That was not a deer

I will start off this story with saying that these events happened due to something me and my friends did in the church, I cannot say the exact thing we did but let me assure you, it wasn’t good. Ok on to the story, I am from San Antonio, Texas and I am one out of four children, born of my mother, that have all been baptized. We moved recently from Victoria, Texas and we got transferred to a new church, I will not reveal the church name, but it is in the central part of San Antonio. The church was one of the biggest churches I’ve ever seen and one of the oldest too.

It has been built in the 1700’s. On an early Sunday morning, I,in my groggy state,started to get dressed.

We were about half a mile away from the church so we walked to church and I usually leave 30 minuets before everyone else.

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