The Man in a White Suit…

This encounter happened to me just a few days ago as of writing this. Let me give you a bit of background. I am 20 year old Minnesota native, and I am also female. This story involves four of my closest friends, all of which have had their names changed for privacy reasons.

My best friend Kaylee moved to Nebraska to be with her boy friend Tommy about two and a half years ago, and they come up several times a year to hang out with myself, and our other close friends, Amanda and Jane. This particular trip Kaylee and Tommy came up to visit us around the 4th of July to visit Kaylee’s birthday. We had been planning this trip for months and had a pretty full agenda, but the bulk of what we were going to be doing was camping, being that we are all pretty outdoorsy growing up in Minnesota, with the exception of Tommy. We had planned to all meet up in Anoka, which is North East of the Twin Cities and spend the night there before starting our trip, being that Jane and Amanda both still live there. Everything goes off without a hitch, Kaylee and Tommy make it up on time, and we all have a great first day together.

The morning of day 2 comes around, and we are planning to go to a small resort in Mora where Amanda’s parents have a cabin, and then after that we planned to make the last leg from Mora to Osakis.

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The Thing Behind The Door

I am only 12 years old, this event happened only a year ago. My family is only made out of my mom and my sister, so you can imagine how often I was left home alone. I was always able to feel presences, in fact my mom often has dreams about what will happen in the future.

I was in Colombia, in my mom’s house. When we first moved there, it felt like a pretty light energy around the house. Nothing dark, or “heavy”.

That was until around the third month, I was home alone, as always. But this time, it wasn’t normal. When I got home that day, I suddenly had a really bad headache. My dog never went into my room, even when we first got to that house, so it was pretty weird when I found him right in front of my bed, laying down.

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Kmart Scares

I worked at Kmart in fall/winter 2015 as a pharmacy technician. For most of my time there, I was the only pharmacy tech working there, so it was usually just me and one or two pharmacists.

The night before I started, the pharmacy had been broken into and some medications had been stolen. It was rather unsettling that day, knowing someone who wasn’t supposed to be there had broken in.

Several weeks later, a patient was at the window waiting for their medications. He became more and more agitated. The pharmacist on duty was able to calm them down, but not before the patient’s fountain soda spilled all over.

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The Skin-walker in the Woods

Let me just preface this by saying that I am not a person who automatically jumps to paranormal conclusions. I grew up in a household that functions based on logic and reasonable decisions, probably more for my dad’s sake than my own, as he had no idea how to deal with a short, perpetually-angry teenage girl. So admitting to myself that what I saw was real – and not a figment of my imagination – is something that took me months of internal searching and anxiety attacks to finally achieve.

This encounter happened in November of my junior year, during the first weekend of white-tail season. In my family, deer season is only surpassed by Christmas and birthdays in terms of excitement. My dad, younger brother, and I begin preparing ourselves for the hunt months in advance, tracking buck movements with game cameras, making maps to plot where our stands should go, and making sure that my uncle moves his cattle to the correct pasture during the season so that deer movement is not altered. It’s been broken down to a science, and I had been learning since the age of six. To be honest, I thought that there was nothing those woods could throw at me that I hadn’t seen before. Mountain lions? No problem. Coyotes? I’ve probably killed close to a hundred.

But I was wrong. Very, very wrong.

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