The quarter mile panic

One evening in July 2017 my wife and I decided we would bring our kids to my moms and go fishing for a bit since at dusk the fish are more active. So we dropped them off and headed to the only lake in my small town. On the back end of the lake there was a small parking lot with a few lights. As we parked my wife was a bit sketched out and hesitant because it was about a quarter mile walk through the woods before you reached the lake. Assuring her everything would be fine we started the walk.

After about 10 mins we finally reached the water and began fishing. We got maybe half an hour into it and my wife began saying she wanted to go because it was getting dark and she was scared to walk through the woods at night. I told her to relax and that the woods are too small for anything bad to happen in because its such a short walk. We continued fishing and eventually after another 45 minutes the bugs had gotten the best of us so we started packing it up.

It was completely dark out now so my.wife was freaked out about the walk and kept panicking over every little noise. I kept telling her its just nocturnal animals coming out and theres nothing to worry about. She didnt listen and continued to panic over every crunching leaf she heard. We got the the final stretch of path to the parking lot and my wife, eccstatic to see the car, began running towards it. A few steps in she tripped on a rock and stumbled half way to the car without falling. I couldnt help but laugh my ass of about it.

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