Alone at Night

Alone at Night from LetsNotMeet

This is the original reddit thread where I wrote the story; this is a slightly edited-for-grammar version.

I was around 16 when this happened, so 12 or so years ago. I’d just gotten my license and had come back to my mother’s house to work on a paper because her computer was faster than my father’s. It was getting a bit late, but nothing seemed out of the ordinary, so I wasn’t nervous one way or the other. I took a break from the paper and headed to the main bathroom, which was at the back of the house. The wall parallel to the door faced the back yard.

It has a small window in it, and just as I was about to turn on the lights, I heard a noise. Not especially close, or loud, but it was coming from somewhere in the back yard, closer to the house than the small patch of dense trees that acted as kind of a buffer between the street my house was on and the one that runs parallel to it

. I went to the window and looked out, at first seeing nothing, but then a shape ran across the yard, which I didn’t think too much of at first because I lived in a pretty typical suburban area and my house borders two streets. It wouldn’t be uncommon for kids to cut through my unfenced backyard to get to the other street. But even though I rationalized what it could be in my head, I was still a bit uneasy. I was home alone, and neither parent would be home soon (both parents worked 2nd shift in aerospace companies), which left me a little bit paranoid.

I went back to the living room, which had a huge bay window facing the front yard and a glass door to the back yard. For a few minutes, I heard nothing else, so I started to relax. But then, I heard soft noises coming from near the back door. Like someone stepping really quietly, trying not to make a sound.

Cue the adrenaline. I called my dad and told him as softly as I could what was going on. Part of me felt like I was overreacting, but the other part just knew something was off. He had someone else call the police and stayed on the line with me as I got my keys and made my way to the opposite side of the house, where the driveway and my car was. He didn’t want me leaving the house, really, but there was no way I was staying, so the plan was to get to him, then drive back together to meet the police. I can’t describe how badly I wanted to get out of that house. The worst thing that I could do, it seemed to me, was wait inside until the police got there or whomever was outside decided to come in.

When I went to get into my car, my whole body was focused on just unlocking and starting it, then tearing the hell out of my driveway. Thankfully, no horror movie cliches kept the engine from turning.

My dad’s company was a short drive away, and when I got to him and we went back to the house, we were met by the police…who had found the house lit up. Every light in every room on. Every door, even to the attic and the basement, open. But nothing was taken or touched, which to me is the scary part; the fact that whoever it was wanted to fuck with my head, or my mother’s, since it was her house. It just scared me, and I never slept well in my mother’s house after that. I was more than a bit relieved when she moved.

The man in the woods

So I don’t know any other way to start this story other than to say it’s very true and I’m still terrifying to this day by the thought of what could have happened, so this story starts like many of my days my dad and I were just driving back from the hardware store in his old pick up truck when we saw a man walking down the long dirt road he was very tall around 6,7 and had bright gold hair and a long gold beard and like my dad does all the time he stoped to give him a ride and he kindly accepted and as soon as he was in the car and we were on our way he offered a bottle of vodka to my dad and weed as well and then offered it to me when my dad refused, my dad leaned over and told him I’m only 17 and not allowed those types of things and we continue to along our way we got down the road about a mile from where he had picked him up and he said this was close enough to his home and that we could drop him off there we figured it was a reasonable request and dropped him there and that’s were things got …weird I started seeing him more and more around town and on our road and I had a strange feeling in my gut that something about him was off then one day he showed up in our driveway and asked my dad if he could get a ride I don’t think much of it at the time so I kinda forgot about it well one day about a month later when I was working in my shop I got the strange feeling I was being watched and so I turned around ,(now I had ear buds in at the time so I didn’t hear the machines) and when I turned around what I saw nearly made me jump out of my skin he was there not but a foot behind me and then he spoke in a thick Russian accent “hello brother is your dad around anywhere?”

I was so startled that It took me around 30 seconds to respond I said no he isn’t here right now ya need something as I reached for a hammer that was on my work bench, he didn’t say a word he just stared at me his eyes like ice and I don’t know how else to describe the look in his eyes other than pure wicked,it was just then he lunged for me and I’m not a big guy so I was thrown into my work bench so I redacted I hut him in the side with the hammer and I felt his rib break under my blow he ran from my shop screaming but I was so scared I couldn’t move. I later found out what he was wanted for two counts of rape in Texas with a 500,000 dollar reward but none of that mattered to me i was just glad i escaped with my life ,and just to think if i didnt have that hammer what may have happened.

Night bike ride

Growing up I always wanted to go on a bike ride at night, something aboyt it just seemed so cool to me. It wasnt until i was 13 that my mom finally let me do it.
She told me to wear a helmet,take a flashlight,and my phone, after that she set my perimeters which was around 4 miles. And that was a lot for me,as you couldve guessed, as soon as the sun set I was out.

I love it.There were no people out walking their dogs, No kids running around, and the temperature was perfect,ect…It was really fun, so fun,that I completely ignored the limits my mom set.You see where I was biking was all walking paths.It was one of those grassy areas between two neighborhoods.Theres this long path that went about 600ft at a 25 degree angle.I was flying down a hill, having an absolute blast. And I darted right through my limits.

My Mom set these limits for a reason.Everything on the inside was close to houses and people.The outside,more specifically,The place I was on lead to,was barren.I rode along this path for 10 minutes before I could only see some of the lights of the houses inside the limits.

After about 15 minutes of riding along the dirt path,I hear singing.It sounded about 30-40 feet infront of me. I stop riding to hear it better. It was a womans voice.She was singing Eleanor Rigby by the beetles.But she wasnt singing the words,Just the melody of the vocals.Her voice was strange.You know how u get phlegm in your throat, your voice gets scratchy? Well, thats what she sounded like.

I inch forward to try and see her.I get close enough to see the silhouette of hair bouncing up and down,like she was head banging.I decide to get my flashlight out. Im thinking maybe this person is in need of help or something. Or maybe shes an insane person,and if i point my flashlight at her she will be scared away.So I take out my flashlight, point it at her, and turn it on.The moment the light hit her, she stoped moving completely.She was facing away from me.She had disgusting hair that seemed to be sticking together in clumps.Some of her hair was ripped off,too.She was wearing a very over-sized bright red hoodie. I was almost to scared to move.I think she was,too.I conjured up as much bravery as I could,and said “Sorry” in a very, oops-this-is-the-wrong-room,kind of way.She didnt respond.

I turned off the flashlight and put it back in my pocket.Just as I was turning my bike around,She screams in an awful,awful high pitched voice.I damn near shit myself as I was getting back onto my bike.I hear her voice getting closer to me,I book it as fast as I can.I dont look behind me,and I definitely dont stop pedaling.Her screaming grew quieter and quieter, until it desolved into the howling wind.As soon as I got home I told my mom, she immediately called the police and explained everything that happened.They checked out the area where I said it happened.And you guessed it,they didn’t find her.

Im 16 now, and even still to this day I get creeped out just thinking about that night.So even though it might seem cool to test the limits and all, you never know who or what is lurking out there waiting for you.

Exploring abandoned hospital

Me and my best friend were always into horror movies and creepy stuff so it was naturally for us to explore such places to get the goosebumps. Most of our tries were disappointing beecause nothing rlly interesting happened.

Once i went to visit her in the city she studied back then and while going to buy some groceries we spotted a big abandoned building next to a hospital so we decided to get close to see what is it supposed to be. We felt rlly drawn to that building, it was like the moment we saw it, we started immediately walking towards it. When we went to the fence that was surrounding it we saw sign saying that the place is abandoned psychiatric wing of the hospital that was right next to it. It said the building was in ruins so its dangerous to go inside. Right next to the sign there was a hole big enough for a person to go through with crouching. We decided to leave the shopping for later and went in.

I checked my phone battery so we can see if we will have enough of it to make a video with the flash on. It was close to full so we carefully went through the fence and on the ground floor of the hospital. It was full of wrecked items, shattered glasses, abandoned old wheelchair and all sorts of thrash, the doors were missing so we could peek slightly in the rooms. There was a staircase to the second floor and we decided to take it since the ground floor was full of those stuff i noted above.

During the whole time i was recording in every direction because the flash was our source of light. Nothing trully happened on our way to the second floor so i thought it’s probably waste of time but then we reached the second floor there were some weird creepy sounds but i thought it’s probably the breeze so i shrugged it off. Then i looked at my right and saw a door  leading to a pretty big room  but i couldn’t see what is inside from that angle so i decided to move forward to check it out but i tripped on some weirdly places bricks  in front of the door and that is where something very weird happened.

Suddenly my phone started flickering and stopped working. It didn’t turn off cuz there was no exit sound or the Samsung logo which it usually shows so we were left in the darkness in front of that door. I tried turning on my phone couple times as the panic slightly took over me. The phone didnt respond and the creepy sounds started getting louder, which it might be my imagination because we were left in the dark in abandoned hospital but it got me rlly creeped out so I told my friend to run down on the stairs to the exit and we did so even tho it was really hard in the dark on almost ruined staircase. I tried to turn on my phone in the same time while sprinting out and there was still no response. After we were out and caught our breaths I tried again and the phone finally responded and turned on. The firsst thing i rushed to do is  to see if the video was recorded but it wasn’t. It was missing which creeped us aswell additionally that it didn wanna turn on inside the building. We decided to call it a night and went back at her dorms.

Couple days later my best friend and her boyfriend were supposed to meet me at that city so we gather and go home together for the winter vacation. We told him the story and he was intrigued by it aswell so we persuaded him to go together in that place. We waited until it was dark and headed there. This time i decided not to record anything. I don’t know why i decided so but at the time I thought it’s the right decisions. We all used the flashlights on our phones so we have couple sources of light.

Everything seemed pretty much the same on the first floor but yet again we didn’t really explore it too much. We headed straight to the second floor with him in the front and me in between them. When he reached the door we were trying to explore last time he stopped at place. “Didn’t you say the door was open?” I found that super weird so i rushed forward to see what is he talking about. The door was sealed with bricks. I was shocked. “Who would seal a door at abandoned hospital with bricks?” I asked myself. It was open just 2 days ago. That really got us confused and creeped out. We wondered if somebody saw us going in and decided to do that. But the question was for what purpose would somebody do that. I truly regretted i couldn’t see what was inside the last time.

We decided to think about it later so we moved on on the corridor. The walls an the ceiling were a bit swollen from the moist. The moisture created some really weird shapes over it. I decided to check if somebody actually draw this or it was from the rainwater and snow cuz the windows were shattered. It wasn’t paint or graffiti. The most drew those weird shapes which looked like shadows of people. One of them was really long and the supposed head of the shadow person was on the ceiling.

We walked to the end of the hallway and saw straicases for both up and down. The upper ones seemed really shaky and not reliable so we decided we can look around the first floor  in more detail. We walked down on the stairs and then just when we were about to step on the first floor my bestie told us to stop and remove the flashlights. We got so stratled, so we did it quickly. I looked at her and she was staying close to the wall that created a corner with the other wall. She was peeking slightly through the corner. I didn’t quite like the idea of staying in the dark with so many opened doors in front and abandoned wheelchair. I felt so creeped out so i looked at every door to see if there is any sort of movement. It was really hard to tell in the darkness but i couldn’t stop it because i didn’t wanna any unpleasant surprise.

She suddenly stopped peeking and told us to move back to see if there is another hole in the fence that we can use to escape. We didn’t even need her warning not to make noise while looking. We did it immediately while she started peeking slightly again but we couldn’t find anything. I realized by our position that my best friend was looking straight the hole in the fence which was the only way out. That creeped me out even more.

We stayed like that for wut it seemed was forever but when i looked at my phone sneakily it was just 10 minutes. After couple more minutes she turned around and told us to make a run to the hole and we were happy to do it after staying so much time in the darkness in that creepy place. We went outside and she told us to head straight to the dorms to get our baggage. She didnt talk for a while but was looking backwards many times like she was afraid somebody is following us.

After our persistent ask to tell us what she saw she finally said it. She aw a shadow of really tall guy or what she thought looked like a male because it was too dark too see any features except the general shape. By her words the shadow just stayed there facing our direction and didn’t move at all. It just stayed there for so long staring at our direction and she told us she had the feeling he is looking straight at her.  By her words, after the whole time we stayed in the dark she decided to look back at us to see if we are there because we stayed silent at one place, and then looked back the shadow was gone. She told us she decided to stay there couple more minutes looking around before she told us to leave in case it returns. It didn’t thankfully but we found that really weird and creepy.

On our way to our hometown we kept on talking about it but nobody found any reasonable explanation for everything that happened. Who was that shadow guy and what did he want? We agreed that if it was a hospital guard he wouldn’t just stay there at one place. He would look around or point a flashlight at our direction but the shadow didn’t do any of those. The other question we still don’t have answer to is why would somebody bother to brick that door exactly after we left the first time. Why would somebody go through so much bother and most importantly what did that person decided to hide behind that door? I still can’t think of any good explanation except that somebody or something didn’t want us or anybody to see what was there and most important that somebody or somthing saw us going there without us suspecting.


Scary Stranger in Wal-Mart

This is a story from a couple weeks ago detailing my encounter with a really strange and scary individual.

Okay so some backstory. I’m a 20 year old male, relatively scrawny build, and moderately timid. I am an overnight stocker for Wal-Mart in a town in Missouri. I’ll leave the city name out for safety reasons. Okay, now for the story. So one night I’m working electronics, an area I might add that I absolutely hate working because we always get the crazier people back there at night, and I’m being bombarded with tons of shady customers and tons of people looking like they’re gonna steal merchandise (I should mention this is relatively normal during these hours).

Well the night proceeds like normal and nobody manages to steal anything that I know of and nobody causes a ruckus.

Well around I wanna say 11:15pm, I spot this one older guy (I wanna say in his mid to late 40s) in the aisle with the computer keyboards and he is doing these zombie-like movements and moving his jaw in weird ways and just doing a slow sway-like movement. I decide to ignore him because he looked like he was doing okay on his own (not to mention I was A bit put off by the way he looked and moved). A few minutes later I heard him banging a keeper box (a hard plastic case we put the more important electronics in) on the shelf, so I look into the aisle.

He stops, and hasn’t even noticed I was there. I couldn’t help but notice he kept sipping from a beat up monster energy can, which I could only assume was filled with booze or something given he was moving like he was drunk-well that or he was tweaking hard. Again I decide to ignore him and continue working.

Roughly 15 more minutes pass and he walks over to me and stares at me with his lifeless semi-bloodshot eyes fpr whay seemed like a few minutes but was probably only a few seconds and all he randomly says is “you got dat pornhub premium yah oh yah? Its good stuff” Which makes me feel uneasy and perturbed as hell, then he proceeds to try hacking into the Wal-Mart display computers by typing in Walmart as the password multiple times (I watched from behind another counter to make sure he didn’t actually get into the laptops hence me knowing what he typed). This continues for like 25 minutes until I go to break. I warn the person relieving me to keep an eye on him.

So I then rush to my break. I don’t know what he was on, or what was wrong with him, and I was told he was seen doing more crazy things around the store, but he never came back to electronics. Man did he give me the creeps.

Side Note: If you’re wondering why I didn’t contact my manager, I have tried alerting him to security issues and potential threats and the manager just ignores them each time. So the most I could hope for was the guy left. Which he did, and I am so glad nothing worse happened to me or the store.