Silent Cove

This is an entry about a trip I took in February this year, I would not write about a minor trip and can tell you my experiences were nothing less than completely bizarre.

Are mother is single and usually can not afford to take us on expensive vacations frequently. She is hardworking but wanted to find something that comfortable but not to costly. It took about an hour of browsing through TripAdvisor before she found something that fit our needs. Me and my brother were relatively low maintenance and were just happy to be going anywhere, are mother was very excited, much more than usual!

A week later we got on a spirit airlines plane trip, the hotel was called “el sol”, Spanish for “the sun”. We were flying from Maine and the hotel was in northern mexico so the flight was several hours long. In the middle of the flight I unbuckled my seat belt and walked to the bathroom in the back. As I  walked into the back area I saw a short man standing motionlessly. I thought he was waiting but realized there was nobody in the bathroom, what was he waiting for? ” Sir, its empty.” I told him but he only flashed a light smile. After the most awkward 10 seconds of my life I ignored him and walked in.

After we landed we took a 10 minute cab ride to the hotel. The place was a cozy resort with a southeastern american feel. Our mom checked us in and the lady running the desk slipped her a bronze key. The room was small, it had a bathroom, a fuzzy couch and two humble beds. It also had an impressive TV set.

Sense it was very hot I decided to go to the beach. Mom was pleased about the idea and ushered my brother to go, he was a nervous 14 year old but eventually agreed. The beach was very nice and we played for a while as it started to get dark I noticed a small cove near the beach. We still had a bit of time left and it seemed very peaceful, my brother told me not to but I thought it was just him being shy and reassured him it was safe, he was a bit dependent on me cooled down.

The water was very blue and had a naturally calm look. Me and brother started to splash each other, we were both having fun so I started to splash harder. A good portion of water was sprayed into the bushes only 30 feet away from where we were in the cove. After the water landed I remember hearing coughing from in the bushes, I jumped up after I heard and whispered to my brother, I could see his smile start to drop.  30 seconds later I started to hear distinct rustling in the bushes which slowly elevated in loudness. I thought it might have been a coyote but there was a very small population in this area, I agreed with that possibility but shouted “Is someone there?” to be sure. I was answered with a stuttered “Yes.”. I froze for a second but saw a tall man stand up from within the bushes, he smiled while starting to march clumsily towards us.

I grabbed my brothers wrist tightly and dragged him through water. We were climbing up a bank of sand when he leaped into the water. We sprinted quickly away from the beach and to doors to the hotel. We swung open the doors and sprinted to the lobby. ” Whats wrong?” the lady at the desk shouted. ” We just… accidentally stayed to late.” I lied while entering the elevator. I told my mom what happened and realized he was the man from on the plane. She checked out early the next mourning and we don’t plan on going back.




Double Weirdos at Target

So before I start this story, let me give you some background information. I am 13 years old and live in a small neighborhood releatively close to a Target. The Target is a popular place for teens of the neighborhood to hang out and meet up.

Anyway, lets get into the story. Me and a friend who we will call Brady, had made plans to meet up with some other friends at the Target whom I will call Kira and Sara. We got on our bikes to ride to Target and took our usual route. It was all going normally until we rode past a wannabe gangster looking guy. He was about 5’8″, African American, and in his early 20s. He was wearing all red Jordans gear and was walking the opposite direction of us. As we pass, he gives us a few dirty looks and gives us what looks like a gang sign with his hands. Keep in mind this is all in broad daylight, and right next to a playground with little kids present. The parents of the kids started to notice this character, and started packing their things up and getting ready to leave.

After we were long gone from the guy, Brady and I make a few jokes about him and brush it off as nothing. Although that might not bad, it gets worse. Kira and Sara decided to pull a little prank on us by saying they hadn’t arrived yet. Brady and I watched the main entrance to the store like a hawk for a good 10 minutes, only to get jumpscared from behind by them. After my heartrate went down and I finished laughing, we walked towards the snack section. I look to my left, and somehow the same guy in the fruit section just eyeballing us. When I look at him, he looks away and exits the store. I was getting seriously scared at this point. How did he get over here on foot when he was going the opposite direction. Better yet, he was not even on a bike. Even if we did miss him on the way in, he still had to have followed us. I point this out to Brady and he got nervous too. We hesitantly and quickly grab our food of choice and pay. Kira and Sara, were on their phones the whole time and didn’t notice a thing.

After we said our farewells to Kira and Sara, we were about to walk about the door when we were confronted by a woman. She was wearing a black tank top, had tan skin, and looked to be in her mid 30s. She told us she had seen us in the chip aisle, and was wondering if she could pay for our food. I was actually considering it when I remembered all the stories on the news of child abduction happening just like this. I am 5’11” and this lady was about 5’5″, so if she did try anything I could have broke free. No matter how much I love free food, I turned down the offer. The lady tried to convince us once more, then walked out the doors. Now this could have simply been a lady being nice, but she had no groceries in hand and was alone. Come to think about it, nobody was in the chip aisle except for me and my friends. So wannabe gangster and crazy lady, let’s not meet again.

NOTE: This is my first ever time writing a pasta. I am a long time listener, first time writer.

Psycho at School

I always believed in being kind and friendly to others until something happened to change that. In this particular case it was a boy named Larry from my geometry class sophomore year. I don’t mean to brag but I was one of the most intelligent kids in the class and always finished my assignments early. Larry, however, had lots of difficulty understanding what was going on.

The teacher asked me to help explain it to him since I was already finished with my own work. I tried to explain it to him slowly and step by step until I was sure he understood. In 3 days there was going to be a big test. On the day if the test I wished him good luck and told him to just do his best. He was pretty quiet and was never around a big group of people but he seemed like a pretty nice person.

A few days after we got our tests back. After class Larry walked over to me smiling and said he got a B.

“Congratulations,” I said.

“Thanks, dude. I couldn’t have done it without you.” It felt good that I was able to help somebody.

That night he sent me a friend request on Facebook. I didn’t think it was anything unusual so I accepted. Within 5 minutes I got a message from him saying “I wanted to thank you again. You’re a lot better than the teacher at explaining stuff. If it weren’t for you I would’ve failed.”

“No problem,” I told him. “If you ever need help with anything else feel free to ask.”

We chatted a bit more about over the next couple weeks about geometry and school in general. It wasn’t long until he sent me a message saying “You seem like a pretty cool and nice guy. I was wondering if you’d like to date me.”

I was shocked but I tried to be as polite and nice as I could. My older brother (who’d already graduated years ago) is gay so I didn’t have any prejudice at all.

“Sorry but I’m not gay,” I told him, “I’d be glad to still be friends, though. You seem really nice, too.” He said “okay” and didn’t send any further messages. He didn’t look in my direction at school either.

A few days came and went and I got home to see a few comments Larry left on my Facebook pictures. They said really nasty things like “Damn, what an ugly picture” and “That face could make small children cry.” My family and a couple friends responded telling him how his comments were rude and unnecessary. I deleted them all and rather than blocking him right away like I should’ve, I sent him another message.

“Hey,” I said, “I’m sorry I hurt you by saying we can’t date but please don’t leave comments like that on my pictures anymore. I don’t want to have to block you.”

About an hour later he sent me a message which had me shaking and in tears. I can’t remember all of the vile things it said but I’ll type what I do remember.

It said something to the effect of “Like I still want to date your ugly ass anyways. Your biological parents didn’t want you so why would anyone else? You’re a worthless piece of trash who should just die. As a matter of fact you shouldn’t have been born at all. I’d slit your throat myself but you aren’t worth the prison time. You should kill yourself instead. Make this world a better place and just die already.”

I walked over to my mother and handed her the phone, very upset that someone would say those things to me, especially after I tried to be nice and help him. I mentioned in passing during one of our conversations that I was adopted and he even used that against me. My mom called the sheriff and told him what was going on. Larry switched schools and I got a restraining order against him. I left social media afterwards and haven’t gotten back on. Nowadays I don’t go out of my way to be kind to people and distance myself from them. I don’t have any I’ll feelings towards Larry and hope he got the help he desperately needs.

The Pedophile Attic Creepy Stalker

I was 11 years old when I moved to the Massachusetts area from the New Hampshire area. I was an awkward girl and didn’t make friends easily.

Everything in the house had carpet except for the attic. It took a pull down ladder to get up into and it gave off an unfinished creepy vibe off. Also, it was in my room so it creeped me out even more.

One day, I was left home alone on a Friday Night. My parents were out and my little brother to a friend’s house. I invited a friend over to my house because I was so bored.

Soon after, she came and we started making cookies and making popcorn to watch a movie. As we were watching the movie, I heard footsteps coming from upstairs. I dismissed them at first thinking it was just outside, but after the footsteps came back, it worried me.

My friend then left around 9:30 pm and left me all alone in my big house with creepy footsteps. Me being a stupid 12 year old, I went upstairs with a bat and just went off to bed. But I couldn’t sleep.

So, I took a shower and after I started changing did i see a flash. It alarmed me and freaked me out. I screamed and cried but it fell on deaf ears because no one was home and wouldn’t be home till sunday morning.

I went over to the phone and debated on calling the police but thought against it, multiple times.

So I went back into my room cautiously and heard the footsteps again. They were unmistakably coming from the attic, in my room. I was freaking out and cried silently as I got into bed. I saw another flash of the camera. This went on for the rest of the night.

Saturday early morning the next day, I had had enough and ran to the room across and dialed 911. I was grateful to see the police at my doorstep within minutes.

I took them to my room and showed them the pull down rope to pull down the ladder. They pulled the door down and went up the stairs and were shocked at what they saw. They took pictures and showed me. There were pictures of me all over the walls and some blood and some of my clothes and my personal diary that I thought I lost.

I was horrified and shocked and passed out. As the ambulance that was called shortly after I had passed out, one of the officers spotted a man lurking near the house. They arrested him and pulled up his record. He had an assortment of charges, ranging from sexual assault to murder.

After I recovered from my fall, an officer told me that the man they had arrested after I passed out was indeed the man who was staying and living in the attic. They assumed he started living there as soon as my family moved into the house.

Turns out, the man living upstair in the attic had been stalking me and following me wherever i went undetected. Also, that he was a registered sex offender and had his plans on taking away a child’s innocence such as myself at the time.

I decided after that whole incident happened, that I moved out of that room and went to another room. My old room where this happened is currently unoccupied since the police has put their caution tape all over it since it’s still a scene of disturbing and what could’ve been an unforeseen demise to my death.

Creepy Stalker Man

So this happened not too long ago. I am a 17 year old female and I live in the UK. Now, you can’t go to clubs until you’re 18 but I started going out at 16, it’s always creepy drunk guys trying to touch you up and try it on with you, but I go out just to get drunk and party. I’m underage so not going to go home with anyone.

A few months ago I went out with a friend, we had a good night but then as always, she got too drunk and passed out, she somehow went home and I was on my own for the rest of the night. I was stood in the corner of the club just drinking, I was already wasted so I decided to just keep drinking. Bad idea when you’re out alone. A old looking man came and stood with me and he started talking to me and asked me what happened to my friend and I told him, he then said that he’s friends with her, later on he told me he lied about that and he doesn’t know her.

I just kind of ended the conversation after that.

Then he asked how old I am so I told him I’m 17, he then said that he’s 50. This creeped me out but I thought really nothing much of it. It was getting quite early in the morning so I told him I’m going home and he said he’ll walk me so I agreed, I wish had just left him there and then. This guy was around 6 foot and very big built, I’m only 5 foot so if he tried anything, his body weight would probably stop me from escaping. But as we were walking he tried to kiss me and I pushed him away and reminded him of my age.

He just laughed and we carried on walking. Since I didn’t want him to know where I lived I just left half way. The next day when I woke up, I had a missed call on my phone, Since I never have texts, I couldn’t text asking who it was so I looked up the number but couldn’t find anything.

A few weeks later I decided to download whatsapp to see if I could find who it was and a profile came up, it was him! I messaged him and he messaged me back the next day asking how my friend is and if she got home okay that night. Now I have no idea how this fucking creep got my number! I started asking him why he tried kissing me and he said something like “It was just a thank you kiss for me helping you out”.

I straight up called him a pedophile for even thinking that it’s okay to try that! After that he said sorry then blocked me.

So a few weeks ago, I decided to go out with some friends to get high, I met them at about 6 in the morning and we smoked, got high and whatever. As I was leaving them, we stood on the corner of the street to say goodbye and I saw a car drive up to turn that corner of the street we was on, I looked and it was the man! I kid you not, I shit a brick! As my friends left me, he started driving on. I was extremely high and the paranoia started kicking in, I thought he was going to start following me. I was right. I ran down an ally to try and hide from him.

I had no idea where I was going, I didn’t want to go straight home in case he followed me and saw where I live. I ended up walking back past the corner where I first saw him, as soon as I got to the corner, there he was, he pulled up on the road, I shouted to him “stop fucking following me!” He just said to me “hello again, princess.”

Then drove off with the most creepy grin on his face. After that I ran home as fast as I could without stopping. I got home and made sure all the windows were closed and the doors were locked.

I sat in the kitchen for a good twenty minutes going over in my head what had just happened, now I’m not sure if I was hearing things because I was high or it could of been the guy that lives next door but I heard a man cough, it sounded like it came from my back yard. But if the guy followed me home, he couldn’t of got in the back yard because I locked the gate. But I have no idea. After that I went into my room and sat thinking about it again and I just started crying over it, I kept thinking to myself that he’s after me and he’s going to kidnap me and kill me if he sees me out alone, all that crazy shits going through my head. I eventually forced myself to go to sleep. I didn’t see him after that. Until a few days ago.

I was walking down my street to go home and he drove past in his car, staring and smiling at me the whole time and not watching the road, I wish he had crashed and really hurt himself. I haven’t seen him since, yet. But I’m pretty sure he followed me that night and now he knows at least which street I live on. I’m always aware of my surroundings whenever I leave the house, in case I see him. I don’t know what he wants but what I do know is, he is a creepy lowlife that needs some serious help.

I hope I never see him again.