The camping skinwalker

It was the 27th of may 2008 on a Thursday this happened and as it was my 12th birthday so my mum decided to book a 5-day forest camping trip because I love camping, (for England) it was half term and I needed to get some fresh air from playing too much ps3!

I arrived with no problems apart from forgetting my spare trousers (pants for Americans) and it was fun. On Monday we did archery (a popular sport in England), on Tuesday we went rock climbing and on Wednesday we made little boat’s and saw if they would float and every night we hang out at the fire sang songs, made smores and played Chinese whispers but on Thursday it was different all the councillors were scared and they worried when people went outside the main building just to go to the toilet!

Later that day when the sun started to set (as it was summer that meant it was 8-9pm) and there was a counsellor that was calm and not panicky like the others (she’s called Erin) so I asked her whats going on “don’t tell anyone what I’m about to tell you especially not the councillors” she replied “apparently there’s a demon that inhabits the woods and only comes out on Thursday because it was born on Thursday, but anyway if we mention the demon’s name 3 of us will die”
“What a bunch of crap! tell me it’s named…” I said back
“I think it’s called Beasley” she answered. I don’t know why but as soon as I heard that name I felt insecure I instantly looked behind me to see if there was anything there but nothing.

She told all the campers to go to bed so we did. Strangely, I woke up at midnight only to see that Andrew and Calum (the two people in my tent) gone. I unzipped the tent slowly and quietly only to hear a whisper behind my ear saying “YOUR NEXT” it was the most terrifying thing I’ve ever heard, it was a deep raspy voice. This was followed by my friend Calum screaming “STAN HELP ME!” without thinking I ran to the noise and after what seemed like a lifetime of running I stumbled across Calum’s teddy bear but then at the worst possible time I saw a coyote and I know for a fact that there are no coyotes native to England I instantly thought skinwalker. I just ran to my tent as fast as I can to my tent zipped it up and cried myself to sleep.

The next morning I told the councillors that Andrew and Calum were missing but not about the skinwalkers because I know for a fact they wouldn’t believe me. There was a search party and 2 days later they found Andrew clinging on to life but Calum has never been found. I haven’t told anyone about this event up to no or at least not about the skinwalker part and I hope I never have to deal with this again. I’m contemplating about going to therapy but will they believe me if anyone has had an experience like me can you tell me if a therapy session works, please help me and I shall hopefully see you soon.

Creepy Hermit Encounter

        I live in Burlington, Ontario, a nice lakeside city near Toronto. This story happened to me during a school trip when I was in eighth grade. At my elementary school, which by the way was Catholic, everyone in grade eight would get to go on two trips as part of their final year at the school. One trip took place in the fall and was usually a religious camping trip that took place about forty minutes out of the city. By religious, I mean everyone had to participate in group activities that revolved around being a good Christian and teamwork, etc. This, of course, completely sucked as this “camp” was little more than a religion class stretched to three days.

        The second school trip always took place in the spring and was usually a trip to Ottawa for the weekend where we could explore the city and visit museums. For some reason, it was decided my year would instead take another camping trip (at a camp I will not name) about four hours away at Algonquin Provincial Park. The camp was on one of the many lakes in the park and was set up like your pretty typical summer camp. Cabins were spread out near the lake and partially in the forest and there were bathrooms and a mess hall in separate buildings. As you would guess, boys and girls shared separate cabins. The girls’ cabins were built on supports above the ground and were the ones closer to the lake. Our cabins were almost in the forest and built on the ground along a gravel road. I shared a larger cabin with about four other guys. Although our cabin was the largest, it was probably the least comforting. While the other cabins had actual windows and doors that would fully close and lock, our cabin looked like it was built from balsa wood, only had thin bug-screens for windows and a door that wouldn’t close. I should also point out that I had no experience with actual camping, as my family hates it, so this was a pretty bad first impression.

        This is where the “creepy” story actually starts. On the first evening, we were all gathered outside the mess hall for a fun night activity. The camp counsellors told us about a hermit that lived in the nearby woods. The activity was that they were going to take us into the dark woods in groups to see where this hermit lived. This kind of caught us by surprise as it was quite random, but intriguing at the same time. As you would expect, everyone was pretty much screaming as we were led deeper into the woods with only our flashlights, looking for this hermit’s house. When we finally came across this “house”, which was little more than a huge log with a makeshift bed, we were led back to camp.

        Although my group didn’t see anything, other people started talking about seeing someone creep around the dark woods. Someone in my cabin even said they saw blue, glowing eyes in the darkness. I shrugged it off, thinking the whole hermit story was made up by the camp to scare us, and the person in the woods was just a counsellor.

        Sometime in the middle of the night, I woke up to the sound of someone sprinting down the gravel road that ran near our cabin. At first I was startled, and a little creeped out, but then I thought it might have just been an animal. That was, until, I started hearing the gravel crunch around our cabin. It was very soft, but definitely a person. I was suddenly terrified. My bed was right beside the door that didn’t lock. An animal could have easily pushed the door open on its own and walked inside if it wanted to. There was also nothing covering the screens, so the person outside could clearly see in. I was ready to scream as loud as possible if someone entered the cabin. I had my eyes locked on the door, anticipating to see it slowly open. But it never did. The sound outside slowly disappeared into the woods. Immediately, I thought it must have been the hermit. I ruled out the possibility of it being a counsellor or teacher because it was at least three in the morning, which was an odd time to check on students. Surprisingly, I was able to fall back asleep a short while later.

        That was the only interesting part of the camping trip unfortunately. The rest of the trip was pretty dreadful. It rained non-stop for the remaining days and a few people from my class caught the flu from another school that was sharing the camp with us, so the bus was partially quarantined on the way back home.

        As time passed, I mostly forgot about the creepy encounter, giving in to the possibility that it was just a counsellor checking on us. The story doesn’t end there though. The following year, it was my younger sister’s turn to go on the same eighth grade camping trip. Just like for my class, she also had to go on the weird hermit expedition during the first night. Although she initially thought nothing of it, during one of the other days when she and a few friends were exploring the woods along the lake, she described seeing a small hermit-like person sitting on a log in the distance.

        I know this isn’t the scariest camping story to be told, but it creeps me out knowing that the hermit was indeed real, and that this camp thought it was “fun” to lead a bunch of kids to this random person’s house in the middle of the woods. The hermit also isn’t afraid to peek on unsuspecting campers in the dead of night.

It’s been almost ten years since this happened and I haven’t done anything camping related since.

Sheriffs camp

Okay, so I would normally go to sheriffs camp in the summer time. It’s basically a summer camp where you get to experience cool simulations of real situations tornados, fires ect. The camp is split up between girls and boys, boys sleep in tents near the lake while girls sleep in cabins in the woods. After we got there they did the “welcome to camp here are the rules” speech, we the proceeded to split up into out cabins and Gather our things. We walked up to our cabins and got settled in. We then walked down to the fire pit, the girls who were in charge of our cabin decided to tell us a ghost story, about a girl named Sally who drowned in the lake and she walks the camp every night blah blah blah blah blah, I was 11 at the time and I knew they were just trying to scare the littler kids so I pretty much blew her off and happily ate my smore. I had made three friends, Kate, Maddy, and Nicky. They had also blew off the stupid story. Later that night we were in our cabin windows open everybody was asleep and suddenly Mal just started going ballistic, like she was freaking out, one of the older girls calmed her down and we finally understood what she was saying to us. She still crying said “there was a girl in the window.” I’m at this point thinking she’s insane. I ignore it and go back to sleep. The next morning we get up and Mal has all of her stuff packed, she was leaving that day, me and Nicky asked her why thinking it was about the girl thing, she lifts up her shirt and she has scratch marks all the way down her back. Me and Nicky are like looking at each other like “what the even?” Mal leaves that day. Later that night we were talking about it and Kate goes, “yeah that’s a little odd. Last night I thought I saw rainbow boots walking outside the cabin window” me and Nicky things she’s going insane so we play it off. And didn’t talk about it again. Nicky ended up leaving camp early because of a family thing. Leaving me with Kate. The rest of the week goes off with out incident. Something I forgot to mention, I had a dog at the time who was going to have puppies at like any moment this will tie into the story later. Anyway so on the bus ride home I had to sit with Kate, she was really talkative, and then suddenly she just kind of stop and started staring out the window. I just ignored it because I wanted her to shut up anyway. She suddenly says, in a really deep voice, like too deep for an eleven year old “something bad is going to happen” I think she’s insane so I switch seats. I got home and in about a day later my dog has all 12 of her puppies, and then they all die. Like they were doing fine. And then they just all died. The next day my dog died.

Werewolves at camp

Hello, I am  a 13 year old boy in the seventh grade and I live in upstate South Carolina; I am here to tell you about my real monster sighting at my camp grounds last summer. So last summer I went to a summer camp Above my state, when we were there, there were wide trails and a big pasture was at the end of one. So after we discovered this, me and 3 of my friends their names were Dylan, Cameron, and Thomas, Went down the trail at around 11 at night.

So as we were on our way, we heard big steps around us.

I asked Thomas what it was, btw Thomas is never scared of everything and he went hunting almost every day afterschool in the hunting season, he said it was just a squirrel. I went with that and kept walking down the path. When we finally got to the pasture, we saw something running across the field; it was hard to make out what it was considering it was 11 o’clock at night.

Thomas played it off as a coyote but I questioned him since they usually run in packs. After that, we just talked and then started the 1 mile treck back. On the way there, something ran super fast across the path in less than a second; after this, we were frozen, then we heard something behind us and when we looked, it was standing there, this wolf like creature standing at least 8 feet tall it was black or dark brown and it snarled like a dog would if you touch it when it’s sleeping.

The only way we saw it was from the fact that the moon was full that night and people at the camp that day had already, what I thought was jokingly, warned us of those woods on a full moon, or for any moon. So after we saw it and it saw us, we ran sprinting back to our cabin. When I looked back, it didn’t chase us it just stood and ran off into the brush and left us alone.

After this experience, I hardly ever go into the woods at night without my dads glock and if I ever see that thing again I will try my hardest to get a picture or see if it’s actually nice.

My Uncles Bad Experience Camping

My uncles bad camping experience

In the summer of 1978, My uncle was 16 years of age my grandparents had sent him to a church champ. when he arrived at the camp he felt like someone was always watching him.

The camp had a very creepy vibe to it.It was a low budget camp so everything was either broken or old.

He was roommates with a kid named James who was the same age as him. The first night my uncle could not sleep. He made a dumb decision  and decided to go for a walk. He had a small flashlight that was giving to him if he needed to use the bathroom at night.

My uncle decided to go out on a walk, When he got on the trail he heard something following behind him. My uncle brushed it off as a animal so he kept walking. He heard the noises keep getting louder and closer to him.

This time he turned around and flashed his flashlight but he saw nothing on the trail. My uncle on high alert started walking faster when he heard the sound of someone running behind him. It was James he said as soon as my uncle left he looked out the window of the cabin and saw the figure of a man sneaking around behind him before he entered the trail.

My uncle and his friend James started running up the trails when a man yelled at them and started chasing after them.

My uncle and his friend James ran into another trail to try to circle around to head back in the direction of the cabins. While my uncle was running he dropped his flashlight so they were running in the dark where their only light was the moon.

The man was chasing after them, the man tried to shoot at them but he missed. The sounds of the bullets woke up the whole camp. When they ran back into the camp the camp they called the police.

This is the forest so it took the police awhile to get to the camp.

When they arrived they searched the woods and the man was never found. What they did find a mile away from the camp was a black bag with rope,tape, and a knife. If James dd not look out the window,

That would of been the last time my uncle would of been seen. To this day my uncle and James still have a friendship he is considered a close family friend.