Shower Singer

A couple years ago I went to a summer camp. It was a camp about safety. We had police come in and teach us how to be safe, we had a real helicopter fly into our camp. I loved the camp, except for this one night.

Everyone was doing their normal nightly routine. Brushing our teeth, using the bathroom, getting in our pajamas and laying down to go to bed. I was still in the bathroom with a couple other of my cabin mates. When I was brushing my teeth I hear a weird noise come from the showering area. It was almost as if someone was singing in the shower, but the shower was not on. One of my friends had heard it too and walked over to see what it was. When he looked inside the door he jumped back. I asked him what he had seen and he just stood there, staring in the doorway. I walked over to the doorway to look inside, and when I did I was shocked too. There was a man, he was wearing nothing but boxers. We both knew this man was not a counselor, nor a camper. We both ran back to our cabin to tell our counselor.

When we got back to our cabins we burst through the door like. My friend was still shocked and out of breath so I explained what happened to our counselor. They went to have a look themselves. We tagged along to since we were no longer scared as there was an adult by our side. When we got to the showering area our counselor walked in with a shotgun and was yelling at the person who was in there. We all heard the man still singing at the back showers, we all went back there. Our counselor pushed away the shower curtain and all we saw was a tape recorder that was constantly playing a voice of a man singing. At that moment we were all scared, including my counselor. Then, our of our surprise the door to the showering area closed with force. My counselor ran over and tried to open but it would not budge. Eventually, he took out his phone and called the head of the camp to come let us out with some police officers with him. When they got there they let us out…and that was it. Nothing else happened on my time at that camp. I am still paranoid after what happened, but my friend was even more paranoid.

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Sleep walking at Girls CampNarrated! 

I’m a 16 year old female turning seventeen in less than a week but, this happened when I was 12. While my mom was still with my stepdad he forced me and my siblings to go to a Christian church which to this day I still despise and they had this group called Young Women.

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The camping skinwalker

It was the 27th of may 2008 on a Thursday this happened and as it was my 12th birthday so my mum decided to book a 5-day forest camping trip because I love camping, (for England) it was half term and I needed to get some fresh air from playing too much ps3!

I arrived with no problems apart from forgetting my spare trousers (pants for Americans) and it was fun. On Monday we did archery (a popular sport in England), on Tuesday we went rock climbing and on Wednesday we made little boat’s and saw if they would float and every night we hang out at the fire sang songs, made smores and played Chinese whispers but on Thursday it was different all the councillors were scared and they worried when people went outside the main building just to go to the toilet!

Later that day when the sun started to set (as it was summer that meant it was 8-9pm) and there was a counsellor that was calm and not panicky like the others (she’s called Erin) so I asked her whats going on “don’t tell anyone what I’m about to tell you especially not the councillors” she replied “apparently there’s a demon that inhabits the woods and only comes out on Thursday because it was born on Thursday, but anyway if we mention the demon’s name 3 of us will die”
“What a bunch of crap! tell me it’s named…” I said back
“I think it’s called Beasley” she answered. I don’t know why but as soon as I heard that name I felt insecure I instantly looked behind me to see if there was anything there but nothing.

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Creepy Hermit Encounter

        I live in Burlington, Ontario, a nice lakeside city near Toronto. This story happened to me during a school trip when I was in eighth grade. At my elementary school, which by the way was Catholic, everyone in grade eight would get to go on two trips as part of their final year at the school. One trip took place in the fall and was usually a religious camping trip that took place about forty minutes out of the city. By religious, I mean everyone had to participate in group activities that revolved around being a good Christian and teamwork, etc. This, of course, completely sucked as this “camp” was little more than a religion class stretched to three days.

        The second school trip always took place in the spring and was usually a trip to Ottawa for the weekend where we could explore the city and visit museums. For some reason, it was decided my year would instead take another camping trip (at a camp I will not name) about four hours away at Algonquin Provincial Park. The camp was on one of the many lakes in the park and was set up like your pretty typical summer camp. Cabins were spread out near the lake and partially in the forest and there were bathrooms and a mess hall in separate buildings. As you would guess, boys and girls shared separate cabins. The girls’ cabins were built on supports above the ground and were the ones closer to the lake. Our cabins were almost in the forest and built on the ground along a gravel road. I shared a larger cabin with about four other guys. Although our cabin was the largest, it was probably the least comforting. While the other cabins had actual windows and doors that would fully close and lock, our cabin looked like it was built from balsa wood, only had thin bug-screens for windows and a door that wouldn’t close. I should also point out that I had no experience with actual camping, as my family hates it, so this was a pretty bad first impression.

        This is where the “creepy” story actually starts. On the first evening, we were all gathered outside the mess hall for a fun night activity. The camp counsellors told us about a hermit that lived in the nearby woods. The activity was that they were going to take us into the dark woods in groups to see where this hermit lived. This kind of caught us by surprise as it was quite random, but intriguing at the same time. As you would expect, everyone was pretty much screaming as we were led deeper into the woods with only our flashlights, looking for this hermit’s house. When we finally came across this “house”, which was little more than a huge log with a makeshift bed, we were led back to camp.

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Sheriffs camp

Okay, so I would normally go to sheriffs camp in the summer time. It’s basically a summer camp where you get to experience cool simulations of real situations tornados, fires ect. The camp is split up between girls and boys, boys sleep in tents near the lake while girls sleep in cabins in the woods. After we got there they did the “welcome to camp here are the rules” speech, we the proceeded to split up into out cabins and Gather our things. We walked up to our cabins and got settled in. We then walked down to the fire pit, the girls who were in charge of our cabin decided to tell us a ghost story, about a girl named Sally who drowned in the lake and she walks the camp every night blah blah blah blah blah, I was 11 at the time and I knew they were just trying to scare the littler kids so I pretty much blew her off and happily ate my smore. I had made three friends, Kate, Maddy, and Nicky. They had also blew off the stupid story. Later that night we were in our cabin windows open everybody was asleep and suddenly Mal just started going ballistic, like she was freaking out, one of the older girls calmed her down and we finally understood what she was saying to us. She still crying said “there was a girl in the window.” I’m at this point thinking she’s insane. I ignore it and go back to sleep. The next morning we get up and Mal has all of her stuff packed, she was leaving that day, me and Nicky asked her why thinking it was about the girl thing, she lifts up her shirt and she has scratch marks all the way down her back. Me and Nicky are like looking at each other like “what the even?” Mal leaves that day. Later that night we were talking about it and Kate goes, “yeah that’s a little odd. Last night I thought I saw rainbow boots walking outside the cabin window” me and Nicky things she’s going insane so we play it off. And didn’t talk about it again. Nicky ended up leaving camp early because of a family thing. Leaving me with Kate. The rest of the week goes off with out incident. Something I forgot to mention, I had a dog at the time who was going to have puppies at like any moment this will tie into the story later. Anyway so on the bus ride home I had to sit with Kate, she was really talkative, and then suddenly she just kind of stop and started staring out the window. I just ignored it because I wanted her to shut up anyway. She suddenly says, in a really deep voice, like too deep for an eleven year old “something bad is going to happen” I think she’s insane so I switch seats. I got home and in about a day later my dog has all 12 of her puppies, and then they all die. Like they were doing fine. And then they just all died. The next day my dog died.

Werewolves at camp

Hello, I am  a 13 year old boy in the seventh grade and I live in upstate South Carolina; I am here to tell you about my real monster sighting at my camp grounds last summer. So last summer I went to a summer camp Above my state, when we were there, there were wide trails and a big pasture was at the end of one. So after we discovered this, me and 3 of my friends their names were Dylan, Cameron, and Thomas, Went down the trail at around 11 at night.

So as we were on our way, we heard big steps around us.

I asked Thomas what it was, btw Thomas is never scared of everything and he went hunting almost every day afterschool in the hunting season, he said it was just a squirrel. I went with that and kept walking down the path. When we finally got to the pasture, we saw something running across the field; it was hard to make out what it was considering it was 11 o’clock at night.

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My Uncles Bad Experience Camping

My uncles bad camping experience

In the summer of 1978, My uncle was 16 years of age my grandparents had sent him to a church champ. when he arrived at the camp he felt like someone was always watching him.

The camp had a very creepy vibe to it.It was a low budget camp so everything was either broken or old.

He was roommates with a kid named James who was the same age as him. The first night my uncle could not sleep. He made a dumb decision  and decided to go for a walk. He had a small flashlight that was giving to him if he needed to use the bathroom at night.

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Creepers at camp

I’m 13 years old now I was 6 years old at the time this took place. I was camping with my family up at Autrain Camp Ground, Michigan. So I had been with my family and cousins. I had been playing with my cousins, when this truck pulled up.

In the truck was a probably mid 40s woman and a late 60 year old man. They watched us play for about 10 or so minutes. When they started to say “Hey kids we’ve got candy and stuffed animals! We just need you kids to reach it in the back of the truck.” At 6 years old I was like CANDY? Heck yeah I’ll get in the truck to get it. At 6 years old you really don’t think about consequences from your actions. But my older cousin who was about 11 at the time let’s call her Sam. Sam convinced me not to go into their truck.

As soon as Sam convinced me all 5 kids ran as fast as our little legs could carry us back to the adults. The police were soon called and before they could get there the people in the truck were long gone.

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Summer Camp Creeper

When I was twelve, I attended summer camp in Rehoboth. I would go there for about two weeks in July and most of the time, I was having a lot of fun with a good chunk of the activities, especially Archery. Despite this, there was one activity that I didn’t do very often. That activity was none other than cooking. It wasn’t because I was a bad cook or afraid of burning myself or anything. It was actually due to a more… unnerving reason. It all began during my first day of camp. I hadn’t been there in a long time so I was eager to try some of the activities that were open that day. One of these activities was cooking.

At this activity, there were two counselors. One was a younger female and the other an older male. I decided to go over to the female counselor since a couple of other kids told me to go there. We all sat around a counter as we learned to make s’mores. It was a rather easy thing to make so most of us, save for a couple of kids who accidentally dropped their marshmallows on the ground, didn’t have a lot of trouble making it. After that, I decided to come back a couple more times during the week since I enjoyed the activity. However, when I came back to the activity the second time in the week, the female counselor started giving me a lot more attention than usual and even started rubbing my shoulders. At this point, my blood ran cold and I stood there without moving an inch. She did this for about a few seconds until the older counselor called her out on it. She thankfully backed off and I breathed a sigh of relief.

After that experience, I tried my hardest to avoid going back to the cooking area. However, a delicious smell wafted through the air and it made my mouth water. I followed the scent and it lead it me towards the cooking area. When I got close to the area, I noticed that the female counselor was standing at the area’s entrance, which really freaked me out. When I was inches away from her, she greeted me and tried to rub my shoulders again. I backed away and replied with, “Actually, can we talk about the last time I was here?” She said yes and led me towards one of the counters in the cooking area.  As we were walking to the counter, I noticed that the older counselor wasn’t there. I asked her about the counselor’s whereabouts and she said that he had to fill in for another counselor at the tennis courts.

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Summer Camp Creeper

The following event happened while I was at summer camp, around thirteen years old. My two friends, let’s call them Paige and Julia, attended this camp with me. This was not a sleep-away summer camp, kids only went during the daytime. You would pick three activities during the day to go to, then after those were done you would meet back at your designated pavilion (as kids were separated into age groups) for lunch.

I got off the bus one morning and met with my friends, who told me about how they had a plan for today. We were going to skip one of our activities and go down a secret path that they had found. I agreed, as I wasn’t much of a rebellious kid, but I felt like finally breaking the rules a little. We chose to skip boating, our second activity, and explore the trail. The day went by normally, up until it came time for us to conduct our little plan.

We had waited until we were sure there were no counselors around, then we ducked into the woods, where we soon found the dirt path Paige and Julia had mentioned before. We had walked no more than about 100 feet and I suddenly got the feeling that we were being watched. I convinced myself that it was just my guilty mind and we continued on walking until we reached some benches. Sitting down for a while, I noticed a figure in the distance. Dismissing it, I turned back over to my friends.

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