Scary Subway Stalker

This happened to me a few months ago when I was 14. A group and I had traveled to California for a dance competition and since it lasted the whole weekend, we had to find restaurants for every night. We had planned to go to this Italian restaurant, but due to messing up our reservation, we ended up at subway.

Don’t get me wrong— I used to love subway until this happened. As we walked from the Italian restaurant to subway, I noticed quite a few homeless people and beggars along the sidewalk, but I dismissed it as we were in an urban area.

I was walking next to my friend when I abruptly saw her smile turn into a frown so I looked over in the direction she was and I saw a lady. She was clearly homeless with short blonde scrappy hair and tattered clothing.

“Hello children.” She said in a slight whisper.

I heard it and started to walk faster. But unfortunately before I could get completely away, we made direct eye contact.

The two things that crept me out the most though, were her teeth and her height. She had maximum of six teeth and they were disgusting. I shivered just looking at her. But even though she was sitting down I took to notice her height. She looked tall stopped over, but I couldn’t imagine her standing up.

We made it to the subway and took a seat inside. It was only our group and our mothers. It’s important to note that the way it was layed out, people outside could see most if not all of the inside due to the windows and lights, but we could not see outside.

I ordered my sandwich and went to get a drink from the fountain. As I was pouring my iced tea, I heard the bell from the door ring, and everyone went silent. I capped my drink and turned to see what was up— but something blocked my way.

Standing no more then two inches away from me was (yep, you guessed it,) creepy homeless lady. I almost screamed. I wanted to. I saw her reach for her back pocket, and that’s when I bolted past her.

“Is this your family?” She asked in a low raspy voice.
“What’s your name? How old are you?”

She followed me around the restaurant and right before she started to corner me, the manager came out and yelled at her to leave, and I’ve never seen her run faster.

I wiped the tears from my eyes and sat back down with my group and we tried to laugh it off. But since I was facing the window, I noticed something else in the darkness.

A man was walking past the store, and not just once but about ten times. I started to get nervous because of what had just happened, but I shrugged it off because he didn’t look that disheveled. But then he came in and yep, he was definitely homeless, and drunk.

As he stumbles in our chaperones start to pick up their bags and get ready to leave. I do to and as I start to stand up he says to us,

“What a lovely family. You’ll make a nice family yes?”

We shrug it off as a drunken comment and as I turn towards the door I notice his unusually large backpack. Before I can grab the door handle, he starts to stroke my hair from the back and says I’m beautiful.

Not wanting to get snatched 2,000 miles away from my home state, I bolt out after my mom, and thankfully that was the end of it. But to this day I still don’t feel comfortable going into subways.

Subway closing shift

“Subway closing shift”
by: donutsyo

This story is told from the perspective of my boyfriend.

For some reference: I am 20 years old and living in Canada. This story took place during the 2016 “clown craze” in October about 10-20 minutes before my Subway store was going to close. To make things a little easier to understand I’m going to briefly explain the layout of the store. So there’s the front door that customers walk in which is made completely of glass. then theres the windows to the left, if you are standing behind the counter facing the front. the bathroom is beside the swinging door that employees use to get to the sandwich unit. This all began while I was finishing doing dishes in the back room. I was the only person working because they rarely had more than one employee for the closing shifts unless it was for training purposes.

There hadn’t been any customers for a little while and I had to go to the bathroom, so i started making my way to the swinging door by the sandwich unit. All of a sudden i heard the bell ding at the front door indicating a customer had entered. This was a bit annoying because I had been putting off going to the bathroom for a while now, and obviously can’t leave someone unattended in the store. Before i even turned around to take this persons order, I heard the generic sound of a clowns nose honk! It sent shivers and goose bumps through my entire body. As I hesitantly turned around to confirm what the fuck i just heard, there was someone standing in the door way with a bright orange afro and white face paint. They were dressed extremely casually though in a plain green zip up hoodie and black jeans which almost made it creepier.

They stared at me with completely black eyes and smiled from ear to ear. Before I could even do anything they gave me a sinister little wave before quickly running out of the store and around the left side window. I was frozen in place. I just stared at the window for what felt like 10 minutes. Once I came back to my senses I ran to the front door and locked it. No fucking way was I letting any one in even if we weren’t closed yet. But not before poking my head around the corner to make sure this lunatic was gone for sure. I switched the open sign off and instantly called the cops.

They got there pretty quickly and searched the area, but of course found nothing. You can assume what happened after that. After i finished closing the store i made sure to call my girlfriend to stay on the phone with me as i bolted to my car. The clown craze was always hilarious in my eyes until something actually happened to me. There was just something so horrifying about the contrast of the clown hair and makeup, but normal everyday clothing. What would have happened if I was already in the bathroom? I’m really thankful I held it for as long as I did and never found out what this lunatic was capable of. You can bet I dont work the closing shift at Subway anymore.

I LOVE YOU DARKNESS LOL💕 keep on keepin on

Jared the sick fuck from Subway

Hello there darkness. You asked for subway stories but my story is about that sick fuck Jared from Subway. Several years ago, actually 19 or so years ago, I worked as a waitress at Red Lobster in Saginaw Michigan. Yes I know it’s not Subway, but hear me out.

Back then, Jared was in almost every Subway commercial and they were really pushing this eat Subway lose weight idea. His ugly face was everywhere! On billboards, in commercials, magazines, etc…. So I worked as a waitress at Red Lobster and was fairly new on the job. It was my first waitressing job and I was kind of stressed out because it was a busy place. If anybody has ever waited tables you know what I’m talking about.  Sometimes you can run around like a chicken with your head cut off.  So one evening I was working and I got a table of two men.

One was younger with glasses and one was a older man that was skinny. So the younger man with glasses ordered baked fish and he did not want butter on it because he  told me that he was on a special diet. At this point I did not recognize him because he kind a looks like any average Joe. I was a teenager back then and I didn’t give a flying fuck about Jared from Subway.  So their food came out and I gave him his fish and a baked potato no butter no sour cream. I asked him if he needed anything else and he said no so I walked away and proceeded working on my other tables.  So a couple of minutes later I walked back to the table and he looks extremely angry. I asked him what was wrong and he was livid that there was a very tiny amount of butter on his fish.

So I took the fish back to the kitchen and they told me   They had to put a very tiny amount on there so it didn’t dry up in the oven.  So I went back to the table and I explained to him what the kitchen said and that they only use the tiniest amount because they don’t want the fish to totally dry out in the oven and he started screaming at me at this point saying “Do you have any idea who I am?!! I have to be on a special diet! Don’t you know who I am?” He caused a huge scene in the restaurant.  And I didn’t know who we was at that point. I had no fucking idea who this lunatic was.  He got very offended that I didn’t know who he was and wanted to talk to my manager. So I was almost in tears at this point because I really didn’t do anything wrong.

My manager took care of their bill and then told me that that was Jared from Subway and he can’t have butter on his fish because he’s on a diet. The thing was is that I did put his order in with no butter but it was the kitchen that made it and it wasn’t my fault. So many years past and I would tell everybody what a douche bag and a fuck face he is in real life. I talk so much shit about him because I couldn’t believe the kind of person he was. So years later when it came out that he some kind of pedophile it didn’t surprise me. I think subway having that guy as their spokesman for so many years is one of the scariest things ever so this is why I had to tell you the story.

Subway Watcher

Hello Internet I’m here to tell you a really strange story. This not my own experince it’s my friends story he has given me permission but not list his name.  Subway Monday my friend lets call him James. James has been working at subway for a year he hates his job but it pays well. Last week 2/11/16 he almost quit. Is just having a regular day till this customer comes in.

Big guy rough looking but never probably never works out. He welcomes the guy buy saying welcome be with you in the moment. After the guy words my friend James rings him up. The guy think you have the Special Sauce. my friend James has a very confused look on his face the guy raises his voice do you the Special Sauce.

James says I have no idea what you’re talking about to the guy. The guy says it one more time and shows off his knife to James by lifting up his shirt. By this point James this freaking out so he goes to talk to his manager about this guy and he returns the the manager the guy’s gone if the sandwich still in the bag. He goes to check the security footage with the manager and the guy never shows up on the tapes. My friend is known to be a stoner but I’ve never known him to hallucinate.

So guy from Subway please don’t bother my friends again!