38 Years of Real Paranormal Experiences

Part 1: Berryland

I grew up in a red brick side-by-side housing projects style, which people now call condos, that were former military barracks from the era of the Korean War. The housing projects were in a figure 8 configuration with each Figure 8 having 16 sets of buildings.

Each building was 8 condos in a roll. there was three sets a figure eight total in this housing project.

A major road went North and South, between two of them and left one of them on the west side. The housing project was housing for military prisoner facility and National Guard. Right next to the project was a one mile Square military base. it housed pows from the Korean War and it had a contingent of National Guard soldiers. After the nineteen-seventies half of the military base was made into a state park and the other half was given to the National Guard. Some of the old buildings and three nuclear missile pads are still in the State Park.

We lived in the middle of one of the figure eights and we face another building on one side and the parking lot on the other side. If you looked out the back towards the other building there’s a large sidewalk basically the size of an alley that was once the parade route for the military base. they would March up and down there and was large for easy access to the military base. From the upstairs window and are unit you could see a green figure of a man walking up and down the parade route every night. You could see it from the upstairs window every building on both sides of that well however you could not see it from the downstairs windows or if you were outside.

The building next to us had a man woman and twin girls that worry about my age. Their side of the building was always Pitch Black even during the day and even with a light on it was hard to see the door. The porch was only about 4 feet by 60 so plenty of sunlight should have signed in there. Why we live there we learned that the girls were being abused by the parents. Child Services took them away in the darkness of that building disappeared.

I had a friend about my age they lived at the opposite end of the twin girls in the same apartment block. You would see things that would suddenly disappear in his house. One time I pick up the phone to call my mom and it looked like a whole bunch of roaches crawled out from under the phone but when I looked again and I looked under the phone and on the floor, there were no roaches. In the basement, it was recently drywalled so you would see the lines of the drywall paint and you could smell the fresh drywall. You would see figures by the walls and you hear voices and things would move around. Toys to fly across the room Bicycles of Roll by themselves. His youngest sister with crawl behind the couch angle all and talk in many different voices Beyond her age.

Another friend of mine lived across the parade route and kitty corner of my house. His house was the house of the former general of the military base. In the basement, it had a tunnel that led directly to the military base but it was sealed up with a steel door. The first incident at his house. I was 8 years old he was seven his sisters worse 6 and 5. His mom was gone and we were home alone we heard a weird noise in the basement. The basement was in the back of the kitchen and the stairs led directly down to the middle of the basement you could see the whole basement for the top of the stairs though. We looked down the stairs and we saw the washing machine walking itself from the wall all the way out to the end of the chords and then it would slide back to the wall. It did this multiple time and then stopped. We heard a little girl giggle and start to sing a little song a nursery rhyme that we didn’t know. Then my friend’s little sister’s Bike World Around from the back of the basement to the bottom of the stairs and stopped. we heard light footsteps on the stairs coming towards us and the nursery rhyme from the little girl getting louder. we slam the door and ran upstairs to his bedroom. It felt like a strong wind was behind us and followers upstairs. at the top of the stairs a linen closet blew open and the towels flew out down the stairs.

Later that same year with my same friends. His mom would ask us to go down to the old neighbor at the other block in the bottom corner of the figure eight. It was an elderly gentleman and his wife living alone in one of the condos. I believe they were in their eighties. He would always borrow cigarettes to my friend’s mom. I remember looking from my friend’s house down to the old people’s house. I remember scene the old lady standing outside Ana White outfit glowing. I saw her every day and night for many weeks. During those same weeks, nobody saw the old couple outside of their house at all. There was a very strong stench coming from their house. One night the police and an ambulance we’re at their house. The old lady died and the man mummified her body and kept her in the unit. She was dead for weeks and the neighbors called because of the smell. During that same time, myself or my friends saw the same lady standing outside of her house and a white bright glowing outfit.

The state park had three former Nike missile pads that were covered with concrete. Their Foundation was about the size of two houses next to each other and about 4 feet off the ground. Some of them had cracks and then and we’re filled with water. Some of the neighborhood kids went in there and drowned and some of them were never found. Whenever you would walk by there or stop and sit to take a break on them you would hear children’s voices inside of the concrete encasements. The voices would always call out for you to come in there and see them they want you to come in there and play with them. You would only hear them if you’re physically on I need and casement or within a few feet of it. if you stepped away more than a few feet you would not hear any of the children’s voices.


Part 2: 38th street

In March of 1987, we moved from City run housing project our very own 3-bedroom Bungalow house. It was a great achievement for our family. Both of my parents are foster kids and we had no help from anyone to get our own home. The house layout is as follows you come in the front door and its so living room and the dining room and then there’s a little hallway with the bathroom a bedroom the kitchen which leads to the back door and the basement door and in the middle of the hallway in the middle of the house is the stairs to the upstairs. The upstairs you have a loft when you first come up the stairs is about the size of an average bedroom, you have a small bedroom with no door and two slanted ceilings to your left basically above the kitchen, and then the back half of the upstairs is the entire bedroom that was once two rooms with the wall Removed. The basement is through the kitchen and the door is directly across from the back door, so you must close one to open the other. All the doors are solid wood, I believe that they were Oak painted cherry. The basement was bigger than the house it was his size of the entire for put of the house plus the front of it went out almost to the street and the back of it had a 10 foot by 10 feet by 5-foot-High room in the back with a 3-foot-high by 2-foot door. The small room in the back was the old well that was covered over and made into a spare room. The house was in great structure shape for being built in 1934. The basement was clean and I’m very well good shape. It did not leak and there was just the normal dampness and bugs. The only thing about the basement was that every light bulb was a pull chain except the one at the bottom of the stairs

My parents took the bedroom downstairs, I was given the Loft at the top of the stairs, my brother was in the small room on the side my sister was given the big room. Within a few days the thermostat was going up and down and temperature by itself, things we’re moving and disappearing, and the windows would rattle on calm days. We were so busy unpacking and going to school my parents are still going to work while we were moving and unpacking.

In that first year, almost every night we would hear somebody walking up and down the basement stairs with boots on and we would hear things being thrown around and moved around in the basement. Whenever we would go and look there would be nothing wrong. In the basement, there was 5 Lights with pull strings around the basement. The light at the bottom of the stairs with turn on with the switch at the top of the stairs but every other light you had to walk up and pull on and off. Four of the lights which I normally and light up the basement, but the one in the front of the house and the area that exceeded the house would only shine a small area and not even hit the walls or the floor

The whole time we live there we had the footsteps that nobody could find out where they were coming from. We heard talking of many different voices. Things would move on their own they would levitate and disappear and reappear in different areas. Lights would always dim and flicker. We just figured it was normal for the house.

In the summer of 1987 a few months after we move there. I went to the basement looking for a ball that I want to play with. My parents thought it was in the old well room. As I walked up to go to the room a nail went through my shoe and through my foot and stuck out the top. My Dad pulled it out with a hammer and put peroxide on it. The nail was not one of my dad’s, he had no nails like it and my parents both swept up the basement very shortly before I went down there. The floor was very clean.

The next day I have all down to the basement and I opened the well door. My ball rolled out and I heard a little girl singing a song. I closed the door and ran outside. After that many nights, well I slept on the loft. I would hear heavy boots walking up and down the stairs. I would also fall down the stairs almost every day whether there was anything on the stairs or not. These were just plain wooden stairs and I was I was not under the influence of anything or tired. It felt like somebody pushed my legs out under me.

As a child, I distinctly remember how Summers felt in that house. The sun would shine Through the Windows and will be very warm and inviting, I would always wake up to that on the weekends and summer. One morning the sun woke me up, but it felt warmer and inviting than normal. It felt like a warm blanket in a hug. I heard somebody walking up the stairs it was very soft like a soft Breeze to the trees and somebody saying “shhhhhh”. Coming up the stairs I saw a lady who was probably in her early forties and a taller frame and in a white dress. She had hair that was framing her face and she had very elegant skinny fingers. She went upstairs to The Landing while I was sleeping and stood by me, then she reached her hand out and she touched my hair. I just felt that warm embracement around my body and I saw more of the glowing. And then she was gone and it was a normal morning.

My parents put a closet pole connect it with chains to the ceiling next to my sister’s door on the opposite end of The Loft from my bed. My mom mainly used it for her work clothes and some extra shirts that she had. My mom also put her mother’s rocking chair right under it sense she died the year before. Many times, days and nights that closet pole would rock back and forth and no windows or vents or open or near it. I would also see that rocking chair move just gently back and forth like someone’s rocking in it. I did not feel any dread or fear or bad things in that spot.  it seemed like whoever was there was just having fun. I like to believe it was my grandma, since she loved us so much.

From the fall of 1988 (age 8) to 1995 (age 16) I would get bronchitis or pneumonia at least twice a year. I believe I was around 10, I was sick with a fever, no appetite, and my whole body felt like a balloon. I remember laying in my parent’s bed and my mom just gave me some medicine. It was dark I believe late evening and it was late November. I remember my Mom leaving the room and then I remember looking at myself in the bed from above. I thought it was odd that I saw myself, but I thought I heard my mom in the hallway rate next to the room. I remember hovering out to the hallway and seen an older man talking to a woman in the hallway about me. I watched him for a few seconds and I thought it was my mom talking to a doctor that came over to the house. After I thought about it for a little while I thought was weird that a doctor would come to our house, since no one did that for decades. Well I was in the hallway I heard my mom in the kitchen to the left of me, but I could not go over there cut it was pitch-black and it was almost like a wall blocking me. The people were still in the hallway and I member looking back out of my own eyes from the view from the bed. When I was a child I just assumed a doctor came to the house, but my mom never remembered any doctors ever coming to our house.

It was January of 1988, I was 8 years old, my sister was 11, my brother was 15. it was a dark night probably around 8 p.m. and the wind was starting to get strong and a storm was coming. My sister was hanging out with some girl the neighborhood at 11 12 and 13 we’re doing some very bad behavior. They were doing everything from sex stealing drugs and drinking of course lying to their parents. One of them gave my sister a Ouija board and my sister brought it out on that night.

My parents own your typical three-bedroom bungalow in the city of Milwaukee. We always use the back door the basement was rent a cross in the back door you had to close one door to open the other door and then you turned left into the kitchen. From the kitchen, you could go right to my parents’ bedroom the upstairs and the bathroom or you could go straight to the living room and dining room. Upstairs was The Loft with the slanted ceiling which was my room. My brother slept in the small room that had to curve shillings to a triangle and my sister had the biggest which was about half of the upstairs and have a walrus to make it even bigger. In my sister’s room, there was a crawl space in the back-right corner of the room this was over the front porch. I had slanted walls on each side and a triangle in the front the room was a little door about 3 feet tall by 2 feet. The houses built in 1934 so everything was solid wood and gypsum board.

My sister and I sat side by side in front of the little crawl space door with the board facing us and my brother set in front of us at the back of the board. My sister had one candle on and one little light and no other lights are on upstairs. My sister opens the board with the plan set down and asked if anyone was there. Immediately it felt like a heavy hand was pushing the plan set around and spelling out a full name. we did not even ask who it was or anything else we just asked if anyone was there and they spell their whole name. It was a man’s name something very typical and polish descent. At first, we blame my brother but we quickly realize that my brother could not have spelled out that name. He would not have remembered that correct spelling even at 15. The planchette moved very radically around the board and it always felt like a heavy hand was pushing it. The planchette then moved off the board towards the closet door onto the carpeting and things in my sister’s room started to move. Various items on her dresser and bed start to levitate and spin and the room felt scary. My sister closes the Ouija board and threw it in the closet. I know now that was the worst thing to do but I was 8 and no one told me anything.

After that night, the closet was ice cold inside no matter what the temperature was outside. It felt as cold as a freezer all the time and any light you put in there did not reflect off the walls. The light would always be absorbed within a few feet from where it was set up. Strange things always happen at room after that the bed would be compressed like someone said in it things would move you here growling and groaning. You hear people talking and it would feel and the temperature would change all the time. My sister left the house short time after but she came back with her first and second child. Ever since my sister was in her mid-twenties, she claims that she can never remember anything before 19 years old. Her personality has changed significantly since she moved out, I don’t know if this is part of the Ouija board but it is such a drastic change.

When I was 19. I moved into my sister’s room 4×4 all the room and the privacy. Since the first hours I moved in there that small crawl space door would open on its own and things would move in the room. I put my dresser in front of the door and my dresser was knocked over in the morning. So, I secured my dresser to the wall and I put an old steamer tree trunk full of items weighing about a hundred pounds next to my dresser blocking the door with two items. I also put a hasp on the door to keep it close. Before I moved out I noticed that the hasp was bent and the door was pushed open as far as it could from the inside.

After I moved out my parents use the same room as a computer room and a spare bedroom for any guests. The computer and the computer chair would move all the time it would disappear reappear in there that small door and the crawl space would always open by itself. My dad was a lifelong skeptic but he couldn’t explain how anything happened in that room.

In the kitchen, we had multiple Outlets burn out for no apparent reason. Maybe they were just old. You would feel like somebody’s walking by you in the kitchen. One-time the chairs were stacked in a triangle shape in the middle of the kitchen. However, my mom and aunt use Sage and swore a lot and nothing else happened like that in the kitchen.

When I was 16 and my sister was 19, we were in the living room with my parents and they were trying to teach us about fire safety. My dad asked us what we would do if the dome light in the front room shorted out and started on fire. My sister said that she would take her kid and go to the store and call the fire department. We were upset because sister would let the House burn down. I said that I would put it out with the fire extinguisher in the kitchen and then go turn off the circuit breakers and call the fire department. About a month later they’re the light shorted out and started a small fire while I was home alone sitting in the living room at night. I hope this was just a coincidence but it is very odd. And nothing else happened with the electrical at that house, the electrical was updated before my parents bought the house.

I caught a glimpse of a little girl and white and that well room. She was six maybe seven and she wore a white ruffle dress. kind of the typical little dress that a ghost kid wears. She was blonde hair blue eyes white girl her dress was clean spotless she smiled she is saying cute little songs. She was never threatening or scary. I just figured just part of the house.

In April of 2006, my girlfriend at the time, who would later become my wife, was watching my parents four-month-old puppy while my mom and I took my dad to cancer treatment. He was in the final stages, he would die two months later. My wife said that her the dog heard a basketball coming down the upstairs but there was nothing there. She also heard the noises in the basement of things being thrown around and footsteps and talking. Of course, she did not go and look. When she left before we got home, she left on one light above the stove in the kitchen and she put the dog in the kennel. When my mom, dad, and I Got Back, all the lights in the house are on and the dog was cowering in the back of the kennel. The dog was very scared in that house, but outside of the house he was very friendly and outgoing. My wife swore that she only left one light on and I believe her.

My dad died of cancer at a local hospital in 2006. within 2 months my mom was moving out and I was working second shift at the county jail. The last day that my mom had the house, there was a big storm brewing and she called me at 11 p.m. when I finished work. She asked me to go to the house and get two tubs that were in the big bedroom upstairs. I ride there at 11:30 p.m. and there are very little street lights that get to the house in the front or the back. combined with the storm that is starting the win the temperature change, it was a great night to venture into the house. As I walked along the house from the front to the back I heard boots and the house walking with me. I’ll open the back door and the basement door immediately closed, the basement door had a sliding lock to keep the clothes on the outside. I walked through the entire house turning on every light on my journey up to the upstairs bedroom the boxes were six feet from that little door and the crawl space. The crawlspace it if it from the Ouija board story. Please read the Ouija board story for more detail there’s way too much to cover in this story. I grabbed the two boxes and I turned out the lights as I walked very briskly through the house to the back door. Every door slam shut after I walk through it and it was like a strong Breeze blowing behind me. As I walked around the house to the front every light turned on and I heard a growling moaning sound. As I put the boxes in my truck and look back at the house all the lights were off and the wind was silent. I did not look back since.


Part 3: Matt’s Spirits

Matt was my friend from about 13 to 30 so about 1992 to 2009. Yeah as long blonde hair facial hair this kind of like Jesus or Kurt Cobain. His dad left before his mom gave birth so his uncles and grandparents largely raised him his mom didn’t want to be a mother. She was very focused on herself and one things for herself.

Matt’s grandparents gave Matt and his mom their house when they move to Arkansas to retire. Matt’s grandparents’ house was an old three bedrooms three level house it was set back from the street with the back of the house touch in the alley in a long driveway to the street. The house was slanted to the back from the foundation crumbling in the wall was buckling. When you I put the front door yet the living room two bedrooms when you turn left into the kitchen and then pass that was the laundry room and the Attic then while you in the kitchen you turn left to a sunroom and then right to another bedroom. Matt’s bedroom was the one to the left of the kitchen just passed the sunroom. The sunroom head to Glass French doors with a small design Exton to him. They were very fancy doors for that crummy house. One of the first times I was in his house I walk to the kitchen and was going to turn left to go to his room and right on the other side of the glass doors was a little girl in white with blonde hair probably around 7 years old. She was standing there smiling watching us. And then she disappeared just as quickly as I noticed her.

And then in that kitchen the back half of it was sloped from a bad Foundation probably a 1 degree slope it was enough for things to slide to the wall. We used to slide toy cars from one side of the kitchen to the wall for fun we just slide off a whole bunch of them just for the heck of it. Well after we did this a few times some of the toys cars started rolling back up the slope back to us by themselves. We did not see anything or hear anything they will just roll back up the same speed they rolled down the slope and they would stop in front of us.

When that was a teenager used to try and sit in this attic to get away from his mom and it was full of insulation and hot it was never comfortable in there. We were in there one day it was sunny and it was the normal 90 degrees up there. Matt and I were talking and sitting right by the stairs with the sun shining up which lit up most of the room. We heard Roar mixture that shook the room and sounded like half of the city could hear it. and then the entire attic became Pitch Black and it felt like the darkness was pushing us out. We are out of that addict and seconds I don’t know if it was by our will or pushed out what we decide not to go up there ever again.

is 2 years younger than myself and he moved out of his mother’s house and then with his uncle that live two blocks away when he was 14. All these experiences take place in his uncle’s house. His uncles house is just a two bedroom 1 bathroom one living room one kitchen one level no basement no addict rebuild house. Most people do call him a Sears house literally it was ordered from Sears and belt on a concrete slab.

Shortly after Matt moved in at 14 his other uncle died in the living room of the house by choking on a Jolly Rancher at 2 in the morning while everybody else was asleep. Within a few days have as other Uncle dying the couch cushion that his other Uncle would normally sit on would go down like somebody you’re sitting there and come back up. The same thing would happen on that bed and we would see the dogs for moving like it’s being pet. It just became normal over the years we figured it was his uncle visiting.

2 years later math Uncle moved 8 blocks away to a bigger house. We would walk down there and visit him and that move back to his mom’s house. Whenever we would always walk back from his uncle’s house it never happened to his uncle’s house. On the six blocks from his uncle’s house to his own house every time that would walk by a street light the light would turn off as he walked up to it and turned back on as he passed. I try the same streetlight many other people tried the same street lights and nothing happened and only happen with Matt. And it only happened on that route from his uncles to his house.

Things always moved around Matt Inn at Matt’s house. Picture frames with floor off the wall that books with levitate plate Supply across the room. These things always happen in that his whole life.


Part 4: 77th street

I called the number to inquire about a sunny 2-bedroom upper duplex and a quiet neighborhood with a big backyard advertisement on Craigslist. This is how the conversation goes:

Answer: Hi, this is Joyce

Me: hi, Joyce, I am enquiring if the apartment is still available.

Answer: yes, it is, but he is not home, can I get your information to call you back.

Me: yes, gives info, thank you joyce


It seemed like a good start to get in an apartment. We set up an appointment to view the apartment within a few more it within a few days. My wife and I show up there and it is a rather large single-family house that was converted into a duplex it was converted very nicely everything is very well built clean carpeted all new items looks nice the yard is huge three times the size of a normal yard.

The man that answers the door is the man that called me back to schedule the viewing. We do the viewing and he has a friend name male friend named Darryl that is kind of hanging on the back and quiet and the owner and there are not talking. Everything goes well we like the place we signed papers again the down payment we set a move-in date. when we are done I tell them I tell him that it was nice talking to Joyce and he informs me that the choice was the name of his mother that just died. So, did I talk to her dead woman or Wars one of them acting weird. I still wonder about this.

In the basement, the stairs came right in the center both sides are both equal in size. The landlord said the right-side kind of like a work area but it was a workbench in a whole bunch of stuff I didn’t want to go over on that side. Laundry area sectioned off in the front corner with enclose with the dorm walls I never asked it was in there Andrea under the stairs with a section 4 the renters so. However, I could see there were bite marks claw marks we’re his used to put his dog. I didn’t like that little storage area and I didn’t like the basement felt like extreme sadness and it had a had a bad smell.

The upstairs apartment that we lived in head stairs on the side by the driveway that you entered when you came upstairs it was a hallway rain in front of the side stairs was one bedroom to the left was the living room to the right of the stairs was the kitchen and to the right was another bedroom and through the kitchen was a big sunroom that the landlord added on to the house with a second exit. The rooms are all very big easily 10 by 13 and everything was in great shape new carpeting great woodwork new paint everything was nice there really good job on the place. Halfway between the stairs and the living room was a little hatch for the Attic it was a normal 3-foot by 3-foot panel that you push up which is common for a lot of the houses are area. Since it’s just my wife and I and we didn’t like the storage area we’ll use the other bedroom store stuff. Basically, it was just a lot of tubs and boxes probably 30 boxes and tubs total. We had a well organized so we had to sleep walk run the whole room. That’s spare bedroom was always ice cold no matter what the temperature was in the unit. The room had a crawl space in the back corner that one along the entire length of the living room it was about 4 feet high and 3 feet wide and probably 20 feet long. It was a really big area. We found the crawlspace creepy and then want to use it so we just close the door and left it. However, throughout the day and night whenever we weren’t in that room you would hear noises and footsteps and that room. It sounded like somebody’s walking around in Boots and throwing your stuff thrown in that room but when you look there was nothing Disturbed. One evening it was very loud in there my wife and I went in there to investigate and we know that the crawl space door was wide open but nothing else was Disturbed. We took bright flashlight so we considered the crawlspace and saw two old boxes about halfway down. I crawled down to the boxes and I could basically sit next to them and look into them. It was full of magazines from the seventies everything from teenage magazines camping magazines two pornos. It just seemed like something that the teenager had said in there they don’t want his parents to see after I went through the magazines I put them back in the box and just left them. My wife told me to come back by her so I did and I crawled back out facing her with the light shining at me. We close the door and we went to bed. My wife as she later told me that she saw a dark this behind me and it was getting darker and closer. A few weeks later we heard more loud noises in that room and we went to investigate it was about 9 p.m. and dark of course. We want in there the crawl space door was open again when we signed their flashlights in there two of our boxes were in there and all the contents or unpacked and neatly stacked around the boxes. The original boxes that I saw on there with the old magazines were nowhere to be found in the entire scroll space or our bedroom. I packed up the stuff took our boxes out and then I close the door and I put several boxes and items in a special way so we know if anybody would mess with them. I even threw lines and symbols on the boxes so that meant so I can know how they were stacked. A few weeks later we heard more noises in that room so we checked it out again. The crawl space door was propped open but the boxes I stacked were in the exact same spot that were left. I move the boxes and looked in the crawl space and two different boxes of ours or in their unstacked. So, I got our boxes out and I zip tied the door shut. We didn’t have any more problems after that

At dusk one evening my wife and I were sitting in the living room on the couch with our backs to the window which faces the street the TV was in the corner just to the left of the doorway. We were sitting there on the couch and all the sudden the whole room got still and it felt like pressure like a tight bandage being put on the entire room. All the sudden now the corner above the TV a dark pitch-black smoke started pouring down from the ceiling behind the TV about halfway down the wall. It looked like actual smoke but it was so dark that is or the light. Our cat ran at full speed and jumped on top of the TV and put its put her claws into the wall that the cloud was covering. I had to help the cat get her claws out of the drywall. The smoke immediately went back up into the ceiling and never came back.

Before I mentioned about the attic trap door in the hallway therefore it was important. You would hear heavy footsteps about that door like a man walking in work boots and you would hear growling very deep growling like a growing of a badger mix with a bear. A few times while I was walking in the hallway the trapdoor would shake and bounce a few inches on one side and I would see a deep red eye staring at me. Everything else was Pitch Black even with a flashlight but the eyes were glowing they were the brightest thing in the whole area. The thing with watches and grow but when I walked by it will close the trapdoor and stay up there. It felt like it was very mean and angry but it did not like myself my wife work at and it want to stay away from us.

My dad died about 2:30 in the morning on a cool day in the June of 2006 from cancer. My wife and I were at the hospital for the last 2 days almost the entire time and we came back at 10 p.m. the night before to finally get some sleep. we just took off our shoes and fell asleep. My mom called at 2:30 to tell me my dad pass my wife and I picked up our shoes walked outside to the porch by the driveway and we put on our shoes outside we didn’t say a word and we watch and we want to our car and went to the hospital. When we came back at 6:30 a.m. after spending time with my mom talking to the funeral home and the corner the landlord met me at the door and start swearing and yelling at me for being so loud keeping him awake all last night and into this morning. I was holding back from hitting him as I told him that we were gone since 2:30 in the morning because my dad died. And that is when I told him that we are moving out and he is an idiot and he told me that my cat was making the noise. The cat is 11 pounds she cannot make enough noise to keep people up at night.

The day after we moved out I went back to see the landlord and you get my deposit back. I want to make sure that we grabbed everything it was 100%. The landlord was complaining about every little thing that was not legally our responsibility. We had the apartment cleaned twice by a professional and I had a list of our responsibilities as tenants and I went through each one of them with him. He finally wrote me a check and told me how he was discharged from the military for not being mentally stable enough and I completely believe him. As I was walking out I was very curious about the thing in the Attic. I pulled out a bright flashlight and a camera. As I walked up to the Attic door it bounced 6 inches and literally starts shaking the ceiling and the ice were brighter and bigger I stopped a few feet away the landlord Saw II and his mouth was just open looking at it. I decided that whatever it was it wants to stay there and I’m just going to leave.


Part 5: In-Laws house

My in-laws house is a ranch style house with a basement. You can enter in the garage Amy Lee to the right is the master bathroom and master bedroom with the washer and dryer in the hallway at which leads to the kitchen and a living room on the right to the front door the basement across from the dining room with the sliding screen door another living room two bedrooms across from the living room and a bathroom in the back. Their house was built on the parking lot of a former Church. The church was through their backyard where a pediatrics doctor’s office is now located. The cemetery was in the neighbor’s house next to their garage.

I was coming over to watch their foster children because I worked an early shift. I walked in through the garage and normally there are beagle we’ll come greet me at the door and I would give him treats and then let him out. However, this time he was not at the door he did not even bark when I open the door. He was in the kitchen sitting with his back-torso walkway facing the cabinets in the corner. I could see him looking up and his ears were back and his fur was moving like he was being pet. I walked in I looked at work he was looking and I heard the tapping of a kid shoes a giggle from a little girl and then I felt a strong switch of a strong wind through the whole house. The curtains the blinds lamps and various close all moved from the kitchen through the living room all the way to the back bathroom. if felt that it was a child that was mischievous.

Ever since experience with the little girl whenever I go in their basement in the bottom corner basically under the garage there is a very dark and cold spot that does not like him. It is very dark I am sorry and flashlights in there and I turn on every light and it stays dark. it is very cold the closer I get to it and it always moves away from me when I am a few feet away. It moves away put it gravitates back to that corner. When I was about three feet away from it made everything in the basement shake and I heard a loud growl that echo through the whole basement.

My father-in-law has become very despondent and a drastic changes personality since I’ve experienced The Darkness at his house. I believe it is either using ham or feeding off him. I get the feeling that it does not like me and I feel that I should not get too close to it.


Part 6: Current

See movement out of the corner of my eye. It looks like a human type figure. I catch a glance of it moving around a room when I turn my head it is gone.

I can smell my father’s aftershave his cigarette smoke and his coffee when no one else is around. I will be in the middle of a field or in my truck at work and I can smell all those smells very strong.

Seconds before my alarm clock goes off in the morning I can hear someone sigh or say awash very clearly. It is either a woman or a man with a soft voice. It sounds like they are in the same room with me. The room feels very open like a field on a warm summer day.

Our current house is a small 3-bedroom Cape Cod built in 1901 on a small piece of land close to Lake Michigan. It is an OK house but it was not constructed the best material. It is not a house to invest a lot of money into. Right before we moved in the house was in foreclosure for 6 months it was owned by a house full of rednecks that did a lot of weird things and that house. they would park their monster trucks on the front lawn to walk so they didn’t have to walk up the stairs fill the entire back yard with four inches of rocks it took me a couple days with a bobcat to clear it out. And apparently, they had people living in the basement and they had dog’s tendon underneath the basement stairs with yard fence that they just nailed to the wall. From the first time, we looked at the house after we moved in you can hear dogs whimpering and feel extreme sadness in the basement and that spot where they were kept. The day after we moved in I went down to the spot with the fence on it I removed all the fencing and I told the spirit that it’s okay you can go now nobody’s going to hurt you and then myself and my niece much to the whole house. I don’t feel the sad dog Spirits anymore but we do get Spirits passing through. we can see shapes of people that look like Shadows walking through a basement and living room. They’re always walking east to west which is opposite of. We think they are just passed in from the lake through the area they don’t use to acknowledge us and you just keep walking through. My wife was in the shower and felt like somebody was watching her when she opened the curtain she didn’t see anybody but she heard a guy’s voice say nice. She was unnerved but I told her it was a compliment.

Just a few years ago my mom her boyfriend and my niece switch my mom is raising since she was 7 moved into a2 bedroom two story little house in the Bayview area Milwaukee. The house is in very good shape and very well taken care of it looks like a normal clean 70s ranch style house. My mommy asked me to go to the basement to look around and make sure thing was okay after the inspector was there. It was the middle of the day and sunny no bad weather perfect day I had the lights on and I had a nice bright flashlight everything was calm in the house and the neighborhood. I walked in the back door which leads directly to the back stairs for the basement the basement stairs divide the basement on one side and each other and then you have the second half the basement from the stairs. I walk down the stairs and I look directly to my right there was an older couple standing in the corner watching me. they looked like a normal white couple probably in their seventies but they were kind of glowing like the Sun was shining on them more than anything else. They call me by surprise so at the bottom of the stairs I took a few steps back and check to make sure I was seeing what I was seeing. They were standing together with a man’s arm around his woman who was a little bit shorter than he was. I was about to ask them who they were or to get out of there when the guy smiled shook his head and the woman smiled the room got brighter with sunlight and they were gone. The House suddenly felt later and welcoming.

On a warm sunny summer day in July of 2012. Myself my brother and his oldest son or at my mom’s house helping her move some stuff around. My brother and my nephew at different times walk from my mom’s house to lock down to the park spent about a half hour there and then walk back they both do this at separate times by themselves. I went in the backyard to move something and I found it easier to walk on the other side of the house without the sidewalk by the alley. As I walked to the front of the house I saw my brother and his son standing about six inches apart facing each other. My brother is 6 feet for his son is 6 feet 6 I am 6 feet 1. They all Tower over me. As I walked closer my brother and his son were talking in the same monotone deep voice. They were just facing each other not making eye contact standing perfectly straight just facing each other. They were speaking in a language I could not understand it was not English it was not Spanish I don’t think it was Latin I read and study the little bit of Latin it did not sound like it. The language sounded archaic and may have been backwards English or something that is not based on Latin. they still there for a few minutes motionless and not moving their bodies or heads with the same monotone deep voices for each of them. I walked by them they were still talking I went up on the porch above them they finished talking and then they walked separate directions and act like them normal selves. I asked my brother what other languages he knew and he had no idea what I was talking about. He tells me that he has multiple times he does not remember what happens.


The Doll House

It was my first year of college and I had decided, last minute, to go to a really small music school in a small town in South West Iowa.  The town consisted of about 7,000 people and it was a huge culture shock for me as I was born and raised Los Angeles.
Now, I know what you’re thinking, Why on earth would you want to go to a school in the middle of nowhere to go to a music college when you could’ve just stayed in LA?! And to be honest I actually liked the idea of going away for college, they had offered me a scholarship and they also gave me a place off campus with four other music students.

My room mates names were Mike, TJ, Tim, and Katie and they had all witnessed some strange happenings in our year at the doll house but this is just my experience.

The doll house was a huge, two story, victorian style house that was built so early in the towns existence, that the town had put an official plaque at the front of the house, next to the front door, recognizing it as a historical landmark. Now you may be wondering why we used to call it the doll house.

Well, everyone in town called it that because it was painted a soft shade of purple that made it look like a giant doll house.

Creepy, I know.  Who paints a house purple?

Let me give you a quick layout of the house as it’ll help you picture the events that transpire throughout my time living at the doll house. I remember the first day I moved in, the landlord had told me to put my stuff in whatever room I wanted as it was a “first come first serve” kind of thing, so I immediately put my stuff in the master bedroom upstairs and two of my room mates, Mike and Tim, had already moved into the rooms next to mine.

All the rooms in the house were painted weird pastel colors like a doll house too. Mine was this mint green color, which I actually kind of liked, and Mike and Tim’s rooms were pink, Katie’s room was yellow and Tj’s room used to be a study or an office so it was just white.  I remember thinking how dirty the house was which I later found out was because the doll house was known as the party house.  I moved in and started to take a little tour.

There were three entrances to the house; the side kitchen entrance which was right next to the two car garage, the front entrance and another side entrance on the opposite side of the house, next to the stairs, that we never used.

There was two bedrooms downstairs and three bedrooms upstairs each with their own entrances but in order to get into Tim’s room you had to either go through Mike’s room or you had to go through a door that was in the dining room that led to secret stairway up to his room.

There were always people at our house even if they didn’t live there because our house was basically a place where all the music kids would just hang out and party, so I was hardly ever alone. And I remember never feeling creeped out by sounds and things because it was always either my room mates or someone else from the school who would just come over to hang out and use our internet or something.

But one day, a few months into living there, I remember being alone for the first time because it was getting close to finals and recital time and everyone was at school practicing.

I had decided to go home and get a quick bite to eat and work on some homework there.  I remember getting a bowl of cereal and going straight to my room to start working on my theory homework.

And something you should know is that the door to my bedroom didn’t actually latch and instead had a door knob and a hole on the side of the door where the latch would’ve been.

I didn’t mind because the door did actually close but that was because it was a little swollen from the humidity there.  It took a bit of force to open and close it, and made a big cracking noise when you tried but like I said it was an old house and I didn’t mind.

Anyway, as I was sitting there doing my homework on the floor I heard a CRACK!  and my door opened.  I looked up and immediately got a little scared but I shook it off and blamed it on a breeze running through the house so I got up and forcefully pushed the door closed.

I went back to doing my home work and about fifteen minutes later, CRACK! and my door had opened again only this time it was a little wider as if someone had pushed it a little harder.  I immediately got so annoyed and thought it was Mike trying to mess with me so I stormed into his room but he wasn’t there.  I checked down stairs and no one was home.

I went back upstairs and shut my door again feeling really creeped out but I didn’t want to leave because I didn’t have a car then, which meant I would have to take all my books and backpack and ride my bike back to school. I wasn’t about to do that so I just decided to suck it up.

I stayed in the room for a good twenty minutes before, CRACK! my door started to open again. I ended up leaving my stuff there and biking back to school without my stuff.  That was the first of many strange occurrences but the creepiest was spring break.

I couldn’t afford to go home or leave town during spring break and neither could Tim so the rest of the room mates left and we stayed behind.  He had told me he was going to stay in town and that he would probably just chill at the house.

Tim was this quiet, keep-to-himeself kind of guy and he and I didn’t really talk too much aside from the normal good mornings and good nights and occasional chores and things that we needed for the house so, I wasn’t surprised when I didn’t really see much of him during the break.

He was a bit of a night owl so I found comfort in seeing his light on every night I would come home from hanging out with my friends or practicing at the school.

I remember always leaving early and coming home late around 2am sometimes during that week and I always looked up to see the light on in his bedroom window and I even found myself purposefully checking if the light was on before entering the house just to feel better about not being in the house alone.

I would usually go straight to my room and go to bed and sometimes I would hear him walk through Mike’s room and go into the bathroom which also had a closet with the washer and dryer in it and I would hear him run the washer and dryer.

So throughout the week this went on. I would leave in the mornings, I’d come home, see his light and I would hear him walking around and washing clothes. And as I said I wasn’t too close to him so I never bothered to even check in on him and it was always late and I was always so tired that I would just fall asleep.

Friday soon came around and I had just woken up around 11am and I went down stairs to the kitchen to get some breakfast.

I pulled out some eggs and then went into the freezer to pull out some frozen waffles when Tim walks through the side door.  He had bags as if he was going somewhere and so I asked him, “Hey Tim! Where are you headed to? Break is almost over.”

Thinking it was strange for him to be going somewhere so late in the week and what he said next sends shivers up my spine even today.

He responded, “What are you talking about?  I just got back from the twin cities with Forrest.”

I dropped the box of frozen waffles and felt the blood drain from my face. I felt cold and he asked me what was wrong. I frantically told him that there was someone in his room and that I saw his light on at night and that the washer and dryer were on and everything.

He looked at me confused and I could tell he was worried and kept asking me if I was ok and he didn’t seem to understand from how fast I was talking. I started to have panic attack and he slowly tried to calm me down by helping me breath slowly and when I finally could, I told him everything that happened.

He got so spooked , he didn’t want to sleep in the room for a few days after that.

We later found out that his room used to be the servants quarters which is why it was connected to Mike’s room and had its own stairway that led straight to the dining and kitchen area.

Mike’s room used to be the nursery room so the servants would have access to the kids whenever they needed them.  The house was probably haunted with the ghosts of the servants that used to live there.

Other strange things would happen at the doll house, like balls bouncing down the stairs and laughter being heard and footsteps upstairs when everyone was downstairs and a bunch more but none as scary as when I was alone at the doll house and didn’t even know it.

I never stayed alone in that house again and I moved out the next year. Last I heard the owner actually sold the house and I’ve since moved back to California but I’ll never forget my year there. It made me believe in things I never thought possible.

The Thing In The Doorway

I’m a believer in the paranormal always wanting to see if there’s something in the shadows. I have had many creepy experiences like my clock always freezing on 3:00 in the morning.

But this true story that I’m about to tell you is the one that freaked me out the most.Okay so me and my mum had just moved houses and I was pretty reluctant at first mainly because I spent eight years of my life in the house we were moving from.

So we arrived at the new house and it looked really small from the outside but it was neat on the inside. We walked inside and my mum had already started unpacking so I went to see my room. It was pretty and its walls were sprayed with lilac and its carpet was dark purple. I loved it from the start and my mum had already put my bed up.

I flopped down on it. Its soft comforting mattress begged me to fall asleep right there I almost did but my mum called me down for dinner.

Once we had finished eating I went to bed since I was pretty tired from the move. I brushed my teeth, combed my hair and got into bed. I fell asleep really quickly only to be woken swiftly after, at 3:00 in the morning.

Did I mention that I always wake up at that time to have a cold chilling feeling attached to me. This time was the first that I ever experienced that feeling but it wasn’t the last. I felt as if I was frozen but at the same time hot and sweaty. Then out the corner of my eye I noticed a woman. I turned to look at her.

She was standing cocking her head to one side plastered at a weird angle looking straight at me. At first I thought it was my mum but this woman had short straight hair and my mum had curly. I looked at her face, the woman had bright red eyes that looked like pools of pure evil.

I craned my neck to look at what she was wearing. It looked like the woman was wearing a dress but I couldn’t see what colour because she was hiding in the shadows. The woman took a step towards me and that’s when my senses finally kicked in. I screamed and buried myself underneath my duvet hoping I would be safe.

I heard a familiar voice of my mum. She said, “are you okay, what happened.” I peeked out from underneath my duvet to see that the woman was gone. My mum looked at me expectedly so I told her everything that happened of course she didn’t believe me and just shrugged it off as a figment from my imagination but I know it was not.

For the first two weeks of staying in that house I slept with my mum, so afraid that thing would come back.

To this day I still remember it and I talk to my mum about it but I know she still doesn’t believe me. It was real and I still sleep in that room, I still wake up at three, I still get weird vibes and wake up frozen and hot and sweaty but that woman never came back though my friend, Lara, reported seeing a black man at the foot of her bed staring at her with demonic red eyes. I told her about my experience and she stared at me with awe and shock.

She believes me and so should you, after all we’re not afraid of the dark we’re scared of what’s in it.