I Was Almost in a School Shooting

To start, I’d like to give a little description of my where my story took place. I lived in a southwestern Missouri town with the typical middle-of-nowhere feel. The town itself had a population of only 2,000, and it was just big enough to have its own school district. There were about 200 kids total from pre-K to 12th, and we all shared the same campus. The school was divided into high school, junior high, and elementary wings.

I was in junior high at the time. The building that housed us was old and falling apart. It looked as if someone cut a straight hallway out from the main campus and built a breezeway between them. Because of that separation, it was closer to the street than the other wings.

Specifically, I was social studies when the headache-inducing doorbell sound started. We all had been through intruder drills before. Us students packed into the corner and shut off the lights, while the teacher locked the door. She hushed us as we all sat bored and annoyed on the floor. We were, admittedly, being loud.

It took probably 15 minutes of continuous dinging for the idea to sink into our little 13-year-old minds. This was not a drill. After that, most of us were silent, and even the teacher hunkered down with us away from the door.
I whispered to my friend as she clung to me, “we are going to die.” To that, she started crying. I don’t know why I said it. It was as if I was in a trance.

30 minutes in, we heard distant popping which faded into nothing. The clump of us shook together. I recall this nasty emptiness in my stomach. The chime of the intruder alarm seemed as far away as the pops, though the speaker hung overhead. We could do nothing but wait.

Finally, after what felt like an eternity, the voice of the principal came over the loud speaker. “Please remain in you class rooms,” and that was all.

High off of existence, us kids sat on the desks laughing loudly and talking nonstop. The teacher abandoned her lesson and rested behind her desk. I imagine she felt the same relief as we did. It took a little over an hour, but the school called all the parents who then came and picked up their children.

We didn’t realize at the time how close we came to dying. While we were studying state history, a shooter had been on his way to the school to kill as many people as he could.
He stopped his truck on the road about a block away from the junior high. He was in the process of removing all his weapons when a good samaritan stopped to see if he was having car trouble. The good samaritan was shot from point blank range and died at the scene. The gunshots quickly alerted police. They were able to hold the shooter at a standoff until an exchange of fire left the shooter and one officer dead. If that good samaritan hadn’t died, the shooter likely would have made it to the school.

In the end, three people died that day. It’s sad, but I’m thankful. There are no happy endings in that evil, cursed town, but there are lucky ones. That day all of us kids got lucky.

Rural field

This story happened when I was around ten or eleven and my parents were divorced. My dad had a full six weeks with my younger brother and I for the summer and we were really excited to spend time with him. Naturally he still had to work for those whole six weeks but while he had us he also was letting my oldest sister and her roommate/friend stay with him during the summer until school started again and they headed off to college.

This way he had a couple of guaranteed babysitters while he worked very late nights at his job which was over an hour away. My brother and i loved it. Our sister was caring but laid-back and her friend was super nice and easy-going with us two little kids. It was a great summer.

Of course there was that one incident.

My dad lived in a very rural town in Indiana. When I say rural I mean very rural. It wasn’t the boonies or anything but it was very much in the middle of nowhere. If you try to drive to this town you will face nothing but miles and miles of fields and corn until you suddenly hit this town that appeared out of nowhere.

Don’t get me wrong I miss this town sometimes, it was were I went to school the first eight years of my life before the divorce and I have fond memories of the huge park and eating ice cream on the weekends as a Sunday Treat.

Yes by day this town was normal and fine but at night you would find yourself being very hesitant to go outdoors.

Back then there was no major crimes that happened at night and the worst that came from it was teen hooligans or the town’s infamous ‘Crazy Lady’ who scowled and flipped the bird at everyone but was otherwise harmless. Do you know that feeling you get when you see an area or setting at night that didn’t seem threatening at all during the day but now that it’s dark you’re having second thoughts? That was the feeling you got in the dead of night.

Now my sister was a likeable girl and she had made a few friends in town with other High School graduates. They had a couple of kids around the age of my brother and me so we could also be entertained as well. One night we were invited over to there house and my dad, who was at work, said it was okay. He was laid-back just like my sister.

Anyway, we gather in my sister’s old car and leave our middle of nowhere home to drive down an empty road at 9 at night and make out way over to the trailer park portion of the town that was absolutely surrounded by a huge grassy field.

My sister slows down to a 1 mph crawl and stops at a stop sign but doesn’t go even though we are the only ones there.

I love my sister and she has really matured in her later years but back then she was also a bit of a jerk. We were the younger siblings and how could she resist giving us a scare?

“That’s pretty creepy right?” She asks us in the backseat while we look out into the dark field. It was very creepy. Beyond the field was a thick wooded area with God-only-Knew what hiding it. I was young and scared of everything at the time and I still had nightmares of the boogeyman hiding in my closet.

“Yeah, makes me think of all those stories about freaks and creeps hiding in cornfields.” My sister’s friend said.

I honestly couldn’t tell if she was in on it or if she was genuinely freaked out as well. Despite her age she did act like a kid at times. My sister kept the car still while we all stared out, I don’t think she really thought there was anything in the field besides your usual collection of rural animals ranging from raccoons to deer.

Her friend was still talking nervously, “I remember this one story where a girl broke down next to a field like this and then some guy-” She did not get to finish her sentence.

To this day I am not entirely sure what I say. I’m 21 now and whenever i think about it my mind conjures up shadows and not a figure. However at that time I would have told you it was definitely a man-shaped figure that suddenly popped from the field and was running towards our car! My brother and I screamed, my sister’s friend screamed, my sister yelled in surprise and floored the gas pedal.

I’m still not sure if she really saw something to or was just shocked over our reaction to a bunch of shadows and nothing.

But I knew at the time, I just knew, that I had seen something. It had the distinct head, shoulder, and arm shapes and something did come towards our car! After we were well away from that field and arrived at the house we just exited the car and didn’t mention a word to anyone. We arrived at the friends house, played games, went bowling, and had a good night well until 12:45 in the morning.

I realize this story isn’t as scary or exciting as many other submissions on this site are but at the time, for an eleven year old, it was pretty creepy shocking to see something rush out at you from the darkness in the middle of nowhere.

I never did ask my sister if she was screwing around with us or if she really did notice something. I think I’ll ask her after I submit this story. If it turns out she was just scaring us for a laugh then I’ll laugh with her and pull a good-natured ‘yeah you really got me back then.’ If she truly wasn’t trying to go that far and drove away fast because she got spooked over whatever was in that field too….

Well I just hope that no one ever got to meet that man face-to-face.

A Haunting Experience

A little background on this story: This happened in March 2007, I was fourteen at the time and lived with my dad and my sister in a small town in Quebec. We had two dogs at the time, a Great Dane named Fergie and a Husky named Cormac.

I encountered this thing a couple of times, and I’ve never told anybody about it before. The first time I saw it I was out walking Fergie and Cormac at about midday. We were walking on a path through a forest, when suddenly, Cormac went behind me and started whimpering, and Fergie started growling and barking at someone, or someting that I couldn’t see. I got the chills and felt uneasy. Now, I’m a strong believer in the supernatural and had heard of encounters similar to these before, and immediately took my cross off from around my neck and brandished it towards the direction in which Fergie whad been growling and told whatever it was to leave. I saw a translucent black shape writhe in what I assume was agony and then disappear.

Me being the confidant and cocky adolescent I was, I went back there to walk them again, but this time at around 9 o’clock PM. I cam to a clearing that I had never even seen before, and there was an old tool shed that seemed very out of place. When I got near it, I felt extremely uneasy, but took out the bottle of holy water that I took because of the first encounter.

I went into the shack, and saw that the back wall had a large amount of what I dearly hope has just reddish brown paint, and that there was a rusty dagger in the middle of the dirt floor pointing towards the back wall. I felt an extreme sense of dread here and the dogs were bothabout to bolt out of there and run. What happened next has scarred me for life. I saw the same black mass with gloing red eyes lunge ate me, at which point I dropped the bottle of holy water which fell to the ground and ,thank god, shattered and spilled everywhere, at which point the demon, if that is indeed what it was, writhed where it was for a moment before disappearing.

I then proceeded to run the 20km back to my apartment at full speed never once stopping or looking back. Lont story short, a demon tried to kill me, and would have suceeded If I hadn’t dropped a bottle of holy water. I never once went anywhere near those woods again.

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