Walmart Stalker

This is the story about the dream I had yesterday while taking a hour nap.

It was the day before thanksgiving.  Me and my grandma were preparing dinner for Thanksgiving. Me being me burned the rice so I had to start over. Me and my grandma were having a normal conversation. A knock sounded at the door and my dog started to bark like crazy. I yelled at him to stop and went up to door and opened it. When I opened it I expected to see a package or something but I didn’t expect to see a guy about 6’3 standing there no emotion in his face. “Can I help you?” I asked but he didn’t respond. “I’m okay.” I slowly closed the door and locked it then went back to my grandma and started to make food again.

Now it was Thanksgiving family was over kids were running around everything seemed normal. Until I heard a knock at the door as I was inside. I opened it thinking it was the kids. I got ready to yell bit when I opened it. Everything stopped. The music and people talking stopped. I stopped. Everything was just frozen still. I could still move my eyes. I looked up to see him. The guy from the day before walking towards me. I was panicking.

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