The man at the bus stop

this only happened acouple days ago,well only about 9. you see i’m a 16 year old girl that the guys would call very pretty and i have a very nice body. for I do work out and try to keep my face clear.

I’m only 5’4 with dark blood red hair with bright blue eyes, and my hair goes past my butt. i’m not every strong so its pretty easy to take me down if your a male. but before i go more into the story i have to say i’m a sassy little thing and don’t take nothing for anyone.

and i have a natrul bitch face so alot of people don’t mess with me.

But for some reason nun of this worked on this was man i seen at my bus stop one day. I live in a small town and everyone knows me andi know everyone but i have never in my life seen this man.

i was walking to the bus stop looking down at my phone scrolling on instagram when i bumpped into someone. it was the man he looked to be in about his 20’s and he was very handsome man. he had large muscles and a very sharpe jaw line his eyes where green and his hair was black.

I told him i was sorry but all he did was raise his hand and say “It’s nothing its my fault for standing in a pretty little gems way” his eyes just sharpened at me and he looked at me the way he said it sent a chill up and down my spine.

i just stepped away and put my earbuds in and waited for the bus.

when it came we both got on and out of all the seats that where empty he sat right next to me . his shoulder touching mine and everytime i moved over so did he. the day past and i didn’t see him i kinda forgot all about him and he wasn’t on the bus for the ride home. but on my way home there was a man in all black standing by the corner of my street not moving. i had my pepper spray ready just incase. but when he seen me getting closer he left. later that night i got a friends request on my instagram and you could tell that this user just made there pf and i was the first person and only person they followed. so i accepted and then they started liking all my post and putting hearts under my post.

i had no idea who it was till they commented what a pretty little gem under one. and i knew who it was i blocked him because i dont do the stalking stuff. the next day i got a ride to school form my boyfriend that i have been with for two years. later that day while i was at my locker i heard my name come out of a mouth and said by a voice that sounded angry but was trying not to show it.

i turned and seen him he was standing there with the look of hate in his eyes. he kinda pushed me up to my locker and said”who is that man you where with” he started getting louder and more rough “who is he why was you with him” he started pushing my head to my locker but i said before i dont take nothing from no one.

so i punched him in the face and his nose started to bleed.

all i did was say fuck off and i shut my locker and left. looking at my hand i had some of his nose blood on it and went to the bathroom and washed my hands. i came out to see my boyfriend lets call him max.

Max was pissed and was yelling at me saying”so your cheating now yeah i found out aboout him” i just looked at him with a bumd face on what the hell are you talking about max is what i said back he then explained that a biy he never seen before came up and told him everything about the sex and the nudes and him staying over at night. i was shocked and at this point crying i thought i was gonna losse him untill i told him everything about that new guy i didn;t even know his name. and now max was even more pissed and hugged me and said he was so sorry and kissed my forhead. when i layed my head on max’s chest i turned my head to see that guy looking around the lockers. i spent the night with max and i didnt see him at school the next day. and boy was i glad but later i had to go to work and he was there. he was at my work and noone else but another girl was there. he looked at me and never stopped so being the little sassy thing i am i gave him the two fuck you fingers and all he did was lick his lips. you fucking perv is all i said but what he said was the most creepest thing out of this how story “you and max had a fun night last night” now me and max didn’t do anything lastnight all we did was watch a movie and fall asleep but how did he know i was at max’s place.

I texted max to come pick me up for my shift was almost over “Stop texting him he don’t love you ” is what this man said but i said nothing and acted like i didn’t hear him he then stood up and came over to the counter. can i help you sir is all i said as he opened his mouth “i dont see your number on the menu” i rolled my eyes and looked at the other girl that was working she could tell how i felt and just took over his order. max then pulled up and as i got ready to go out to him. that man was out there talking to max. and max just looked at me and the girl pulled me back “he has a pocketknife” is all she said wheni seen max get out of the car and stood in front of the man. i ran outside and pushed him and told him to leave me alone that he was a creep. thats when he pulled out the knife. thats when max picked me up and put me in the car which kinda made me mad because he knows it makes me feel small when he does it. the girl i was working with called the cops and he tried to stab max but max grabbed his arm and punched him in the face knocking him out. i left and me and max moved in together and i have no idea what happened to him and i quit my job and got a new one. i guess all i could say is that i never even got his name and i hope i never see him again because if i do i’m gonna kick him where the sun don’t shine


My idea of stalkers have always been people who followed you, and watched your every move, and nothing more, but I’ve recently learned just how very wrong I was. Okay, let’s get to the story.

It was a typical weekend. I was in my room, on my phone. I decided to go on a site called “Omegle”.

Omegle is a site where you can meet, and talk to random people. On phones you can only text other people on this app. I had begun talking to people, and skipping until I started texting this person named Devin.

I started off the conversation with a typical “Hey, how are you?” he typed back something like “Good, you?” etc. We started talking and I found him to be really similar to myself.

He asked for my number, and I reluctantly said yes.

Bad idea.

We started texting on Imessage, and I asked him for his instagram. He said “I don’t have one, but I have a” He gave me his and I checked it to make sure he was a kid, and not a 40 year old creep. He seemed around my age, and pretty normal, so I gave him mine. Again, terrible decision.

The first red flag was the fact that the second I accepted his follow request, he started liking every single that I had made.

I had about 50 Music.lys, so that means he took the time to scroll through every single one. I didn’t find this weird, I just thought he really wanted to be my friend.

The next day he texted me at about 7 AM. His text said “So, you got a bf?” I was single at the time, so I answered honestly. “No, I don’t, do you?” I wasn’t into him, I was just curious.

He typed back “No, I’m single.” I felt really uncomfortable, so I just put my phone down, and went to my basement. The next day I was on my phone, watching YouTube, until I got a text from Devin. He again asked if I had a bf.

I texted back the same answer, and, already knowing his answer, left the conversation like that.

20 minutes later he texted me again. “Hey…can I ask you something.” He said. “Sure, anything” I answered. He took a second to type back. When he did answer, he said “Will you go out with me?” My stomach churned.

I hadn’t even known this kid for a week, and he was already asking me to be his girlfriend. Another red flag. I anxiously typed back “How could we date? We live in two different parts of the country.” He mentioned earlier that he lived in Alabama. I lived in Massachusetts.

He then almost immediately wrote back “We can skype and FaceTime.” I stopped texting for a minute, then he typed “You don’t have to if you don’t want to.” This made me feel guilty, like I was breaking his heart.

I then did the stupidest thing ever… I said I wanted to go out with him.

I went to bed later that night, and when I woke up, my phone was beeping like crazy. I checked on and he had commented on one of my post’s, saying “Hottest one 😍”

Keep in mind I was only 12, so someone else saying I was “hot” made me extremely uncomfortable. I deleted the comment, thinking he would get the message.

He didn’t.

He kept doing stuff like this, all the time.

I blocked him on everything. When he relized that he couldn’t comment on my he made a video. The video of him was just him on his bed saying that he wanted everyone “To follow his girlfriend Mary on” This is where I drew the line.

I texted him that he needed to leave me alone, and that I wasn’t allowed to date. And just like that, he was gone.

Creepy Stalker

When I was in high school I spent a lot of time at my best friends house. She lived sort of out in the country, a few houses close by but not a lot of neighbors.

We used to spend our time walking up and down the road she lived on as their wasn’t much traffic and it got us outside. We were night owls and often could be found after dark wandering the road telling each other creepy stories just trying to freak each other out.

On the night in question we were about 10 minutes from her house when we heard a strange banging coming from just up the hillside near an abandoned chicken house. We kept walking, not phased as her neighbors were known for doing odd projects at all hours of the night and they were just as accustomed to us walking the road at late hours.

It was just a few more yards up the road that he came into view.

The man was standing just off the road, holding a shovel. He was banging it on the pavement just staring at us with this weird grin. We didn’t walk any closer, we slowly turned and began to make our way back to her house thinking surely he wouldn’t follow. We walked for about 5 minutes, talking quietly about what he could have possibly been doing before we heard it, the sound of steps in the leaves on the roadside. Kaycee glanced over her shoulder and grabbed my arm, pulling me forward as she broke into a run.

“He’s following us,” she frantically whisspeed to me as I matched her pace. The foot steps didn’t come any faster, they just seemed to fade into the background as we raced toward her driveway. We made it up the porch steps and into the house to find her mom on the phone.

We immediately spilled out everything that had just taken place and Kaycee’s mom repeated our story to Kaycee’s dad who was on the other end of the call. He worked nights then, which is why he wasn’t there.

He told us to lock the doors and sit tight. Crazy neighbors werect unusual, and the guy had probably lost interest in us once we were in the house, he reasoned. He also asked if we were sure it wasn’t a kid we knew playing a joke.

A few hours passed and we sort of forgot about the whole thing, I mean, it had been pretty silly to get so scared, right? We laid in the floor watching a movie while Kaycee’s mom worked on the computer nearby.

Suddenly she began to scold us. “Stop it girls. That’s enough.” We looked at her, deeply confused. After all, we had just been laying in the floor watching a movie. My eyes saw what she was talking about before she could even say anything else. A laser light on the wall. I looked at Kaycee, who by this time had seen it too. “That isn’t us,” I confirmed what she had already realised as we followed the path the laser had to be taking.

Our gazes all came to a rest at their large picture window. The curtains were just far enough apart for light from the porch light to peek through. There he stood. The man from earlier, leering at us and pointing a laser flashlight in the window.

I remember screaming louder than I thought I even could as Kaycee’s mom yelled at us to get into the bathroom where there was no windows. She called the police and we sat there, panicking, waiting for something else to happen.

It felt like an eternity before the police finally arrived, to find only foot prints.

Kaycee’s parents still live in that house, although these days the security around their house is much tighter. The police never caught our night stalker but even all these years later I still wonder about that night. Who was he? Did he know Kaycee and I would happen upon him on that road? Did we suprise him as he was doing something he didn’t need witnesses for? I will probably never know. But what I do know is this, I will never be caught walking rarely traveled roads after dark ever again.


the drone keeps following me now

I work in a residential building and I am a concierge which basically means I am mainly behind the reception where I log down any problems the tenant may have with their flats, pass messages down to the right department, looking after keys and fob cards. We also do some maintenance tasks like reading electric and water meters and bypassing water meters if it need be. We also have to keep an eye out on the CCTV camera and make sure we react to anything that looks or sounds dodgy.

For a couple of weeks now a lot of the tenants have been complaining about a drone flying over their flat and obviously this was really bad because some stranger was spying or following around on some of the tenants and it was also creepy. Last week I got a call by one of the tenants about a drone flying over his flat and I managed to go outside and spotted it for myself and saw it flying to where its owner had lived. There were some houses next to the residential flat and I followed the drone to its owners house and I knocked on and told him not do it again.

“its fine I am going to commit suicide anyway” the strange man told me

Confusingly I just walked away and just replied “don’t do it again” in a confused tone and as i was walking back to the residential building I saw the drone following me now. I quickly got inside the building and the drone was just outside the building and I phoned the police and I told the police everything. After I had put down the reception phone all of a sudden I could hear the drone inside the reception now floating around. This was impossible because the drone was just locked outside and now all of a sudden it was inside the building. I mean no other tenant came inside as i was calling the cops so it couldn’t have followed anyone inside into the building.

The police arrived and they were quite quick and they themselves saw the drone when I let them into the building and then the drone went towards the door and the police let it out. The police followed the drone to the house where the drone eventually just decided to rest on the roof of the house where none of us could really see it properly. When the police broke down the drone owners door they watched in complete shock to see that the man who owned the drone had committed suicide by gun shot to the head.

When the police went on top of the roof they were also surprised to find that the drone was not on the roof anymore even though we had all watched it land on the roof and none of us saw it fly away. This was all really strange because after I had walked away from the house the owner of the drone must have committed suicide straight away. So then who was controlling the drone when it started following me?

The house was cleared and only the mans suicide made it to the papers and none of the drone part of the story for some reason didn’t make it to the news or to the newspapers which I found unusual. The drone started following me around now and when I would annoyingly find it inside the reception again I would run inside the toilets and lock the door and then as soon as I turn around I would suddenly find that the drone is some how inside the toilet with me.

Now I do the night shift where there isn’t much tenant activity like people walking in and out apart from the weekends but the drone seems to follow me when there isn’t much people. So many times I would run away from the drone and I would lock myself in various places like the staff room, water and electric meter rooms, bin store rooms but as soon as I would turn around I would find that drone is always right behind me. Its always following me.

I actually just got use to it and just accepted the fact that I have got a drone following me around and I didn’t mind it as much as it wasn’t causing me much physical harm or trouble to my life at first and it felt nice to have some company in the night shift which is usually dead. It actually started to help me do my job like when I needed to do meter readings for many apartments the drone actually knew the specific floors I needed to go to to read the electric and water meters. It also took photos and I could even secretly go to sleep because the drone will wake me up if anything went wrong in the night shift.

Then just as things were turning positive the drone started coming to my house and I let it in and I claimed it as mine now. Then it started following other people around and they didn’t like it and I got the harsh end brunt of the stick with it all. I tried speaking to the drone about following people around but even though I knew it understood me it kept on disobeying me and it kept on following strangers around. My house started getting targeted by groups of people and eggs were thrown and disgusting things posted through my letter box.

I was now known as the strange creepy guy within my area and the police gave me so many warnings and so many people trying to sue me. Even on social media I am getting threatened and I tried showing this to my flying drone and I know it understands me but it just likes to cause me trouble. I then started to think about the man who committed suicide in the house next to the residential building where I work. The stress is really getting to me and even i have been contemplating suicide now because I get people knocking on my door so many times now shouting at me and calling me names.

Drones are much worse than human stalkers.

One Headlight

I often travel between cities in Southern California. My best friend lives 70 miles away from my hometown, but thanks to freeways, it’s usually only an hour drive. Since traffic is insane in the LA area, I fell into the habit of only making the commute in the middle of the night. At 3am, the only people on the road are usually truckers, and a sparse few cars. I don’t have to concentrate too hard, and I can catch up on podcasts. My parents were always uncomfortable with me driving such a distance alone in the wee hours of the morning, but I always shrugged it off as the usual parental paranoia, until one night.

I had told my parents I was going to be home by midnight that night. I had work in the morning, so I my fun-filled weekend with my best friend had to come to an end. But, I pushed it. 11, 12, 1 in the morning all passed me by as we shoveled chips into our faces and watched funny youtube videos together. When it was about 2:15 am, I finally decided it was time to head out. My parents were probably asleep anyways and didn’t even know I was coming home so late. My friend was getting really tired, and instead of walking me out to my car like she usually did, she decided to go to sleep. We said our goodbyes and I stepped out of the door onto the porch.

My friend lives in a nice and relatively safe suburb, and I had walked around it at this hour of the night plenty of times, so I wasn’t the least bit frightened. I threw my bag into the back of my little sedan parked on the street and climbed into the drivers seat. After buckling up, turning on the engine, and picking a fitting podcast for my journey home, I looked up from my phone to find I was suddenly blocked in.

Next to my car, a truck had pulled in close, trapping me in my parking spot. It was a white pickup with racks over the bed like a work truck of some kind. It wasn’t beat up per se, but it showed its age, looking to be from the late 90’s. The thing that caught my eye about the vehicle was the fact that its right headlight was burned out.

Before I could take in more of the car, the passenger window rolled down and I could see the driver lean out from the darkness in the cab, into the orange streetlight. He looked to be in his 40’s, short, fat, and very greasy. He was balding, but what was left on his head was messy locks of oily black hair. He gave me a yellowed smile and motioned for me to roll my window down. Like an idiot, I did.

“Do you know how to get to Victory Blvd from here?” he asked in a voice accented with phlegm. I thought it was kind of a silly question, since Victory is one of the easiest streets to find in the area, but I was nice and pointed the way down the street.

“Yeah, it’s just about 3 blocks down the road, you can’t miss it,” I replied. He seemed satisfied, but before rolling his window up and driving off, he said something that unsettled me.

“Stay safe, it’s dangerous late at night for pretty girls.”

With that, he drove off, and I figured he was gone for good. I took that moment to lock my doors and text my friend about the weird guy before leaving. I finally got on the road, but before it was even out of the neighborhood, I looked into my rear view mirror to see that a car was following me out. My blood went icy. It was a white work truck, with one headlight.

I took a deep breath and tried to calm my mind. Maybe he didn’t follow my directions, got turned around, and was just following me out of the neighborhood in the hope that I would lead him to the street he was looking for. I glanced in the mirror again. I couldn’t see his eyes, but I knew they were on me.

Luckily, I had to pass over Victory to get to the freeway home. with a little bit of luck, I would get him to the street he needed, then he would turn off into the night. Tensely, I pulled up to Victory Blvd. Even in at 2:30 in the morning, it was a red light. The truck was still behind me. When I got the green light, I laid on the gas and continued down the road, past the intersection. To my horror, there was that one headlight, right at my bumper, leaving the road he had supposedly been looking for behind him.

My stomach was down by my feet at this point, but my only option now was to get on the freeway and try to lose him in the next 70 miles. I pulled up the on ramp, and he was still right behind me. I floored it once I hit the freeway proper, hoping there would be enough traffic for me to shake him off. Unfortunately, it was my ideal conditions on the road. There were only a couple big mac trucks making late night long hauls and less than a handful of other private vehicles. There was no where to hide.

I spent the next 30 minutes weaving in and out of what little traffic there was, but it was no use. every time I looked back, there was that one headlight, staring right back at me. On a sign for upcoming off ramps, I saw a name I recognized. It was the same off ramp that another friend of mine’s ex boyfriend had lived off of. I had taken her back and fourth a bunch of times, so I knew one thing that was there; lots of twisty and confusing suburban streets. I started to form a plan.

At the last minute possible, I veered off the freeway and onto the off ramp. The truck screeched after me. I ran a traffic light and that gave me enough time to quickly turn a corner and into a neighborhood. I spent 5 minutes whipping around the sleepy house-lined streets and getting myself as lost as possible. I parked on the side of the road and caught my breath for a moment. Minutes passed, and there was no sign of him. The feeling of relief was like no other. I started the car again and pulled out of the neighborhood, back toward the freeway to finish my journey home.

I was sitting at a light, waiting to turn onto the on ramp, when I looked across the road. My whole body froze. On the other side of the intersection was a white truck, with one headlight. How did he know I was trying to trick him? Then I remembered the license plate frame on the back of my car, with the name of my hometown in huge white letters. He knew exactly where I was going. The light changed and I pulled back onto the freeway, one headlight shining in my rear view mirror.

I had to formulate a new plan if I was going to get away from him. I figured I would take my usual exit to get home, but instead drive to the local police station. No one in their right mind would try anything in a police station parking lot. If he was still following me, I could tell the cops no problem.

I gripped the steering wheel, resolved in my plan and drove. The traffic had grown a little thicker than before, so I continued my weaving in and out of lanes, which I’m sure all the other drivers hated. I glanced back in my mirror and noticed the truck was a distance back now, behind some other cars. As minutes went on, he was further and further back, until I couldn’t see him at all.

By the time I got to my home exit, he was no where in sight. I pulled down a side street after getting off the freeway and parked just to see. Nothing. My only guess was that his old truck didn’t have the gas to make it the full way. Whatever happened, I’m relieved it did. Anyone determined enough to stalk a girl for almost 70 miles is not someone I want to encounter without a car around me.

I drove home, and the first thing I did was fling myself into my mother’s arms. She had been awake and worried sick. She was going to give me an earful for being so late, but when she saw I was crying, she just hugged me and let me tell her what happened. After hearing my story, she figured the terror I experienced was enough punishment.

Be wary of the night. I still make my 3am drives, but now there’s an edge of caution in my stomach. Sometimes I swear, in the middle of the night on the freeway, just a few cars behind me, I see that one headlight.