I Think I Experienced a Matrix Glitch

This story is very short, and not exactly creepy, but it is weird.

Sometime last year in 2016, I had decided to watch the newer music videos from one of my favorite bands, Black Veil Brides. After watching “Heart Of Fire” and “Goodbye Agony”, I clicked on the thumbnail for the official music video for “Faithless”, excited to watch it because I hadn’t seen it yet.

I vividly remember watching the video at least three times before deciding I had watched enough stuff on Youtube for the day. A few days later, I had the urge to watch it again and looked it up, but ran into a problem.

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My Premonition Story

By Harley

A little back story. I was born on October 31, 1983. I don’t know how much of this is true, but from what I was told a tornado hit the hospital the moment I was born.
It destroyed everything except the NICU and maternity ward. Fast forward a year and a half. I hadn’t started really talking yet, and my mom was getting ready for work. I was sitting on the floor playing with my GI Joe action figures. As she passes by me I said, “Mama, don’t go.” She stopped dead in her tracks. I haven’t even said my first word yet, and I just spoke a complete sentence.

She looked at me and asked, “What did you say?” Clearly stunned by the situation. I answered her again, “Mama, don’t go.” With that she called into work sick.
A half hour later, a breaking news report came on the TV. On the highway she would have been driving on, at the same time she would have been driving on it, there was a thirteen car pile up. My mom would have died. She told me I saved her life that day. Read more “My Premonition Story”

On the Drive Home

By Blacky523

I recently found this YouTube channel and after listening to the stories about “the Rake”, it reminded me of a creature a few years ago. I’ve never shared this encounter with anyone.
It was a few years ago on a moonless night, I was on my way home form work off of 2nd shift (for those of you who don’t know 2nd shift is a shift where you go to work in the afternoon and get off at night). At the time I lived on a country road with lots of curves, hills and no street light. On that road there is a dairy farm that has fields on one side of the road and a large patch of woods on the other. Having driven this road at night many times, I know where the deer would cross. I slowed down to drive around a curve and begin my decent down the first of many hills. At the bottom of this hill is where the deer would cross so I knew to stay on alert.

As I came to the bottom of the hill I saw a white figure in the middle of the road. I slowed to a stop, the figure was squatting in the middle of the road with its back towards me, hunched over, and with its face close to the ground as if it was sniffing the road. Its body looked like a skeleton with a thin layer of skin stretched over it. I could see it’s spine, long bony fingers and elongated legs. I asked my self “what the hell is that?”. I honked my horn a few times and then it turned its head, looking over its shoulder at me. Read more “On the Drive Home”

Skinwalker in Big Bear

By Flame Daisy

My Husband and I are avid campers. We live in Southern California and go out to the San Bernadino Mountains as often as possible with our two dogs. I am from Oregon and grew up in the woods, did Search and Rescue religiously and spent much of my time going on trail rides and hikes as much as possible (just to give you an idea on how much experienced we have.) we’ve been married for 2 years and have already been on over 20 camping trips trying to visit as many different spots as possible, sometimes even switching campsites for a weekend only spending one night.

But this last trip scared the camper out of me and it may be awhile until i’m ready to return to the woods.
We stopped by a favorite of ours called Holcomb Valley Campground. We set up camp, played with the dogs and went for a small walk on the many back roads and some short trails just revisiting our favorite areas. The dogs were normal, running around off leash and playing, we were comfortable and calm and came back to dinner and hot chocolate before it got too cold and we slipped into the tent for the night.

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My Haunted House

By Alex Rewerts

When I was little, about 5 or 6 I was terrified to sleep alone so my dad would lay down next to me until I were to fall asleep I would also keep my closet light on in case I were to awake to go to the bathroom without tripping over something and hurting myself.

One night, I woke up I looked at the clock which read around 3 AM my dad had fallen asleep beside me by the time I had awoken. I then noticed what looked to be a human form of a woman, with her legs together but her arms spread apart pointing opposite directions. She basically began to slowly descend through my ceiling, and land on the ground upright facing me. I then laid down quickly facing my dads face, hoping she would think I’m asleep. Read more “My Haunted House”