Bones From A Fire

I live in a town in Scotland. It’s mostly urban but we do have a good amount of rural areas. This story happened when I was in primary school and I was 9 years old. I lived in a house very close to the rural areas of the town. The rural areas had loads of abadoned places as part of them and my friends and I would go to hang out at them.

It was summer break. Me and two of my friends (One which I will call T in this story and the other E to keep their names private) decided we would go and explore the old abadoned graveyard that loads of people would hang out at.

After getting food and drink from a shop we went down the long narrow road that led to the old grave. We past the farms and joked about the smell of cow manure coming from E and were making other dumb 9 year old jokes until we reached the graveyard.

Once we reached it we all stopped the constant joking due to us being scared but not wanting to admit it. The graves were covered in moss with names coverd and unreadable. Bottles and cans of empty drink lay all over the graveyard and the trees made it darker inside the graveyard. We climbed up onto the old broken down small building and sat there eating out food and drank our energy drinks.

After a few minutes of laughing together T stopped and began to stare outside of the graveyard towards the open area near the river. I then looked towards where he was looking and saw a group of people at a Fire. We could slowly start to hear them shouting things scaring us and then a car came up to the graveyard and parked outside it with no one getting out of it.

Us 3 decided we would take another way back and ran up the hills that would take us eventually back to houses once we ran far enough.
While we were running we could hear the groups shouting stuff still and then a scream from someone. I didn’t look back but T did and was seen and one shouted at him to come down to them.
We just kept running after this.

After about 30 minutes later we were near the houses and a store but were still on farm land. I tripped over as I was running which I’m kind of glad I did as T then put his hand onto a electric fence and E had to pull him off it. It left T with a scar and the fence surrounded us from getting back to the streets of our town.

This meant we had to go back the way and we did.
When we got to where the groups was it was left and the campfire was put out. E ran over to it and came back to us with bones . There was what I can only describe as a deformed bull skull due to the horns on it. E took the skull and bones with him and we eventually got back to our houses and played outside at the park.

Some boys came over to us and asked E where he got those bones and he told them from a Fire near the river.
The boys said that those bones were cursed and that we had to get rid of them.
E put them in the bin in the park and we went all went home scared of being cursed.
The next day the bones were all gone yet everything else was still in the bin.
This left us 3 to wonder why would someone bin raid for those bones and if it was just a binman why only take the bones?

We promised each other we would never go back down there and as far as I know us 3 haven’t.

I moved to a more urban part of town and moved school which meant I stopped talking to E.
In our last year of Primary E pulled a knife on T but fortunately someone spotted him.

Ts parents got a divorce and he started doing drugs in his 3rd year of high school.
He then got sent to a behaviour school and we have only spoke about 3 times since.

During my 2nd year of high school my house burned down and now with me writing this I’m starting to wonder if the so called had anything to do with any of the bar stuff that happened to us or the stuff that led to our friendships ending although it’s unlikely it still makes me wonder what those strangers were doing during that summer break.

It’s about 7 years later now and I haven’t returned to that graveyard although other friends have including Ts cousin but the most unusual thing that happened was wind chimes hanging from a tree randomly moving rapidly even though it wasn’t windy and then those there left.

I have visited other abadoned places and had strange expierences but the one with finding the bones is what scared me the most.

Haunts of Forest Ave.

Now, my home is the oldest on my block, and the closest to the forest around our little dead end, and I usually have to stay home alone for long periods of time. I should tell you some lore of my home, being you’d probably understand why there would be spirits on my land. Around 13 or 14 years ago, before my family moved in, a young girl, not even in her teens, was kidnapped and taken to the woods. Sadly, she was raped and murdered, and I’m not sure if these happenings are from her, or other spirits and paranormal entities within the area. Now that you know the lore, let me tell you what happened over the summer of my 9th grade year.

The first few days of summer were normal, the occasional bump and door moving. One night, my best friend was over, let’s call her Toxic, (For identity reasons, ya know?) She was in the living room and I was walking out of my room, when suddenly, the door to the bedroom across from mine lowly opened. My parents were asleep upstairs and my brother at his friend’s house, so it was just me and her sleeping downstairs, and no one should be able to open that door. I raised an eyebrow and went to close the door, when I heard whispering inside. I backed off and went to sit with Toxic, believing I should just leave it alone.

The night went on peacefully, the door closing on it’s own and the knocks starting again, we watched a movie, one of our favorites, ReZort. Around 3:00, I felt something pressing against my chest, as if someone was sitting on me. I opened my eyes and saw nothing. Being the person I am, I commanded whatever was on my chest to get off.

“No.” A scratchy, female voice spoke. I felt the weight get heavier and grumbled.

“Please, get off me. I can’t breathe properly.”

“…” A soft growl was heard from across the room, and the weight lifted. I sighed in relief and sat up, making it hard for something to do that again. I spoke a thanks and fell asleep.

Around five weeks later, my friend was back over again, and we were hanging out in my room. We were chatting and just laughing when she was tripped. There was nothing around her to cause her to fall, and she didn’t take a misstep. I heard a growl from under my bed and I jumped off it. Toxic got up and told me there was a black arm that reached out for her. It was apparently long, slender, and looked like it was made of smoke. Long fingernails and pale white veins. Let’s just say we staid in the living room that night.

The last few days of summer had nothing scary, no.. Activity.. Until one night. Toxic and I were sitting on the porch of my house, it being around eight. We were waiting for our cake to finish when I just so happen to look towards the woods. There, floating around 10 feet high, was a glowing white orb. It around the size of an american football. It stays there for 1 minute before disappearing. Later, another orb, the size of a kickball, the ones you used in elementary, appeared higher and to the left. I panicked and grabbed Toxic’s arm, rushing inside. We went into my brother’s room and played minecraft, well.. Toxic was, I was looking up orbs and willow wisps to calm myself down.

That was all for that summer, but not all for the paranormal and supernatural.

The Friendly Campers

So, this happened about a year ago, and I only witnessed about a portion of what occurred. The rest is from accounts by my friends. The asinine and illegal things we did in this story, I will not take accountability for. God, I love anonymity. Anyway, we’re a bunch of college students that have always had an affinity for road-trips. I like to think it’s a mode of escapism. As college goes, our bank accounts stopped accommodating trips around the east coast, so we took up camping instead. My best friend owns this land a few hours east of Scranton, Pennsylvania. We all elected to take this big camping trip by the end of the summer, and spent it preparing. We divided ourselves into two cars, split tents, food, drinks, ect among us. As we neared the spot, our GPS went out, so we relied on physical maps we brought with us. After an hour, we arrived at the site just about at dusk. We all unloaded our stuff, set up our tents, and built a nice bonfire: we delegated bonfire duty to one person and by God, he kept it lit the whole stay. The first night was fun. I got over the creepy ambiance of being in the middle of nowhere after 5 or 6 beers. We exchanged stories, pranked each other, and went to sleep. The second day, a group of my friends decided they were going to make the two hour drive to some hick town in order to get more firewood and snacks. I was in the group that stayed behind. According to them, they got lost in the morning fog, and ended up at the local store sometime after sunrise. After purchasing their stuff, they encountered a raggedy old man in the parking lot. Archetypal hillbilly: as hick as you can get on the eastern seaboard. He asks for a cigarette, they oblige, and then begins to berate them with questions. Stuff like, “What’s your name,” “Where are you from,” “What’re you doing here?” To the latter question, he is very interested. He asks where we’re camping and if he can stop by. They laugh it off, but he continues pushing. He says he’ll “hang out” with us, and doesn’t drop the subject, even as they’re reentering the car. By this point, they’re all too high to notice the guy hopping into his beaten-up, white pickup. In fact, they don’t think they’re being followed until they leave the paved roads and see him follow them onto the dirt trails leading back to the campsite. I attribute this to the drugs they were on, but they kept going back to the campsite. They said that they had no room to turn around and nowhere to go, but hey. Leading this guy back wasn’t good. Anyway, this whole time, I’m sitting at the fire, smoking, and have no idea what’s going on because of the absence of cell service. So, I see them rush back, hours late, and I say, “Where are the snacks, man? C’mon, where’s my breakfast?” They make a jumbled recounting of this guy that followed them miles back. At first, I think it’s another prank, but the fear plastered on their faces is palpable. They say he parked the car about forty feet behind theirs and watched them get out. I get the rest of us together, and we all decide to confront this guy. So, it turns out, he was coming first. We’re walking the twenty minute walk to the cars, and we see this dirty, old man in the clearing: holding a hunting rifle. We weren’t going to try and make a break for it or see what the guy wanted, so we decided to loop back around to the camp, and then try and make a wide arc to avoid him. So, we get back to the camp in half the time it took us to walk to the clearing and begin frantically packing our essentials in a high stupor. As we’re about to turn around and go, my friend points at that the bonfire is giving off a lot of smoke on account of all the leaves we used for kindling. So, it’s assumed that the guy can figure out exactly where we are. We stop our packing process immediately, and dip into the trees, running with reckless abandon to cover as much ground as possible. As we’re reaching the car, we hear gunshots in the direction of the camp. We get into our cars and floor it out of there. We reach a police station in the same town after making the same 2 hour drive to that town. We submit our report, even though we were clearly under the influence. They hold us at the station and send a car out to investigate. We’re sitting around, freaking out – more over the consequences of going to the cops high than the maniac, honestly. It’s late in the afternoon before the car returns and tell us what they found. The tents were both torn down and had shell casings and bullet holes in them. Aside from the food wrappers, they said barely anything was left behind. From our own accounting, the guy took our weed, our keg of beer, but also my friend’s wallet. We tell the police the latter, and he says they’ll continue to search around, but they didn’t find any cars around. We end up going home early, and my friend cancels his debit, gets a new ID, and we all haven’t heard anything since. Of course, the knowledge is still haunting that this psychopath knows who he is and, roughly, where he lives. I’m sure nothing will come of it. Nothing has, and it’s been a year. But I have no idea what this guy’s intentions with us were. What if he did catch us out there in the woods? What would he have done? We haven’t been back to that camping site since, but we do plan on returning this summer. It’s June, we’re going back in August: no drugs this time. We’re going to see what came of this, if the case is even still open. Regardless, I’ll update this as soon as we do.

National Forest Monster

For some background information, I really love the Summertime (mostly because I’m able to do a lot more outdoor-related activities comfortably like hiking, outdoor swimming, and especially camping). So when the Summer had arrived in 2005, I was already starting to plan a little overnight camping trip in a national forest a couple towns away from where Iive. It’s also important to mention that I do these types of things solo and that this was my first time going to that specific national forest.

I guess with this trip I was unprepared, because while getting there, I had realized that I forgot to bring a ground cover for my tent (since I didn’t use a tent with a built-in ground ground cover at the time) plus I forgot some other small things. But I was already more than halfway to the national forest, so I said “fuck it” and kept on going anyways since it was just going to be an overnight-er. Things didn’t seem better when there was also a lot of traffic on the highway throwing me couple hours off schedule.

On my way there, I kept on glancing at the sky and looking the sunset, it was already getting dark. After around 20 minutes of driving from the exit, I got to the mountains and there was nothing but trees on either side of the road, so I thought that I was already in the park. I did think to myself for a split moment how it was weird that I never saw any entrance signs for the national forest though, but my main focus was trying to find a good spot, any spot to camp for the night.

After around 20 more minutes of driving through pure forest, the road turned to gravel and I thought to myself “this had to be some sort of camping area, right?”. Looking back, I should’ve turned around there, but I was exhausted and a little stubborn by that point, so I was still deadset on finding some spot to camp.

I finally settled on parking near a clearing on a dirt path and set camp up there. When I got out of my truck, things had seemed pretty normal. The only thing that seemed out of place at the time that there were no other sounds except for the crickets and the sound of me setting up camp. No wind, no frogs, owls, not even the howl of a wolf, just the crickets and me. It was already getting late by that point (it was a little past 9) so I had dinner, sat around the campfire for a little bit, and then went into the tent to sleep.

I found myself woken up. I checked my watch, a quarter past 11. I thought I had woken up because my back was stiff due to me sleeping on the bare ground, but my back seemed fine. I came to the conclusion that I just woken myself up randomly and tried to go back to bed. But soon after closing my eyes again, I heard what sounded like a deep, raspy “rrrrRREEEEWWWww” far, but not too far in the distance. That was presumably what had woken me up initially.

I sat up immediately. “Now what in the Hell was that?”, I murmured to myself since this didn’t seem like the howl or growl of any animals I knew about. I went back down in my sleeping bag, desperately thinking to myself a logical explanation as to what made that sound. “Maybe it was an owl being killed by a wolf or something” was what I concluded.

After around 2 minutes of trying to fall back asleep, I was immediately jolted straight awake by that same shrieking sound, right next to the wall of my tent.

In pure shock, I immediately jolted up, bust out the front of my tent and ran straight in the opposite direction of where the thing was, not looking back and also not even catching a catch a glimpse of what it was.

I was running for only a couple seconds when I slipped down a hill (keep in mind that I was barefoot and also in pajamas). I tumbled for a couple seconds and then, once I stopped, I tried to keep as still as possible. “Maybe the thing didn’t see me fall” I thought, I didn’t want to give away where I was.

Then I listened. Nothing. I waited a little longer, still nothing. I peeked over the hill, trying to see as much as my campsite as I could in the pitch darkness. I didn’t see any of it. While, doing this, I also happened to noticed how there were no crickets chirping anymore. Pure silence. I didn’t hear any leaves crunching either which (to me) seemed to be the all clear that I can make a beeline for my tent, grab by pack-bag which had some miscellaneous stuff and my wallet in it, but most importantly my keys.

I knew I had to make this quick, so I tried to get to my car as quick as possible with making the least amount of sound, I cringed every time I stepped on a leaf or twig that cracked to loudly.

I successfully had gotten the bag and started opening it ever so slightly to get my keys. Once I had gotten the keys, I went over to the car, unlocked it, and turned the car on. Once I did this, I started to floor it out of there. I knew I shouldn’t have done what I was going to do next, but I took one look back at the tent.

Crouching down right beside the tent, was the thing. Even in the darkness, I could make out its features. It’s eyes were completely black, body covered with short white hair, and the overall body structure was barely that of a human.

I knew it saw me, because once I saw it, the creature let out the horrific screech that I’m all too familiar with now: “rrrrRREEEEWWWww”.

I punched the gas pedal on my car and never stopped until I got to a hotel a good distance away from that neck of the forest. I must’ve looked like a backwoods insane person or something when I came into the lobby all dirty and in my pajamas, but still got a room and immediately collapsed onto the bed, exhausted.

I actually had a nightmare that night where I was looking at myself in the 3rd person, sleeping in my hotel room and then, the creature appeared at my window slowly and let out that horrific screech. I jolted awake to the sound of nothing but my own heavy breathing and the crickets outside.

Now this next part could’ve just been paranoia, but I think, sitting in the hotel room trying to fall asleep again, I heard that discernible screech off in the distance.

The creature with red eyes

So to understand this story you need to know that I stay with my dad over the summer and both behind and in front of his house is woods but to the sides is neighborhood. It was my first night there and I was staying in my sisters room since I dont have one.

She started telling me a story of what happened to her friend and her. They where having a sleepover and saw mysterious red eyes outside the window. They went to go check it out and could only find that the flowers outside her window looked like someone had sat on them.

So this scared me since I was like 10 and had had many supernatural things happen to me. So I stopped sleeping in her room I slept on the couch but this didn’t help at all. So on just about the 5th day there I was going to sleep at 3am I always waited for my dad to get off work.

I hear a faint noise at the glass door in my house just inches from me. So being a curious, ditzy kid I go to check it out and I see nothing, I spent a solid 5 minutes looking before I did see the faint glow in the woods. The red eyes where piercing. I couldnt move I didnt want to move I felt paralyzed. It left though after such a long time of staring.

It didn’t end there though I used to escape the house and walk around all day so I was doing that in the early evening and it was just getting dark. I was almost home then I heard a rustling of bushs and turned to look at the woods right next to me. I almost cried when I saw those red eyes staring at me.

What was worse was the creature that owned the eyes it looked almost human and was very tall but slim. It stared at me and I stared at it. I would have stayed there forever if it hadent started walking towards me it was already so close I ran.

I ran the short distance to my house but said nothing about what had happened. I found this to be a mistake. It stalks me every time I go to my dads it scratches the windows and every night I hear a raspy voice that sounds like the wind is blowing it away say “let me in” I learned to live with it when I’m there I leave food out it eats everything from bread to raw meat.

I dont know what it is but as long as it doesn’t come inside or to close I think I’m fine just living with it for now.