Scary Subway Stalker

This happened to me a few months ago when I was 14. A group and I had traveled to California for a dance competition and since it lasted the whole weekend, we had to find restaurants for every night. We had planned to go to this Italian restaurant, but due to messing up our reservation, we ended up at subway.

Don’t get me wrong— I used to love subway until this happened. As we walked from the Italian restaurant to subway, I noticed quite a few homeless people and beggars along the sidewalk, but I dismissed it as we were in an urban area.

I was walking next to my friend when I abruptly saw her smile turn into a frown so I looked over in the direction she was and I saw a lady. She was clearly homeless with short blonde scrappy hair and tattered clothing.

“Hello children.” She said in a slight whisper.

I heard it and started to walk faster. But unfortunately before I could get completely away, we made direct eye contact.

The two things that crept me out the most though, were her teeth and her height. She had maximum of six teeth and they were disgusting. I shivered just looking at her. But even though she was sitting down I took to notice her height. She looked tall stopped over, but I couldn’t imagine her standing up.

We made it to the subway and took a seat inside. It was only our group and our mothers. It’s important to note that the way it was layed out, people outside could see most if not all of the inside due to the windows and lights, but we could not see outside.

I ordered my sandwich and went to get a drink from the fountain. As I was pouring my iced tea, I heard the bell from the door ring, and everyone went silent. I capped my drink and turned to see what was up— but something blocked my way.

Standing no more then two inches away from me was (yep, you guessed it,) creepy homeless lady. I almost screamed. I wanted to. I saw her reach for her back pocket, and that’s when I bolted past her.

“Is this your family?” She asked in a low raspy voice.
“What’s your name? How old are you?”

She followed me around the restaurant and right before she started to corner me, the manager came out and yelled at her to leave, and I’ve never seen her run faster.

I wiped the tears from my eyes and sat back down with my group and we tried to laugh it off. But since I was facing the window, I noticed something else in the darkness.

A man was walking past the store, and not just once but about ten times. I started to get nervous because of what had just happened, but I shrugged it off because he didn’t look that disheveled. But then he came in and yep, he was definitely homeless, and drunk.

As he stumbles in our chaperones start to pick up their bags and get ready to leave. I do to and as I start to stand up he says to us,

“What a lovely family. You’ll make a nice family yes?”

We shrug it off as a drunken comment and as I turn towards the door I notice his unusually large backpack. Before I can grab the door handle, he starts to stroke my hair from the back and says I’m beautiful.

Not wanting to get snatched 2,000 miles away from my home state, I bolt out after my mom, and thankfully that was the end of it. But to this day I still don’t feel comfortable going into subways.

Stranger from the deep web

<> I am an 18 year old girl – at the time of this story I was 17, this only happened last year. I was browsing my instagram – I have a furry account so it is not uncommon for me to get follow requests from people I don’t know , usually I accept them – I see a new message from someone I hadn’t met before, like a dumbass, I replied as nothing had rung any alarms, he was just saying hi. I was very lonely at the time so when I got random messages I got quite happy, it didn’t happen often. So of course I replied within seconds of his message coming through. We chatted almost all night and when I did finally decide to log off – or rather fall asleep – I didn’t tell him as I didn’t think I needed to. I woke up to 50 texts from him all asking what had happened to me and how.. worried he was. For some reason this didn’t strike me as odd.. as this is probably how I would react.. even now. So I continued to speak to him.

After only a few weeks he and I had gotten rather.. close. If you catch my drift. To me it seemed like mild flirtation at most but to him it was more. So when I started expressing interests in other people he got mad and started telling me that I was cheating on him. He’d Call me things like baby and tell me he loved me. No matter what I did or said he would still make heavy advances. But I ignored him and continued talking, because as I said.. I was very lonely and without him I’m not sure what I’d do.

Another few months went by and he was still pushing hard on me being his girlfriend. I was getting seriously pissed and decided to get my best friend Dawn involved. She told him to screw off and leave me and anyone else alone because now he was getting creepy.. not to mention all of his Instagram posts. He was claiming things like stabbing people.. and being proud of it. He told us he was in a gang and they would often do this sort of thing.
Dawn continued to tell him to leave us alone until eventually he took things into a whole new level..
this man sent Dawn a link to a website from the deep web, it said things about hitmen and even had photos of what they had done.

That’s when I decided to stop messaging him completely. But he pressed on. Somehow he had gotten my phone number and started messaging me on there. He told me my address , I hadn’t given it to him, and even sent me picture of my house.
Then he started sending me photos of his.. member…
I changed my phone number and he hasnt contacted me since then.
I don’t know who he is but I hope he never finds me again. I’m still unable to walk in the dark alone.

The Stranger at the playground

Now I’d like to start off this story with a little note, this happened awhile ago, so some details may be a bit incorrect (my apologies)

As a child, around the age of 7-8, I had a very good friend, who I’ll call Jackie for safety reasons.

Jackie’s family was very generous to me, since my parents were busy with work, so they would almost always take me to this one playground.

for the first few months, everything was normal, we’d go, play for a few hours, then leave.

But one day, as Jackie and I were walking over to the swings, everything was going pretty normal for the first few minutes, when Jackie tapped my shoulder and said

“Makaylah, do you see that man, he keeps staring..”

i glanced over to where she was signaling, and noticed a man.

He didn’t look sketchy, he looked normal. But nonetheless, the news of this man staring at us was still scary, so I requested we go home early.

the next day we went to the park, the same man was there. Jackie didnt seem to mind at this point, but I would take glances at him, but once as he was looking at us, we made eye contact.

He got up extremely slowly, and stumbled over to us. Soon Jackie’s parents looked up and noticed this man, and nervously came over, afraid of what the man would and could do. They grabbed onto my hand, but before they could move me away from the man, he grabbed onto my hand, and started pulling on my arm, trying to pull me away.

he kept saying slurs of

“I’ll take her, she’s mine, custody!”

by now, bystanders with their children were glancing over at the incident, shocked and horrified. An onlooker eventually was fighting off the man, when he inhumanly almost crawled into the woods behind the park.

Needless to say, we never went to that park again.

Stranger in the Woods

Last summer, I had my first kiss. It was with Luke, my older brother’s friend. Luke was an okay guy, he was kind of a pushover, but he made me laugh and seemed to enjoy my company.

My brother, Alex, had an attitude problem, most teenagers did. I was a crybaby when I was little and he was insensitive, so we didn’t get along too well. Over the years, he’s mellowed out and my skin had thickened, but our relationship always felt like we were standing on thin ice. I’ve always wanted to have a more positive relationship with him.

I didn’t tell anyone about the kiss. It was meaningful to me and I didn’t want the local kids to know. I kept quiet, and so did Luke. He didn’t seem to care all that much about the kiss.

My twin sister, Grace, somehow found out about it, and was furious to know that Luke was acting as if he didn’t care at all. I told her I was fine with it, even though I was a little bummed out. And with some convincing, she calmed down. Her anger towards Luke lessened, but didn’t completely disappear.

We lived in Florida, and people associate that with hot, sticky, and humid. In some parts, they’d be correct, but the part I lived in would get casual breezes during the summer. It was just cool enough where you could actually go outside and not immediately die of heatstroke.

There weren’t a lot of trees where I lived, there would be a cluster of palm trees at the most. Sitting in the shade was almost nearly impossible. However, there was this giant lake that was located down the road from my neighborhood. There wasn’t enough trees to call it a wooded area, but it was relaxing to walk through.

A high school girl’s parents owned the area. So, while her parents were away on a business trip, the girl, Caroline, threw a party. I was surprised her parents left alone for the week, most parents didn’t do that around here. Maybe they didn’t care, or maybe they told their neighbor to check up on her from time to time. I didn’t know. All I knew was that I really wanted to go because Luke would be there. I knew it’d probably be seen as a little desperate, but my sister wanted to go as well so if the plan backfired I could always spend the night with her.

Alex was automatically invited, and let us come after we pestered him for hours. Caroline’s parents had a lake house, and was it was huge compared to our home. The lake itself was murky and dark. Of course, this was a high school party, so there were drunken kids already taking off their clothes to go swim in the dirty water.

Grace was excited to be there, she seemed to think that tonight was going to change her life forever. I just rolled her eyes at her overly-dramatic attitude and went searching for Luke. She seemed to already know who I was looking for when we first walked through the door. She had just clicked her tongue, then said gently but sternly, “Be careful.”

I quickly smiled at her before darting my way through the surprisingly small crowd of teenagers. Everybody was likely outside, getting drunk off their asses. I looked around the room, not letting anything distract me. When I saw him I tried to get his attention by waving, but then I noticed that Caroline and him were chatting. The conservation looked… heated.

I watched the pair for a whole two minutes, Caroline getting more and more handsy with him. His wide eyes landed on me, and our gazes locked very briefly before I turned around and quickly made my way towards the entrance.

“Hailey!” I heard him yell over the loud music, but I just shook my head in denial and walked faster.

When I saw an opening in the crowd, I ran down the front porch steps. I had been so happy to have Luke see me in my new dress, what a waste of $25!

“Hailey, wait up!” Luke called from behind me. “Please let me explain!” I didn’t listen though, I just kept running.

I was determined not to cry, at any means. I went out behind the lake house and let the empty trees keep me company. My flats were dirty from the damp dirt, so I took them off and threw them at the ground in frustration. I was also irritated by the sweat that had build up in the Floridian heat.

It was strangely quiet, I didn’t hear anything in the trees or bushes, just kids hollering near the lake. It was relaxing. I inhaled deeply, wanting to calm myself down. I went over to collect my shoes, which I had thrown further out into the trees. I wanted to hide behind one until the party was over and my brother came looking for me.

I heard footsteps behind me and I already knew who it was. “Just go away Luke. I don’t want to talk to you right now.” I felt Luke’s hairy arms wrap around me. That was a thing I usually joked about with him, about how he never saved his arms and legs, but everywhere else. I almost smiled, but the wet trails on my cheeks weren’t from happiness. “Just go back to Caroline.” The way I said it sounded kind of bratty but I didn’t really care at the moment.

A familiar, yet distant voice yelled, “Hailey? I’m sorry, okay! I fucked up! Where are you?”

I froze. My stomach dropped and my blood when cold. The guy behind me wasn’t Luke. I tried to break free from his arms, but his hold tightened. I smacked him upside the head with my shoes, but I was at a weird angle and it just annoyed him. A callused, sweaty hand covered my mouth before I could say anything. I felt a certain appendage press hard into my back. My heart was pounding as hot liquid leaked from my eyes.

I kicked at his hairy legs and clawed at the arms that held me. Red, angry trails were left behind, but he held on tight. I threw my head back at his face, hoping my skull would hurt him. The hand that covered my mouth loosened a fraction, but it was enough. I bit down as hard as I could, until I tasted blood on my tongue. The man let go of me for a split second, but by the time he realized I was free, I was already screaming bloody murder.

What happened next wasn’t that eventful. I found Alex and yelled at him to take me home or else I would tell mom and dad about the party. He glared at me, but I didn’t fucking care. I was crying and hyperventilating and I just wanted to go home. Grace was no where in sight, so my brother reluctantly went to go find her.

Luke found me, asking me what the hell happened when he saw that I was crying. I shook my head at him and sobbed. He offered to take me home and I agreed, not wanting to be at this damn lake house for any longer. He sent Alex a quick text, then led me to his car.

The car ride was silent, he didn’t ask about anything and I didn’t offer. Luke didn’t even finish parking before I got out of the car and ran towards my front door. I had a spare key attached to my necklace, and relocked the door once I was safe inside.

I don’t go out to parties anymore, not even the ones that are within my neighborhood and are indoors. I never told my parents or Alex about the man. I told Grace after five months of me getting terrified by everything. No one else noticed my jumpy behavior, that’s due to the fact that I spend all of my time locked inside my room now. I don’t like to talk about it. Grace said talking would help, but all it does is make me more scared to go back outside.

The Lamp Post/The Board

I was, 12, and finally on summer break. The day I saw this guy was, strangely beautiful. Quiet, and somewhat creepy. I didn’t think much of it, because I love silence, no one nearby. Not needing to deal with the problem of others who like to talk.

But back to the story, I had just walked the lake a few times with my best friend. We had gone back to my friend’s house, since he lives right by the lake. We then sat down in the grass talking for literally hours, which I was getting drained from this, boredom was taking me over. Suddenly, lets call my friend Luke, I’m sure my friend doesn’t want his real name out, Luke asks if I want a drink. I politely said no but thanked him, he went in to get himself his own. I didn’t want a drink, knowing he’ll take a long time, so I would get silence.

But, the post in front of me, suddenly flicked. I stared under it, so I would be able to watch it flicker but also watch if someone was tampering with anything connected to it. I didn’t see anyone. I thought, it’s just old, that’s why it flickered. But as I looked down to continue playing with the grass and dirt, in the darkness I caught a glimpse.

Some background, most of my friends think theres something paranormal about me, because apparently at a birthday party I was at in 3rd grade, I did something I don’t remember. I walked out of the other room which I got for myself, with out my glasses, so everything would be blurry. And my friend who was the birthday kid, said my eyes weren’t fully open. But what I said, shocked him and only him. “Don’t play it.”

“What?” He responded, but I quickly said, “don’t play the board.” Then I walked back inside the other room. Everyone looked at my friend, to see he was reaching for a board under the couch, which was a ouija board. He looked at everyone and, he says he didn’t say anything about it and was planning to say something after getting it out.

I stared now, at the glimpse I saw. The person, it was a silhouette of a person. I was watching it grow closer to the post. I watched them step into the light of the post, I saw they were hooded, covered in black clothing. They rose their hands and started making whooshing and other noises, moving their hands, the light now flickering rapidly. I stood up, knowing he couldn’t see me. I had a small stone in hand, ready to throw, when Luke kicked open the front door and charged out. Luke had saw the man through the window, and thought the man was going to hurt me.

Luke thought this because he think he saw the man look over at me when I stood. The sudden door flying open scared the stranger and me, and as I looked to see what caused the crash. Luke was charging at the man, already almost beside me. The man simply walked back into the shadows, and took off. I grabbed Luke before his foot hit the ground. For once I remembered what I did, and I remember what I felt and heard. Something was telling me not to follow him, because this man was unknown, so unknown dangers. This wasn’t me but I agreed with it, and while Luke was yelling at me to let go, I said, “don’t.” I realised I was being ‘paranormal’ again. So I sat down and hugged my knees acting like I was scared, which I’m surprised he believed it. Since I’m normally emotionless.

I’m now long gone from 6th grade, and I’ve done many creepy things. And I still listen to the warnings of the random thoughts I get. Luke and I still talk, and he hasn’t seen the man ever since the incident. I’m glad, as I don’t want him getting hurt or haunted.