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Now, before I get into the episode, here are some facts you need to know, for context:

Although my Twitter account is public, it’s also anonymous, as I have no personal information on it, other than my age, and I’m 18. Also, I’m very used to seeing memes and ironic posts on Twitter. Anyways, onto the story.

On July 29, 2017, I was initially having a normal Saturday; I woke up at noon, lounged around, played Zelda on my Switch, etc. I was also browsing social media, as I had a lot of Twitter acquaintances who, much like me, were into gaming. After I had some dinner, I went back on Twitter to see what people were up to, and if any gaming-related announcements were made.

There’s More Than Ghosts In Waverly

Anyone who lives in Louisville, Kentucky will be knowledgable are the old tuberculosis hospital where hundreds of unlucky people succumbed to the disease in the early 1900s. I’m talking about none other than Waverly Hills…

Everything about Waverly will send chills down your spine.. from the room where a nurse hung herself… to the body chute. Yes you heard me right… a body chute.

The Pedo Stranger Guy

This story took place back when I was still a little girl in the 2nd grade. This story isn’t really scary is kinda funny but a little freaky. Forgive me if I can’t recall all of the minor details since its been about 10 years since this incident.

To set the scene, i’ve grown up in a fairly upper middle class neighborhood in southern california, so the threats of weirdos and crimes going on was nearly non- existent.

Creepy Guys at the Gas Station

This happened to me very recently and though I’m okay it’s still scary to think about.  I had to get gas for my car as my dad had always drilled the rule of “never let your car get below half a tank of gas!” into my head since before I was able to drive.  The gas station in town was roped off due to the pumps not working.  Unfortunately this is a fairly regular occurrence now that the gas station got new gas pumps and all the bugs haven’t been worked out yet.

There is another gas station on the outskirts of town that I decided to go to instead.  The gas station wasn’t completely packed but it was rather full.  I was able to find a spot that was open but I was behind a large truck.  This didn’t bother me as I figured that I would back out of the spot when I was done and get out of the parking lot that way.

Creepy Man in the Schoolyard

I am a 22 year old female and I live in Canada. I’ve had a few scary experiences involving strangers, mostly older men, probably in their mid to late 30’s-40’s, maybe 50’s. This is the most recent experience I’ve had and it happened in November of 2016. This story takes place in a small town in Alberta, Canada, which I lived my entire life.

I have a huge fear of walking anywhere alone at night. It makes me extremely anxious and paranoid. I’m a tiny human so it would be pretty easy for someone to do whatever they wanted to me. Because of this, I try my best to avoid going outside alone at night but this night was one of those times I couldn’t.

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