I slept with a ghost

This story takes place back in 2007 in my family’s farm house in Minas Gerais, southern east Brazil. Many weird things happened to members of my family in this house since it was build by gradmas’s father. It’s weird because this farm was build in the middle of nowhere back then and no family ever lived there before ours. I’ve heard many weird stories about this farm but nothig really happened to e into this day.

I was 15 years old when I went to the farm to visit my gradma’s brother who lives there, I was with my cousin that I will call Ellie and her father. We walked aroung the property taking pictures and posing around like any 2000’s teenagers would do. I was facing Ellie with my back turned to the house when she turned pale. I asked what happened and she said she has just seen a little boy wearing a suit standing in the balcony looking at us. The boy was aroung eight years old, had black hair and was very pale, but nothing else happened during this trip.

A few months later we had both forgot about the incident and we got back to the farm to our uncle’s and aunt’s 25 year anniversary celebration. Our intire family would spent the night at the house and them we all would go back home after lunch the next day. Even if the house is big there wasn’t enough space to all of us, so my cousin Ellie and I slept together in a air mattress on the flor in the reception room along with her brother in the couch and her father in another mattress in the same room. This room had a door that opens straight to the balcony where we first saw that little boy months before.

I woke up during the night feeling a cold I never felt before, it wasn’t just natural cold and it was also very odd since it was summer. If you ever feel this cold before you will know what I’m talking about. This could comes from inside. I quickly roled in my blanket but it wasn’t enough. I realized Ellie was also awake and she was shaking. We didn’t think anything of it and we finally fall asleep just to be woken very warm by our seven months old cousin crying in the bedroom next to us. After he stop crying we would fall sleep again and wake up feeling that strong cold. That happened aroung four or five times during the night.

The next day I sleep into lunch time when my mom woke me up to eat. I told her I didn’t sleep well because of how could it was that night. She looked at me worried and said that she couldn’t sleep because of how hot it was that night. She slept with the window opened and the fan turned on and still had trouble sleeping. I asked my cousin and my oncle who sleep in the same room as I did and they said the same. My cousin even said he woke up in the middle of the night and had to remove his t-shirt.

When I was about to come home I told this story my gradma’s bother who lives in the farm and he said one day he woke up feeling a intense and strong cold to find a little pale boy sleeping next to him in his bed.

Safe and Sound

I want to start off saying that I live alone in my one bedroom apartment and did also at the time of this incident. I’m not sure if incident is the correct word to use. I honestly have no idea what this was and I hope no one will be looking for closure. Because you just like me will not have any. I think this may be paranormal of some kind.

I had fallen asleep around noon. I work nights and get off around mid morning. Sometimes I’m a light sleeper and other times not so light. I use to always leave my phone charging beside me listening to music as I fell asleep and slept. I checked later and it was around 6pm when I had woken up or when I was woke up.

I woke up suddenly laying on my stomach. This is kind of weird as I normally fall asleep on my stomach and always wake up laying on my back face up. Another weird thing was my headphones were still in and my music was going. I’m the kind of person who moves and turns in my sleep always causing my headphones to fall out during my sleep.

The song Safe and Sound by Capitol Cities was playing ironically enough. It was towards the end of the song. With as much as I’ve listened to it over and over I know the song much like the back of my hand. At this point I was awake. Awake enough to know this next part was not a dream.

I felt a numbness start at the top of my head. Its very hard to describe the feeling. It was like a numb feeling being pressed on me. Slowly it made its way down my body all the way to my toes. Let me clarify it moved down my body not my whole body stayed numb.

It kind of felt like one of those kitchen rolling pins. Like someone took one of those and starting with my head slowly moved it down my body along with the numb feeling. Once it got to my toes it moved back up again to my head. I don’t know how many times I felt this sensation move across my body. That wasn’t the only odd thing I noticed either.

For some reason the song didn’t end. It got to the end part but it just repeated not all over from the beginning but it lasted longer then it should have. I was in shock complete shock. It might not sound scary or terrifying but believe me it was. Even thinking back on it now I still get the chills.

I was frozen laying there in fear. I had no idea what would possibly cause this to happen. I couldn’t see anything as I was face down head mostly buried in my pillow. I was afraid to get up. To see what was causing this to happen to me.

I laid there pretending to be asleep still hoping who or whatever was doing it wouldn’t notice I was awake. I always herd people in stories say it was only a few seconds but it felt like an eternity. I never understood how someone could possibly mean that. I mean a few seconds is obviously not an eternity. Those few minutes I laid there feeling this sensation I think I finally understood it.

After 10 or so minutes of laying there in fear. While that song kept going not ending even while it was way past its run time. I eventually got the courage to get up. Expecting to see maybe a ghost hovering above or around me. Or who knows what terrifying thing waiting for me to wake up so it could get me.

I did get up and as soon as I did it was gone. The numbness and the pressure was all gone. My room is fairly dark but still there is light coming from under my bedroom door or the window in my room despite my efforts to cover it up and keep sunlight out. I didn’t see or hear anything. At that point I took my earphones out to get that creepy unending song out of my head.

My room was quiet and nothing was out of place. Oh and no the song wasn’t on repeat. Once I picked my phone back up headphones and all the song had moved onto the next one on my playlist. No offense to Capitol Cities I did remove that song from my going to sleep playlist. For a while I left my phone charging beside kinda under my bed not even listening to music.

It never happened before. Its never happened again so far. I have no idea what caused it I havnt gotten any closure. But I think honestly maybe its better that way. Because when that song comes on and I think of that memory I have a feeling I was fortunate I didn’t get to the cause of it. Call it a gut feeling

Even in the Light

This has only happened recently. I have lived in my small one bed room apartment for years now since I was 16. I have always lived alone with a few exceptions of friends or girlfriends staying with me. I am in a relationship now but she is away studying abroad. So I am completely alone in my apartment. I should also mention that I work overnight security and have for years. I get off at 7 in the morning.

Sometimes I stay up until noon or even later. Sometimes I go home and fall asleep right away. My bedroom is big actually. Big enough I keep a sheet hung up blocking out part of the room. I keep my windows sealed up so no light can bother me during the day. There are a recent series of incidents that are happening. I will list one and probably the more terrifying one.

I had gotten home stayed up until around 8 or 9. Then I went to sleep. My room is usually pitch black day or night. I woken up feeling a bit odd. Out of habit I have been and still do leave my phone charging kind of under my bed more on the side but I digress.

So reached under my bed to grab my phone when I felt another hand lightly brush up against mine. I wasn’t originally freaked out thinking I was still waking up. I decided to forget my phone and try to go back to sleep. Now I should mention I have a fan a stand up fan next to the other side of my bed as I like it a bit colder. I decided to turn on my other side to get comfortable.

I immediately noticed my fan was not there. It’s strange how my mind noticed that first and not the girl in its place. She had a white dress. Tattered and dirty. She looked around 9 or 10. Her body was rotting. I could see bones pushing through the skin. Her eyes were as red as ¬†fire I guess but not quite that dramatic. Her smile was not normal it didn’t look out of the ordinary at all but I could sense malicious intent behind it. The shock of it must’ve really woke me up because in one moment she was there the next it was just pitch blackness.

Immediately I could hear the sound of my fan blowing air on me and I realised I must’ve been dreaming. I was immediately relieved. Started to calm down and let out a sigh of relief. Then I saw it. It was quick like a flash. I saw a figure run from the side of my room the side I have covered up too my door and quickly opened it left and shut the door on its way out.

I got up and checked my door was locked my windows were locked. Here’s some advice even if it’s daylight. The sun is out shining bright. If there is darkness there’s things in it.