the snowman that never melts

For as long as I can remember living with my parents there has always been a snowman in my back garden, that literally never melts. Even through out the summer and the humid hot air this snowman in my garden always stays up. Our house is separate from the other houses and we don’t really get visitors coming into my house, so nobody really notices the snowman that never melts. My parents built the snowman on thier first year of being married and ever since then, the snowman has always stayed up.

In the summer the snowman looks like a sore thumb and a complete outcast within the fun and joy in the bright yellow hot sun. How it stays up through out the hot season is completely bizarre and I sometimes just stare at it as it has that effect on you. It sort of became part of the family and we just came to accept it as it is and my parents and as well as me, never tried to take it down. Even in the rain the snowman stays up strong and doesn’t melt away or die even, for twenty years, this snowman has been standing in my garden just standing still.

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