Small town Skinwalker

A few months back, I was on a routine 3rd shift. I work as a police officer in a very small town in Ohio. It is currently the middle of fall. I’m not going to say where, people can find it pretty easily.

Anyway, I was on a night patrol, driving in my patrol car. Most nights we are required to get out of our cruisers to check areas our cruisers can’t fit. There is a super long, almost 2 mile bike path we are supposed to walk down.

Well one night, as usual, I got out and walked the path. Usually we do this to make sure no one is hurt or overdosed. My flashlight was dimmed during my walk, since I forgot to put it on the charger earlier that day.

About 1 mile into the walk. I start to feel very strange, not a topical gut feeling. A feeling that you know something is wrong or something is about to go wrong. I began to hear leaves crunching. Turning in every direction the leaves would break. My light is so dim it is hard to see much of anything.

I continue trying to get this walk over, I start to speed up. In doing so, I must have triggered something’s instinct. Every time I sped up, the breaking leaves would get louder and continue with my pace.

I get to the point where I know something is there, so I just stop and listen. I waited for 5 min. Hoping to catch some kids playing a prank or a fellow Officer trying to get a laugh. But nothing. The sounds have stopped.

I began shining my light all around me. Slowly turning my light from tree to tree. Then I noticed something odd. I passed by it the first time. I shine my light back in the direction I noticed from earlier.

I can see something, but at the time it was hard to make out. The only difference I noticed was the contrasting colors. Old grey and black with red and orange leaves and a brown tree. I shine my light up from it. Then, two huge glowing eyes. Nothing like I have seen before. I have seen deer, wolves, and other animals eyes that reflect light. But nothing like this.

I hesitated, almost drawing my firearm. But I stopped myself, knowing that I could get myself in trouble if it was a prankster. This thing, took one step out from the tree it was behind. I got a whole body view! It was covered in feathers. Extremely tall and didn’t appear to be completely human. I noticed hands like a human. But it having feathers, that looked almost forced into the skin…

I start to back up. Thankfully it never moved more then what it did earlier. I was frozen in fear, to scared to move. But I snapped out of it when dispatched radioed me. “Police1 checkup” The sounds of the radio snapped me out of my trance.

I started walking backwards very quickly. Not taking my eyes off of this thing once. It felt like forever. But I finally got back out of those woods. My cruiser was in the clearing. I bolted as fast as I could to it. Not looking back until I got back in. I looked into the wood line from where I came from. Then I could see this things whole body. Head shaped like a demonic owl, head laying tilt. Just staring with its huge eyes. Its body, covered in some parts by feathers, others by skin that appeared to be falling off. Like it was rotting. Then a terrible odor came through. So powerful, it has engraved into my memory.

I unlocked my cruiser. Crawled in and locked my doors. I attempted to shine my spot light and brights at it. But it ran back into the woods. Letting out a scream that was like no other. I could feel the creatures below, rattle my insides. Leaving me almost sick to my stomach.

After it ran, I drove back up to my station. Sitting inside to recap what had just happened. I asked my fellow officers about it some time later. But got very odd responses. I was being told to never look where the noises come from. It would be better if I just ignored them all together.

I was confused at this point. Wondering if they had seen it themselves. But I was never given a definitive answer. Just told to keep my light charged and my eyes forward…

Well that is my story
Hope everyone likes it!

Glad I wasn’t alone

This happened about 3 months ago, which was September from today. Me and my friend Justin were gathering our gear to go for a deer hunt. It was a little past noon, so we didn’t expect animals to start moving yet, so we had some time to get prepared.

Our usual hunting spot is only a mile and a half walk from our property. The spot we like to sit from gives us a view of the whole area. It is on top of a hill, in a field. The woodline is directly behind us, so we are quite close to some deer bedding. I was armed with a compound bow, while Justin had a crossbow, with a scope.

Our plan was to sit till about 6, since it usually gets dark at 5:45. One thing about our hunt kind of had me on edge, and that was that the area was a bit quiet, besides the occasional leaf falling, or wind gusts.

Since we saw nothing, we decided to move down the hill, to get a different vantage point. I was putting my water bottle back in my daypack preparing to move, but a sudden crunch made us both freeze in place. I slowly drew my bow expecting a deer or coyote, but what we saw still haunts me to this day.

I saw deer like horns sticking out of the brush, so naturally I aim in that direction, thinking it’s a deer, but one thing was off. It was about 70 yards out so I waited before it came into the open to shoot, but when it moved into the open, I was stuck in place, and I’m sure Justin was the same.

First we smelled a rotten stench, similar to that of sulfur, or a rotting corpse. When it walked out, it had a head of a deer, with one feature that is sort of burnt into my head, and that is it’s eyes. Dark, empty, black pits in the creatures head.

It was about 4 and a half feet up on all fours, but that creature stood up like a human on its hind legs, scaling in at over 8 feet tall, so easily taller than me and Justin on top of each other, since we are quite short. It just stood there, gazing at the empty highway about a mile out. We tried to be silent to not get attention, so we didn’t shoot. I have never been so terrified in my life. Luckily when a semi engine braked, it scared the creature into the woods where it showed up.

We waited about 5 minutes so if we ran it wouldn’t hear us, or at least catch up with us, since I had a bow and a backpack to carry, and Justin had a crossbow. All I can say, is if you are going into the wilderness for any reason, don’t go alone. Take it from me, because no one wants an encounter like this to happen to them.





train station horror

I live in a rural part of eastern Europe so seeing wild animals is my everyday life. But what has happened to me and my friend last full moon has completely shocked me.

We were quite bored so we agreed to meet at night to take a walk around the area. We went to the village next to ours, about 2 kilometers away.

There is an old train station there, it’s a place where we like to hang out. The road passed us quickly, because we talked and joked on the way. After we got there, we spent a few minutes on the station platform and decided to come back because it was getting quite late. As we walked along the tracks, we heard a voice behind us “hey you, there on the platform”, we turned around and saw nothing.

I thought that some kids are making fun of us, but after a while somebody laughed some 20 meters behind us. I turned around and saw the most terrifying sight in my life.

A strange creature similar to a dog but with hairy human legs and a head that resembled that of a vulture was kneeling beside the tracks. It was staring at us with his black eyes. After a few seconds, it opened its mouth and said, “hey you, come here.” At this point, we turned around and started to run as fast as we could.

We reached the nearest lighted street and we stopped. The strange creature was no longer behind us.

After this experience, we returned to our homes as soon as possible.

I have lived in this area for 16 years, I have seen wild boars, deer and wolves, but this thing did not resemble any animal known to me. Since then, I have never left home after dark.

Stay out of the woods of Ohio

I grew up in the city, my parents were both backwoods people but when my sister and I were born they’d been forced to move, so as soon as we were old enough my parents quickly sought out a large plot of land and started building a log cabin like they’d always planned.

Having finished my last year of high school I’d spent most of my time working odd jobs around the property with my dad until College started in the fall, and this night like many others I’d just pulled into the drive from the drive to town with a bag of stuff for my dad. It was late and we were going to finish the project in the morning so I set the parts in the barn, locked my truck and went up to bed.

Sleep had come quickly after the long day but it’d only been an hour before I heard a familiar noise, rustling. living next to a large plot of woods and with a number of cats on the property working as mousers it wasn’t uncommon for there to be coyotes on the property, so I got out of bed, grabbed my dad’s old rifle, a 30-30 caliber lever action that we kept for these occasions and stepped outside.

Flipping on the porch light I saw nothing of note, the cats were asleep in the barn most higher up away from predators and the dampness of the barn’s dirt floor. Slinging the rifle over my shoulder I walked off the deck stepping into the large backyard looking for anything out of place. I saw nothing of real note, the barn wasn’t open, the garden was fine, in general everything looked like it had when we’d gone to bed. But I still rounded the barn heading towards the shed to make sure the tractors hadn’t been taken. even out as far as we were crooks would go to any length for some things.

As I got round the back of the barn I saw the shed still locked up tight as well, nothing to worry about but as i turned to head back for the house I saw a cat in the corner of my vision. A large yellow tomcat, he was slinking along the ground, he pounced onto a mouse killing it before proceeding to head towards me. But something wasn’t right. I knew tails of creatures that would stalk the forests, drawing people away from their homes but never believed them truly, but the rifle was off my shoulder and in my hands before I knew what had happened. The cat stopped, it’s gaze almost sharpening and something just seemed wrong. The other cats ran when they saw the rifle, they knew it was loud and so they avoided it. this one though was staring me down.

Backing away from the cat, i kept my eyes on it as long as i could only losing sight as I rounded the barn still backing towards the house. I watched as rather than a cat, a small wounded dog rounded the corner limping and looking hurt, I knew if my mother or sister saw it then everything would be over and whatever this thing was would kill us the minute we got close. So I raised the rifle now standing on the deck my back to the door, lined up the small dog in my sights and squeezed the trigger. The rifle was loud even with hearing protection, so I knew it’d awoke everyone in the house, but even the rifle’s bark was drowned out by the sound that creature made. A loud howling shriek, somewhere between a large cat, a wolf and a person all mixed into one and so loud i had to cover my ears. I levered the spent shell from the rifle and raised it to fire another as the creature, now no longer a dog but some oddly deformed deer bounded into the distance, firing again I watched the round miss sailing over its head as it whipped off to the right and seemed to disappear into the woods.

My dad came down a few seconds later asking what had happened, another rifle in his hands as well and I tried to explain to my parents what I’d saw. Neither truly believed me though thinking I was crazy. I’d always had an over active imagination so it was no surprise me telling them a shape shifting creature was chasing me was brushed off.

After digging some more I found that I’d apparently encountered a skinwalker, and it had most likely chosen me knowing that I often checked the many buildings when I came outside. I don’t know if that creature is dead, but now I do know. Don’t trust the woods of Ohio

There’s something in her woods.

Just to clarify, this didn’t happen to me, it happened to my girlfriend a year or two ago. Nevertheless, i always get freaked out whenever im in her woods.

There’s been two incidents, so I’ll try to make them quick. One night she had a few of her friends over – laughing, drinking, having a good time in general.

They did all their little parties in her dad’s garage, which was a few yards away from the house. Beyond the garage was an unkept path that led into the woods behind her house. Across from the garage was an old trampoline that was too ripped to be able to jump on. They decided to head back in when it got dark.

My girlfriend has a big black dog, not sure of the breed, but they definitely knew she was inside at the time. Right before entering the house, my girlfriend looked at the trampoline and saw a pair of bright yellow, shining eyes.

Almost cat-like. She called her friends over, and they saw it too. Her dog, Jasmine, was right behind them in the house. When Jasmine let out a bark, the thing took off at an inhumane speed. The morning after, they found long claw marks on the side of the garage.

The second time was when my girlfriend was taking a walk on the trail through the woods, she has schizophrenia so she hallucinates a lot, but she swears that she knew what she saw was real. About half-way down the trail, through the dense shrubbery, she saw a grayish..

Thing walking on all fours. Its limbs look twisted and like it wasnt assembled right, but it looked human. She waited for whatever it was to pass before running back home. We never go out to her woods alone anymore, especially out night or without a weapon. She believes that her woods belong to wendigos or maybe skinwalkers, she couldnt tell very well.

One thing is for certain, something strange is living in her forest.