The Barn

I’ll start by giving a little background before I recount the events of last summer. My older brother and I grew up in an old farm house that was built by and belonged to a family called  the Ordways for over 200 years before we moved in. My mother always joked about us being the first “strangers” to inhabit the house. I never thought how true that statement really was until paranormal things began to happen.

It was the beginning of summer break and my older brother and his girlfriend were staying over the house every weekend. We needed a place to hang around so we put all our efforts into the large white barn which sat beside our house. It was unused except for the lower half which we had converted into a garage years ago. We decided that if we cleared space and decked it out it would be the perfect summer hangout, and it was. The barn was so large we only ended up using about half, so the other portion was dark and empty.

Every night was the same, we would head up the stairs into the barn, plop onto the couches and listen to music. The lighting up there was always pretty dim to begin with since all we had was old Christmas lights strung up and candles to illuminate the space. We would stay up there for hours, often late into the night just talking. Eventually we would go up some nights and it would be so cold that we would have to get a sweatshirt despite it being nearly 90 degrees outside. Eventually we began to hear something like footsteps and boots scuffing on the wood floor coming from the distant and pitch black portion of the barn. From then on it only escalated. It became a common occurrence for us to hear noises coming from the other end of the barn. My brother, his girlfriend, and I finally began to talk about the fact that this was not normal. We all agreed it felt like someone was watching us from the dark side of the barn. As the summer wore on we never stopped going into the barn and the noises became louder, more frequent, and almost closer to our side of the barn. However, we all enjoyed hanging out up there, so we never wanted to let whatever was happening scare us off.

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