Creeper at Starbucks

I used to work at a Starbucks that was inside of a popular grocery store chain. I must say, looking back now, it has to be probably one of the best jobs I ever had. Besides putting up with the occasional cranky morning person, it was actually quite enjoyable.
This story takes place about 2 years ago around March. I was 19 at the time and the morning shift had just left. This wasn’t unusual, I was used to working alone in the afternoon until my evening help showed up. I did my daily deeds such as restock the pastries, brew fresh tea, and make sure all the sauces and syrups were restocked. Anyway, as the day progressed normally, I started having friendly conversation with the day’s “Self Serve” attendant. As I said, were inside a large grocery store, and self checkout was located right in front of the Starbucks I was working in. To the right of us was the main exit(where they keep the carts and baskets)which was mostly just made of glass. So the only thing between me and the “vestibule” as we called it, was a glass wall.
The attendant and I were talking small talk as the level of customers slowed down, when I felt that something was off. Nothing bad was happening, no one was giving me a hard time, so i brushed it off.
As the attendant went back to help a customer, I just happened to turn and look to my right. There, in the vestibule, right behind my wall of glass, was a woman. She was turned facing directly toward me, arms at her sides, and just stared at me. I looked away quickly, slightly embarrassed. Maybe she was just checking to see who was working the coffee shop that day. A moment later, I snuck another quick look.
She was still there.
Not just staring at me, but her whole body facing toward my side of the glass wall. Just standing there like someone not quite in their right mind. I looked away again. I like to give people the benefit of the doubt, so I was hoping she was maybe just tired or trying to see inside the store. I went back to my chores and continued manning the coffee shop, but she never moved. As I kept peeking over my shoulder to get a look, I got a better image of her.
She had to be on her late 40’s, and her distressed face did her no justice. She had a tattered yellow shirt, that looked like it either hadn’t been washed or she did some light yardwork that day. She had unkempt hair like she just woke up, and dark circles under her eyes like she hadn’t sleep in a week. Her stare was so blank, I had to guess that maybe she was on drugs or maybe just stoned drunk. But this went on with her standing there for 20 minutes. The worst part of it was, customers would pass right by her and not give her a look or a nudge or asked if she was alright. At first I was questioning my sanity. Was she even there at all? Had my caffeine high from working at this blessed coffee shop finally be getting to me?
I waved over the self serve attendant and nonchalantly asked her if she saw the woman in the exit. She nodded. Good, so I wasn’t seeing things. Then, that means she’s either crazy or full of some unknown substance. Or both. At this point I was too freaked out to care. I told the attendant that if she remained there for much longer, to just quietly grab a manager to check on her. As we both went back to our posts, the woman continued to stare through the window. That half-inch of glass was the only thing keeping me and this lunatic from being side by side. I can tell you right now, that feeling alone was enough to deal with. Not knowing what she wanted was even worse.
Finally, to my relief, a manager finally marched over to the vestibule and went inside. I could feel my whole body loosen up, and a breath I’d been holding half this time could at last escape my quivering lungs. I looked over from my post, expecting to see something dramatic go down between this nut and our manager.
But she was gone.
I hadn’t even seen her leave! She just.. vanished.
Perhaps seeing my manager closeby was enough to knock her back to her senses and she left. But I’ll never know for sure. All I can warn you with is this: Be aware of your surroundings. And if you feel a situation is too dangerous to handle by yourself, find someone else to come to your aid. Don’t go it alone Even IF scalding hot coffee is the ultimate defense.

MySpace Creeper

From the title I’m sure you can tell how long ago this took place; between 2005-2006. Although this isn’t necessarily a scary story, it is one that gave me the creeps. This took place over a one year period.

I have always been an outgoing person, easily making friends and I tend to be a no bullshit kind of a girl. I’ve also, despite its popularity, have never been one to spend much time on social media (I really don’t care if someone had a salad for lunch or got a free bottle at a club). At the time, in my early 20’s, I was enjoying the single life after being in a long-term serious relationship. One evening, relaxing in bed after a long day, I was online chatting with a friend of mine via MySpace when a friends request and a message popped up from a guy named G. I had no idea who this was and didn’t accept his friends request however I did reply to his message, which was simple enough – “Hey, I’m bored and I don’t know how I found you but you’re cute, wanna chat?” Despite talking for almost 2 hours, I still didn’t accept his friends request but we did have a good relaxing talk.

For the next few days G would write me on MySpace, he never crossed any lines (besides light flirting) and after the 4th or 5th day I finally accepted his friends request. During our conversation I found out he had just moved to my state and hadn’t really made any friends.

Now I’m not into clubs, dressing up in next to nothing with a pound of make-up on and having guys grind against me isn’t my idea of having a good time. I’m more into grunge bars, bowling and/or letting my inhibitions go by dancing like an idiot to 80’s cover band’s (amongst a plethora of other things). Needless to say, some friends and I had made plans to hit up a Wednesday’s 80’s night at a casino and after asking everyone if they were cool with it, I invited G.

Up to this point we had only talked online, I hadn’t exchanged numbers with him and during our conversations, despite his failed attempts at flirting with me, I informed him that if he was looking for more than a friend – he was looking in the wrong spot. He claimed he understood and this was why I invited him.

Side note: I don’t drink, I can’t drink in fact. I’m allergic to something within all alcoholic beverages, from beer to hard liquor, it all sends me to the hospital within a few sips. I also don’t do any drugs and I don’t smoke – I’m a square in that sense. Yet I’m the life of the party! ūüôā

Anyways my friends and I had a blast, we’d been dancing our butts off for hours and it was coming up to 3:00 a.m., G never showed up. Everyone asked where he was, I figured he just changed his mind. As we were walking through the casino to the 24 hour buffet, G came out of nowhere and startled me by “jokingly” wrapping his hands around my waist and lightly dragging me away as if he were stumbling. I don’t like strangers touching me and I didn’t take this act lightly however I let it go because he quickly realized he made a mistake after he saw the look on my face. The rest of the morning went really well, he joined us for a bite to eat and he seemed to get along with all my friends.

When it was time to say goodbye however things got weird. I gave my friends hugs and kisses and, for whatever reason, he thought he was in line of receiving the same treatment. When I, instead, gave him a wave, he got visually upset and refused to speak to me – he stormed off. [Warning Flag #1]

When I woke up later that day, he had messaged me on MySpace. He thanked me for a wonderful night, talked about how much he enjoyed my friends, said he wanted to go with us again and apologized for his attitude when leaving claiming he had an upset stomach from the food. He then mentioned I was more beautiful in person than in my photos and he didn’t think this was possible, that my personality was electric and he felt like a moth to a flame. He ended it with – he would LOVE and be HONORED to hang out with me again. [Warning #2]

However my friends said they could take him or leave him and truthfully I agreed. Something just felt off.

I hardly spoke to him throughout the week, I made no excuses for my absence – I just was. That following Wednesday my friends and I met up again for 80’s night but this time I didn’t invite G. A few hours into the night, a male friend of mine and I were dancing our butts off to a song. On our way back to our table I noticed an extra person sitting with everyone but being dark, I couldn’t see who it was. You can imagine my confusion and surprise when I see it’s G. My friends did that exaggerated, “Look who decided to just show up! Had so much fun last time that he couldn’t stay away! He figured you’d be here since we were here last week!”

Me being me, instead of saying Hi and being polite like most, I said, “G, what are you doing here? I didn’t invite you and I know none of them did.” My friends are use to my ways and just looked at him for an answer but instead of giving one, he laughed uncomfortably and bought rounds from the waitress for everyone (he bought me a Coke). Needless to say he stuck around the whole night, no matter what I did or where I went, he was there. At the end of the night I told him this friendship of ours wasn’t going to work and I wished him the best of luck in finding his own friends. For me that was that but he had other plans.

For the next week he wrote me message after message. I had not only blocked him but I also deleted him so I haven’t a clue on how he was still able to write me.

The following Wednesday he showed up again. My friends had arrived before I had because I was running unusually late, my friend J.B. met up with me outside by the bar. He tells me G was inside waiting for me except he was sitting in a dark corner away from everyone – alone. My friends, being awesome, left one by one as if they were going to the bathroom or hitting up the bar, and met up with me at the bowling alley instead. According to them, G searched for me the whole time. He kept looking over at our table, the dance floor and then towards the entrance/exit by the bar and he continued with this pattern the entire time.

We had a blast bowling, we left the thoughts and conversation of G behind us and had a boys vs girls night. Getting late, we were deciding if we wanted to play one more game when G comes walking into the bowling alley. Now this place is huge! When you walk in there’s a full sized bar to the right, a massive food court to the left and down the middle is the rental counter and some scattered tables. On either side are lanes, close to 40 of them and at the far end were lockers and restrooms. We were literally at the far end, furthest from the entrance and it was a super busy night – the lanes were packed.

My friends spotted him before I did and before he spotted us. We hid, deciding not to play another game and left our shoes sitting at the lane. Rushing to the locker room, we watched G literally search the entire bowling alley like a twitchy hawk. At one point he even went up to the rental counter and asked about me! We split up and made a game out of getting me out unseen.

For the next month G showed up every Wednesday and ruined my 80’s night. I wasn’t about to go just to have it ruined by being stalked and having to yell at someone. It was easier to just stay away for awhile. I did, however, write G a message on MySpace telling him to stop stalking me. That I not only didn’t want to be his girlfriend but I didn’t want to be his friend. That it was a mistake to even have invited him to begin with and that if he continued, I would be contacting the police. He wrote me back apologizing, claiming he just wanted to be friends and he only showed up so we could talk since I wasn’t responding to his MySpace attempts. Sickenly when I wrote this letter to him, the first sentence in his response was of eagerness and relief that I was finally talking to him again.

Months passed, I left G in the past and resumed my life. One night while at my favorite local grunge bar, a familiar face came in. Immediately I felt my night ruined. Typically when a guy see’s a girl is being hassled he takes the opportunity to go up to her as if they’re dating to get rid of whoever is bothering her. This night I found a hunk of a guy that looked like he could handle himself and sat beside him snuggingly. I asked him if he had a girl, he said no. I proceeded to tell him I had a stalker who just entered the bar. When he went to look over my shoulder G was standing right behind me, enraged. He was crying, his eyes were blood shot, he seemed drunk and unstable. He started shouting that I was his girl, I had been his girl from the moment we spoke online and I had broken his heart repeatedly but he continued to give me chance after chance and that’s why he always watched me, followed me. Needless to say I chose right, J put him in his place and he physically escorted G out of the bar.

That night when I got home G had sent me a dozen or so messages on MySpace, all erratic and the last few were threatening himself and me with physical harm. I just ignored him and his threats, saving them if he made any actual attempts at fulfilling them.

The guy I met at the bar, J, ended up becoming my boyfriend for some time, off and on, and through his connections, I later found out G had been following me from day one. The first night, when we thought he decided not to show – he was in fact – spying and taking photos of me all night. Apparently he¬†had a lot of pictures of me and had photoshoped himself into ones from my MySpace Page, replacing himself with whomever was in the photo. He’d been telling his family and friends back home that we were in-love and were planning on getting married. He made up an entire fictitious relationship with vacations, dates, outings, living together, purchases, friends, etc..

It’s been many years since I’ve thought about G and even longer since I’ve heard from him. So G if you’re reading this, get a fucking clue because NO means NO! For all you reading this, you have no obligation to accept a friends request and if you ever get an ‘off’ feeling, listen to it. The worst that happens is nothing but, by not listening to it, the horrors could be endless. Be firm, save the proof and don’t feed into their erratic behavior – it only fulfills their need to be connected. It’s better to be safe than sorry!

The scars in his skin

So I want to say that this happened just recently.Since every one of my friends has an Instagram¬†they convinced me to make one.I’m¬†18-year-old male and one of my best friends is a gay and he immediately followed me.And he trying to be a wise guy he told his gay buddies to follow me.At first, I was alright with that until he gave my number to the guy that was interested in me.He said that he knows I’m¬†straight but he still wanted to talk to me.So my friend gave to him my number.The guy started to message me and he introduced himself as an interesting guy.We had a lot of things in common and he wanted to meet me at the nearby Starbucks.We met but after that “hang out” I didn’t¬†want to talk to him.Trough all hang out he was looking at me like he was devastated by me to the point where I couldn’t¬†take it anymore.I told him that I was straight and that I’m not interested in him.He seemed kinda annoyed¬†by that and he said “I would like to see that face in snuff movie” after that I said that I got to go and that he better stops messaging me and all of the sudden he says “I need you are the perfect guy for me”.At this point, I didn’t give a shit cause I’m a very intimidating¬†guy at least my friends say so in¬†7.2 feet tall very lean and didn’t have a problem with this guy cause he was shorter than me but very buff but still.After I got home I told my gay buddy this and he said that he was a sex offender.At this moment I was very pissed off at him but he said that he felt bad for the guy.And after all, this that isn’t the worst part at all.A day later he posted a picture on Instagram with my name cut in his skin.And the day later my friend told me that his stuff buddy was in the hospital cause he cut almost every vein cause he wanted to get scars with my name.Now this story may seem insane but it’s nothing but true cause he was high during his cutting¬†on all sorts of drugs and I hope that guy gets help.Thank you for listening.Thank you for listening.

Creepy school Stalker

I am a young 16 year old girl and im very shy and unsocial. I was in 10th grade at the time and didn’t talk much.

One day in the first week or so in school I was in Tech class on my computer, we had free time so I was just on a paint app drawing cats or something when our tells us we are doing a project. We had to make a poster, with a partner… I never liked working with others.

But when our teacher chose our partners he randomly chose this strang creepy kid that haf a stalker look to him, and I was right… He blankly stared at me when we sat down to start on the poster. I just shrugged it off because I often got strange looks, but something didn’t seem right about him, he was a sloppy looking person with stains all over him and was about 6 feet tall and I was only 5.3 feet to he practicly towered over me.

I tried to talk to him saying what we should do about the poster but he just stared at me and said “Ok…”. ¬†It was silence after that so I just kept working on the project but I could feel his eyes burning into me. When it was time for lunch I rushed to the cafeteria but he followed and when I sat down to eat he sat uncomfortably right next to me, almost touching shoulders and when I scooted away he would move closer untill I could smell his horrible breath.

After lunch I lost him in the crowd but he was already back in the classroom waiting for me. And he still stared at me. After class I started walking to my class when he stopped in front of me he said ” Can I ask you something?” I said “Ok?…” obviously weirded out.

He then said “Be my girlfriend!” I stood there shocked I barely knew him and he asked the question in a demanding voice as if it wasn’t a question. I said politely “Sorry but no…” ¬†then I walked off, I looked behind me to see him glaring at me with this hostile-Murderous glare. I turn away and quickly get to my class.

The next day I see him talking with some other kids. I heard him say that I was girlfriend. I rush up to him and yell “What are you doing?!” He just looked at me with a creepy grin and walked off.

Later I asked my friend about it and she said to ignore him and tell him off next time and that I was just paranoid. The next day he wasn’t at Tech class.-(Huge relief!) I thought. I asked a kid in class if he was sick or something but the kid said ” No, he went to the counselor for a schedule change I think?” I said thanks and sat down in my seat.

My heart was racing I knew exactly what he was doing. After class I head to my 8th period when I see him sitting in my class. He had changed classes to see me. I was freaked out by this and sat in my chair trying to work and ignore him.

He then gets up and sits right next to me. Then our teacher tells us that we will be working in the hallway. I’m working in the hallway when I hear girls yelling angerly. I turn to see that creepy kid touching these girls and they would turn and slap him and push him away but he would keep doing it I rush over and tell him to stop but he just turns and creepily smiles he walked over and tries to kiss me grabbing my shoulders. I struggle free and punch him hard in the face he falls to the ground and I bolt to my teacher who was in the classroom and tell her what happened. She rushes to the door and grabs the kid and takes him to the principles office.

He was suspended for a week, but when he came back he was silent but stared at me with that creepy smile. After school I was walking to the front exit when I see him following me I try to ignore him and keep waking I was outside and walking away from the school walking home-(I usually get picked up but I had to walk home that day because my mom had to work.)

I turn around the corner and turn to see him following me I start to walk faster but does it too. Its starting to get dark so I am starting to get scared. I see a store and and walk in and hide in the bathroom about 15-20 minutes my phone was dead so I couldn’t call anyone. ¬†I left the bathroom and cautiously made my way outside I walked a couple of feet away when I see him up ahead behind a tree grining wildly I run past him but he follows he runs and stops in front of me.

I just blow up frustrated and say ” What do you want!” My heart is racing. He then says “I need to show you something?” he then points to the ditch behind the same tree and I see rope sticking out from behind it. My blood turns to ice I then say “No thanks” and he keeps trying to persuade me.

I see no one more time but this time he starts to get closer to me I shove him and bolt down the sidwalk and look for anyother people or cars but theres no one. And the guy’s screaming at me and chasing me. I turn around another corner to see my mom driving down the road. I run into the road, she stops and I get in.

And we hightail it down the road. She said that she got worried that I was late to be home and came to look for me. I look behind us and see him grinning creepily still and an even more evil look in his eyes. I  forever grateful to my mother. When I got back to school the next day he was gone and it was like that the rest of the year.

Later on I learned what happened to him. The same night he followed me, he had went to the park and kidnapped a young girl and tried hide her in abandoned house, but was caught and is n juvey, and had many drug charges and many other charges including robbery. They had questioned him as well and he had admited  attemping to kidnap me. I hope  never see him again.

Silent Cove

This is an entry about a trip I took in February this year, I would not write about a minor trip and can tell you my experiences were nothing less than completely bizarre.

Are mother is single and usually can not afford to take us on expensive vacations frequently. She is hardworking but wanted to find something that comfortable but not to costly. It took about an hour of browsing through TripAdvisor before she found something that fit our needs. Me and my brother were relatively low maintenance and were just happy to be going anywhere, are mother was very excited, much more than usual!

A week later we got on a spirit airlines plane trip, the hotel was called “el sol”, Spanish for “the sun”. We were flying from Maine and the hotel was in northern mexico so the flight was several hours long. In the middle of the flight I unbuckled my seat belt and walked to the bathroom in the back. As I ¬†walked into the back area I saw a short man standing motionlessly. I thought he was waiting but realized there was nobody in the bathroom, what was he waiting for? ” Sir, its empty.” I told him but he only flashed a light smile. After the most awkward 10 seconds of my life I ignored him and walked in.

After we landed we took a 10 minute cab ride to the hotel. The place was a cozy resort with a southeastern american feel. Our mom checked us in and the lady running the desk slipped her a bronze key. The room was small, it had a bathroom, a fuzzy couch and two humble beds. It also had an impressive TV set.

Sense it was very hot I decided to go to the beach. Mom was pleased about the idea and ushered my brother to go, he was a nervous 14 year old but eventually agreed. The beach was very nice and we played for a while as it started to get dark I noticed a small cove near the beach. We still had a bit of time left and it seemed very peaceful, my brother told me not to but I thought it was just him being shy and reassured him it was safe, he was a bit dependent on me cooled down.

The water was very blue and had a naturally calm look. Me and brother started to splash each other, we were both having fun so I started to splash harder. A good portion of water was sprayed into the bushes only 30 feet away from where we were in the cove. After the water landed I remember hearing coughing from in the bushes, I jumped up after I heard and whispered to my brother, I could see his smile start to drop. ¬†30 seconds later I started to hear distinct rustling in the bushes which slowly elevated in loudness. I thought it might have been a coyote but there was a very small population in this area, I agreed with that possibility but shouted “Is someone there?” to be sure. I was answered with a stuttered “Yes.”. I froze for a second but saw a tall man stand up from within the bushes, he smiled while starting to march clumsily towards us.

I grabbed my brothers wrist tightly and dragged him through water. We were climbing up a bank of sand when he leaped into the water. We sprinted quickly away from the beach and to doors to the hotel. We swung open the doors and sprinted to the lobby. ” Whats wrong?” the lady at the desk shouted. ” We just… accidentally stayed to late.” I lied while entering the elevator. I told my mom what happened and realized he was the man from on the plane. She checked out early the next mourning and we don’t plan on going back.