Bones From A Fire

I live in a town in Scotland. It’s mostly urban but we do have a good amount of rural areas. This story happened when I was in primary school and I was 9 years old. I lived in a house very close to the rural areas of the town. The rural areas had loads of abadoned places as part of them and my friends and I would go to hang out at them.

It was summer break. Me and two of my friends (One which I will call T in this story and the other E to keep their names private) decided we would go and explore the old abadoned graveyard that loads of people would hang out at.

After getting food and drink from a shop we went down the long narrow road that led to the old grave. We past the farms and joked about the smell of cow manure coming from E and were making other dumb 9 year old jokes until we reached the graveyard.

Once we reached it we all stopped the constant joking due to us being scared but not wanting to admit it. The graves were covered in moss with names coverd and unreadable. Bottles and cans of empty drink lay all over the graveyard and the trees made it darker inside the graveyard. We climbed up onto the old broken down small building and sat there eating out food and drank our energy drinks.

After a few minutes of laughing together T stopped and began to stare outside of the graveyard towards the open area near the river. I then looked towards where he was looking and saw a group of people at a Fire. We could slowly start to hear them shouting things scaring us and then a car came up to the graveyard and parked outside it with no one getting out of it.

Us 3 decided we would take another way back and ran up the hills that would take us eventually back to houses once we ran far enough.
While we were running we could hear the groups shouting stuff still and then a scream from someone. I didn’t look back but T did and was seen and one shouted at him to come down to them.
We just kept running after this.

After about 30 minutes later we were near the houses and a store but were still on farm land. I tripped over as I was running which I’m kind of glad I did as T then put his hand onto a electric fence and E had to pull him off it. It left T with a scar and the fence surrounded us from getting back to the streets of our town.

This meant we had to go back the way and we did.
When we got to where the groups was it was left and the campfire was put out. E ran over to it and came back to us with bones . There was what I can only describe as a deformed bull skull due to the horns on it. E took the skull and bones with him and we eventually got back to our houses and played outside at the park.

Some boys came over to us and asked E where he got those bones and he told them from a Fire near the river.
The boys said that those bones were cursed and that we had to get rid of them.
E put them in the bin in the park and we went all went home scared of being cursed.
The next day the bones were all gone yet everything else was still in the bin.
This left us 3 to wonder why would someone bin raid for those bones and if it was just a binman why only take the bones?

We promised each other we would never go back down there and as far as I know us 3 haven’t.

I moved to a more urban part of town and moved school which meant I stopped talking to E.
In our last year of Primary E pulled a knife on T but fortunately someone spotted him.

Ts parents got a divorce and he started doing drugs in his 3rd year of high school.
He then got sent to a behaviour school and we have only spoke about 3 times since.

During my 2nd year of high school my house burned down and now with me writing this I’m starting to wonder if the so called had anything to do with any of the bar stuff that happened to us or the stuff that led to our friendships ending although it’s unlikely it still makes me wonder what those strangers were doing during that summer break.

It’s about 7 years later now and I haven’t returned to that graveyard although other friends have including Ts cousin but the most unusual thing that happened was wind chimes hanging from a tree randomly moving rapidly even though it wasn’t windy and then those there left.

I have visited other abadoned places and had strange expierences but the one with finding the bones is what scared me the most.

Odd encounter at the bus station.

I’m a 19 year old, non-binary person living in Ireland. I was born a female, which I believe may be part of the reason why this incident happened. Every summer for the last three years, I have gone to a week long music camp. It’s the best week of the summer every year, but this occurrance left me scared and confused for months. For my 18th birthday, I was given a yellow submarine themed guitar case as I play guitar and ukulele and was in need of a good case for the camp, and general use. The town that I live in, which we’ll call L, is roughly half an hour from the city, which we’ll call D, where my mum works. it’s also about 20 minutes from a town wich we’ll call R, wich is key information that will come into play later. She gets the bus to and from D, and I usually meet her at the bus station when she comes in from work, to save my dad making two trips to and from home.


During camp week, I walked from the youth club where I went every day afterwards, to the bus station. I had my guitar, a bag and my ukulele with me, and so was weighed down. When I reached the bus station where I was waiting for my mum, I put everything on the ground beside me, and stood leaning against the fence with my earphones in. I was listening to music and looking at the ground as I’m an extremely socially anxious person and avoid contact with strangers like the plague.


I was listening to my favourite band when I noticed the shadow of a person in fromt of me. Looking up, there was an older man in front of me. I awkwardly smiled and said hello, hoping that he would move along quickly so I could get back to listening to my music. No such luck. He began making conversation and I was growing more and more anxious by the minute. He says “you like the old music, yes?” eyeing up both my Beatles guitar case and various badges on my bag. “Uh, yeah. The Beatles are one of my favourite bands.”Hhe replied to this with “yeah I thought so, I’ve seen you many times. You’re always in the shopping centre and standing here.” Both of these statements are true. “I have lots of Beatles photos and posters in my house in R, would you like to come and see them?” He also tried several times to give me his phone number, and to ask for mine, which I, of course, furiously denied doing. I gave him a fake name in case he tried to find me another way when he asked. He told me his name was T and how he lives along the main street in R and all about the collection of Beatles photos that he apparently had and wanted to sell me.


As previously mentioned, I’m and extremely anxious person. I was completely terrified by him knowing where I meet my mum, and my now ex boyfriend and other friends, so I simply said “I’ll… um… talk to my parents and see what they think.” Finally, after me telling him I need to run and buy my bus ticket and telling him the time as he said he also had a bus to catch, he left. Of course, I didn’t have a bus to catch. I picked up all my stuff and went inside the bus station, which meant I could no longer enjoy the July evening sun. I usually walked from the youth club to the bus station alone, but I knew he would be there and was far too nervous to walk alone, so I told some of my male friends and they walked with me down to the bus station for another couple of weeks.


Yes, he may have genuinely trying to be friendly. However, knowing the places where I tend to be most often, as well as recognising my guitar case and trying to get me to come to his house is undeniably creepy. I still see him around all the time, and hope to goodness that he doesn’t recognise me as I cut my hair from waist length to chin length since that happened.

Strangers at my door

I was 21 at the time. I had CPS custody of my two cousins and also took care of my elderly grandfather while my mother worked. My mom was working for an auditing company and would sometimes, depending on the location she was assigned to go, would come home anytime from 3-5am.

So that meant that I was in charge of putting the kiddos to sleep.

I don’t live in a bad neighborhood, but its certainly not a neighborhood you would want to walk around alone at night. I live in a house at the corner of my street, next to a major intersection- so it was not uncommon that we had weirdos coming to our house at crazy times of the morning/or night from time to time.

This one week in particular, my grandfather had gone to bed early- like he normally does. I had just put the kids down to sleep around nine. I always keep the kitchen and living room light off since the only light I need is the hallway light and my bedroom light.

It was around 1 a.m, I was sitting in my room doing homework when my doorbell rang. This caused my dog to bark and so I quickly got up to shush him so he would not wake the kids, and then went to the front door which was located in the kitchen. I didn’t turn on a light because I didn’t want to let the person out front know I was awake and there.

Well, when I looked out the window- they already had their back to me and was walking down my carport. I went to my living room window to see where they were going and it appeared that they got into a dark car that was parked outside my living room window. They didn’t have their headlights on, so the car was dark until they took off where I could see their tail lights flash red- so I knew they purposely had their lights off to keep hidden.

It was suspicious, but I wasn’t necessarily afraid. I didn’t know what they wanted, I mean, I wasn’t going to answer the door anyways but they didn’t give me time to answer the door if I even was going to open up.

I went back to my room and stayed up for about an hour or so more before going to sleep just to make sure they didn’t come back.

They didn’t. At least, not that night.

This happened for four consecutive nights.

It was always the same thing. I would walk to the door, but before I could peer out- they would walk away. It wasn’t until I realized that they were scoping out my house to see if anyone was home.

They only knew I was home because I would have to pass the living room window and would see my shadow walk past the light emitted from the hallway. Now, my grandmother had a screen placed on the window so that people could see out but never in, and well, I guess its not effective at night and when there is light inside.

I assume there were two people involved. One to ring the door and one to keep a lookout while they wait in the car.

So, I informed my mom once the third time happened. She contacted our neighbor who lived across the street to keep an eye out on the house around the time I had mentioned that they would show up around.

On the fourth night, nothing happened.

However, I was told the following day that they had come but my neighbor intercepted before they even got out of the car. He told them, “You have no business with that family. Get the fuck out of here!” and they drove off.

Thankfully, they never came back.

My mom ended up quitting her job and finding something better with more appropriate hours and not to mention, installed a security alarm in case they wanted to actually try to break in.

Now I don’t know if the strangers actually had the intentions of scoping out the house to possibly break in, but that’s the only possible cause I can think of. I wish I would have thought to turn off the hallway light earlier so that when they did come, I could get a look at their face.

All I know is that I am happy they’re gone. I’m happy that I have a security system that blares into the neighborhood like a siren, and I’m certainly happy that I have a close knit relationship with my neighbors.

All I know is that my mama bear side had activated once I took in the kids and if they dared to break into the house to possibly harm my family, I would not hesitate to stab them once they stepped foot inside my house.

and that is a fact.

The Man at the Store

Bare with me, some of the memories are hazy, because this happened when I was in the seventh grade.

What we did that night was pretty stupid, but at the time we didn’t know how bad the situation could have been.


Onto the story


Me and another one of my friends, let’s call her Jordan, we went to stay at a friend’s house for the weekend. Let’s call this friend Carrie, the three of us were best friends. Also let it be noted, Carrie didn’t live in the best part of town, but hey. She was one of our best friends, we did the normal things that girls do at sleepovers, we watched YouTube videos. Carries mom made us food, we put on some makeup and took pictures of each other for fun. We were having a great time, until Carrie asked if we wanted to go to this little service station down the road from her house. Me and Jordan obliged.

We grabbed our coats and shoes and headed out the front door. It was probably two o’clock in the morning when we left. Not the smartest time for three young girls to be out walking to the store. Once we reached the store, we walked inside and Carrie bought us things she thought that we would like. Carrie paid and we walked outside. Jordan had opened one of her drinks and started sipping on it. She said it was really good, so we all stood there for a couple of minutes.

That’s when a man walked up to us, who looked like he could have been in his early fifties. “Hey, what’s a couple of pretty girls like y’all doing out here so late?” The man asked, me and Carrie just kind of stared at him and Jordan spoke up to him and said “oh, we’re just getting some late night snacks.” The man took a long pause before speaking again, “hey! How about you guys come with me and I can get you some more snacks.” Me and Carrie still stayed quiet as he spoke, Jordan of course kept the conversation going, “well, you could go inside and buy it for us.” She said still sipping on her drink.

The man shook his head “no no, you come with me first and then I’ll buy you some more.” At that point me and Carrie just stared at each other and did the most logical thing we could think to do. We grabbed Jordan’s arm and bolted back for Carries house, never stopping to look back.


Needless to say, don’t go out at two o’clock in the morning for snacks and don’t talk to strangers at service stations.

The Party Pooper

This happened to me and a group of friends back in the summer of 2015. I have changed the names just in case any of them hear this recollection of a truly traumatic event.

My best friend Shaun, his twin sister Cassidy and I were celebrating our recent graduation with a large backyard barbecue. The majority of the graduating class shows up and all was going swimmingly. The party was completely cool with my parents under two conditions: no alcohol and an adult had to be on hand by the door to make sure nothing was snuck in.

I ran this past my friends and we all agreed the terms were cool with us. So back to the party. We ended up having it on the fourth of July. Just good friends, good times, and a nice fireworks display from the park down the block at the end of the night. 60+ people were in the large field on the back of my property, enjoying cheap pop and hot dogs or playing flag football. The ones hanging around in the yard or the house were treated to a random Youtube playlist being blared through my speakers. Rock and Hip-Hop with a few cringeworthy selections thrown in for laughs made for a great time. So when “The Ding Dong Song” by Gunter came through the speakers nobody was phased. The next thing I knew Shaun came outside and got me with a grin on his face. “Dude you’ve gotta see this.” He said as he pulled me into my living room.

I get in there to find a man in roughly his early 40’s dancing to the music on the coffee table. He was thrusting his hips and doing the worst Magic Mike impersonation I’ve ever seen.  I laughed a little at first: but something about this man made me- well – uneasy.

I couldn’t help but wonder who’s parent this was. My dad was hauling freight somewhere in Utah while my mom covered a shift at the local E.R. I texted her and asked her to call me when she had a free moment. Armed with the knowledge that today was full of the bad combination of beer and fireworks, I knew it could be a while until she called. I decided to act on my instinct and follow the guy around.

Within minutes of my “recon work” I saw something that sent up a few red flags. I have an above ground pool in my yard as well as two bathrooms in my house. One of these bathrooms was being used as a girls changing room. My mom’s master bathroom. It had a large dresser with an even larger mirror facing the bathroom door. He appeared to be fondling himself while looking at the mirror.

“Hey buddy, what the HELL are you doing?” I asked. He stumbled over his words like a kid being caught peeking at his birthday presents before answering “I thought I saw one of the girls walk in there with a bottle of Jose’ Cuervo.” I took a breath before answering back to him. “You are supposed to be checking people at the door. I’ll send someone in to check, but you need to stop dancing around to the playlist and looking like a peeping Tom. Go back to the door.”

I went outside and found my friend Tracy sitting in a lawn chair on the pool deck. Asking her to go inside and check on the girls, I informed her of our chaperone’s actions. She got red in the face and said she’d stand guard until the master bathroom was empty. About a half an hour went by and Tracy found me. “There’s no liquor anywhere near those girls and they’re a sober a sober can be.” I got mad as hell and I went to go find this guy when I hear my mom’s ringtone. “Hey honey, what’s up?” She asked me with a tone to her voice that said she was having a long day. “Yeah mom, who did you get to chaperone our party? Who ever this is has been sending up some majorly pervvy red flags.” My mom paused for a second before responding. “Your uncle Terry should have been there hours ago! Who’s there?” I went on to explain what I’d caught the guy doing and my mom told me to get him out of the house. She was calling my uncle to find out what was going on with him.

I let her go and began my search for Pervis McPervert. A minute or so went by when I heard a familiar shriek come from our walk in kitchen pantry. It was Cassidy. The last time I heard her scream like that she’d been attacked by a neighbor’s dog. I knew it was bad. I ran to the kitchen as fast as I could and grabbed a big fucking cleaver from the knife drawer. I run over to the pantry door and try to open it. It’s jammed shut, like someone heavy is leaning against it. I can hear Cassidy crying and that dick’s voice telling her “I wanted seven minutes in heaven. I’m still gonna get it no matter what you say.”

I went ballistic and began chopping at the door with the cleaver. A few swings in and the door fell open. I could see Cassidy on the ground attempting to cover her exposed breasts through a freshly ripped Gorillaz t-shirt. The man I had been looking for was the one cornering her in the closet attempting to assault her.

He pushed past me and made a beeline for the front door. I gave chase and tackled him as he hit my driveway. I begin to rain down punches on him while screaming like a madman. It was like an out of body experience. I could see myself beating the holy hell out of this bastard, I could hear the things I said, I couldn’t stop myself.

Lucky for me, Shaun and a few others heard the commotion and pulled me off of him. Cassidy came to the door looking for me and her brother saw the running mascara and torn shirt. Soon the crowd was holding both of us back.

A mutual friend Donte’ walked over to the guy and literally sat on him while he called 911. I watched as this guy spit out a couple of teeth before accepting his fate. It didn’t take long for the police to show. My mom soon followed. She told me my uncle had pipe break in the basement and he’d been fixing it all morning long. He’d honestly forgotten about his duty at the party.

We later found out who the guy was. He was a sex offender who’d failed to register in our area. There was already a warrant out for his arrest. Until he decided to crash a party full of teens fresh out of high school and attempt rape,ultimately leading to a hospital stay fot him, he was evading the police rather well. A bus ticket was found among his personal effects. He’d confessed he was trying to “get some action” before skipping town.

Cassidy, Shaun, and myself are still the closest of friends. We look back on this less and less throughout the years. Cassidy saw what lengths I would go to in order to protect her and we ended up rooming together while we attend college. We’ve been dating for 6 months.

The creeper got 11 years in jail. For his sake, when he’s released, he’d better pray we never meet again.