It was the summer of 2016 and we were just heading to Cancun,Mexico for a week. Now it may seem like a dream,we had found a decent resort and since our family loves the water we decided to do a 3 hour boating/snorkeling trip. Exciting right? After at least three days my family booked a trip. We were all excited. We didn’t own any snorkeling gear because we knew they would provide it for us. The minute we stepped on that boat I noticed that we were all alone. No one else was on the boat. Only two men,one was always driving the boat and the other was going to help us with the gear and point out where we should go.

Let me ask a question,should the gear be dirty,sticky and looks like gunk is all over it? No. It should not. The snorkel masks they gave us were sticky and did not seem to be in great condition. It was gross! When they handed out life jackets I was immediately grossed out. The jacket had a hole in it and inside were lumps of sea weed and trash. I grabbed a new one and almost wanted to vomit after seeing that. Then the flippers. Some of them were broken,others hadn’t been clean. Then the snorkel tubes had junk in it! I soon had to pull it out and dunk it in the water. Soon after we jumped in,I was weary of the gear and the fact the boat left us. The man had a deep gruff voice and said “Let’s go before the time is up and our fun is ruined.” This set me off. It wasn’t said in a nice way or a friendly way.