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Snapchat creep

This is the first time I’m submitting a story, and English isn’t my first language so I’m sorry if there’s a few mistakes in my writing.

This thing happened last year, so I was 14. There’s this “dating app” for teenagers I used as a joke, and it was connected to Snapchat, so whenever you matched with someone you’d add them on snapchat so you could continue talk to your match.

Snapchat Boyfriend Stalker

A little while ago I was a snapchat geek. I had all my friends on there. I also had my boyfriend on there. Of course this is normal I  had him on all my social media websites. But during this time I having second thoughts about our relationship it was mostly because he had been posting pictures of me on his facebook, instagram and snapchat. It made me extremely uncomfortable and i told him to not but he kept doing it. So I broke up with him because of that and other events. Later that night a rock hit my door.

I checked my cameras and surprise, surprise it was him.

Creepy Snapchat stalker

Hello. This happened to me about two weeks ago. I had just gotten a new phone, which I’m typing on now. I had no apps,  and I was scrolling through the App Store when I saw something that looked cool. ” Snapchat, I thought. ” I tried it out, however I forgot to make my account private. Huge mistake.

Well, fast forward a few days later, I’m on Snapchat, just messing around with the filters when I get a ” snap ” . What? I thought. I mainly used Snapchat for the funny filters, not chatting. Anyways, it was from some guy, and his Snapchat name I will not mention, for privacy reasons. It was a Snapchat of my mailbox.