2 creepers at Starbucks

This story happened to me when I was around the young age of 13. I am a male, and I am quite big for my age, height wise and weight wise. Me and my mom and 2 of our neighbors decided to road trip up to our vacation house in a wooded part of the state. We embarked on the 4 1/2 drive probably at around [7:30] AM. This journey usually takes upwards of 4 hours to complete and it is usual for us to stop at Starbucks, because it’s morning and it’s just so convenient. At this time, we had already left or hometown and travels about an hour when suddenly my neighbors son and I got very hungry, which meant it was time to find the nearest Starbucks and stop. We found one. This one happened to be located in a very large shopping/restaurant complex on the outskirts of a big town just off the highway. We pull over and we have to park a long walk away just because it was so crowded. My mom, hates going to Starbucks. Usually because every damn one is so crowded all the time. Thankfully, we saw no lines or crowds in this Starbucks. My mom said “THANK GOD! let’s just get the food and leave because I don’t want to spend anymore time here than I already have to”. I laughed a little. My mom is a very, outspoken person and is not afraid of expressing her opinion even though she is a 5’2 115 LB rather small woman. As we got closer and stepped up onto the sidewalk, something caught my eyes. Two men, Latino, and for whatever reason wearing all black. even though it’s the morning, it was already almost 75 degrees Fahrenheit. I always thought that if you wore black on a hot summer day like that, you must have been extremely hot right? “Such a bad fashion choice” my young brain thought. Even more interesting, these men were just staring at us, Not even trying to hide it. But, both sets of eyes lay upon me. I have always been a very vigilant, shy, human being, for whatever reason so I started playing different scenarios in my head as we walked through the door, eyes still following me. As we waiting in the short line, I kept glancing over at the two men. They were sitting outside. Outside just staring at me all the same. I was just wierded our more than anything. We placed our orders and I and my neighbors son, who was only 9 at the time, went to the bathrooms. I did my buisness and came back out of the restroom. But the moment I opened the door, the guys again, just staring at the door and me! I actually start to mentally freak out at this point. “What if they follow us all the way up to our cabin… what if they do something to us”! I however remained silent and didn’t share my thoughts to my mother. Now we wait for our food. Those men… yup, still leering at me. I thought to put my earbuds in and just tune the world out. But then, I thought, what if Their intentions are to… rob us. Me pulling out my brand new glowing golden iPhone 6, surely would make Them think we had money right? So I again just kept to myself. Finally they called my mothers name for the order. My mom, my neighbor, her son, and I, then all went outside. Went outside, to walk past those men. And I know what you think. It’s gonna be some cliché little they spoke about “BLAH”. But I kid you not, those men started speaking in Spanish. Something I couldn’t understand. I turned and visibly with concern in my eyes stared at them. I don’t know what changed but, they both just stopped talking and looked away for once in about 15 minutes. I got closer to the members of my group and didn’t look back once. I’m just glad that we got back to the car and drove away. Away from that Starbucks, and I hope never to return to that location. All I know is that they wanted something. Whether it was money, or something more sinister, I will never know. And I’m not sure I ever want to find out. If this has taught me anything, it’s to probably speak up more to the people you trust. Because you never know what people are capable of. Especially, people who’s gaze is the embodiment of hatred. And that’s what I felt that day.

Creeper at Starbucks

I used to work at a Starbucks that was inside of a popular grocery store chain. I must say, looking back now, it has to be probably one of the best jobs I ever had. Besides putting up with the occasional cranky morning person, it was actually quite enjoyable.
This story takes place about 2 years ago around March. I was 19 at the time and the morning shift had just left. This wasn’t unusual, I was used to working alone in the afternoon until my evening help showed up. I did my daily deeds such as restock the pastries, brew fresh tea, and make sure all the sauces and syrups were restocked. Anyway, as the day progressed normally, I started having friendly conversation with the day’s “Self Serve” attendant. As I said, were inside a large grocery store, and self checkout was located right in front of the Starbucks I was working in. To the right of us was the main exit(where they keep the carts and baskets)which was mostly just made of glass. So the only thing between me and the “vestibule” as we called it, was a glass wall.
The attendant and I were talking small talk as the level of customers slowed down, when I felt that something was off. Nothing bad was happening, no one was giving me a hard time, so i brushed it off.
As the attendant went back to help a customer, I just happened to turn and look to my right. There, in the vestibule, right behind my wall of glass, was a woman. She was turned facing directly toward me, arms at her sides, and just stared at me. I looked away quickly, slightly embarrassed. Maybe she was just checking to see who was working the coffee shop that day. A moment later, I snuck another quick look.
She was still there.
Not just staring at me, but her whole body facing toward my side of the glass wall. Just standing there like someone not quite in their right mind. I looked away again. I like to give people the benefit of the doubt, so I was hoping she was maybe just tired or trying to see inside the store. I went back to my chores and continued manning the coffee shop, but she never moved. As I kept peeking over my shoulder to get a look, I got a better image of her.
She had to be on her late 40’s, and her distressed face did her no justice. She had a tattered yellow shirt, that looked like it either hadn’t been washed or she did some light yardwork that day. She had unkempt hair like she just woke up, and dark circles under her eyes like she hadn’t sleep in a week. Her stare was so blank, I had to guess that maybe she was on drugs or maybe just stoned drunk. But this went on with her standing there for 20 minutes. The worst part of it was, customers would pass right by her and not give her a look or a nudge or asked if she was alright. At first I was questioning my sanity. Was she even there at all? Had my caffeine high from working at this blessed coffee shop finally be getting to me?
I waved over the self serve attendant and nonchalantly asked her if she saw the woman in the exit. She nodded. Good, so I wasn’t seeing things. Then, that means she’s either crazy or full of some unknown substance. Or both. At this point I was too freaked out to care. I told the attendant that if she remained there for much longer, to just quietly grab a manager to check on her. As we both went back to our posts, the woman continued to stare through the window. That half-inch of glass was the only thing keeping me and this lunatic from being side by side. I can tell you right now, that feeling alone was enough to deal with. Not knowing what she wanted was even worse.
Finally, to my relief, a manager finally marched over to the vestibule and went inside. I could feel my whole body loosen up, and a breath I’d been holding half this time could at last escape my quivering lungs. I looked over from my post, expecting to see something dramatic go down between this nut and our manager.
But she was gone.
I hadn’t even seen her leave! She just.. vanished.
Perhaps seeing my manager closeby was enough to knock her back to her senses and she left. But I’ll never know for sure. All I can warn you with is this: Be aware of your surroundings. And if you feel a situation is too dangerous to handle by yourself, find someone else to come to your aid. Don’t go it alone Even IF scalding hot coffee is the ultimate defense.

Starbucks regulars

I live in a small town and i work at a Starbucks my job is pretty great because my friends and hot girls i know come to buy coffee all the time plus I work with a few attractive co workers so I thought this was the easiest job out there for me but little did i know this job was literally a highway to hell we had alot of regulars but after working there for awhile we got a few strange regulars this young lady would come in most days of the week she would always get a vanilla latte and would go to the corner and sit she would continuously look in our direction mostly at Jessica with a big smile on her face nobody knew who she was but to make things weirder sometimes this blind man would come in that know body knew I didn’t even know a blind man lived near this place he was an old man very Polite to us after a few weeks of seeing the blind man and the lady come in it became less strange because we felt like we knew them but I never got used to her creepy smile and glares anyway one day the blind man came in and ordered 6 different coffees and asked if one of us could help him put them in his car and that he would do it himself but his driver was very impatient Jessica being the sweetheart she is stepped outside to help the man i was just playing on my phone because today business was on the slow side i heard Jessica start yelling I dropped my phone and was going to go out there but the young lady was pointing a knife at me and my other co worker sara I could barely breathe i had never even seen a situation this bad on tv the lady was yelling “give me the money” we were instructed to just give up in these situations so i handed the money over not a second after the lady ran out i told sara to call the police and i ran outside myself yelling “the police are coming” there was a small car the lady was getting into there was a driver in the passenger seat there was the blind man in the back seat was Jessica my heart nearly stopped at the sight of that as the car was about to pull out Jessica was able to get the door open she jumped out of the car and sprinted to me i had never seen anything move so fast she hugged me as the car speed off i seen the blind man with his glasses off giving me the most sinister look i had ever seen Jessica told me when she was helping the man he hit her with his cane and forced her into the backseat I explained to her how we were busy getting robbed while that was happening the cops never found them that happened a few years ago and it scares me to this day to imagine them people in some other small town Abducting teenagers if they had put her in the truck I would have never seen her again just remember there are very bad people out there and you cant afford to be nice to them

Creepy guy at Starbucks

So I’ve been working at Starbucks for a couple of weeks now, it’s been crazy and hectic and you have your groups of weird and creepy people, we have this usual named butch and he’s really creepy, he comes in everyday and always makes comments about the girls I work with, they’re very inappropriate and make us all uncomfortable. That’s not the worst though, the creepiest person ive encountered was just a couple days ago, I was off that day but got called in to cover the last of a closing shift, I went out to bring the patio furniture in like I’ve done the past few nights, I propped the doors open and started bringing the tables in, a few minutes later I noticed this guy had walked up behind me and was just standing there, I myself am a small 5’6 guy who looks like a baby, this guy was about 6’2 kinda well built and he was just standing there watching me, he was really close to me and it kinda freaked me out, he stood there for a few and then asked if I had a cigarette, I don’t smoke so I told him I didn’t and then he still just stood there watching me, he for some reason had a piece of pizza he was eating, after a minute of so I walked in like I was going to grab something because I felt uncomfortable with the guy standing there, after I walked away he just kinda stood in the window for a few minutes looking at myself and my coworkers and then walked away, I didn’t go back outside for about 10 minutes and when I did he was nowhere to be found, this may seem weird but I promise you this really did happen and it freaked me out quite a bit