The Jin from Hell

This is a true story my grand parents told me about my great great grand father. Jin are the middle eastern names for demons who lurk in our world, haunting and terrorising the souls who cannot defend themselves from them.

First of all I would like to give you some back ground information about me and my family. I live in Sydney Australia but I originally come from Lebanon in the Middle east, born and raised there. My family has a long history of catholic priests that go back centuries. this story occurs in the south of Lebanon where my family originates. My Great Great grand father was a priest for many years throughout the late 1800’s to the midd 19th century traveling from one village to another to serve at masses and the needs of the local town’s people such as the poor.

he would often stay for many days at a time in each village, so my family being him was a good opportunity to gain quality wisdom and knowledge which was extremely valuable considering the time of history where this occurred. our family always experienced strange supper natural anomalies which were both positive, and at times blood curdalingly frigthning. One year my great, great grand father was traveling a long distance to get from one village too another. It started to get late and his donkey which he was ridding was becoming restless as the blackening darkness began to settle over the land.

In the village and rural areas of Lebanon there was a large presence of wolves and hyenas hiding in the dark, waiting for their next victims. Which is why hardly anyone travels at night unless they were decently armed. looking out into the far distance, he could see the light a near by village which seemed to be alive with laughter and and dancing. as he approached the village he realised that the laughter was permitting from a local wedding party which was taking place and it seemed as though the whole village was attending it.

Though he would soon realise that this was not the case. with fatigue and hunger taking over him he became desperate for a pace to stay before he could wake up the next morning a continue his long journey. suddenly he could see from a near by house, an old wrinkled woman was sinisterly calling him over to the questionable house that evidently was isolated from the village, basically on the darker side of town where the light of the wedding party could not reach it,”come over here father”. desperate for food and somewhere to sleep my grandfather had no choice but to move toward this creepy and old lady who seemed very keen to get him inside and away from the town’s people. inside my grandfather was shocked to see a considerable large table, littered with amazing foods that looked like they only came out of the kitchen a minute ago.

The old lady kept pressuring him too dive into the food which he was dining to eat. however my grandfather knew better as a catholic priest before eating a meal, so he raised his hand in making the blessing with the sign of the cross.”in the name of the father, and of the son and of the——–oh my God”. with a quick burst of wind which came in like a flash, the old lady had vanished into thin air, and the food had all turned into shit, which gave out a smell that was so awful that even hell itself would have turned their stomachs just from passing by it.

My grandfather booked it from their as fast as his old legs could take, him. though he was tired and hungry, the adrenaline that had built up inside him made him run probably faster than he had ever ran in his entire life. the next morning he arrived back home, safe and sound and didn’t hesitate to tell the people of the village what he had experienced, and of course being the priest of the town he was highly respected by the people, who believed that he could have died eating the shit which was supernatural disguised as delicious food by the Jin.

we all know today that it was through the power of his blessing before he ate that drove the Jin away and exposed the true nature of the food in front of him. my grand father died decades before I was alive, but I know without a doubt that this story was realer than any other story I have heard in my life, which is why today I believe in the supernatural and know who is my friend and who is my enemy that lurks in the dark.

Traveling Nurses and Mountain Man

This is my mother’s story. Back then, before she had me and my brother, she was a traveling nurse, going from state to state, Sometimes alone, sometimes with company.

I enjoy hearing her stories, they made me laugh and made me want to go out.

One story she had really stuck out.

My mom, Deb, is her name, along with her friend Theresa, were near the mountains, far from the city, and Theresa and her really needed to pee.

My mom said next place we stop at, we’ll use the restroom. They came up to this odd place in the middle of nowhere, both my mom and Theresa got out and out of the building came this goofball hillbilly like guy, with glasses, overall, and straw hat. Like someone from Hee Haw, Theresa asked can we use your restroom? The guy replied, the restroom is only for people visit my museum. Both my mom and Theresa were surprised. A museum? My mom asked. Might as well.

The guy took them to such odd pictures and sculptures you will definitely never see in a regular museum. Tree carvings, a big wall with windows, and little figurines posing for a historical moment, every time he showed my mom and Theresa a piece of his collection, he would always end the sentence with “ain’t that something?” Theresa was cracking up, Deb! He’s a nut! My mom chuckled in agreement.

Things got really weird when they entered the wax sculpture part.

I’ll be back, the man said, leaving my mother and Theresa alone. Theresa was getting nervous, and my mom, saw this, and decided to tease her. Theresa, she said. Remember that movie, the Wax Museum? Theresa shuddered. Oh my God! She said quietly. My mom said, look closely. See if they’re real.

Theresa creeped close trying to observe the sculpture. Ahhh! Screamed my mom, nearly making Theresa wet herself in fear. Damn it Deb! She screamed! My mother was laughing, until they heard, can you ladies come back here?

It was the man. Suddenly, my mom looked at Theresa, both gave a , Hell No look to each other, ran back to the car, and drove like a bat out of hell. After a few minutes, both were laughing at the situation, You don’t think he was dangerous, do ya Deb? Theresa asked.

My mom replied, I don’t know, but still, Ain’t that Something?

The Girl in the Mirror: A Campfire Story

I was at a camp out with my youth group once, and we sat around a campfire and some of the others told scary stories. I remember one, but I don’t recall it word for word. But I do remember the basic idea.

Went something like this…..

A young boy was given the task to house sit for a couple who were going away on their honey moon. He had nothing better to do in his spare time, as it was in the Summer, and he didn’t have many friends to hang out with, or things to do.

Also, he could really use the extra cash, so he was more than happy to accept this job.

They gave him a list of all the chores that needed to be done each day. He assured them he would look after the place well. They thanked him, and went on their merry way. He made sure all the chores were done that were on the list.

Take out the trash, check. Sweep and vacuum, check.

He went down the list, checking everything after he did them. There was one last thing he had to do…the laundry in the basement. (The couple hadn’t had time to do it all) He sighed and just decided to get it over with.

He never liked basements much. He was fortunate enough to have grown up in a house without one.

He mentally prepared himself, and walked down into the dusty, cold, dim room. He couldn’t find a light, but there was a tiny bit of sunlight coming from the basement window, just enough to see his way around.

He got to work on the laundry, his eyes adjusting to the darkness.

After folding the dried clothes and switching the wet ones to the dryer, he carried the now clean and folded laundry with him on his way to the stairs.

Then he noticed something…..a mirror sat on the wall. He stopped for a second to take in its beauty.

It was an antique mirror, with artistic designs in the rusty metal frame. In the reflection, he could make out what appeared to be the silhouette of a little girl with a knife in her hand in the backround. It spooked him at first. Then he realized, it might just be the way the stuff back there is stacked, the shape “coming alive” as a result of his imagination.

He shrugged it off and continued upstairs to complete his task. He would do this every day for a week or so, and each time, he would glance in the mirror, and the silhouette of the girl stood behind him. Each time, however, he noticed it seemed as though each day, it was getting closer…..and closer….and closer. He was kind of unnerved by this, but still just assumed it was a bunch of stuff.

Perhaps it was his perception getting the better of him, his eyes playing tricks in the darkness. He decided to look behind him to check it out, but didn’t see anything at all.

Just the washer and the dryer, and some other items here or there, but nothing to make the shape that he saw in the mirror.

Somewhat creeped out, he sped upstairs and closed the door behind him. After pondering on it for a few minutes, he decided he was just seeing things.

Curse his over active imagination! The last day finally came at last. The homeowners came back home, paying him for his service, and thanking him for a job well done. He decided to ask them about the odd situation with the mirror.

They looked at him, puzzled. They looked at each other, confused. What they said next sent chills down the boys spine. “Um…..we don’t have a mirror in the basement…..”

The flying devil

Before the story starts in this story I was not born yet and myself mom and dad are not together anymore so I will try to put as much detail. In Austin Texas my home town is my mom and dad.

They have known each other for years. It was in 1998 five years before I was born my dad decided to invite so friends over to there now house to party.

So three of his friends and my uncle were near his old truck in the driveway talking and drinking but my dad did not drink a lot because my mom would yell at him so he was half sober so when when he heard flapping. Hey did you hear that and my uncle said what? I heard flapping like a bird my uncle said will it probably was a bird. Ya but it sounded big like not like a dove or eagle then a loud screeching coming from the oak tree in my yard.

It was winter so most of the leaves are falling off. My dad yelled what is that and everyone look over at the tree and saw a giant shadow of a wing creature with a tail like the the devil long and pointy.

The are screamed like little girl’s and the thing jump off the tree and fly up towards the moon and when the light hit it skin it looked slimy and scalely like a dinosaur. It had wings the size of the car and a giant crest on it’s head and big yellow eyes then it flew away in the night sky.

That was not the last in counter with it 12 years later my little sister is going to be born soon and we were all excited so that night my and my dad when in the backyard in the woods to look at stars in the sky when we heared a branch of a tree break then a loud screech and flapping in the sky

my dad looked pale and said hide and we hide behind a tree then the flapping and screeching stoped all of a sudden and so my dad whispered let’s run home ready and we booked it home safely and a ask him what was that he told my a long story that I thought I wouldn’t have to tell no one because I did not want to look crazy he said he thinks it was a dinosaur. I said the dinosaurs died that when he said the sky and ocean were protected but not the land dinosaur.

I don’t live there anymore but I still think about it and that screeching

Paramedic Horror Story

I was around 23 when i was working with the Chicago Fire Department, i was lead paramedic and the driver of the ambulance, we got called out to a call i will never forget.

it was around 6 am when we got this call, the dispatch said, “Adult Male Down For Unknown Causes” I immediately jumped in the Ambulance and sped out of the fire house, put the lights and sirens on and went full speed down the road, we managed to get there on time before we saw the man with a needle through his ribs, we asked how this happened, No reply, we asked multiple times before patching it up and carefully loading him up onto the stretcher, we looked over and saw an old lady staring plain at us while we do our job, i should “Can i help you?” No reply, then we set off to the hospital, but while doing so we saw a car following us, it was the old lady in a bright red buick, with the number plate LQODL213, i will never forget that number plate due to the fact of what happens next, We pull up at the bay to un load and do the paperwork when the old women pulls up right behind us barely near the doors, we hop out to unload the pacient and we had to put it on the hood of her car it was that close, she asked us “why did you do that” and we stated that she was parked behind and ambulance when it says on the back “stay 200 feet away” She says that my ex husband and i used to be a nurse, i said to her that she is no longer a nurse and that she had to move her car, she refused, We called the cops and they came in under 3 minutes but by the time they got here, she was gone, from this day on ward i still wonder, will i ever see this women again?