Summer Break At Fudge Rd.

It was the summer of 2011…I had recently joined a band, and had been spending a lot of time on the road with my fellow band mates. We had a night off from shows and decided to all pile into our van for a drive around the countryside. Our bass player, Billy was the driver. There was also Adam in the passenger seat, along with Eli, Myself, and a friend named Ryan all piled into the crowded backseat. It was an eerily quiet night, and it soon sparked our curiosity for adventure. Now I should mention that in our town of rural Ohio, there were many urban legends. One of the most popular being the “Crybaby Bridge”. The Crybaby Bridge is located on a desolate road in the countryside of West Alexandria, Ohio. The legend goes that a woman had killed her child and hung her self on the Bridge one night, and that if you drive onto the bridge, turn your car off and say “mama” three times, the cries of her and her child can be heard coming from the Bridge. So being the curious teenagers we were, we decided to head to the Notorious “Fudge Road” where the Bridge was located.

We had arrived at our turn to begin traveling on the road when we had come across a sign saying that it was closed. We stopped our van for a moment, wondering if we had the right place. Adam had insisted it was right, so we drove around the sign and continued into the darkness of the road. It had an incredibly dark atmosphere to it, and was only big enough for one car to drive on. There were big trees on each side of the road, forming what looked like a shroud or tunnel, causing the headlights to be our only guide to the Bridge. The stars and night sky were enveloped in the darkness of the trees, and as we travelled along the dark road we had noticed multiple abandoned homes and sheds on the roadside. It seemed like the perfect place for a spooky adventure, but in the next few moments we had regretted our decision to adventure down this mysterious trail.

We had finally managed to get near the Bridge when we had seen a car parked in the middle of the road. Like I had mentioned before, the road wasn’t very wide, so this car was essentially blocking the way to the Bridge. It looked abandoned and as if someone had just left it there. We told billy to go around, as the Bridge was only a short distance away. It was at this point that we passed the car and noticed somebody sitting in the drivers seat. It was a man, he was wearing a mask and had his seat leaned all the way back, as if he were trying to hide. As soon as we passed his car, he started the engine and soon enough his lights were following right behind us. In a panic, I told Billy to drive faster, that we were being followed. He sped up, but once he had reached the Bridge we realized it was a dead end. The Bridge was damaged, and had a large sign blocking the way. Our only choice was to turn around and drive back the way we came. Billy slid the van into the grass and started to do a K Turn in order to turn the van back around. It was then we saw the man’s head lights coming even closer to us. We screamed and told Billy to drive fast, that we had to get around this guy. Adam grabbed the vans fire extinguisher from the back and threatened to throw it at the man’s car if he wouldn’t let us through. The man’s cars sat still in the middle of the road, blocking our way out. Billy floored it, speeding towards the his car and sent it mowing through the field to the right of him. It was then we could see the man in the drivers seat, loading a shotgun, looking up at us with his menacing mask. We screamed in terror and told Billy to not stop for anything, the man attempted to follow us, but we were fortunate enough to get out of there before he could catch up.

I had always heard so many stories about the paranormal events of Crybaby Bridge but never the possibility of an armed maniac, just waiting for the next pair of kids who were foolish enough to enter it’s dark woods. This experience was terrifying, but also very interesting in many ways. There were so many mysteries about this road, an many confirmed deaths linked to it, I had taken it upon myself to do further research. It turns out that we weren’t the only group who had experienced a man follow them on Fudge Road. There are many stories online from other explorers seeing a man in a mask, or sitting in his car with a camera. He’s said to live in one of the few homes alongside the road, and that he is tired of trespassers. There is also a women who is known to run outside with a camera, filming those who dare to come explore the roads dark wonders. All I know is that my experience at Fudge Road was very real, and very frightening. Who knows what could’ve happened if the man had caught us. Just remember, urban legends are fun but mostly fiction. It’s the monsters that live among us that we should truly be afraid of. Be safe, and be aware.

The Man in the Harlequin Mask

This happened maybe two years ago.

I live in Massachusetts and I enjoy an activity called Live Action Roleplaying. If you’re not familiar with it, imagine spending a weekend immersed in a made-up universe, playing a character you invented. It’s like long term improv or theater if you think about it. It’s really just amazing.

The place I go to is a medieval fantasy themed universe. That being said, we were in the forest with no electronics and the only lights came from candles or the two large campfires which were on opposite sides of the grounds. At that time, I played a noble who had a lot of functions in game.

Generally, I wore a fancy dark green dress laced with a trace of gold around the sleeves and the large hood it bore.

There was one evening that was actually very confusing and thinking about it gives me chills.

So, one night, the people who animated the event had decided to make a masked ball. I had brought with me a beautiful dark green lace mask ornated with gold that matched my dress. I had bought it in venice when I had the chance to have a student exchange in Italy. I had never worn it until that night.

It was a very cloudy night, so we couldn’t see the moon or the stars. Needless to say it was very dark.

Everyone gathered around the campfire and the animators started the music (since they orhcestrated the whole event, sometimes, they would use soundboxes and such to make events more immersive) and it was a three-stroke waltz.

At that time, I had absolutely no idea how to dance to a three-stroke waltz, even if it is the easiest dance in the world.

One of my friends had given me a bit of prior training as we were putting our costumes on; everyone had brought a fancier outfit for that night, because usually, since there were many battles and such, people dressed very much like medieval peasants, depending on what style they went for. Since I was a noble woman, I always dressed a little fancier. I didn’t change for that evening, because it wasn’t necessary.

Everyone paired up and I watched, sitting by the fire, mesmerized at how amazing it looked to see people dancing.

Soon enough, a man approached me.

He was wearing a full mask and I didn’t recognize his build. He was neither a player nor was he one of the animators. I know these people; most of them, I went to college with. Him, though, I didn’t know at all.

I brushed it off and figured it was a new player that could only make it to the event that evening.

“Would you care to dance with me?” He asked me in a deep voice. He was holding a hand out to me, waiting for me to grab it.

“I’m not really good at dancing.” I say, a little intimidated.

I was a bit creeped out by his mask, although it was very nice looking.

A full-face harlequin mask; it was black and burgundy with a diamond shaped pattern layered all over it, separated by lines of gold.

Now, usually, in La Commedia Dell’arte, Harlequin’s mask is brown and his clothes have red, green and gold triangular or diamond shaped patterns all over, but I still recognized the character’s mask from the mischevious expression plastered onto it.

“Just follow my lead. After all, in a waltz, the man leads the dance.”

I finally agree on sharing one dance with him. It was rather enjoyable, since he took his time to show me where to put my hands and how to move my feet. He even encouraged me to relax.

Throughout the whole thing, I had no idea who’s voice it was. It really bugged me. Everything about him seemed bizarre. Unusual.

He kept suggesting we should go take a walk in the forest, further away from the crowd, but every time, I refused. It was dark in the forest and I didn’t know him and my character was known to be scared of the dark, even if I, as a person, don’t mind it at all. Still, since I didn’t know him, even I, Melody, the real person behind the character, wouldn’t have followed him. Something didn’t feel right.

When the waltz ended, I thanked him, he bowed at me and walked into the crowd of people who had started chatting.

I figured I’d try and find him later in the evening. I always like roleplaying with all sorts of people. It’s fun.

But I never found him.

The evening went on and there was no trace of him anywhere. I asked around and none of the other players said it.

I even described his mask exactly and no one recalled having seen such a mask.

For the sake of the evening, I brushed it off, joking that I had danced with a ghost.

Fast-forward to the end of the weekend. Everyone was packing up what was on the grounds and we were all chatting, so I asked.

“Who did I dance with, saturday night?”

No one spoke up.

Everyone looked at one another, rather dumbfounded.

“Was there a late arrival?” I asked the animators.

They all told me there couldn’t have been a player who would have arrived that evening because all the animators were in game; they weren’t at their spot where they put their costumes on and such; all of them were with the players, in character. Absolutely no one was out-game.

That suddenly chilled me even more than it did earlier.

My mind suddenly traced back to that night. How he had kept suggesting to go for a walk in the forest where there wasn’t anybody so we could talk…

I kept getting these bizarre vibes from him, but at the time, I just figured it was the excitement. I loved the idea of a masked ball.

But what if he was a man with intentions I don’t want to think about?

I’m so grateful for the fact I refused to follow him. I can’t begin to imagine what could have happened.

Maybe he was a good guy, but there was a chance he wasn’t. And I’d rather not find out which it is.

Following the Sunset

I am a teacher’s aide and student at college on a small island of a family of islands in the tropics. It was summer break, which meant no work and no school for some time. This was my time to do me and unwind big time. On a good day at work I needed a lot of energy to run around, play with and teach the children. On a bad day at work I needed a lot of energy to run around, play with, teach the children and calm multiple screaming tantrums or little fights. College is just papers, presentations and tests non stop, so summer break is my time for peace and tranquility. Consequently, one of the things I like to do is watch the sun rise or set over the sea. On this particular day I decided to follow the sunset on the cliffs at the most western point of the island. As always, I went alone.

The seaside cliff is a beautiful place, where the waves make continous music against the rocks, sometimes gentle, sometimes wild, but all beautiful. I breathed in the salt air and began to follow the sun as it made its retreat. I was careful, because even though this was a tranquil place it could also be dangerous. The sea constantly ate away at the rocks which created many holes that a person can fall through into the deep. Cracks were everywhere and one had to respect the fact that the ground beneath you could give way at any time. Again my confidence on walking this cliff was built up over many short walks and fishing trips I made, so this time I went further than I had ever traveled before.

I walked for as long as I can see the sun in the sky, only stopping when there was no more open cliff to walk, and I was to the edge of the thick, darkening tree line. There was only a gentle breeze, and being the whimsical person I can be in these situations, I began to sing … thinking I was alone.

As I sang I heard a branch break in the tree line, but I thought nothing of it, it is nature after all. I began to sing again letting the view take in when I heard not only a branch but some leaves crunching. I turned around. This was the first time that I realized that altough there was still some light in the sky, I could see nothing beyond the first two rows of trees in the tree line. It was really dark there. I got the sense that I should go, but it was still so beautiful, I was stupified… because I decided to finish the song I felt inside of me… I kid you not… stupified… I did finish my song when I heard the crunching of leaves again, this time closer. I turned around scanning the tree line, but I could see nothing. Sighing I turned to leaves when suddenly I heard many branches breaking and heavy hurried steps like running towards me, so I ran.

In the fading light on the errroded cliff side I ran. I ran fast and hard, jumping over the holes to the deep, staying close to the tree line in spite of my persuer because it was the only sure ground on the erroding cliffs. I cannot recall when I kicked off my slippers, but I had them in hand, running in the wind all the way to my car. Thank God I was a former high school athlete.

I wasted no time getting in my car. I didn’t fumble my keys. I got in, locked my doors and sped to the most populated, well lit, high traffic gas station in that area. It was only then, when I knew I was safe, that I sat in my car, and pulled out over ten fairly deep, and slightly painful splinters from each foot… I never went to the cliffs alone again.

My summer Break Camping horror

Before I start, I’d like to say that This experience happened to my sister, not me.

My family enjoys camping in the summer, as many people do. It’s always so relaxing to be with nature in the peaceful silence of the mountains or forest. Unfortunately for my family, we’ve learned that you aren’t always able to trust the places you know so well.

Recently, my family and I went up to Osoyoos in BC Canada.

The campground we were headed to has been a place we’ve gone to for a number of years and my family loves it. The campground is made up of a bunch of different camp sites throughout the property the second you drive into the campground.

About a 2 minute walk from the camp site we stayed at, was the beach that sits on a small lake. As there isn’t much to do at the campground but go to the beach, that’s where everyone staying at the campground goes for the day.

Throughout the day, people from my family may go up to our trailer at our campsite to grab some food or another chair to sit in.

In this case, our camp site was closer to the entrance of the campground. This meant it was closer to the road and this campground unlike others, didn’t have any sort of security to keep creeps from wandering into the campground.

Here’s where the scary part starts, me and my parents were on the beach when my sister said she was going to the trailer to grab something. My dad said ok and off she went. From here, I’ll be telling the story off of what my sister told me she experienced.

She was walking the long way to the trailer and there wasn’t anyone around because most people were at the beach. When she made it to the trailer, there was no one in either camp site beside us or around us, she opened the trailer and closed the
door behind her.

Before I go any further, the layout of my trailer is kind of important. There’s the main door to enter but there’s also a smaller door to the left of the trailer that can also be opened to access the back of the trailer. That door always stays locked.

So my sister had just closed the door behind her and all of a sudden she got the feeling that she should lock the main door behind her which she usually wouldn’t do in the day time.

It’s a good thing she did this because only a few seconds after she locked it, someone from outside the trailer tried to open the door. Whoever they were pulled on the handle as if trying to open the door the best they could.

My sister was frozen, at first she thought it was one of my family members but something didn’t feel right so she didn’t move, she then suddenly remembered the small door and couldn’t remember if it was locked, right as she thought this the person tried to open the smaller door and to our luck, it was locked.

My sister waited in the trailer for a while and finally got the courage to make sure the coast was clear, left the trailer, locked the door behind her and ran to the beach.

She came to us out of Breath and we asked her what was wrong, she asked if one of us came up to the campsite and tried to open the door and we all worriedly told her no we’d been here the whole time. That’s when she told us everything. Freaked out, we went to the office and reported what happened, and the campground was on high alert.

We aren’t sure what that person wanted, whether they thought since everyone was at the beach maybe they could break into some trailers and get something of value or if he or she was following my sister and was waiting for her to be cornered. They didn’t realize she’s smarter than most people think and I thank God that nothing happened to her.

I don’t even want to think about what might of happened if she hadn’t locked that door behind her.

This is a warning to anyone camping, be careful out there and don’t travel alone, you never know who might be watching.

Summer Scare

It was summer break and my friend, Ellie was spending the night, she had somewhere to be in the morning so we got went to bed. Ellie was sleeping I was drifting off, all of a sudden a my brother ran down the stairs to my room he asked me

“Did you go out the fire escape?”

“No i-its locked”, I said

” Someone just knocked on the slider” He said “Will you come upstairs?” He begged.

I agreed got Ellie and we all went upatairs . We sat on the couch for 30 minutes when we all heard it a fain knock. We all look out the slider door no one was there. My brother textetexted his friends that were all up asking them to stop they didn’t know what he was talking about the knocks went on for hours and whoever or whatever was knocking left as quick as we could turn our heads.

Later that week we went in my backyard Ellie and I, looking for foot prints I wasn’t that scared but it keep happening