The Summer Monster

I want to start off by saying I am now 21 and this is still happening, this is something that has been going on during the summer since before I was born but started getting bad when I was in summer vacation in middle school.

For more help to picture this, I live in mid-Michigan, not the drug and gun find parts, although I do live very close to a few hot spots. No, I live in the rural part. The part of Michigan that’s flat farmland with large patches of forests, where the DNR is constantly receiving stories of strange animals. The latest is an out of place big cat, er, cats I should say. Both jaguars and Panthers.

That’s not what I want to talk about though, I wish it was although I think this is way more interesting.

Starting since I was around the mid-90’s or so, something comes around every summer. Just, stalking the roads and forests.

My first encounter was in fifth grade, before then I was always really sick as a kid so I was never outside much.

But as I got older and stronger I started fairing much easier with the outside world. On my parents house we have tons of feral cats, close to a dozen on average, and of course they have kittens. At the time I had a big collie named Barney, who has sadly passed away since this incident.

See, Barney liked to cuddle the kittens regardless of their age, meaning the kittens would go into shock being stolen from their mom by this giant ball of love. We would have to go outside and take the kittens from the poor dog and give them back to their moms, this was usually easy. Well, up until this summer I never noticed much of a problem at least.

I went outside our house and started to look for the cats. I got around to the back of our house by our barn, around a hundred feet or so I could hear snapping. Not like, twigs snapping, but cornstalks. I looked up past our barn to the field by my house and saw this huge black shadow, clearly heavily covered in matted fur, tearing through the field towards me. I was frozen, I’ve never seen this before, I mean, I’ve watched spooky shows and been into cryptozoology my whole life, but nothing gets you ready for something like that.

Once fear kicked in and I decided to make a break for it, I ran for the house, grabbing a hot grill to try and make a path. By the time I got inside my parents were terrified, they knew I saw something and tried to console me.

See, they knew I saw something because a large unknown animal attacked my mom while she was outside one summer back in the 90’s, back when it first started showing up. She said she ran inside after feeling a bad guy feeling, only to have a giant animal try breaking down the front door.

My neighbors had also seen it, one of whom took off after it with a .44 and tried to shoot it to no avail after it got too close to his house with his young kids.

Fast forward around a week or two later, me and my mom both go back outside, same deal, missing kittens with the big cuddle bug, that whole thing.

This time we barely made it out the back door.

My flashlight went past our barn towards the woods behind my house, a neighbor had an old derelict truck and, horrifyingly, something was standing by it. I mean standing too, like, it was taller than the top of the truck. I just remember this horrifying rocking motion as it watched up, and these giant glowing eyes. I don’t remember much about color, I wanna say red or orange, but that was so long ago and I was too scared to look more.

My mom rushed me back inside and we quickly locked the door, making sure we could out as much space us and that thing as possible.

Now, I’m an adult now and this thing is still around. I used to have a room upstairs in my house, now I sleep in the basement, one big factor for the move was because some nights I could hear crunching of pebbles outside. Then slow breathing and shallow growls as something stood right by my window.

Then, you’d hear these screams from the woods. Something that still freaks me out to hear. Almost like a kid screaming but throw in some bass and then make that as feral sounding as you could. It always gets all the dogs in the neighborhood barking, even though none of us are too close to each other.

Also, one big thing I started really paying attention to, is a smell. Whenever it comes around it smells like rotten lettuce and a dead possum. This gross waft of it will come far before the thing shows up.

One of my more recent encounters happened with an ex. She was a skeptic and didn’t believe in much, but coming to my house for one evening steered her the opposite way.

We walked past my barn to go see if we could see raccoons. We have a mulberry tree, an apple tree, and a bunch of small sheds in the backyard past the barn. One shed always made me creeped out, rght back by that truck I mentioned earlier.

We got around ten feet from that shed, and without a warning this loud roar poured out from behind it. I hit the ground and she took off running. Once I got back up I booked it for my house, never looking back.

Since then it’s come around a few more times, it’s stomped loudly at me, I’ve heard more screams, I’ve ever found a lot of torn up deer and large broken trees behind my house in those woods. I know wildlife, I took a class on Michigan wildlife, but this isn’t anything I’ve met before. I carry guns at all time, either a 9mm handgun or a 7.62 rifle, just in case. It isn’t scared of humans and I don’t want to risk it.

I’ve came across cool stuff with it before, I got to talk to Linda Godfrey, THE Linda Godfrey who first reported the beast of Bray road, about it. She suggested it was a Sasquatch and not a werewolf like most of my friends think.

One of my favorite things I have got to do because of it though? That was cast a footprint and take a photo. I still have both as photos on my phone, which I’ll try my best to upload, if not I’ll figure out a way to get them to you guys. But, due to both, even the DNR is at a loss with my photos, they can’t figure out what they show.

So, there you go, that’s my whole story. Sorry for it being all over the place, but with it not being on story it was hard to focus. Just remember to be careful outside, it might be really dangerous and you wouldn’t even know it. You might have an unknown animal creeping around after all

Following the Sunset

I am a teacher’s aide and student at college on a small island of a family of islands in the tropics. It was summer break, which meant no work and no school for some time. This was my time to do me and unwind big time. On a good day at work I needed a lot of energy to run around, play with and teach the children. On a bad day at work I needed a lot of energy to run around, play with, teach the children and calm multiple screaming tantrums or little fights.

College is just papers, presentations and tests non stop, so summer break is my time for peace and tranquility. Consequently, one of the things I like to do is watch the sun rise or set over the sea.

On this particular day I decided to follow the sunset on the cliffs at the most western point of the island. As always, I went alone.

The seaside cliff is a beautiful place, where the waves make continous music against the rocks, sometimes gentle, sometimes wild, but all beautiful.

I breathed in the salt air and began to follow the sun as it made its retreat. I was careful, because even though this was a tranquil place it could also be dangerous. The sea constantly ate away at the rocks which created many holes that a person can fall through into the deep. Cracks were everywhere and one had to respect the fact that the ground beneath you could give way at any time.

Again my confidence on walking this cliff was built up over many short walks and fishing trips I made, so this time I went further than I had ever traveled before.

I walked for as long as I can see the sun in the sky, only stopping when there was no more open cliff to walk, and I was to the edge of the thick, darkening tree line. There was only a gentle breeze, and being the whimsical person I can be in these situations, I began to sing … thinking I was alone.

As I sang I heard a branch break in the tree line, but I thought nothing of it, it is nature after all. I began to sing again letting the view take in when I heard not only a branch but some leaves crunching. I turned around.

This was the first time that I realized that altough there was still some light in the sky, I could see nothing beyond the first two rows of trees in the tree line. It was really dark there. I got the sense that I should go, but it was still so beautiful, I was stupified… because I decided to finish the song I felt inside of me…

I kid you not… stupified…

I did finish my song when I heard the crunching of leaves again, this time closer. I turned around scanning the tree line, but I could see nothing. Sighing I turned to leaves when suddenly I heard many branches breaking and heavy hurried steps like running towards me, so I ran.

In the fading light on the errroded cliff side I ran. I ran fast and hard, jumping over the holes to the deep, staying close to the tree line in spite of my persuer because it was the only sure ground on the erroding cliffs. I cannot recall when I kicked off my slippers, but I had them in hand, running in the wind all the way to my car. Thank God I was a former high school athlete.

I wasted no time getting in my car. I didn’t fumble my keys. I got in, locked my doors and sped to the most populated, well lit, high traffic gas station in that area. It was only then, when I knew I was safe, that I sat in my car, and pulled out over ten fairly deep, and slightly painful splinters from each foot… I never went to the cliffs alone again.

I saw a skin walker in the desert

Now I know a lot of people may not believe this but I didn’t know where else to post this. Like anyone who listens to this we’re fans of scary stories. I chose darkness prevails to share this story because I think they do it the best. Anyway, I just never thought this would happen to me.

For some background, I am 18 and my best friend, her brother, and a friend of their families whose is also my friend, my best friend and her other friends moms were all on that trip. We went to Harry Potter World at Universal Studios in LA in early July 2018. Exciting as it was nothing bad happened until we were on our way back. We came back the night of the 2nd day, since it was a 2-day trip, and since we drove there we drove back.

A quick extra fact that is important to add is my parents are shamans, you heard me right shamans, they are not native but they use some of the native’s shamanistic elements. So, growing up with them has made me more open to the supernatural. I’ve also lived in the Nevada desert all my life so I know the wildlife pretty well.

This is where my encounter begins, my best friends mom was in the passenger seat of the car and my other friends mom was driving.

Given it was around 9 o’clock at night and we were all exhausted everyone but me and the moms were asleep. I had just woken up and couldn’t fall back asleep. I was watching the storm outside with bight flashes of lighting and rain. We were in the middle of the desert and whether we were still in California or Nevada I didn’t know.

This was when I noticed a car parked along the side of the road, clearly broken down. The person was checking their trunk for something. The desert nearby was lit up in a whitish glow due to the rain being reflected off the passing car lights that shone into the outskirts of the desert.

When I saw it, it looked like a crouched human with elk antlers and a deer head. I thought maybe it was a wendigo, but I remembered they don’t normally live in the desert.

Plus it wasn’t very big roughly the size of a white tailed deer. It was looking at the pulled over car. Then it went on four legs and looked more deer like. Like full on deer but it also looked like it had an elk antler rack.

Then it turned its head to me and looked at our car, I think it sensed me looking at it . I don’t know.

What I do know is it wasn’t the lightning playing tricks on me because right after that the lighting struck, not before. It seemed as if time slowed down too even if it was only a few seconds. Well, safe to say I called my parents really freaked out, I didn’t know what else to do. Everyone else was asleep and the parents that were awake wouldn’t believe me. I also knew it wasn’t a deer and the only creature that I could think of is a skin walker. So, if your traveling in the California/Nevada desert try not to pull over. Because it’s still out there, I just hope that driver is ok.

Bones From A Fire

I live in a town in Scotland. It’s mostly urban but we do have a good amount of rural areas. This story happened when I was in primary school and I was 9 years old. I lived in a house very close to the rural areas of the town. The rural areas had loads of abadoned places as part of them and my friends and I would go to hang out at them.

It was summer break. Me and two of my friends (One which I will call T in this story and the other E to keep their names private) decided we would go and explore the old abadoned graveyard that loads of people would hang out at.

After getting food and drink from a shop we went down the long narrow road that led to the old grave. We past the farms and joked about the smell of cow manure coming from E and were making other dumb 9 year old jokes until we reached the graveyard.

Once we reached it we all stopped the constant joking due to us being scared but not wanting to admit it. The graves were covered in moss with names coverd and unreadable. Bottles and cans of empty drink lay all over the graveyard and the trees made it darker inside the graveyard. We climbed up onto the old broken down small building and sat there eating out food and drank our energy drinks.

After a few minutes of laughing together T stopped and began to stare outside of the graveyard towards the open area near the river. I then looked towards where he was looking and saw a group of people at a Fire. We could slowly start to hear them shouting things scaring us and then a car came up to the graveyard and parked outside it with no one getting out of it.

Us 3 decided we would take another way back and ran up the hills that would take us eventually back to houses once we ran far enough.
While we were running we could hear the groups shouting stuff still and then a scream from someone. I didn’t look back but T did and was seen and one shouted at him to come down to them.
We just kept running after this.

After about 30 minutes later we were near the houses and a store but were still on farm land. I tripped over as I was running which I’m kind of glad I did as T then put his hand onto a electric fence and E had to pull him off it. It left T with a scar and the fence surrounded us from getting back to the streets of our town.

This meant we had to go back the way and we did.
When we got to where the groups was it was left and the campfire was put out. E ran over to it and came back to us with bones . There was what I can only describe as a deformed bull skull due to the horns on it. E took the skull and bones with him and we eventually got back to our houses and played outside at the park.

Some boys came over to us and asked E where he got those bones and he told them from a Fire near the river.
The boys said that those bones were cursed and that we had to get rid of them.
E put them in the bin in the park and we went all went home scared of being cursed.
The next day the bones were all gone yet everything else was still in the bin.
This left us 3 to wonder why would someone bin raid for those bones and if it was just a binman why only take the bones?

We promised each other we would never go back down there and as far as I know us 3 haven’t.

I moved to a more urban part of town and moved school which meant I stopped talking to E.
In our last year of Primary E pulled a knife on T but fortunately someone spotted him.

Ts parents got a divorce and he started doing drugs in his 3rd year of high school.
He then got sent to a behaviour school and we have only spoke about 3 times since.

During my 2nd year of high school my house burned down and now with me writing this I’m starting to wonder if the so called had anything to do with any of the bar stuff that happened to us or the stuff that led to our friendships ending although it’s unlikely it still makes me wonder what those strangers were doing during that summer break.

It’s about 7 years later now and I haven’t returned to that graveyard although other friends have including Ts cousin but the most unusual thing that happened was wind chimes hanging from a tree randomly moving rapidly even though it wasn’t windy and then those there left.

I have visited other abadoned places and had strange expierences but the one with finding the bones is what scared me the most.

Haunts of Forest Ave.

Now, my home is the oldest on my block, and the closest to the forest around our little dead end, and I usually have to stay home alone for long periods of time. I should tell you some lore of my home, being you’d probably understand why there would be spirits on my land. Around 13 or 14 years ago, before my family moved in, a young girl, not even in her teens, was kidnapped and taken to the woods. Sadly, she was raped and murdered, and I’m not sure if these happenings are from her, or other spirits and paranormal entities within the area. Now that you know the lore, let me tell you what happened over the summer of my 9th grade year.

The first few days of summer were normal, the occasional bump and door moving. One night, my best friend was over, let’s call her Toxic, (For identity reasons, ya know?) She was in the living room and I was walking out of my room, when suddenly, the door to the bedroom across from mine lowly opened. My parents were asleep upstairs and my brother at his friend’s house, so it was just me and her sleeping downstairs, and no one should be able to open that door. I raised an eyebrow and went to close the door, when I heard whispering inside. I backed off and went to sit with Toxic, believing I should just leave it alone.

The night went on peacefully, the door closing on it’s own and the knocks starting again, we watched a movie, one of our favorites, ReZort. Around 3:00, I felt something pressing against my chest, as if someone was sitting on me. I opened my eyes and saw nothing. Being the person I am, I commanded whatever was on my chest to get off.

“No.” A scratchy, female voice spoke. I felt the weight get heavier and grumbled.

“Please, get off me. I can’t breathe properly.”

“…” A soft growl was heard from across the room, and the weight lifted. I sighed in relief and sat up, making it hard for something to do that again. I spoke a thanks and fell asleep.

Around five weeks later, my friend was back over again, and we were hanging out in my room. We were chatting and just laughing when she was tripped. There was nothing around her to cause her to fall, and she didn’t take a misstep. I heard a growl from under my bed and I jumped off it. Toxic got up and told me there was a black arm that reached out for her. It was apparently long, slender, and looked like it was made of smoke. Long fingernails and pale white veins. Let’s just say we staid in the living room that night.

The last few days of summer had nothing scary, no.. Activity.. Until one night. Toxic and I were sitting on the porch of my house, it being around eight. We were waiting for our cake to finish when I just so happen to look towards the woods. There, floating around 10 feet high, was a glowing white orb. It around the size of an american football. It stays there for 1 minute before disappearing. Later, another orb, the size of a kickball, the ones you used in elementary, appeared higher and to the left. I panicked and grabbed Toxic’s arm, rushing inside. We went into my brother’s room and played minecraft, well.. Toxic was, I was looking up orbs and willow wisps to calm myself down.

That was all for that summer, but not all for the paranormal and supernatural.