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Werewolves at camp

Hello, I am  a 13 year old boy in the seventh grade and I live in upstate South Carolina; I am here to tell you about my real monster sighting at my camp grounds last summer. So last summer I went to a summer camp Above my state, when we were there, there were wide trails and a big pasture was at the end of one. So after we discovered this, me and 3 of my friends their names were Dylan, Cameron, and Thomas, Went down the trail at around 11 at night.

So as we were on our way, we heard big steps around us.

My Uncles Bad Experience Camping

My uncles bad camping experience

In the summer of 1978, My uncle was 16 years of age my grandparents had sent him to a church champ. when he arrived at the camp he felt like someone was always watching him.

The camp had a very creepy vibe to it.It was a low budget camp so everything was either broken or old.

Creepers at camp

I’m 13 years old now I was 6 years old at the time this took place. I was camping with my family up at Autrain Camp Ground, Michigan. So I had been with my family and cousins. I had been playing with my cousins, when this truck pulled up.

In the truck was a probably mid 40s woman and a late 60 year old man. They watched us play for about 10 or so minutes. When they started to say “Hey kids we’ve got candy and stuffed animals! We just need you kids to reach it in the back of the truck.” At 6 years old I was like CANDY? Heck yeah I’ll get in the truck to get it. At 6 years old you really don’t think about consequences from your actions. But my older cousin who was about 11 at the time let’s call her Sam. Sam convinced me not to go into their truck.

Summer Camp Creeper

When I was twelve, I attended summer camp in Rehoboth. I would go there for about two weeks in July and most of the time, I was having a lot of fun with a good chunk of the activities, especially Archery. Despite this, there was one activity that I didn’t do very often. That activity was none other than cooking. It wasn’t because I was a bad cook or afraid of burning myself or anything. It was actually due to a more… unnerving reason. It all began during my first day of camp. I hadn’t been there in a long time so I was eager to try some of the activities that were open that day. One of these activities was cooking.

At this activity, there were two counselors. One was a younger female and the other an older male. I decided to go over to the female counselor since a couple of other kids told me to go there. We all sat around a counter as we learned to make s’mores. It was a rather easy thing to make so most of us, save for a couple of kids who accidentally dropped their marshmallows on the ground, didn’t have a lot of trouble making it. After that, I decided to come back a couple more times during the week since I enjoyed the activity. However, when I came back to the activity the second time in the week, the female counselor started giving me a lot more attention than usual and even started rubbing my shoulders. At this point, my blood ran cold and I stood there without moving an inch. She did this for about a few seconds until the older counselor called her out on it. She thankfully backed off and I breathed a sigh of relief.

Summer Camp Creeper

The following event happened while I was at summer camp, around thirteen years old. My two friends, let’s call them Paige and Julia, attended this camp with me. This was not a sleep-away summer camp, kids only went during the daytime. You would pick three activities during the day to go to, then after those were done you would meet back at your designated pavilion (as kids were separated into age groups) for lunch.

I got off the bus one morning and met with my friends, who told me about how they had a plan for today. We were going to skip one of our activities and go down a secret path that they had found. I agreed, as I wasn’t much of a rebellious kid, but I felt like finally breaking the rules a little. We chose to skip boating, our second activity, and explore the trail. The day went by normally, up until it came time for us to conduct our little plan.