Last summer me and a friend were volunteering at an animal sanctuary in Costa Rica. The volunteers all stayed in shared rooms with bunk beds, and in my room there were 4 bunk beds and one single bed, but there was only 4 of us sharing my room at the time.

The sanctuary was located in an old farm. The rooms for the volunteers were originally used to hold livestock. Our room was particularly creepy, although I never found it creepy until after the incident I’m going to tell you about. But the other volunteers referred to our room as a bunker, it had a really thick, heavy metal door that you could slide shut, but we always left it open.

So my first night staying in my room I was asleep in a bottom bunk in the bed in the centre of the room and the other girls were all asleep in beds around me. I’m not a good sleeper, I always wake up multiple times during the night but usually just for a few minutes. This night when I woke up at about 2.30am I noticed a weird shape sitting on the bottom bunk of the bed across from mine. As my eyes adjusted I thought that the shape looked like a man, sitting upright with his hands either side of him, with an unnaturally large smile on his face. His teeth were large, but not pointy and the face was completely manic looking. The weirdest thing was that this figure was a pale, glowing blue colour.

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