What We Encountered in the Woods

I lived in Tennessee and was a big fan of camping and hiking. In 2006, me, my girlfriend, my cousin and four other friends had gone on a hiking trip. My girlfriend’s uncle had a rather large property he sometimes allowed people to stay at. In one remote corner of this land he even had a remote cabin he would rent out occasionally and this property was connected to a “no man’s land” as some people called it. You could go out there, as some of us had before and not see another sign of people.

We intended to rough it along the back trails with the intention to camp overnight. After a long hike, it got dark so we built a fire, set up our small tents, had a couple of beers, cooked a few hot dogs over the flames. It was pleasantly uneventful until near midnight. We had been telling stories when suddenly, my cousin started looking off into the dark and began trying to shush us.

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