It was Just a Night Out

I’m going to give a few details about this story, for starters, it’s not my own. This story came from my eldest sister (I’ll call her Chloe for this) she told me she was 16 at the time and she lived in a bungalow with my father. Me, my brother and my mother had moved away to another part of the county at this point which put much stress on her.

Chloe had always been a party child and without my Mothers influence and guidance, she went off the rails. She went out partying (mostly drinking) in woods and illegal properties like abandoned houses and other buildings… Well, that was until these events took place, and since then, she only goes out to local pubs and social clubs with her boyfriend and her close friends.

In the early March 2016, Chloe went out with her “friends” to one of her parties. My dad had given up trying to stop her from going to these places, she told me the only rule he gave was “If the police get involved, I don’t want to know”, she quoted saying that dad once said “You’re old enough and smart enough to know how to keep out of trouble” and, I know for a fact, that Chloe is non of those things, she was only 19 at the time.

So… Chloe went out, she obviously knew a lot of the people at the party, they were always the same people, but that night there were some different people. Being the social butterfly she is, Chloe got started on having a few drinks and introducing herself to everyone. She told me there was this one person in particular who she really got on with, a boy she called “Jay”. She told me he was quiet a nice guy, they shared a lot in common, I was expecting her to tell me she had a one night stand with him in her drunk blindness, but that was defiantly not the case.

He took her hand and pulled her to one side, they “kissed” apparently. But then she went on to tell me he started acting kinda weird, pulling her about and roughly nipping at her neck and collar bone. Chloe obviously wasn’t going to take that and pushed him off, that’s when she noticed a few red patches on his cheek and lips. She flipped, he’d bitten her so hard he’d drawn blood, and his teeth weren’t sharp at all, and it bloody hurt. With a decent scream of “get the f*ck of me”, a bunch of her friends came over and had Jay by the neck.

Chloe needless to say went home. But that wasn’t the end of it, she kept seeing Jay around town, but did her best to stay out of his line of sight. He added her on facebook, snap-chat and twitter. Every time he did, she’d block him or delete her account. She was really getting angry now, so she did some detective work.

It turns out Jay was part of a Vampirical group online and on Facebook. He bragged about his relationships with his “victims”, and even talked about Chloe, and how “it was worth the hits”. He was reported, Chloe knew she had to at least talk to her friends and tell them about the creep.

I don’t believe in vampires, I do believe in people who think they are vampires. I hate the fact some guy could so easily hurt my sister like that. Chloe never said if she’d seen him again or if he’d approached her at any other time, but for his sake, I hope he never goes near her again.

So, creepy vampire Jay? Let’s never, ever meet.


I’m not really you’re typical girl.

I have no in real life friends, I’m shy and very quiet all together. Your typical loner. So my only source of actually talking to someone is through social media. Lame right?

Anyways this incident of mine happened two years ago when I was 16. I was on this dating app called “meetme” which I was very spectacle of it since I’ve had bad experiences in the past. But I decided why not? I can make friends for once that live close or so I thought….

As I was on the site, talking to a few people here and there, a name came up “Adam”. A very nice looking guy, my type, long blond and brown hair, hazel eyes, piercings and tattoos. He was cute but… I was talking to a girl I had been into for awhile. He lived a few hours away and he shot me up with a “hey, you seem chill, what’s up?” So of course I replied with “hey nothing much” and from there we talked almost everyday for a few weeks on kik.

Adam was getting strange though. He would tell me things that weren’t true and I caught him in a lie a couple of times. Not to mention he would never video chat me, there was always an excuse for it, like he was hiding something.

I just thought maybe he was shy like me perhaps. But when we had phone calls, his voice was completely different from how he looked.

Now I’m not one to judge but there was no way his voice matched with his pictures. His voice was more country while he looked more alternative..

I finally decided to ask him why he would never video chat with me and why there was an excuse every time.

Instead of answering my questions he got furious and told me to “fuck off.”

So after that I didn’t talk to him and by this time I was fed up anyways.

A week or two later I had heard nothing and was talking Alice, the girl I was into while I was at Walmart, buying a few things. when Adam then messaged me on kik saying “You look a lot nicer in person, I really like the goth look you got going on.” To that I was confused and said “what?”

He said that he saw me walk past him in Walmart and he wanted to say hi, but was scared since we hadn’t talk in awhile. But I would of remembered if I saw him and I thought he lived a few hours away. I brushed it off though and just ignored him from there.

Now at this time I was living in a run down ghetto trailer park, which no one knew where I lived unless I had told them. As I was walking through my door that same day. my parents were arguing over something very stupid, like always and 10 mins later I get a messaged from Adam saying “are you okay? You’re parents are arguing again” and to that I was pretty spooked. I had chills up my spine and I knew he had been watching me. How? I don’t know.

I was too scared to do anything so I blocked him, closed all the curtains and locked the doors. I didn’t tell anyone because they would think I’m crazy or lying so I didn’t talk to anyone for a few days and stayed inside my house. Since it was the summer I wasn’t too worried because I didn’t have school yet. I didn’t hear from Adam for a day or two but he had messaged me on Facebook…cussing me out because I hadn’t talked to him, telling me he was going to rip off my head and stick it on a pole. There was more gruesome stuff he had told me he was going to go but I rather not I just simply said “leave me alone” and blocked him. But that still didn’t stop, he had text me perfusly saying all these things about me, telling me he knew where I lived, what school I went to, the principles name, who my brother and sisters where. All that kind of stuff and threatening me. He had also told me he knew who Alice was and told me he was going to harm her for taking my attention away from him, that she didn’t really want me or something like that…At that point I was terrified so I finally told my mother and she was just as terrified as me. We were going to call the police, but unless he was going to do actual harm, they weren’t going to do anything..

we decided to move and a few months later we did… I had my number change and once school started back up, we had warned the school of someone possible lurking around school, stalking me…

I haven’t heard from Adam since then but I finally discovered he was a fake. Using pictures of a guy name “jay” and his real name was Thomas… when I found out who he was and what he looked like I stayed alarmed for the next few months…

This should go to a warning to anyone who decides to talk to someone online, know who you’re talking to and always be aware or your surroundings.

Stalked for Months

After all this time, just remembering this leaves me nervous. I worked at Mcdonalds while studying at college, both full-time. A few months into this job and I actually enjoyed most shifts. Some were a pain, others downright funny. The managers appreciated my friendly attitude towards customers, so I was behind the counter taking orders like most nights. I greeted the first customer with a smile.

“Hi there! May I take your order?”

It was as I finished speaking this automatic greeting that I notice something. The customer behind the first, an older man did a double-take directly at me. But only after I began speaking. This in of itself is not abnormal, as I have a mixed accent that some pick up on. But…The moment our eyes met, my stomach dropped. He was around six foot, wore baggy jeans and a beige jacket with a black hat. Mostly bald based on what I could see, but it was his eyes. That creepy, slow-growing smile didn’t reach them.

After what felt like hours, I cleared my throat and wrapped up that first order, genuinely dreading his approach. I even remember telling myself to knock it off, as I was judging this stranger far too quickly.

“Hey there, may I take your order?” I greet him, forcing a pleasant enough smile.

“Yes.” He speaks unnecessarily softly. When nothing else follows, I asked him what he would like. But like before, he just stands there holding my gaze with that awful, slow grin again. A good ten seconds pass before he answers, but the order goes as expected otherwise.

The following night I worked the drink station for a change. There was a partition wall there, but I stepped out into view of the lobby. I had my hand on the ice cream handle to pour a McFlurry when there it was, my stomach just sank like before. Everyone knows the feeling of being watched. Even though a fellow employee could have been staring my way, instinct left me turning towards the lobby. There he was, purposely turned in his seat just to stare at me. It was like looking at a photograph, his smile and position completely still as other customers walked throughout.

This happened several times a week for two whole months. He would order a drink, and simply sit there for five, or six hours. When I worked on the floor itself to clean, he would turn to keep staring my way. He was so obvious that even a friend at work noticed him, but the managers didn’t care.

Another night he appeared while I was taking orders, entering just a minute after I logged into the till. Uncomfortably, I take his order and reach out to accept the change. This is when he grabbed at my wrist, pulling it slightly towards him. Looking back, I wish I reacted differently. But in the moment, I simply stood there like a moron in shock. “When do you finish work, Robyn?” Everyone wore a name tag, but the way he spoke my name spiked a level of adrenaline I didn’t even know I had.

With the change slowly tucked into my hand, I pulled my arm away from him quickly, freeing myself from his grasp. He suddenly looked angry, or offended as I ignored him. There was no way I was risking getting grabbed again, so I instead just left his receipt on the counter. “Robyn.” This time he had the nerve to actually raise his voice! I walked away quickly, leaving someone else to hand him his order while I cleaned.

It took forever for my adrenaline and racing heart to settle, as I honestly felt threatened. I didn’t even see the point in speaking with a manager, because they had ignored me thus far. Finally, midnight rolls around and it’s time to go home. By then I was feeling better, and planned on waiting by the doors for Mum’s car to come into sight. Living in a small, familiar town left me over-confident that nothing serious would happen.

I started considering waiting just past the doors that night, as the restaurant was stuffy and I didn’t mind the cool air. With my eyes on an my iPod, the automatic door slid open as I completely froze mid-step. I suddenly felt sick to my stomach, adrenaline flooding me in an instant this time. That’s when I see it, a car parked directly outside the doors with its’ engine running. The driver’s face was mostly hidden since it was dark, but I recognized that black hat right away. Even at night, I could still make out one hand resting on his door handle.

He must have not seen me, because this guy had the balls to lean in his seat, like he was trying to actually hide himself from view. I take one step back, about to turn and book it past the second automatic door, back inside for help. But at that moment, I see Mum’s car pull in close by. With the parking lot no longer empty, the creep pulled away. Even so, I waited until he was gone before rushing across to Mum’s car. I tell her, and we agree that I need to get through to the managers the following day.

They thankfully believed me, and I think one even looked into the surrounding cameras. But for whatever reason, he never returned. Thank God. It was a relief, but I wasn’t reassured completely until I left that job some weeks later.

Please, trust your instinct. Even when your body reacts before your own mind does. If mine hadn’t, I would have walked out of those doors and passed that car obliviously. I don’t even want to think of what might have happened. Don’t ignore your surroundings even in a familiar home-town. Wonderful people, and horrifying people are everywhere, regardless of the area. Stay safe.

Narrow Escape

When I was around 13 years old, a new boy came into our science class. He was known to some of my classmates from their primary school but had just now transferred from another school to our secondary school.

I had never met him before and had never so much as made eye contact with him, but one of my friends had been his ‘girlfriend’ when they were around 11. He was not in any of my classes and I had never spoken directly to him but knew of him through friends.

The first issue I had with him was when we were put in the same french class one afternoon. We had to sit boy – girl and so he was randomly sat next to me. The French teacher had little to no control over the class and we usually didn’t get through any actual learning material.

I am generally a shy person and tend not to speak to people I don’t know, so I was doodling in my workbook and minding my own business. I noticed the boy next to me take something out of his pocket and heard some sniggering from his friends in class. I turned to see he had a small knife with a retractable blade. Our teacher was busy trying to gain control of the rest of the class and hadn’t noticed him brandishing the knife and showing it off to his friends.

He turned and saw that I had noticed the knife in his hand and he quickly moved it under the table, holding the blade about an inch from my leg. “Don’t tell on me will you?” He said, in an almost whisper “I don’t want to have to slice you”. I had never experienced anything like this before and so I just nodded my head and was sure to maintain eye contact – I didn’t want him to make any sudden movements, and I didn’t know what to expect from someone who I had literally never spoken to. “Good girl” he said.

He was removed from the class as another teacher had heard gossip of him bringing a knife to school, and though I had kept quiet, this was the start of my stalking experience.

In the next few weeks, as he was no longer in my French class, I had no contact with him and pushed the previous incident out of my mind. I was walking towards my mothers pick up spot at the end of the school day when I was stopped by the boy. “This is your phone number isn’t it?” He said flashing a small piece of paper at me. It was indeed my home phone number but I didn’t want him to know that so I said flatly “No, that’s my old one we’ve moved house since then”. He replied “Well how come this is the one next to your name in the register then?”

So this kid who I barely knew had sneakily gone out of his way to read through the register for my class, which he was not a part of, and found my home contact details, wrote them down and presented them to me.

I pushed past him and got into my mums car without giving another response. On the way home I sat in the car thinking about how weird this kid was and wondering what I had done to encourage this behavior. It was bizarre.

The next day when school was over I was again walking to my mums car when I was approached by this kid again. “You live in the Lakes Estate don’t you?” Again although he was right I replied with a flat “No” and asked “what makes you think that?” and his reply was the creepiest thing I had heard to that point in my 13 years. He said “Well I was cycling and keeping up with your mums car, I followed your mums car and that’s where I lost you”.

So this guy had so far threatened me with a knife, taken contact details from a register and now he’s following my mums car hoping to find my home address? Hell to the No.

I told a friend what was going on and we reported it to a deputy head master. When we said what was going on the teacher believed us immediately and said he would nip this in the bud before things got out of hand. I also mentioned that in a conversation he had had in the French class that day, the kid had said he had murdered his mother (which we thought was just another creepy thing he’d thought up to say) but our teacher said “I have to stop you there. There are things about (kids name) that I can’t discuss with you, but suffice to say this will be handled”. Feeling reassured my friend and I went back to our class, and our school life became normal once again.

It wasn’t until later that I thought to myself, the teacher needed no convincing that this boy had done what I said he had done, and the response I was given in reply to his remarks about how he had murdered his mother weren’t completely dismissed by his response. Maybe he wasn’t making things up just to scare me. Maybe I had a narrow escape.

Fanfiction Stalker

Well let me start by saying that Alexa Van Helsing is my Wattpad name and I no longer have the account after this. I am in my late teens and I am soon going to college. I want to be a journalist and an author once I get out of school. Writing fanfiction is a way to help me relieve stress since I have anxiety and it has only gotten worse after this. Now most people believe that fanfiction. net is a place where no one can really harm or stalk you and I am here to tell everyone that, that is a load of BS. This story happened about four months ago and I don’t think I will ever have another fanfiction account after this. Now I never thought I would be on this and telling one of my own stories unless it was creepypasta, so I hope this helps my anxiety though I really don’t know if it does.

So one day I was writing fanfiction on my account, I love writing about creatures and horror though by my screen name you can tell I love that kind of stuff. My favorite thing to write is vampire stories ones where there’s a girl vampire slayer. Where I got my name from was a book I love to read when I was younger it was called the Alex Van Helsing Series and it is by Jason Henderson. This might have been a bad idea since there are people that to bully you out there, but this story has nothing to do with bullying.

Usually I would take request from some people after I wrote a chapter or so in one of my stories. People would ask me to write something for them and we would talk about it over Private message. Now none of these people that messaged me wrote anything threatening towards me. Really the only reason they would ever message me was to talk about what they wanted in the story I was writing for them. The one day out of the blue I got a message from a Vladimir Dracula which made me smile since I thought he was another vampire fan like I am.

I opened the message and was horrified to find he had messaged me very unpleasant things. Such as calling me a whore and a slut, note I am still a virgin and plan to be until I get married. I knew there would be people like him out there so I ignored the messages and for some reason didn’t bother blocking him. Looking back on it, it might have been out of fear of him doing something else. Over the next few days I got message after message all the time from Dracula and it said the same things as the others. I was a whore, I was a bitch and other things. One of them even told me to hurt myself which I will never do.

Still instead of blocking or reporting him I just let it slide thinking he would leave me alone and for a short time I was right. For nearly two weeks I got nothing from him and thought it was all over. Boy was I wrong, because the next week I got a message from him and this one terrified me. He had started saying things like how he was going to hurt me and how he knew I was a little bitch and things like that. Now after two days of getting this stuff I had, had enough and messaged him back like I’ll admit an idiot.

I had messaged him back telling him to stop harassing me and to act like an adult and that seemed to work for about an hour. After that he messaged me back and said he would get me for what I had done. I sent him a message asking what I had done and you will not believe what he told me back. He said I had disrespected his father Dracula and how us Van Helsings were weak and the only thing I was good for was baring his father’s children if I even got that lucky.

That was when I had enough this guy actually thought I was a freaking Van Helsing which I am not. So after that I deleted my account that instant and I have still not created another and I am debating on whether or not to create another one.

So to end this I have two things to say, the first is be safe on whatever form of social media you use even if it is just a fanfiction account you never know who your going to get. The final thing is to the creepy guy that called me all those things and who believes that I am a Van Helsing and that he is Dracula’s son. Vladimir as you call yourself, if you ever get the chance to see or hear this please let us never ever meet in person.