Strangers at my door

I was 21 at the time. I had CPS custody of my two cousins and also took care of my elderly grandfather while my mother worked. My mom was working for an auditing company and would sometimes, depending on the location she was assigned to go, would come home anytime from 3-5am.

So that meant that I was in charge of putting the kiddos to sleep.

I don’t live in a bad neighborhood, but its certainly not a neighborhood you would want to walk around alone at night. I live in a house at the corner of my street, next to a major intersection- so it was not uncommon that we had weirdos coming to our house at crazy times of the morning/or night from time to time.

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The Party Pooper

This happened to me and a group of friends back in the summer of 2015. I have changed the names just in case any of them hear this recollection of a truly traumatic event.

My best friend Shaun, his twin sister Cassidy and I were celebrating our recent graduation with a large backyard barbecue. The majority of the graduating class shows up and all was going swimmingly. The party was completely cool with my parents under two conditions: no alcohol and an adult had to be on hand by the door to make sure nothing was snuck in.

I ran this past my friends and we all agreed the terms were cool with us. So back to the party. We ended up having it on the fourth of July. Just good friends, good times, and a nice fireworks display from the park down the block at the end of the night. 60+ people were in the large field on the back of my property, enjoying cheap pop and hot dogs or playing flag football. The ones hanging around in the yard or the house were treated to a random Youtube playlist being blared through my speakers. Rock and Hip-Hop with a few cringeworthy selections thrown in for laughs made for a great time. So when “The Ding Dong Song” by Gunter came through the speakers nobody was phased. The next thing I knew Shaun came outside and got me with a grin on his face. “Dude you’ve gotta see this.” He said as he pulled me into my living room.

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The Branch in the Road

Hi there. My name is Robert. I live in a fairly populated city in the eastern US. I would consider myself to be a night owl, and it’s gotten me into trouble more times than I can count. Now, when I say trouble, I don’t just mean not getting enough sleep before an important exam or something along those lines. No, I mean the times where I actually place myself into potential danger. This is what I’ll be focusing on. More specifically, I’ll be focusing on an event which happened a few nights ago.

It was about [1:30] AM, and I had just come off of a migraine that I was suffering through. I had lain in bed all day, and wanted to do something. So, I decided I would go out for a drive. I took a quick shower, then went out to my car.

I wasn’t really sure where it was I was going to go. I just started up my music, and started leaving my subdivision. I got out onto the main road, and decided I would drive to a place fairly close that I had not been to before. I knew that it had some hills, and figured it would be a fairly entertaining drive. I turned on to a road I knew fairly well, and figured I would drive north to an area less populated. I guess you could consider it a “country” area. The houses were all spread out, and there weren’t many stores, gas stations, etc.

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Now, before I get into the episode, here are some facts you need to know, for context:

Although my Twitter account is public, it’s also anonymous, as I have no personal information on it, other than my age, and I’m 18. Also, I’m very used to seeing memes and ironic posts on Twitter. Anyways, onto the story.

On July 29, 2017, I was initially having a normal Saturday; I woke up at noon, lounged around, played Zelda on my Switch, etc. I was also browsing social media, as I had a lot of Twitter acquaintances who, much like me, were into gaming. After I had some dinner, I went back on Twitter to see what people were up to, and if any gaming-related announcements were made.

As I was casually scrolling through my timeline, I got a notification, and I instinctively checked to see what it was. And what I saw really caught me off guard.

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There’s More Than Ghosts In Waverly

Anyone who lives in Louisville, Kentucky will be knowledgable are the old tuberculosis hospital where hundreds of unlucky people succumbed to the disease in the early 1900s. I’m talking about none other than Waverly Hills…

Everything about Waverly will send chills down your spine.. from the room where a nurse hung herself… to the body chute. Yes you heard me right… a body chute.

They would slide the bodies down a narrow, dark chute to be incinerated and disposed off… It’s always when going down there… when I got freaked out.

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The Pedo Stranger Guy

This story took place back when I was still a little girl in the 2nd grade. This story isn’t really scary is kinda funny but a little freaky. Forgive me if I can’t recall all of the minor details since its been about 10 years since this incident.

To set the scene, i’ve grown up in a fairly upper middle class neighborhood in southern california, so the threats of weirdos and crimes going on was nearly non- existent.

Everyone was sheltered and to be honest we (as in the kids) thought everyone was nice and bad guys were just something that happened in movies.

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Creepy Guys at the Gas Station

This happened to me very recently and though I’m okay it’s still scary to think about.  I had to get gas for my car as my dad had always drilled the rule of “never let your car get below half a tank of gas!” into my head since before I was able to drive.  The gas station in town was roped off due to the pumps not working.  Unfortunately this is a fairly regular occurrence now that the gas station got new gas pumps and all the bugs haven’t been worked out yet.

There is another gas station on the outskirts of town that I decided to go to instead.  The gas station wasn’t completely packed but it was rather full.  I was able to find a spot that was open but I was behind a large truck.  This didn’t bother me as I figured that I would back out of the spot when I was done and get out of the parking lot that way.

I got out of the car and begin fueling when I notice this old beat up burgundy colored car slowly starts circling the gas station.  I notice that there were two people in the car and both looked to be in their late sixties to early seventies.  Both looked down on their luck with torn and very ratty looking clothing, unkempt beards, and hair sticking out in every which direction.  I then notice how they’re looking at me as if I’m a piece of steak and they are starving wolves.  I can feel my blood pressure rise and keep an eye on them when they park their car right behind me effectively boxing me in.  They parked horizontally so there were no spaces for me to get in and out.

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Creepy Man in the Schoolyard

I am a 22 year old female and I live in Canada. I’ve had a few scary experiences involving strangers, mostly older men, probably in their mid to late 30’s-40’s, maybe 50’s. This is the most recent experience I’ve had and it happened in November of 2016. This story takes place in a small town in Alberta, Canada, which I lived my entire life.

I have a huge fear of walking anywhere alone at night. It makes me extremely anxious and paranoid. I’m a tiny human so it would be pretty easy for someone to do whatever they wanted to me. Because of this, I try my best to avoid going outside alone at night but this night was one of those times I couldn’t.

It was around [7:30] or [8:00] PM. I was at home doing dishes. My boyfriend at the time called me and asked me if I wanted to have dinner with him at Wendy’s after he was done at work. I was totally down for a taco salad so I said yes. My boyfriend’s initial plan was that we would meet at Wendy’s but I refused because I didn’t feel safe walking that far all alone at night. It was a good 10-15 minute walk for me, due to my short legs. I suggested we meet at the mall because it was closer to home and was in between the restaurant and our apartment. My boyfriend understood and agreed, though he wasn’t too thrilled about it since the restaurant is on his walk home from work. This meant he would have to pass Wendy’s to get to the mall and then walk back to Wendy’s. So the new plan was we would meet at the mall and then walk to the restaurant together. I got ready and once he texted me to head out, I left the house and started walking to the mall.

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A Creep Story at McDonald’s

This story takes place a few months ago at a McDonald’s me and some friends were eating at.

It was a usual Friday night, me, my brother, and some friends would be out and about the town. Mostly hanging out at the mall, and sometimes going to a Good Will to goof off. But every time we went out, the oldest one (Andrew) would buy us all Burger King or McDonald’s, he was the one who usually had money, plus he could drive.

Usually there are five of us, but this time just me, my brother and Andrew were here eating at McDonald’s. I knew there were more of us, but I can’t remember where they were. Anyways, as we entered the restaurant it was completely void of any other customers.

Shortly after we walked in it started storming hard outside. I was watching the storm from our table when I saw a man standing just outside the doors of the McDonald’s.Just from the look of this guy, I was getting some pretty bad vibes from him, I motioned at my brother to look and he agreed. The man looked middle aged and pretty thin, wearing clothes that were way too big for him. He started smoking a cigarette and shaking his head violently back and forth. Then he started talking to himself in the reflection of the glass door to the restaurant.
By now me and my brother were starting to get freaked out, urging Andrew to hurry up eating, but he was completely calm. He told us he was probably just some guy hyped up on drugs or something, and that there was nothing to worry about. Regardless I was still really concerned. At one point I thought of just leaving them and waiting in the car, but I didn’t want to look like a pussy, seeing how calm Andrew was.
The guy eventually walked into the restaurant with his right hand jammed into his coat pocket, and his left hand firmly grasping the pocket on the outside. He hobbled to the back of the restaurant and just sat there. Thank god that at this point Andrew had finished eating, so we booked it back to his car.
Looking back on it, he was probably just some crack head waiting for his dealer, but this was definitely a very scary encounter.