Exploring abandoned hospital

Me and my best friend were always into horror movies and creepy stuff so it was naturally for us to explore such places to get the goosebumps. Most of our tries were disappointing beecause nothing rlly interesting happened.

Once i went to visit her in the city she studied back then and while going to buy some groceries we spotted a big abandoned building next to a hospital so we decided to get close to see what is it supposed to be. We felt rlly drawn to that building, it was like the moment we saw it, we started immediately walking towards it. When we went to the fence that was surrounding it we saw sign saying that the place is abandoned psychiatric wing of the hospital that was right next to it. It said the building was in ruins so its dangerous to go inside. Right next to the sign there was a hole big enough for a person to go through with crouching. We decided to leave the shopping for later and went in.

I checked my phone battery so we can see if we will have enough of it to make a video with the flash on. It was close to full so we carefully went through the fence and on the ground floor of the hospital. It was full of wrecked items, shattered glasses, abandoned old wheelchair and all sorts of thrash, the doors were missing so we could peek slightly in the rooms. There was a staircase to the second floor and we decided to take it since the ground floor was full of those stuff i noted above.

During the whole time i was recording in every direction because the flash was our source of light. Nothing trully happened on our way to the second floor so i thought it’s probably waste of time but then we reached the second floor there were some weird creepy sounds but i thought it’s probably the breeze so i shrugged it off. Then i looked at my right and saw a door  leading to a pretty big room  but i couldn’t see what is inside from that angle so i decided to move forward to check it out but i tripped on some weirdly places bricks  in front of the door and that is where something very weird happened.

Suddenly my phone started flickering and stopped working. It didn’t turn off cuz there was no exit sound or the Samsung logo which it usually shows so we were left in the darkness in front of that door. I tried turning on my phone couple times as the panic slightly took over me. The phone didnt respond and the creepy sounds started getting louder, which it might be my imagination because we were left in the dark in abandoned hospital but it got me rlly creeped out so I told my friend to run down on the stairs to the exit and we did so even tho it was really hard in the dark on almost ruined staircase. I tried to turn on my phone in the same time while sprinting out and there was still no response. After we were out and caught our breaths I tried again and the phone finally responded and turned on. The firsst thing i rushed to do is  to see if the video was recorded but it wasn’t. It was missing which creeped us aswell additionally that it didn wanna turn on inside the building. We decided to call it a night and went back at her dorms.

Couple days later my best friend and her boyfriend were supposed to meet me at that city so we gather and go home together for the winter vacation. We told him the story and he was intrigued by it aswell so we persuaded him to go together in that place. We waited until it was dark and headed there. This time i decided not to record anything. I don’t know why i decided so but at the time I thought it’s the right decisions. We all used the flashlights on our phones so we have couple sources of light.

Everything seemed pretty much the same on the first floor but yet again we didn’t really explore it too much. We headed straight to the second floor with him in the front and me in between them. When he reached the door we were trying to explore last time he stopped at place. “Didn’t you say the door was open?” I found that super weird so i rushed forward to see what is he talking about. The door was sealed with bricks. I was shocked. “Who would seal a door at abandoned hospital with bricks?” I asked myself. It was open just 2 days ago. That really got us confused and creeped out. We wondered if somebody saw us going in and decided to do that. But the question was for what purpose would somebody do that. I truly regretted i couldn’t see what was inside the last time.

We decided to think about it later so we moved on on the corridor. The walls an the ceiling were a bit swollen from the moist. The moisture created some really weird shapes over it. I decided to check if somebody actually draw this or it was from the rainwater and snow cuz the windows were shattered. It wasn’t paint or graffiti. The most drew those weird shapes which looked like shadows of people. One of them was really long and the supposed head of the shadow person was on the ceiling.

We walked to the end of the hallway and saw straicases for both up and down. The upper ones seemed really shaky and not reliable so we decided we can look around the first floor  in more detail. We walked down on the stairs and then just when we were about to step on the first floor my bestie told us to stop and remove the flashlights. We got so stratled, so we did it quickly. I looked at her and she was staying close to the wall that created a corner with the other wall. She was peeking slightly through the corner. I didn’t quite like the idea of staying in the dark with so many opened doors in front and abandoned wheelchair. I felt so creeped out so i looked at every door to see if there is any sort of movement. It was really hard to tell in the darkness but i couldn’t stop it because i didn’t wanna any unpleasant surprise.

She suddenly stopped peeking and told us to move back to see if there is another hole in the fence that we can use to escape. We didn’t even need her warning not to make noise while looking. We did it immediately while she started peeking slightly again but we couldn’t find anything. I realized by our position that my best friend was looking straight the hole in the fence which was the only way out. That creeped me out even more.

We stayed like that for wut it seemed was forever but when i looked at my phone sneakily it was just 10 minutes. After couple more minutes she turned around and told us to make a run to the hole and we were happy to do it after staying so much time in the darkness in that creepy place. We went outside and she told us to head straight to the dorms to get our baggage. She didnt talk for a while but was looking backwards many times like she was afraid somebody is following us.

After our persistent ask to tell us what she saw she finally said it. She aw a shadow of really tall guy or what she thought looked like a male because it was too dark too see any features except the general shape. By her words the shadow just stayed there facing our direction and didn’t move at all. It just stayed there for so long staring at our direction and she told us she had the feeling he is looking straight at her.  By her words, after the whole time we stayed in the dark she decided to look back at us to see if we are there because we stayed silent at one place, and then looked back the shadow was gone. She told us she decided to stay there couple more minutes looking around before she told us to leave in case it returns. It didn’t thankfully but we found that really weird and creepy.

On our way to our hometown we kept on talking about it but nobody found any reasonable explanation for everything that happened. Who was that shadow guy and what did he want? We agreed that if it was a hospital guard he wouldn’t just stay there at one place. He would look around or point a flashlight at our direction but the shadow didn’t do any of those. The other question we still don’t have answer to is why would somebody bother to brick that door exactly after we left the first time. Why would somebody go through so much bother and most importantly what did that person decided to hide behind that door? I still can’t think of any good explanation except that somebody or something didn’t want us or anybody to see what was there and most important that somebody or somthing saw us going there without us suspecting.


Scary Stranger in Wal-Mart

This is a story from a couple weeks ago detailing my encounter with a really strange and scary individual.

Okay so some backstory. I’m a 20 year old male, relatively scrawny build, and moderately timid. I am an overnight stocker for Wal-Mart in a town in Missouri. I’ll leave the city name out for safety reasons. Okay, now for the story. So one night I’m working electronics, an area I might add that I absolutely hate working because we always get the crazier people back there at night, and I’m being bombarded with tons of shady customers and tons of people looking like they’re gonna steal merchandise (I should mention this is relatively normal during these hours).

Well the night proceeds like normal and nobody manages to steal anything that I know of and nobody causes a ruckus.

Well around I wanna say 11:15pm, I spot this one older guy (I wanna say in his mid to late 40s) in the aisle with the computer keyboards and he is doing these zombie-like movements and moving his jaw in weird ways and just doing a slow sway-like movement. I decide to ignore him because he looked like he was doing okay on his own (not to mention I was A bit put off by the way he looked and moved). A few minutes later I heard him banging a keeper box (a hard plastic case we put the more important electronics in) on the shelf, so I look into the aisle.

He stops, and hasn’t even noticed I was there. I couldn’t help but notice he kept sipping from a beat up monster energy can, which I could only assume was filled with booze or something given he was moving like he was drunk-well that or he was tweaking hard. Again I decide to ignore him and continue working.

Roughly 15 more minutes pass and he walks over to me and stares at me with his lifeless semi-bloodshot eyes fpr whay seemed like a few minutes but was probably only a few seconds and all he randomly says is “you got dat pornhub premium yah oh yah? Its good stuff” Which makes me feel uneasy and perturbed as hell, then he proceeds to try hacking into the Wal-Mart display computers by typing in Walmart as the password multiple times (I watched from behind another counter to make sure he didn’t actually get into the laptops hence me knowing what he typed). This continues for like 25 minutes until I go to break. I warn the person relieving me to keep an eye on him.

So I then rush to my break. I don’t know what he was on, or what was wrong with him, and I was told he was seen doing more crazy things around the store, but he never came back to electronics. Man did he give me the creeps.

Side Note: If you’re wondering why I didn’t contact my manager, I have tried alerting him to security issues and potential threats and the manager just ignores them each time. So the most I could hope for was the guy left. Which he did, and I am so glad nothing worse happened to me or the store.

Stranger at the ballfield

This story happened two years ago, Me and a few of my friends had plans to go to the baseball field at night to sit on the bleachers and have a chat. We live in a town called Stephenville Crossing, in Newfoundland, Canada.

Me and my friends had texted each other to get ready, I was at Caitlin’s house, she is my cousin, and our friend Rae-ann was also with us. We texted our friends to meet up at the local canteen, Karl’s canteen, where many of us would buy candy and food.

We started walking to the canteen, it was about a ten minute walk from Caitlin’s house, so when we got there our friends had not made it yet, so we went inside to grab a few of their signature brownies. After standing around for a few minutes we seen our friends coming toward the canteen, yelling out to us.

They told us they wanted to grab a bag of candy so we waited for them outside.

A car pulled up to the canteen and a tall man in a suit, wearing a blue tie and a fedora got out of the car. Keep in mind that Stephenville Crossing does not have a large population, only about 1200 people, so we’re a town where everyone pretty much knows everyone else. So this guy was a stranger to us, and the way he dressed was off as no one in this town wear clothes that fancy,

we just assumed he was on vacation or from out of town. He looked at Caitlin and Rae-ann, smirked and said “Hello, darlings!” without even acknowledging me, and the way he said it with a raspy voice, in a tone that seemed seductive.

He walked into the store, as our friends were walking out.

One of our friends, Eric, had made a remark about the man’s fedora but we told him to not say anything too loud because of the creepy vibe the man had.

Halen, one of our friends, and his girlfriend, Hayley, had bought a family size bag of chips to share, but Hayley nabbed it from his hands for herself, so he didn’t bother to stick by her and came over by me to chat.

We proceeded to talk about our usual topic, comic books, in which we would often debate over whether Batman or Spider-man was better.

We walked passed our local bar, the cozy corner, which was the way to the baseball field, now the canteen was out of sight, and I hadn’t even thought about the creepy man anymore.

We then met up with Amber and David, who had been walking together down the street, we wanted them to come to the baseball field with us, they accepted and came along.

When we got there we seen our friends Brandon and Audrey, who are a couple, cuddling on the bleachers. We didn’t invite them to the baseball field but they were already there so we sat with them on the bleachers and ate our candy.

We always thought they were kind of annoying together, and gave them the name “Braudrey”, which we thought was funny. We also gave Brandon the nickname “Tough meh” because he believes that he is the toughest person in our friend group.

We seen a car turning in to the baseball field towards us. The baseball field is next to a forest and large bushes, so sometimes people go in the woods to have sex, or do drug deals, so sometimes at a time this late and dark people often drive up to the baseball field with their girlfriend or boyfriend to have sex, or multiple will drive up to deal drugs.

Due to this being a usual thing, we were not alarmed by a car pulling up, but once it got close enough we realized it was the car of the creepy guy at the canteen.

Amber,David,Brandon and Audrey did not know about this guy so we told them about how creepy he was, and how he was particularly interested in Caitlin and Rae-Ann. David, being the craziest of the group, jumped off the bleachers and started yelling and making noises like a shrieking cat.

The car then began to turn around and left the baseball field. We praised David for scaring off the creepy man, and laughed about how strange the man was, and once again made fun of his fedora.

About an hour later we decided to walk back to town, and instead of going toward the road we decided to take the trail through the bushes. I stood by Halen, I was once again explaining why Batman is superior in our fun little debate, and he also came to me about problems, as he was upset that Hayley only let him have a few chips from the whole bag.

Thats when I heard David and Amber screaming, they were at the front of the group. They were running back and yelling for us to run, and when we looked, there was the creepy man running toward us.

We all began running back to the baseball field, and decided to  run into the woods, which may seem like a stupid idea, but we were familiar with the woods and had many hiding places, and since it was at night it would be hard for him to see us.

Brandon had pissed his pants, the large wet spot was noticeable on his jeans, so much for “tough meh”, although our lives were on the line so it is understandable. We decided to stay hidden for about half hour, and then we all quietly left the forest and ran for the road to get under the street lights and by the houses.

We all hastily walked back to the main part of town, we all went our separate ways to go home, all agreeing that it would be a long time before we go back to the baseball field late at night.

Young Mom’s Rest Stop Terror

This happened in 2000 or 2001 in Oregon. I was about 26 and had my children with me, my son being 5 and my daughter being 4. We had moved about 150 miles from the rest of the family. Its close enough to drive over and visit for the weekend and drive back.

The drive goes over the Santiam Pass and parts of it has lots of tight curves. We had a set routine when traveling…. Something that parents of young children figure out….

You know if you dont make restroom stops along certain roads, you will find yourself pulling over to the side and guiding your child to a relatively close but private spot to take care of business.

Along the Santiam there is only one small rest stop called The Maples Rest area, near Gates, Oregon. I’ve driven this section of road ever since getting my license as my grandparents lived on the other side of the mountain pass.

I have always been independent and not afraid to stop and help someone in need, and have grown up hiking, camping, hunting, etc. I say this to explain I was in shape, and basically a tough country girl.

On this particular trip over the pass, it was a late start, after dark probably around 8 or 9pm. I actually liked driving after dark as there is usually less traffic and I love driving. We made our regular stop at The Maples rest stop and there were either 2 or 3 other cars in the parking lot.

Now as a mother of young kids, I am cautious of strangers around my kids.

They knew to not question what i tell them in certain situations and when i would use certain tone of voice. In example in stores like Wal Mart, if I noticed someone paying a little too much attention to them, I would have them come and hold on to the shopping cart.

When I had explained why I wanted them not to question me in the circumstances, they understood and never had a problem immediately putting down a toy and returning to me.

When  we pulled into the parking lot, I parked at least 2 spaces away from the nearest car. It was a full sized old van.

There were people sitting in another car a little further away, looking like they were getting things situated in their car. My son was going through an independent streak, and wanted to be a “big boy” and go in the Mens restroom. I said no and explained i couldnt allow it as it was night time and did not feel comfortable letting him go by himself. He wasnt happy about it but complied.

We went in the Women’s restroom and had an uneventful experience. When we exited the restroom however, my adrenaline kicked into overtime… the other car or cars were gone, except the van. It was now turned around and was backed into the space next to my car on the passenger side.

The side the kids used to get in and out of the car. I usually let them get in on their own and buckle themselves in. Upon seeing the now threatening situation, I quietly told them to run to the car and get in and shut the door as soon as i unlocked the doors remotely, using the drivers side back door.

I did not want them taking their normally slow time to tease each other and climbing up into their car seats before shutting and locking their doors.

Not with that van sitting there with that sliding door facing the passenger side of my car. I could not see anyone sitting in the front seats, and there were no other windows in the back.

They immediately complied and I jumped in the driver’s seat and locked the doors the same time the kids shut their door.

Little did I know, my terror was not entirely over. My fear was realized when I backed out and immediately the van started up. I had the kids buckle up while I was driving… something I have never done before (we had one of those “magical” cars that would not start unless they were buckled in) Thankfully they didn’t hesitate.

I didnt even stop at the stop sign at the highway. I could see there were no cars coming. While I did have a cell phone, there was no reception for at least 10 miles. I had a decision to make quickly, do I head west and back towards the nearest towns?

The problem with this area is that the towns turn into ghost towns after dark. I also knew from growing up just a few towns over, this area is covered by 1 sheriff and could be anywhere up to an hour away.

I know this because while house sitting for my parents, there was someone outside the house one night and called 911. It took an hour for him to show up…. he then notified me of his district he had to cover.

He did find footprints in the snow from someone, but evidently I had scared them off when I called 911. So this made up my mind to go against that logic and drive east towards the mountains.

I knew the road as, again, I basically grew up going over it. I turned East and proceeded to speed away.

The van followed pursuit. It chased me for several miles, pushing my speed to levels way over the speed limit, thankful for my knowledge of the road and that I was driving a small car. I knew they would have to take the corners slower than I could.

I lost them after about 5 to 6 miles, but never slowed below the speed limit the remainder of the way home. Thankfully we never saw that van again. I still have nightmares about that night. I always go back over it and think what would I have done had I not taken those precautions.

What would I have done if that sliding back door had opened. What would I have done if someone overpowered one or all of us. That is what still haunts my nightmares.

Creepy Stalker Man

So this happened not too long ago. I am a 17 year old female and I live in the UK. Now, you can’t go to clubs until you’re 18 but I started going out at 16, it’s always creepy drunk guys trying to touch you up and try it on with you, but I go out just to get drunk and party. I’m underage so not going to go home with anyone.

A few months ago I went out with a friend, we had a good night but then as always, she got too drunk and passed out, she somehow went home and I was on my own for the rest of the night. I was stood in the corner of the club just drinking, I was already wasted so I decided to just keep drinking. Bad idea when you’re out alone. A old looking man came and stood with me and he started talking to me and asked me what happened to my friend and I told him, he then said that he’s friends with her, later on he told me he lied about that and he doesn’t know her.

I just kind of ended the conversation after that.

Then he asked how old I am so I told him I’m 17, he then said that he’s 50. This creeped me out but I thought really nothing much of it. It was getting quite early in the morning so I told him I’m going home and he said he’ll walk me so I agreed, I wish had just left him there and then. This guy was around 6 foot and very big built, I’m only 5 foot so if he tried anything, his body weight would probably stop me from escaping. But as we were walking he tried to kiss me and I pushed him away and reminded him of my age.

He just laughed and we carried on walking. Since I didn’t want him to know where I lived I just left half way. The next day when I woke up, I had a missed call on my phone, Since I never have texts, I couldn’t text asking who it was so I looked up the number but couldn’t find anything.

A few weeks later I decided to download whatsapp to see if I could find who it was and a profile came up, it was him! I messaged him and he messaged me back the next day asking how my friend is and if she got home okay that night. Now I have no idea how this fucking creep got my number! I started asking him why he tried kissing me and he said something like “It was just a thank you kiss for me helping you out”.

I straight up called him a pedophile for even thinking that it’s okay to try that! After that he said sorry then blocked me.

So a few weeks ago, I decided to go out with some friends to get high, I met them at about 6 in the morning and we smoked, got high and whatever. As I was leaving them, we stood on the corner of the street to say goodbye and I saw a car drive up to turn that corner of the street we was on, I looked and it was the man! I kid you not, I shit a brick! As my friends left me, he started driving on. I was extremely high and the paranoia started kicking in, I thought he was going to start following me. I was right. I ran down an ally to try and hide from him.

I had no idea where I was going, I didn’t want to go straight home in case he followed me and saw where I live. I ended up walking back past the corner where I first saw him, as soon as I got to the corner, there he was, he pulled up on the road, I shouted to him “stop fucking following me!” He just said to me “hello again, princess.”

Then drove off with the most creepy grin on his face. After that I ran home as fast as I could without stopping. I got home and made sure all the windows were closed and the doors were locked.

I sat in the kitchen for a good twenty minutes going over in my head what had just happened, now I’m not sure if I was hearing things because I was high or it could of been the guy that lives next door but I heard a man cough, it sounded like it came from my back yard. But if the guy followed me home, he couldn’t of got in the back yard because I locked the gate. But I have no idea. After that I went into my room and sat thinking about it again and I just started crying over it, I kept thinking to myself that he’s after me and he’s going to kidnap me and kill me if he sees me out alone, all that crazy shits going through my head. I eventually forced myself to go to sleep. I didn’t see him after that. Until a few days ago.

I was walking down my street to go home and he drove past in his car, staring and smiling at me the whole time and not watching the road, I wish he had crashed and really hurt himself. I haven’t seen him since, yet. But I’m pretty sure he followed me that night and now he knows at least which street I live on. I’m always aware of my surroundings whenever I leave the house, in case I see him. I don’t know what he wants but what I do know is, he is a creepy lowlife that needs some serious help.

I hope I never see him again.