Creature droppings

This story took place on the 13th of august,  at my grandmothers house. For some details first, my father owns a car care  Business  near my Grandmothers house, so I wanted to stay at her house for the night. What I do for fun at her house is shoot my Grandfathers old daisy BB guns in the yard and the forest behind her home.

When my parents dropped me off I said my goodbyes to them and I was off to the forest. I grabbed the rifle and revolver BB guns and my Grandmothers dog Wilson. No one has been on the forest trail for a long time because the entire trail was grow up by ferns and tick grass. The first strange thing I noticed was that someone put small plastic strips next to landmarks in the forest.

These land marks are a strange group of curled tree where a lot of  squirrels and birds are seen, a large crater area the has largest ferns around it and the small creek that runs through the forest. The crater used to have ferns on the inside but the look to have been removed. It didn’t faze me or Wilson on our hike.

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