The Ranch House

When i was 8, my sister and I were living with our mom in a small house near Camp Lejune in North Carolina. One day, i looked out my window and saw that there was a ramshackle house a couple blocks down. My mom let my sister and I go anywhere in our small community, so my sister and I decided to investigate. Our neighbors, Jessica and Marcia joined us. When we steeped inside the abandoned house, it smelled of mold, mildew, and cat urine. Jessica made a comment about it smelling like death, and I noticed Marcia shoot her a glance. Jessica didn’t say anything more. After we left, i had a feeling something was watching me. I looked back and saw nothing. The other 3 were completely normal. A few weeks later, my sister and I had gone to a pool party and we heard 2 teenagers talking about the ranch house near my house. As we listened, one of them said “Yeah. But, he was never found.” We were intrigued, so we asked my mom about it. She said the old house hadn’t been lived in for at least 15 years. I asked her why exactly, and she told me that a man who used to live in it went hunting in Pennsylvania and was expected to be back within a week. He never returned. After 11 days, there was a search party of about 300 people searching North Carolina and Pennsylvania. Even thought the search was long and exhaustive, no trace of the man was ever found. A few nights later, my sister shook me awake and told me to look out the window. I looked outside at the house in the distance and saw a bright light upstairs. I looked at my sister and she nodded, meaning that was what she wanted me to see. The next day, we woke up at 5 and dressed quietly. Our mom would kill us if she saw we were outside at that time. We both creeped over to the house – which was now dark – and looked inside. We saw something we hadn’t seen before. It was an old shoe. We both distinctly remembered no shoe being there when we had checked a couple weeks ago. My sister said it was either a prank or someone with a twisted sense of humor. A few days before the school year began and we had to move back with our dad, I looked one more time and saw someone walking towards the house. I ran towards the house and arrived to see the 2 teens setting down a coat on the floor. When they saw me watching, they froze and acted natural. I asked them about the shoe and they said they were putting stuff in the house and did it to scare the “C-Kids” which was their slang for city kids. They led me upstairs and showed me that the light my sister and I had seen was a spotlight they had been operating that night. I asked them about something I had seen that my sister didn’t. I had seen a filmy white figure roaming the house a couple nights after the pool party. I asked them which one of them it was and they both looked at the floor, then at each other, then at me. “That wasn’t us” they said. All of a sudden, all 3 of us had a feeling something was staring at us. We ran downstairs, but the feeling stayed with us. The 2 teens both looked back and screamed. I looked back and then it was MY turn to scream! We all saw a figure of a man with only half a face. The 2 teens were both 16, so they didn’t know that the man had gone missing while hunting. They only knew he was never found. We all decided that what we were looking at was the ghost of him. We attributed his bloody shirt to mean he was either shot or suffered an accident. The half-face? We aren’t sure about that. He shook a fist at us and then yelled. It was the most terrifying yell I’ve ever heard. It was something between a panther and screeching tires. We all ran without looking back again and burst into my house. My sister and mom looked up and saw all 3 of us collapsed on the floor. My mom asked what happened and we quickly said that we were scared because we saw a wolf (my house was across the street from some woods.) I told my sister before our dad arrived on the day we moved back and she didn’t say anything. I guess she believed me. To this day, I still think about that house. Did somebody buy it? If so, did they figure out the deal with the ghost? Was the ghost just melancholy or sinister? Also, will he ever find peace?
Note: A few weeks after I moved back, a man’s body was found in Allentown. He had half of his face missing, which was attributed to scavengers.

Summer Break At Fudge Rd.

It was the summer of 2011…I had recently joined a band, and had been spending a lot of time on the road with my fellow band mates. We had a night off from shows and decided to all pile into our van for a drive around the countryside. Our bass player, Billy was the driver. There was also Adam in the passenger seat, along with Eli, Myself, and a friend named Ryan all piled into the crowded backseat. It was an eerily quiet night, and it soon sparked our curiosity for adventure. Now I should mention that in our town of rural Ohio, there were many urban legends. One of the most popular being the “Crybaby Bridge”. The Crybaby Bridge is located on a desolate road in the countryside of West Alexandria, Ohio. The legend goes that a woman had killed her child and hung her self on the Bridge one night, and that if you drive onto the bridge, turn your car off and say “mama” three times, the cries of her and her child can be heard coming from the Bridge. So being the curious teenagers we were, we decided to head to the Notorious “Fudge Road” where the Bridge was located.

We had arrived at our turn to begin traveling on the road when we had come across a sign saying that it was closed. We stopped our van for a moment, wondering if we had the right place. Adam had insisted it was right, so we drove around the sign and continued into the darkness of the road. It had an incredibly dark atmosphere to it, and was only big enough for one car to drive on. There were big trees on each side of the road, forming what looked like a shroud or tunnel, causing the headlights to be our only guide to the Bridge. The stars and night sky were enveloped in the darkness of the trees, and as we travelled along the dark road we had noticed multiple abandoned homes and sheds on the roadside. It seemed like the perfect place for a spooky adventure, but in the next few moments we had regretted our decision to adventure down this mysterious trail.

We had finally managed to get near the Bridge when we had seen a car parked in the middle of the road. Like I had mentioned before, the road wasn’t very wide, so this car was essentially blocking the way to the Bridge. It looked abandoned and as if someone had just left it there. We told billy to go around, as the Bridge was only a short distance away. It was at this point that we passed the car and noticed somebody sitting in the drivers seat. It was a man, he was wearing a mask and had his seat leaned all the way back, as if he were trying to hide. As soon as we passed his car, he started the engine and soon enough his lights were following right behind us. In a panic, I told Billy to drive faster, that we were being followed. He sped up, but once he had reached the Bridge we realized it was a dead end. The Bridge was damaged, and had a large sign blocking the way. Our only choice was to turn around and drive back the way we came. Billy slid the van into the grass and started to do a K Turn in order to turn the van back around. It was then we saw the man’s head lights coming even closer to us. We screamed and told Billy to drive fast, that we had to get around this guy. Adam grabbed the vans fire extinguisher from the back and threatened to throw it at the man’s car if he wouldn’t let us through. The man’s cars sat still in the middle of the road, blocking our way out. Billy floored it, speeding towards the his car and sent it mowing through the field to the right of him. It was then we could see the man in the drivers seat, loading a shotgun, looking up at us with his menacing mask. We screamed in terror and told Billy to not stop for anything, the man attempted to follow us, but we were fortunate enough to get out of there before he could catch up.

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creepy stalker

Ok so this happened a few months ago and me and my friend are minors so that makes this more disturbing we were on an app called musically.

I won’t say her name for personal reasons but we were randomly added to a group chat. There were other people on there but this one person named Alex was being different. At first it seemed like average teenage stuff since me and my friend lied about our location and age so did he but we didn’t know he was lying at the time. This guy is a real perv because he was asking us to send pictures of ourselves and I stupidly sent one with the name of the location from an old Snapchat picture.

Me and my friend were laughing because we knew it was all fake and we thought he believed it, but one day my friend texted me freaking out because she was watching the lively when he exposed his junk. I have a picture of him that is proof he was lying about his age but the disturbing part was when after my parents told me to tell him to go away and never talk to him, I told him to F off but I texted the word.

He then said to me ” I will find you and you will like it and you can’t do anything about it.” He also said that in spanish. I told him before to leave me alone and im lucky I lied about my Location and my age. I went to talk to the counselor at my school and that was the last I ever heard from him and to this day I’m almost positive he was never caught.

The Big Man

I’ve gone through the woods many times in many different places throughout Pennsylvania. One afternoon, some friends of mine dared me to walk with them through an area that was a favorite haunt of Bigfoot, according to the locals. I’ve been a Bigfoot buff since the age of 6, and am very respectful of the legends that I had been told by Native Americans about the creature. Despite feeling uneasy, I took them up on their challenge. It was about [5:30] when we entered the woods. It was public land, so anyone could be there besides just us.

We had been walking for about an hour when I started to smell something bad. I’ve smelled skunks, spoiled milk, rotten eggs, and a wet dog. It was worse than all of those together. I looked at my friends and all 4 of them were standing as still as statues with eyes as wide as possible, staring to my left. I slowly turned to where they were looking and saw what I never thought I would see in my life. It was an honest-to-God Bigfoot. He/She was about 8 feet tall, covered in brownish-red fur, and was staring at us with yellow eyes. It was only about 50 yards away. In other words, too close for comfort! One of my friends said “That guy is huge.” My girlfriend, who was with us said “That isn’t a guy!”

All 5 of us started to run like Satan was after us. What truly terrified me was the fact that there was huge footsteps behind us. One of my friends took a quick peek over his shoulder and said “Oh God! It’s chasing us!” We ran even faster. Now, I can run a 4.12 in the 40-yard dash, but I bet this Bigfoot could do it in half the time. We kept running through stitches in our sides, bramble bushes, thorn covered shrubs, and every other obstacle you would expect in the forest. I fell at one point and scraped my elbow. I got up and kept running. After we got back to the road, we kept running, all the way to my friend’s house that we had been staying at. As soon as we ran inside, we slammed the door, locked it, then went around the house, locking every door and window. After we had secured the house, my girlfriend looked out the window, through the curtain. She turned around, pale as glue and said hoarsely “It’s coming towards the door.” We all grabbed any weapon we could find, from a candlestick to a knife and waited. After 15 minutes of silence, my girlfriend looked back out the window and said “It’s gone.” We all immediately relaxed and stayed up the rest of the night.

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