Whataburger Stalker

I’m a 20-year-old female from San Angelo, TX an this happened my freshman year at college. I was getting short on funds for basic living and so I decided to take a night shift job at the Whataburger down the street from my university and my shifts usually consisted of me going into work at 11 p.m and leaving either at 3 a.m or 6 a.m.

This took place the first couple of days of spring break, so not many students were in my dorm complex including my roommate (tank god) but this was the only time I needed someone there with me. I went to work as per usual and they decided to have me on drive-thru which I had no problem with.

As the night went on it was getting dead and quiet so me and my co-worers were messing around in the back where there weren’t any cameras when we heard the all to familiar sound indicating someone was in the drive waiting to order. My other co-worker ,Russel, answered with the cheerful but super fake “It’s a marvelous Monday here at Whataburger, my name’s Russel how may we help you tonight?” a raspy smokers voice came over the line and all he said was “I want the girl to take my order. She’s the one I want.”

They all saw the color drain from my face and tears fill my eyes I was horrified that something bad was going to happen because I was the only girl that was willing to work the night shift, so we all knew he was talking about me.

I come on the line and take his order from the back kiosk so no one can see my from that window unless you drive up to it, and all he ordered was a large ice water so anyone else could have taken his order. He drove up to the second window which was in clear sight of the front counter the gas station and the grill.

We have a camera outside as well so we can watch the perimeter of the building so there were eyes on this older man.  When he rolled his window down it filled the whole store with the smell of stale cigarette smoke, and he handed me exact change, and I’m so happy he did because I didn’t want him anywhere near me any longer than I needed him to be.

The way he looked at me when I handed him his drink was the kind of look a predator gives his prey , then he peeled out of the lot.

When he left Russel and I switched positions for the night, but it didn’t make me feel anymore safe. When I got off, that night was about 4:30, one of the bigger grill guys walked me out to my car which was parked around back with everyone else’s to make sure he wasn’t waiting for me.

I get in my car and my co-worker hops in so I can drop him off back at the front door to make sure no one was going to be in any danger.I’m driving down the street and a car pulls out of the gas station parking lot, the same car from the drive-thru, which now made it empty, and began to follow me all the way down the street and as I neared my building I kept driving I didn’t want this man knowing where I live even though there are hundreds of rooms in the building.

I drove all the twists and turns of San Angelo and even drove outside the city limits about 10 miles.

it was about 5:15 a.m at this point and I finally decided to call the campus police so they could meet me at the same gas station this man pulled out of, so I could get to my room with no problem. After I met up with them they walked with me all the way to my room, and fell asleep as soon as the sun peeked up.

The next night I go in a little earlier at 10:30 p.m and told my manager what had happened the night before and they were freaked out asking if I needed the night off, which sounded nice so I could go home earlier, but I declined because I really needed the money.

Tonight was normal no creepy man, but we did have a police officer sit in our store all night due to what had happened.

I felt safe and I knew this man wasn’t going to come because of the police cruiser outside. The officer escorted me back to my building all the way to my room and thankfully I didn’t see any trace of the man and got into bed so I could leave as soon as I woke up in the morning, but I then got this overwhelming sense of dread as if someone was watching my from afar.

I stupidly yet slightly peeked out of my window which was on the second floor of m building and over looked the basketball court. What I saw scared me so bad I cried while calling the officer who had escorted me to come back.

The same man from the drive-thru was standing on the basketball court looking at my window, waving, and the moonlight illuminated his figure that I never want to see again. The officer shortly after pulls up and the man was suddenly gone as if he knew I called the police. I had an officer sleep on my couch to make sure nothing else happened that night and he even helped me pack my car for my trip.

I haven’t seen that man since and to this day every time I see that officer who stayed with my I personally pay for his meal and even give him some things for free because without him I don’t know what would have happened.


I am 25 now but I was 18 at the time.

I live in Huntington Park, a small city in southern California. I was 18 years old and it was June 2011, about to graduate and I wanted to bring a guy I liked with me to Gradnight at Disneyland. Jose worked at the new 7/11 that opened on Clarendon and pacific. Pacific is the “main street” of my city where everyone hanged out. I lived at the time behind pacific on Rita Ave. So I would always be either at 7/11 with Jose or with my friend Leo who worked at “Moracomp” computer lab where everyone went to download anything and print etc or somewhere at starbucks.

I was told at school if I wanted to bring someone to Gradnight the person had to fill out the form attached to mine so I walked into 7/11 and someone who was bend over the ice cream bin stood up and turned around. I came in and immediately started calling for Jose and as I looked down this person who was pimpled and shorter then me but was looking at me waved slowly and said “hi” in a soft whisper. I quickly said hi back and walked into the back of the 7/11 when Jose came out and we hugged and we technically had a moment when he asked me if that person was with me. As I turned around I saw the person who said hi was only feet away in an aisle near Jose and I. Quickly I said “no, I don’t even know that person. Is it a guy or girl?” We laughed quietly when Jose said “I think he likes you” and I laughed it off and said “oh yeah she is probably here for you”. We hugged and agreed the time wouldn’t allow him to go with me to gradnight but he assured me we could go somewhere else. Remember all I did was say “Hi”.

I went to gradnight and for several weeks I began to notice that person who at first I couldn’t remember from where I had seen them everywhere I went when I was on Pacific Blvd. One day about two months after the encounter at 7/11 I noticed again this person who now I knew was a girl because if you looked closely her boobs were just dangling and even though she dressed like a man she had features of a woman like no adams apple or facial hair but high cheek bones and short erratic hair almost bald. I remember that day and sometimes I get chills when I now go to pacific and I pass by 7/11. She was following me so I decided to put her to the test to see if I was losing my mind. I went into Rite Aid, JcPenney, Payless, and other stores around and she would come in too and so I did it on purpose of leaving immediately and then returning after she left  to the store and I confirmed she would stopped too and come back and stare. She had this creepy stare and smile and I thought “omg this person is actually following me…this isn’t a trick. its happening.” I managed to walk into Jcpenney again which had a back door leading into their parking lot on Rita where I lived blocks away and made my escape. I could not believe it.

Eventually I lost interest in Jose because my neighbor Albert from another building next to mine asked me out so we began to date for a year on and off. The reason I broke it off was over this creep. I would like to point out I am pretty and overweight with brown hair and eyes and I always thought stalkers were after model type girls like in the movies. At the time this was my train of thought at 18. I help my mom raise my nieces who at the time were attending Gage Middle School and are two years apart. One day I picked them up and we walked on Gage instead of just going through miles ave the street it intercepted with. We were approaching Rita to make a left on it and straight home when I noticed her at the bus stop just watching us. She checked out my nieces which bewildered me and then gave me that stare and smile and waved at my nieces who looked at me with a quizzical look. I grabbed their hands and told them to walk faster and not look back and told them she was a crazy lady and again we walked into Jcpenney and this time walked through the back to the front and crossed the street and all this time just looking over my shoulder. I caught glimpses of her but we lost her. My nieces told my mom which made me confess everything and now my mom and nieces were worried.

I spoke to cops and they said since she wasn’t doing anything or talking to me or in any way threatening me they couldn’t do much. Also I had no name or way of guiding them to her to at least speak to her. So discouraged I just decided to avoid Gage and only walk home around pacific and at specific times when I couldn’t see anyone on the streets. It became a game to avoid her and at all hours of the day I would be doing errands because I seriously didn’t want to encounter her. I would text Leo who knew and had seen her when the coast was clear. I don’t know how to defend myself or fight or anything so I felt on guard. I wouldn’t see her for weeks and then bam she would be staring at me from some corner or another. One night when I hadn’t seen her I went to hang out with Leo and he knew everything about this chick when he stopped talking and just said quietly “don’t move” and I froze. Leo wasn’t the type to mess around about this chick because he knew I was scared of this crazy ass chick. She stood a few feet from me just staring and out of my peripheral vision I ignored her as she kept mumbling stuff. Leo broke the silence and said “Can I help you??” she said “yeah I want to use a computer” and she sat down and watched me from her seat. She wouldn’t leave even after an hour so I texted and called Albert who wouldn’t answer me and 7pm became 8pm and 9pm Leo closed at 10 so I needed to leave. So I told Leo “I’m going to crawl man, it’s the only way” he didn’t laugh at me just said “I’ll tell you when she isn’t looking”. He gave the “go” sign and I crawled out like an moron and speed walked home texting Leo for updates on her. She had left 20 min after I did so I was afraid since the streets were dark and alone. As I reached my street their was Albert in the parking lot talking to some girl and saw me but acted like he didn’t so in my mind after all that fear and nerves I felt I broke it off with him. He texted me within 10 minutes demanding I come out so I told him to delete my number and that it was over. He ignored me when I needed him and there he was with another girl, even thought they weren’t doing anything I was pissed off.

By now it had been 2012 and about to be 2013 and it was Christmas eve when I glanced out the window and She was there just watching my home, my sanctuary! When I noticed her she began to walk and turned once to give me the damn stare and smile. I didn’t tell my family because I didn’t want to disrupt our Christmas spirit. She knew where I lived and furthermore how long had she known where I lived? For how many nights or mornings did she watch my family and I just doing random stuff. I started to think of how I would sometimes leave my windows open to let in a breeze or to watch the stars. I got mega paranoid and thought of how we needed to move but how would I be able to do that. I would like to describe my building so you can have an idea of why I got scared. The building was made of bricks, the windows had build in bars with glass but anyone could walk in and the side building had no protection on them. and the first floor was at eye level so anyone could see inside. I lived in the front of the building and every one could see if I was home or not which became annoying when I didn’t want to talk to anyone.

It is now January and for unrelated reasons we got evicted because of some beef my sister had with a neighbor so we started to look for another place. We found a cute duplex on Seville but it intersected with Gage and as I was thinking it was all wrong I came out of the house and was standing surprised to find her in front of me! It was the first time we had been at eye level since 7/11 and this time she wasn’t innocently looking at me saying “hi” no she was staring with an evil glare and smiling. I couldn’t think I just walked away and started to yell for my mom and we had to leave. She started to look at where I came from and probably thought I came to visit someone and I feared now these people are gonna be stalked and watched too. The landlord was confused to my demeanor since I was just so nice a moment ago when my mother explained the situation and the manager says “oh she is dangerous”. Turns out she lived right there behind the house I was in but these people were the key to finding out all about this crazy bitch! She was mentally unstable, lived with her grandma, and was a drug user. She was doing all kinds of noise in the middle of the night according to the landlord who is now surrounded by other neighbors who start to share their mini stories of her. Her name was Angela and she had now gone into her home and was looking through the blinds every few minutes. She likes to take things they leave outside to dry or toys and yells and abuses her grandma. She smelled bad sometimes she wore her pant half down and her underwear would reflect feces stains and she would cuss at them. The grandma is just old and can’t control her and can barely pay the rent. I felt bad for the lady for loving such a terrible person. Apparently the cops have been called on her many times and she had been in and out of mental places. I shook off the news and told my mom “can we leave now?”

We ended up finding a beautiful building that was gated and so was my front door and windows. Inside the building it was split into two sides and what was now a patio to hang out used to be a pool. All was great! I felt safe. She didn’t know where I lived. I only saw her once more and this time my nieces and mom were there. My mom had some papers to fax so we went to see Leo. As we waited to see if they went through she came in and we all froze. My mom stood right in front of me to shield me and my nieces just stood behind me as I was sitting in a chair. She stood there for what seemed minutes and just started to say ” haven’t seen you in a while..you look so beautiful….how are you?” She looked as usual ugly and her face was filled with pimples and she was red. Leo interrupted her and said “if you’re not gonna use a computer I want you to leave” and she sat near us and kept staring. I left and took my nieces with me and my mom soon followed.

After that I never saw her. I don’t know or care about her whereabouts and I live happily still in Huntington Park. My mom retells this story to people and my nieces tease me from to time but they all stand by me and support the story. I thought about it and maybe I wasn’t the only one. All I did was say hi back…I guess all I can say is be careful who you say Hi to.

He Drove Me Off the Road

I was a young and naive 19 year old girl working at Circuit City back in 2004. I was the gaming specialist which I loved, I got to test out new games, and often got free swag from the manufacturers.

I loved the job and my coworkers, but some of the customers I could do without. My department was in the back corner of the store, the most secluded spot. I had everything from creepy older married men with sons my age asking me out for coffee and “we don’t have to do anything you don’t want to do” type of situations, to drunk idiots straight up asking me if I put out. But all of those will never be as bad as Kenneth.

He was around my age and would come into the store nearly every day, or at least every day that I worked. He was taller than me, broad shoulders with dark hair and wore glasses. It started out inoccently enough he would ask my advice on games and controllers, and soon he was asking me out on dates. I would politely turn him down and go about my business. There was something off with him that I just couldn’t put my finger on. He made my skin crawl, but I was always polite and helpful.

I soon started dashing to the warehouse if I spotted him entering the store. But I realized he knew I was at work because he would recognize my truck. It stood out like a sore thumb, it was a 1983 Ford Ranger my Dad and I had painted bright yellow with black racing stripes up the hood. He would ask for me and most of my coworkers knew about the situation so they would say I was on lunch or had gotten a ride home.

One female coworker I didn’t get along with knew I didn’t want him to have my phone numbers. She helped him out one day and gave him both my house and cell phone numbers, She was later fired for doing this. He started calling me at all hours, at both home which I still lived with my folks and on my cell. I finally gave in and agreed to ONE date.

I only agreed if we could meet in a public place as I didn’t want him to know where I lived. We met at the movie theater, we watched a movie and had ice cream after. He tried to kiss me and I pushed him away and said I didn’t want to pursue a relationship with him.

I went back to my truck, relieved it was finally over. I drove straight home I just wanted to go home and shower. As I pulled up in front of my house I hadn’t noticed the car that pulled into my neighborhood. I almost make it to the front door when I see his truck driving by slowly… he had followed me!

I rushed inside and my cell phone was ringing as I ran up the stairs to my room. It was him. I shut my phone off and resolved that I would go change number in the morning. The next morning I told my folks about the date. My Dad was repulsed and my Mom said I needed to give him a chance as he sounded nice. Nice? He’s stalking and harassing me! But I agreed with my Mom after she was badgering me about it for a few days.

I went on a second date with him. He took me to meet his family, they were overly excited to meet me. His mom blurted out “we finally get to meet the famous girlfriend you’ve been dating these 5 months!” Big NOPE! She asked when we were planning on getting married, I just sat in shock. He was living in a fantasy all his own and his family was believing him.

The ride home was an awkward 45 minutes. I again told him I didn’t wish to pursue a relationship with him. He blew up in rage! His face went red and he was yelling at the top of his lungs that he would make me love him, that he deserved a woman like me and nothing less, and that his mom was dead set on planning our wedding. I told him to drop me off at the next gas station,  he refused. I told him I would call my Dad and the cops if he didn’t.

He stopped on the side of the highway and told me to get out. I jumped out and he peeled out leaving me in the dust. I called my Dad crying and told him where I was. He and my 3 older brothers showed up about 20 minutes later. I was a blubbering mess. I wish this is where the story ends. But it gets worse much much worse.

I changed my cell phone number, as a result he would call the house repeatedly. Dad took the phone off the hook. Then we would see him drive by the house multiple times a day. He would come to my work, they would escort him out. I finally moved out of my families home in hopes that this would help.

This worked for about a month. I had moved into a coworkers basement and I could walk to work. There was a tall wooden fenced in yard I could park my truck in. I felt safe, my family said the phone calls stopped when I wasn’t home visiting. So I was hopeful that this was coming to an end. He found me. My safe space was no longer safe. So back home I moved to the safety of  my family and 3 big older brothers.

We sold our home, and moved to a rental home as we were building a new house. We shut off the family home phone as there was no point to it being active at the rental for 4 months. He came into my work one day and stormed up to me demanding to be told where I was living because he needed to keep tabs on his future wife. And he was furious that the family phone was off and demanded that it be activated. I told him he needed to leave now, he had no clame to me. He slapped me and said “if I can’t have you no one can, you’re mine if you want to be or not. Remember that!” And he left.

I was so shaken up by this, my coworkers offered to take me home. I wanted to finish my shift as my family was out of town and I felt safer at work. My shift finished and I hesitated to leave but I knew the dogs needed to be let out to do their business and I had to take care of them.

I walked out to my truck and there was a destroyed red roses on the hood. I didn’t bother knocking it off I just got in and started the engine. I was leaving the parking lot and there was a big truck right behind me so close I couldn’t see the headlights over my tale gate. My stomach sunk to the pit of me and my heart started racing. I knew I couldn’t go home because then he would know where I was living! I continued down the main road in town and he followed right behind. A space next to me opened up and he went for it. He pulled up next to me and stared me down, his face was expressionless his eyes cold. He jearked his wheel towards me and I went up onto the curb to avoid being hit by the much larger and heavier truck. I made a sudden right turn and he cut off traffic to follow me.

I was turning up and down random streets and alleyways as my truck maneuvered much better than his big f350. I found a driveway I had been looking for I knew it had a wooden gate I could close. I backed in and dashed to close the gate to conceal my truck. I waited, I could hear his truck trying to find me, the diesel motor racing and then idle driving slowly down the road. I held my breath just wished it to be over. I kept my foot on the klutch so I could start my truck and go when it was safe. I waited until I wouldn’t hear him and opened the gate and sped out of there back home. I called my dad as I was driving now that I could since my truck was a standard and I wasn’t trying to run for my life. He told me to go straight home and pull Moms car out of the garage and pull my truck in. He would call the cops and have them meet me there.

I did as he said and sat in the living room with the dogs and the lights off until an officer showed up. I told him everything that had happened over the last 8 months. The two officers told me we should have called them months ago as they take stalking very seriously. They could confirm my story of that evening as they had several traffic calls about his truck and mine when he tried to run me off the road and he cut off traffic to follow me.

They were searching for him and issued a no contact order against him for me. He tried several more times to come into my work, but the cops were called as soon as we saw him. He gradually stopped coming around. I hope he wasn’t stalking another girl! I hope he learned that we get to choose who we date and don’t just follow blindly what we are told to do by some controlling jerk!


My Game Stalker

It’s always easy to trust people easily on the internet, as was the case with me.  As such, sometimes you give out too much, even accidentally.  Even people who know the dangers of the internet, such as myself are pulled in, and events like this happens. I mainly write this as a warning to others. Please, don’t be like me.

Anyway, a little backstory before I tell the story. I live in the Portland-Metro area of Oregon, and am a transgender sixteen year old, having gone under HRT and some surgeries. I’m expensive, I know. Back on track, however, I play a game called osu!. All you really do is just click circles to music (mainly Japanese), but it’s quite addicting. In this game, there is a chat feature to let you talk to other people.

There is also a “Nearby” feature, that lets you find people around your area, for example your state. This is how the person who stalked me found me in game. I should note, I do not remember all the details clearly. This happened close to a year ago.

It was late one night, probably around Midnight, when someone, I don’t remember who messages me, saying something along the lines of, “How Nearby are you? Are you in Oregon?”

I already knew what this feature did itself, so it wasn’t freaky. The player seemed new (The game’s scoring system is called “Performance Points”, and he had a low number of them, 100-200 at most), so I replied with, “Yeah, Nearby shows people in your area. I am in the Portland area. (I actually gave him an exact city, but for the sake of my privacy, I am not saying which) Where you at?”

He replied, “Portland as well.” Then he asked me if I was a girl, which I replied, “Yes, I am.”

“Cool,” was all he said. I added him as a friend, and he added me. I went offline some time later, for school. He messaged me the next day, and we talked for a while. This user, in fact became my best friend after a month of talking, and we even got to get to know each other on a name to name basis. I gave him the name I often go by, “Izzy” as mine. I think the name he gave me was Dylan. Eventually, “Dylan” and I swapped selfies. He told me that I was “Very beautiful.” Note, at this time, I had yet to go under any surgery, but was on HRT, so to know I was passable, especially to him who had no clue I was trans only boosted my confidence, and my friendship with him. Dylan himself was a teenager close to my age. At least, that was in the picture he sent me. I of course, was too blinded by our friendship to even check to see if it was real.

A month later, things started to change between me and Dylan. He was creepy, to say the least. I wasn’t comfortable talking to him, and he said things such as, “Your ass is too flat, you should do some exercise to make it nice and juicy,” he’d send. I often didn’t respond to these messages. The thing about this message, for example was that I indeed have always had a flat butt, even as a female. He’d send me a picture of the school I went to, and that was the first time I sent him back, asking, “How the hell did you find where I go to school? I’ve never told you this, wtf.” He didn’t respond.

The next day, however, and the only thing I think I kept from my time with Dylan, was when he sent me a picture that absolutely chilled me. It was within an imgur link. The picture, in fact, was of my house. This is a slightly edited picture, but other than the two marks, nothing else has been edited.

The picture

The red marking is the office, which is my room. The black marking is just to protect my privacy.

He then sent me another message, saying, and I remember this vividly, “I didn’t know you were transgender, Isabella.”

I had never told him my full name, or that I was a transgender, so by this point I was freaking out. I responded, “How the fuck do you know where I live, and how do you know these things about me.” and then I told him, “One more move on me, and I’m calling the fucking police, do you understand me?”

“You’re still really pretty, you know that right? I don’t care who you are, I want you.”

The one mistake I made was unfriending him and then going offline. I had enough. I never heard from him again, and I tried to find his profile a couple weeks later, and it was gone. I can only assume he was banned, or changed his username. As far as I know, the police have never caught this sick fuck. I can only hope that he is indeed locked up in prison, and that he never got to make moves on another teenager like me. Again, please be careful on the internet. You never know what you might be getting in to.

It was Just a Night Out

I’m going to give a few details about this story, for starters, it’s not my own. This story came from my eldest sister (I’ll call her Chloe for this) she told me she was 16 at the time and she lived in a bungalow with my father. Me, my brother and my mother had moved away to another part of the county at this point which put much stress on her.

Chloe had always been a party child and without my Mothers influence and guidance, she went off the rails. She went out partying (mostly drinking) in woods and illegal properties like abandoned houses and other buildings… Well, that was until these events took place, and since then, she only goes out to local pubs and social clubs with her boyfriend and her close friends.

In the early March 2016, Chloe went out with her “friends” to one of her parties. My dad had given up trying to stop her from going to these places, she told me the only rule he gave was “If the police get involved, I don’t want to know”, she quoted saying that dad once said “You’re old enough and smart enough to know how to keep out of trouble” and, I know for a fact, that Chloe is non of those things, she was only 19 at the time.

So… Chloe went out, she obviously knew a lot of the people at the party, they were always the same people, but that night there were some different people. Being the social butterfly she is, Chloe got started on having a few drinks and introducing herself to everyone. She told me there was this one person in particular who she really got on with, a boy she called “Jay”. She told me he was quiet a nice guy, they shared a lot in common, I was expecting her to tell me she had a one night stand with him in her drunk blindness, but that was defiantly not the case.

He took her hand and pulled her to one side, they “kissed” apparently. But then she went on to tell me he started acting kinda weird, pulling her about and roughly nipping at her neck and collar bone. Chloe obviously wasn’t going to take that and pushed him off, that’s when she noticed a few red patches on his cheek and lips. She flipped, he’d bitten her so hard he’d drawn blood, and his teeth weren’t sharp at all, and it bloody hurt. With a decent scream of “get the f*ck of me”, a bunch of her friends came over and had Jay by the neck.

Chloe needless to say went home. But that wasn’t the end of it, she kept seeing Jay around town, but did her best to stay out of his line of sight. He added her on facebook, snap-chat and twitter. Every time he did, she’d block him or delete her account. She was really getting angry now, so she did some detective work.

It turns out Jay was part of a Vampirical group online and on Facebook. He bragged about his relationships with his “victims”, and even talked about Chloe, and how “it was worth the hits”. He was reported, Chloe knew she had to at least talk to her friends and tell them about the creep.

I don’t believe in vampires, I do believe in people who think they are vampires. I hate the fact some guy could so easily hurt my sister like that. Chloe never said if she’d seen him again or if he’d approached her at any other time, but for his sake, I hope he never goes near her again.

So, creepy vampire Jay? Let’s never, ever meet.