Late night walk through the alley

My friends and I usually have crazy sleepovers, we are constantly trying to one-up every sleepover, from nearly dieing of cardiac arrest because we wanted to make sword out of soda cans, to nearly burning down a tree during new years, to what I am about to tell all of you now.

I decided to host a sleepover with whoever would be able to stay. By arround 4, all of my friends started to arrive. First my friend, Mickays. To protect their identities, I’ll just use nicknames, then Lyneé, then Ry, then Lills. For the first few hours, we had dinner, walked to Bosa, a doughnut shop here in Arizona. Then went  home and hung out, contemplating what we would do to beat all of the other sleepovers.

By 10 o’clock, Mickays was out and Lills was half asleep. We where on the cement wall that blocked my backyard from the alleyway. We where just talking when I had the bright idea to take a walk through the alleyway to my neighbourhood. Ry and Lyneé agreed. we would wait for my mom to go to sleep, then we would hop my back yard wall.

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The sturgeon lake creature

About two summers ago my dad and I were fishing at sturgeon lake( a small lake near our homtown) we were about to start the day fishing and my dad was just pulling the boat up so I could jump in when there was a extremely large splash about 50 yards away from us near the center of the lake.

Now I can’t stress this enough but this lake isn’t particularly big, but occasionally people do catch large 40-50 pound pike out of this lake, so 15 year old me tries to think about it logically and labels it as such.

Once I get in our boat my dad starts up the trolling motor and we go over to the far side of the lake.

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Stranger in the Woods

Last summer, I had my first kiss. It was with Luke, my older brother’s friend. Luke was an okay guy, he was kind of a pushover, but he made me laugh and seemed to enjoy my company.

My brother, Alex, had an attitude problem, most teenagers did. I was a crybaby when I was little and he was insensitive, so we didn’t get along too well. Over the years, he’s mellowed out and my skin had thickened, but our relationship always felt like we were standing on thin ice. I’ve always wanted to have a more positive relationship with him.

I didn’t tell anyone about the kiss. It was meaningful to me and I didn’t want the local kids to know. I kept quiet, and so did Luke. He didn’t seem to care all that much about the kiss.

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Gazebo Experience

I was always a very outgoing child. I didn’t always live in America, for the first five years of my life, I lived in the Philippines. I had a Grandfather on my Mother’s side that passed away two years before I was born and he was buried in this traditional Chinese cemetery since he was half-Chinese and his siblings wanted him to be buried there. So every year we would go to that cemetery with my Grandma, my uncles, cousins, and parents to celebrate his birthday or to just randomly show up and put flowers on his grave. It was a time for my family to come together and celebrate his life. My Grandma is a really chill person, so when my parents wouldn’t be able to come, she let me roam around the cemetery as much as I want, for however long I wanted. I liked playing with my cousins, pulling pranks on them, playing hide-and-seek, but I also liked playing by myself. Half the time I was there would be spent just me wandering off. This was a huge cemetery and there were iron fences all around it so even though it was huge, I couldn’t run away just like that. I knew every inch of this cemetery down to where certain shrubs are. This is important because of the next part.

Since I knew every inch of this cemetery, I would notice when something showed up and it wasn’t there before. It was Chinese New Year and everyone in the family came to pay their respects to my Grandfather. It’s not like here in America where a deceased loved-one is mourned forever, in the Philippines we take that time to celebrate their life. I was around 5 years old at this time and it was my last year before my family moved to Pennsylvania, so I decided to give it a one last walk around. I was walking for maybe ten minutes and came across a clearing. The sun was golden and everything around me illuminated. It was beautiful and there were tall grass surrounding me. Then I spotted the gazebo in the distance. I don’t remember ever seeing it, and I had a really good layout of the whole cemetery. But for some reason, it didn’t occur to me until after the incident happened. Anyways, I was drawn to this gazebo. I remember it being an off-white color and it looked like a fun place to play in. So I walked towards it and when I got there I remember just running around it and walking back and forth.

This is where the weird things began. I was standing in the middle of this gazebo when I hear the weirdest noise in the whole world. It was like a guttural engine sound, I have no idea how to describe it. With that noise came a strange high-pitched sound that really hurt my ears. I tried looking around me and then all of a sudden it just stopped. It was quiet and i couldn’t hear anything. But I could see the tall grass swaying with the wind, except I couldn’t feel the wind or hear it. Then I see a strange thing peering out from behind the grass. It was small and about the same height as my five year old self. I heard a clicking noise coming from it. The “being” or whatever it was, was just coming into view and then suddenly I was back with my family near my Grandfather’s grave and they were packing up things to go home. The sun was disappearing and I was just standing there, dazed and confused.

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Summer Break At Fudge Rd.

It was the summer of 2011…I had recently joined a band, and had been spending a lot of time on the road with my fellow band mates. We had a night off from shows and decided to all pile into our van for a drive around the countryside. Our bass player, Billy was the driver. There was also Adam in the passenger seat, along with Eli, Myself, and a friend named Ryan all piled into the crowded backseat. It was an eerily quiet night, and it soon sparked our curiosity for adventure. Now I should mention that in our town of rural Ohio, there were many urban legends. One of the most popular being the “Crybaby Bridge”. The Crybaby Bridge is located on a desolate road in the countryside of West Alexandria, Ohio. The legend goes that a woman had killed her child and hung her self on the Bridge one night, and that if you drive onto the bridge, turn your car off and say “mama” three times, the cries of her and her child can be heard coming from the Bridge. So being the curious teenagers we were, we decided to head to the Notorious “Fudge Road” where the Bridge was located.

We had arrived at our turn to begin traveling on the road when we had come across a sign saying that it was closed. We stopped our van for a moment, wondering if we had the right place. Adam had insisted it was right, so we drove around the sign and continued into the darkness of the road. It had an incredibly dark atmosphere to it, and was only big enough for one car to drive on. There were big trees on each side of the road, forming what looked like a shroud or tunnel, causing the headlights to be our only guide to the Bridge. The stars and night sky were enveloped in the darkness of the trees, and as we travelled along the dark road we had noticed multiple abandoned homes and sheds on the roadside. It seemed like the perfect place for a spooky adventure, but in the next few moments we had regretted our decision to adventure down this mysterious trail.

We had finally managed to get near the Bridge when we had seen a car parked in the middle of the road. Like I had mentioned before, the road wasn’t very wide, so this car was essentially blocking the way to the Bridge. It looked abandoned and as if someone had just left it there. We told billy to go around, as the Bridge was only a short distance away. It was at this point that we passed the car and noticed somebody sitting in the drivers seat. It was a man, he was wearing a mask and had his seat leaned all the way back, as if he were trying to hide. As soon as we passed his car, he started the engine and soon enough his lights were following right behind us. In a panic, I told Billy to drive faster, that we were being followed. He sped up, but once he had reached the Bridge we realized it was a dead end. The Bridge was damaged, and had a large sign blocking the way. Our only choice was to turn around and drive back the way we came. Billy slid the van into the grass and started to do a K Turn in order to turn the van back around. It was then we saw the man’s head lights coming even closer to us. We screamed and told Billy to drive fast, that we had to get around this guy. Adam grabbed the vans fire extinguisher from the back and threatened to throw it at the man’s car if he wouldn’t let us through. The man’s cars sat still in the middle of the road, blocking our way out. Billy floored it, speeding towards the his car and sent it mowing through the field to the right of him. It was then we could see the man in the drivers seat, loading a shotgun, looking up at us with his menacing mask. We screamed in terror and told Billy to not stop for anything, the man attempted to follow us, but we were fortunate enough to get out of there before he could catch up.

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The Man in the Harlequin Mask

This happened maybe two years ago.

I live in Massachusetts and I enjoy an activity called Live Action Roleplaying. If you’re not familiar with it, imagine spending a weekend immersed in a made-up universe, playing a character you invented. It’s like long term improv or theater if you think about it. It’s really just amazing.

The place I go to is a medieval fantasy themed universe. That being said, we were in the forest with no electronics and the only lights came from candles or the two large campfires which were on opposite sides of the grounds. At that time, I played a noble who had a lot of functions in game.

Generally, I wore a fancy dark green dress laced with a trace of gold around the sleeves and the large hood it bore.

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Following the Sunset

I am a teacher’s aide and student at college on a small island of a family of islands in the tropics. It was summer break, which meant no work and no school for some time. This was my time to do me and unwind big time. On a good day at work I needed a lot of energy to run around, play with and teach the children. On a bad day at work I needed a lot of energy to run around, play with, teach the children and calm multiple screaming tantrums or little fights. College is just papers, presentations and tests non stop, so summer break is my time for peace and tranquility. Consequently, one of the things I like to do is watch the sun rise or set over the sea. On this particular day I decided to follow the sunset on the cliffs at the most western point of the island. As always, I went alone.

The seaside cliff is a beautiful place, where the waves make continous music against the rocks, sometimes gentle, sometimes wild, but all beautiful. I breathed in the salt air and began to follow the sun as it made its retreat. I was careful, because even though this was a tranquil place it could also be dangerous. The sea constantly ate away at the rocks which created many holes that a person can fall through into the deep. Cracks were everywhere and one had to respect the fact that the ground beneath you could give way at any time. Again my confidence on walking this cliff was built up over many short walks and fishing trips I made, so this time I went further than I had ever traveled before.

I walked for as long as I can see the sun in the sky, only stopping when there was no more open cliff to walk, and I was to the edge of the thick, darkening tree line. There was only a gentle breeze, and being the whimsical person I can be in these situations, I began to sing … thinking I was alone.

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My summer Break Camping horror

Before I start, I’d like to say that This experience happened to my sister, not me.

My family enjoys camping in the summer, as many people do. It’s always so relaxing to be with nature in the peaceful silence of the mountains or forest. Unfortunately for my family, we’ve learned that you aren’t always able to trust the places you know so well.

Recently, my family and I went up to Osoyoos in BC Canada.

The campground we were headed to has been a place we’ve gone to for a number of years and my family loves it. The campground is made up of a bunch of different camp sites throughout the property the second you drive into the campground.

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Creepy backwoods experience

Hi, my name is Carter, I’m a freshman in high school, and I live in a house that has a huge expanse of forest behind it. I explore these woods behind my house quite often, and I used to make trips through it to get to my ex-girlfriend’s house with ease since I don’t have a car(at the time of this story I was still dating her). Unfortunately, I had an experience that has guaranteed that neither I, nor my ex, will ever set foot in those woods ever again.

This happened over 8th grade summer break.

I left my house around [10:00] to get to hers, it was dark, but I wasn’t worried, I had made the trek many times before, plus, her parents were going on vacation for a week, so I was willing to walk through the forest alone at night if it meant being alone with her for a week.

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