THe dangers of walking alone at night

Elias looked down at his watch with pursed lips. It was fifteen minutes past midnight. The dark blanket of night covered the sky, with tiny, white stars barely showing through. The lampposts revealed the multiple worn down houses and shops, which seem to beckon to him in an ominous manner. The wind was howling and a few unpleasant characters skittered around like rats in a sewer.

He knew better than to walk home alone. He remembered his half-brother telling him horror stories at night about people who’d stroll down dark, lonely roads and never return home. Too bad he had moved away to live with his uncle, or he would’ve been able to pick him up in his fancy, horse drawn carriage he was always boasting about. Though he had no other choice. He had no change for the horse-bus, and what was worse, his oldest friend, too occupied with a petite blonde, forgot to give him a ride home. Selfish turd.

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