Snapchat creep

This is the first time I’m submitting a story, and English isn’t my first language so I’m sorry if there’s a few mistakes in my writing.

This thing happened last year, so I was 14. There’s this “dating app” for teenagers I used as a joke, and it was connected to Snapchat, so whenever you matched with someone you’d add them on snapchat so you could continue talk to your match.

As I said, at first I used it as a joke, but then I matched with this really hot guy and I thought: Oh well, would it hurt to try? So i accepted his request to be my friend on snapchat, I sent a shy hi to him and waited for a response, it took him 2 hours to respond and the only thing he sent was a blank black picture, I didn’t think much of it and continued my day. The next day I got a message from him, a picture of a very familiar building; My school.

I was a little freaked out but figured he probably went to the same school and it just happend that I haven’t noticed him in the corridors.

Then my phone started vibrating like crazy during a class, to give a little perspective, we have glass doors and windows giving us access to look out in the corridors during class, and when I looked at my phone I saw maybe 15 pictures sent to me from this guy, pictures of me, sitting at my desk in my classroom, the pictures kept coming, and it looked like they were taken from outside that window next to the door, when I looked there, I saw someone, standing, outside that window, with a phone in his hand, pointing at me. He was wearing a black hoodie, with the hood covering half of his face, and the other half was pale, with a sharp jawline, thin lips curved into a grin,

I saw my friend, she was looking at him too, and her face turned red and she started shaking, we were the only ones who saw him, because as fast as my friend tried to speak, he was gone, my friend stood up from her chair and went to the door and opened it, it caught my teachers attention and we had to explain what we saw, my teacher went out and looked for him and then told the office and they spoke out a messenge in the speakers telling everyone to look out for this man, since then I haven’t used Snapchat, it was one of the apps I used all the time before, and I’ve never added random strangers since then, it still creeps me out,

though it could’ve been a joke and it must’ve been someone who knew me from before, but it was still scary, and it made me a lot more paranoid about strangers on the internet.

Snapchat Boyfriend Stalker

A little while ago I was a snapchat geek. I had all my friends on there. I also had my boyfriend on there. Of course this is normal I  had him on all my social media websites. But during this time I having second thoughts about our relationship it was mostly because he had been posting pictures of me on his facebook, instagram and snapchat. It made me extremely uncomfortable and i told him to not but he kept doing it. So I broke up with him because of that and other events. Later that night a rock hit my door.

I checked my cameras and surprise, surprise it was him.

I was alone so I thought about calling the cops and opened my phone. A second after i opened it i got a snapchat notification. I opened and saw a picture of me looking at my phone. It was taken through a window. I looked over to the window and saw it shift to the right.

I quickly realized that he was running for the back door. I made it to the door faster because he had to open the back fence or hop over it. I locked all the windows and doors and ran up stairs and locked all the doors with the keys i did this because he was most likely to jiggle the wrong door knob and think i locked my self in the bathroom of one of the rooms. and before I heard glass hit the floor and rustling downstairs followed by slow thumps. i heard a door knob jiggle luckily it wasn’t my rooms door. I had already called the police and they told me they wouldn’t have sirens on so to just believe they were here at all times. I told her i had  to hang up after i heard him laugh and metal hit the ground.

After three minutes of waiting i heard my door knob jiggle, metal hit the floor and a creaking door followed by four pairs of feet and yelling. The police had arrived. After he was arrested they informed me he had a gun and a crowbar and that they had been notified that after I hung up there was another click I had to use my house phone because my phone was going to die. They were the scariest moments of my life. Im glad to be alive and regret using my house phone. if you have a bunch of rooms if you can you should lock all of them. it will surly confuse them. Happy hauntings.

Creepy Snapchat stalker

Hello. This happened to me about two weeks ago. I had just gotten a new phone, which I’m typing on now. I had no apps,  and I was scrolling through the App Store when I saw something that looked cool. ” Snapchat, I thought. ” I tried it out, however I forgot to make my account private. Huge mistake.

Well, fast forward a few days later, I’m on Snapchat, just messing around with the filters when I get a ” snap ” . What? I thought. I mainly used Snapchat for the funny filters, not chatting. Anyways, it was from some guy, and his Snapchat name I will not mention, for privacy reasons. It was a Snapchat of my mailbox.

uh oh, I thought instantly. I might get my phone taken away. I snapped the guy a funny photo of myself, and then just removed him. Well, a few days later, I get a snap. This time, it’s of my driveway. Woah, this is really getting weird, I thought to myself. I was shaking, so scared. What if his guy was really stalking us!?!

So, i get another snap. This time, it’s of my front door. Crap, i thought. I had to tell my parents! They were busy, on a night shift. The snaps started getting more frequent. Creepier too. One was a window in my kitchen. The other was of a plant we had. I freaked out, being a stupid kid I didn’t call the police right then and there. Man I should’ve.

Then, only a few minutes later, there’s another horrible sound. A snap. I opened it, and this time it was taken INSIDE the house!! Oh crud, I thought. Run, get out, is what my head told me. Then I had a realization. This is a prank!! So I snapped back the “guy” :

” Jimmy I know this is you. ”

I received another snap back, of a black photo. I ignored it, thinking Jimmy was just pulling my leg. I block him, and go to sleep. A few hours later, at say 3 o’ clock, I get a snap. This time, I’m kind of weirded out. I blocked this person. I get a chat saying,

” I see you.”

If you’ve ever experienced true terror, I literally felt that x10. Then, soon after the chat, I get a snap, of my bedroom , and me sleeping. I freak out. Want to know why?

Because the photo was taken from inside my closet.

I decided I had to call the police, which I did. Then I went to my neighbors house. They arrested the dude for home break in, and that was that.

Now, if I even hear, the sound of a Snapchat notification,

i go into panic mode.