started to do a K Turn in order to turn the van back around. It was then we saw the man’s head lights coming even closer to us. We screamed and told Billy to drive fast, that we had to get around this guy. Adam grabbed the vans fire extinguisher from the back and threatened to throw it at the man’s car if he wouldn’t let us through. The man’s cars sat still in the middle of the road, blocking our way out. Billy floored it, speeding towards the his car and sent it mowing through the field to the right of him. It was then we could see the man in the drivers seat, loading a shotgun, looking up at us with his menacing mask. We screamed in terror and told Billy to not stop for anything, the man attempted to follow us, but we were fortunate enough to get out of there before he could catch up.

I had always heard so many stories about the paranormal events of Crybaby Bridge but never the possibility of an armed maniac, just waiting for the next pair of kids who were foolish enough to enter it’s dark woods. This experience was terrifying, but also very interesting in many ways. There were so many mysteries about this road, an many confirmed deaths linked to it, I had taken it upon myself to do further research. It turns out that we weren’t the only group who had experienced a man follow them on Fudge Road. There are many stories online from other explorers seeing a man in a mask, or sitting in his car with a camera. He’s said to live in one of the few homes alongside the road, and that he is tired of trespassers. There is also a women who is known to run outside with a camera, filming those who dare to come explore the roads dark wonders. All I know is that my experience at Fudge Road was very real, and very frightening. Who knows what could’ve happened if the man had caught us. Just remember, urban legends are fun but mostly fiction. It’s the monsters that live among us that we should truly be afraid of. Be safe, and be aware.

My Experience with Goatman’s Bridge

I used to be hard core into the whole paranormal thing when I was a kid, but like most people I would grow out of it as I got older.

But a trip to Denton, Texas would open my mind back up to the idea that there are things that just cannot be explained. I live in Plano and have a pal who would often go exploring places in the DFW area, parks, creeks, even a few abandoned buildings.

My pal Kath decided to ditch the normal routine of exploring the usual and brought up the Old Alton Bridge in Denton as a spot to check out and said it was supposedly haunted and had well, a goat man there.

I laughed and asked why would a dinky old bridge be haunted, and that is when she told me about the man who killed and hung by the KKK, only to find that the noose they threw over the bridge with the man had nobody on it and no trace of the body.

She also told me that another local legend says that a goatman tromps thru the woods. I scratched my head at the 2 stories, after all it’s a bid odd to have 2 different kinds of spooky activity go on at place.

So I said for the heck of it lets go check it out. Now this is where it gets a little goofy…but then a little weird. I have a set of a Stormtrooper armor from Star Wars and I figured we could take some cool pictures in the area while we were at it. So imagine me in this plastic getup walking with Kath, checking the place out. It was pretty much empty when we got there, so we started going to the bridge.

It…had a lot of graffiti on it. And most of them were pretty strange.  “Kill yourself now, the goatman is watching.” “Oh goatman, save me” “Sacrifice yourself to him” I figured it was just some edgy kids being well, edgy.

So we walked across the bridge, not noticing really anything out of the ordinary and went our way into the woods. It was then halfway thru our walk that looped us back to the entrance of the other area of the bridge did I feel a strange feeling like I was all alone,  despite having Kath with me and like the presence that you couldn’t see. It was odd, but not unnerving enough to make me want to turn back. I took my helmet off and looked around before taking a deep breath and huffing it out. Kath asked me if anything was up and I said nah, and put the trooper helmet back on. I still felt watched, but kept going thru the trail. Here and there though, I started feeling that unnerving feeling grow slightly more and more as we walked. It was strange, whatever was making me feel this odd feeling was following us.

Maybe goatman  had never seen a plastic man before, I thought to myself. Me and Kath made our way thru about the rest of the trail and I could see the trees thin out. I then decided for some reason to look down and check for mud on my boots when I noticed a few noises around. Faint sounds of tree branches being moved. I looked around and had to take the helmet off again to get a better look. Kath asked me if I heard that.

Yeah I did, and we stood there for a good 5 minutes looking around trying to find where the noise was.

Kath asked if I wanted to get back moving and I decided to hang around another minute more checking to make sure the costume parts were all secure on me and we moved on. As we got to the end of the woods it was when I suddenly felt super creeped out and felt something gently push on the back plate of my chest armor. What the hell I said in a raised confused tone. Kath was in front of me and asked me if I was alright as I spun around bringing an arm up to try to touch whoever it was that touched me. But I nothing. Nothing was there. I felt myself get goosebumps and my hair stand on end.

I asked Kath what the hell just happened only to get told that she had no clue. I took my helmet off yet again and carried it in my hands the rest of the walk home, both of us looking pretty damn confused.

Neither of us said a word as we went our way to the rest of the trail and to her car. I took my gear off and hopped into the car thinking that was the end of it, but the weirdest part yet was to happen. I got home, and later that night went to bed pretty late, about 3 am if I recall. I fell asleep pretty easy, but I got woken up wide awake by a hard slam on my bed, as if it was done by somebody using their hand.

I usually sleep facing the wall on my bed and I was frozen stiff, too scared to look over to see what had done it. I stayed still, not moving an inch until the shock wore off and jumped out of bed scrambling to turn on the lamp by the bed. And not a damn trace of anything or anyone was to be seen. Nothing. Zilch. Its been a year almost since this happened, and I still cannot come up with an explanation to what happened, but I will tell you, I believe in the paranormal now.

There are some things that you can’t believe in until you experience it yourself, and I am somewhat grateful I haven’t had another encounter with whatever it was that decided to interact with me.

Night in Scaryvile

In my old home town, there are hundreds of legends and ghost stories. A haunted bar downtown, a witch in the park next to a school, a phantom jogger down one road, creatures, specters, you name it, this town had it all. I will admit that I’ve had my fair share of unexplained events living there when I was younger, but nothing can really top my visit to Scaryville.

Scaryville, of course, isn’t the actual name. It has always been called that since I could remember and no one really calls it by it’s real name. Even as children, it had it’s own nursery rhyme:

Scaryville, Scaryville

Spend a night in Scaryville

Meet the ghosts, pet the hounds

Sleep six feet underground

Scaryville, Scaryville…

The song would continue with more verses of how you would meet an untimely end or what’s waiting for you in the titular town. From first glance, you would never suspect a small village like this would be the subject of many children’s nightmares and countless teenager’s dares. It sits in the bottom of a valley, with only a scattering of buildings and houses surrounded by farmland. Almost like a Rockwell painting. But it’s the history that gets people frightened.

See, while my town only had urban legends, Scaryville actually delivered. A priest that killed children in a church across from the schoolhouse, a boy dying of hypothermia in that same schoolhouse over a winter break, a teenage girl drowning in the river trapped inside her truck on prom night, a scientist that experimented on dogs on that same river, it just gets crazier the more you look into it.

It’s because of this history that has made Scaryville quite the hotspot for teenagers and thrillseekers. On Halloween, teens would spend the night at a child’s graveyard, sometimes performing rituals of some kind. Break into the schoolhouse and church on a dare to stay there till morning. Others, like myself, were just genuinely interested in seeing something there and one fateful night, I did.

The events that happened that night had to be real because I brought my best friend and his younger sister. Us guys had known each other for years, since middle school. We were fresh out of high school and in the midst of finding jobs and figuring out our lives. One hot summer night, I approached my friend, let’s call him Carlisle, and suggested we go to Scaryville. He was initially hesitant to the idea, late at night, middle of the country, he kept saying he didn’t want to be out so late but I knew that he was scared. If it wasn’t for his younger sister, let’s call her Hailey, he might have just stayed home. But she persisted and next thing you know, we all piled into my car and drove into the night.

The drive to Scaryville is creepy enough, like I said: it’s in the middle of nowhere. And with a full moon behind the twisting and knotted trees, it couldn’t have been a more perfect night.

We arrived, driving in on the one road into the village. We saw behind some dead trees the schoolhouse and the church. Obviously our first stop. I pulled off to the side of the road and parked and we got out and looked around. We didn’t go inside either building, the doors were locked and the thought of breaking into haunted locations were more than enough to deter us. Hailey said she saw a light coming from the belfry in the church. Carlisle and I looked but didn’t see anything. Perhaps a reflection from the moonlight, we suggested. We got back into the car and drove to the site where the girl drowned.

It was even more secluded than the church and schoolhouse, the bridge where the truck ran off the road. It seemed the farther we looked into Scaryville, the darker and more ominous it became. I shook off my uneasiness and turned on the radio, to lighten the mood. The bridge wasn’t anything to write home about, but this was where the girl died and we got out and looked around again.

Our trip seemed fruitless until again Hailey piped up, “What’s that?” We turned to where she was looking and saw a pair of headlights on the far end of the road. It was the dead of night, anybody who would be anybody would be asleep by now and even if not, why were they just parked in the middle of the road? Not moving. Nothing that light could reflect off of, no houses nearby. Just headlights.

Carlisle, I could tell was getting weirded out, but my initial reaction was curiosity.

“Let’s take a look,” I said.

Carlisle asked for us to go home but I reminded him that I have the keys so what I say goes. We got in the car and advanced to the headlights, which were still beaming at us.

I drove slowly, almost as if I was afraid that I was gonna scare the headlights off. We all leaned closer to the front windshield, trying to decipher what was going on. We got about 50 feet in front of this car and then, the lights went out. Darkness surrounded us. Nothing was there. There was only the one road, no turn offs, we were all dumbfounded by this… thing.

Now that something was happening, I knew what our next stop had to be, the children’s graveyard just beyond the way. I accelerated, fueled by my own excitement and we drove into the night. About a minute passed and the headlights returned. Only now, they were behind us and flashing. On. Off. On. Off. On. Off.

They stayed off, nothing was behind us. I asked the two other people in my party if they saw that.

“How could we not, dude? They were right behind us!” Carlisle said in a shaky voice.

“Where’d they go?” Asked Hailey.

Before I could answer, I saw it. The graveyard. It was a small plot of land on the edge of a hill, it was old and time had taken over the graves. Most of the graves belonged to children, that was the creepiest part.

Thinking about how many children’s skeletons were under our feet, I hesitated to get out. But I did anyway, we were here to see something and the activity was just starting. Once again, we walked around, clearly closer than before. I had a bad vibe, something wasn’t right here.

We looked at a few of the graves, some of the kids were 5, 8, 14, one wasn’t even born or had a name. Just… Baby. God this was creepy. But not as creepy as what I heard next, a giggle. A child’s giggle. I stopped for a second to look at my friends who were staring back at me with large eyes. What the hell was happening? We stood there for a second until we heard movement in the nearby cornfield. I shifted my gaze and concentrated, I could see… kids running. Running around in the cornfield, as if playing a game. Giggles became more audible the longer we stood.

“Come play” I heard a voice say.

“No, hide, he’s coming” I heard another say.

“Run!” A final voice said.

We bolted into the car as I heard a low growl coming from behind me. I fumbled with the keys, trying to keep my composure, taking deep breaths. I turned the ignition and slammed the gear shift into reverse, without looking behind me. I turned my car back towards down the hill and put the car in drive and stepped on the gas, but nothing happened.

“Let’s go!” shouted Carlisle.

“I’m trying!” I shouted back, aggravated and scared.

The car was dead, it wouldn’t turn over. I tried again and again but it wouldn’t start.

“Guys…” Hailey squeaked out, we looked at her and saw her face streaming with tears as she looked out her side window. We looked and we saw it. A black… mass. It didn’t have a definitive shape but in the moonlight we saw it. Tall, black, and coming towards us. My urgency to start the car heightened as I kept my eyes on that thing. It wasn’t walking, more like… floating towards us almost mockingly slow. Like as if it knew it had us and was just taking it’s sweet time. It got so close to us that I thought I saw breath coming from it, my heart was racing harder than ever.

The car lurched forward and we started rolling down the hill, Hailey let out a short scream and within seconds, the car started and I gained control and hit the gas hard as we sped out of Scaryville.

I didn’t stop a second until we got back to their house, we were silent the whole way back. I parked outside their house and we just sat. A few seconds passed and we opened the doors and exited. Dust puffed and danced in the air that was plastered to the car, driving around in the country earned me a stop at the carwash. I’ll do it in the morning, where it’s safe. We didn’t know what to say to each other, or if we wanted to say something. To confirm what happened would only make things worse, I thought.

Carlisle gestured inside and I nodded, we started walking to his house when Hailey stopped and turned to the car.

“Forgot my bag” she said.

She took a few steps and then stopped and let out a short scream. Carlisle and myself turned to her and saw something that I will never get out of my head. On the back of the car was a bunch of tiny handprints. Child’s handprints. Almost as if they were behind the car pushing us.