Skinwalker Encounter?

Hi, first off, I want to say I am a female. I live in a small town in the Midwest, where nothing terrifying, usually happens. Except for the occasional drunk people breaking into houses. But what I am about to tell you, still terrifies me to this day.

When I was in the 5th grade, I had to get up early, in order to catch the bus. So, I’d have to walk to my bus stop at about 6:45 am. Anyways, when this story took place, it was dark, but light enough to the point I could still see around me. Anyways, I said my goodbyes to my family, and I walked out the door.

I forgot to mention, I have to walk about a half of a mile to reach my bus stop. Anyways, as I was walking, I heard a quick shuffle in the woods. Nothing to noticeable, just a few leaves crunching beneath, well what I thought was a Deers foot.

I kept hearing it, so I stopped. I really wanted to see what I thought was a deer. I stopped to get a closer look.

As I turned around, I was frozen in fear. I saw this huge dog. At the moment, I thought I crossed paths with a wolf. But, soon after this, I realized, this wasn’t a wolf. The creature was missing most of its fur. It’s face was strange.

But the eyes.

Those eyes still haunt me to this day. But suddenly, The creature stood up on its hind legs, and ran into the woods. Now, this was very unnatural. And the speed. the speed it ran was unlike anything I have ever saw. I was scared shitless. I had no idea what I had just saw. I still don’t know to this day. But I have a few thoughts. It could possibly be a very strange wolf.

Or it would be, a skinwalker. If you guys have any thoughts on what this could be, please comment down below. Thanks for taking the time to listen guys.

Skinwalker in the Redwoods

This happened when I was 12 years old and spending the summer with my aunt Maria, uncle Joseph and two cousins in California. The summer I spent with them was a lot of fun as it was my first time in California and I can say my time spent with them was a lot of fun. I got to bond with my cousins, learned a few songs in Hebrew (Joseph is Jewish and at the time he was teaching my cousins Hebrew to prepare them for their Bar mitzvah), went to universal studios, Lego land, sea world, it was a whole lot of fun. But there was one incident that occurred that I first thought was a bit peculiar, but four years later when I found out what truly happened I could never look at the Redwoods the same way ever again.

Along with the numerous trips to theme parks we also went camping in the Redwood forests with another family Maria and Joseph were good friends with. Now the mother of that family is important to this story so let’s call her Rosa. We stayed at this national park where Rosa’s family rented a cabin, but Joseph wanted us to be closer to nature and rented a tent that was a good 10 minute walk through the forest from the cabin. Which isn’t so bad in the day time when you can admire the awe inspiring, majesty of the hundred foot tall, centuries old, redwood trees, with the sunlight streaming through the branches of the forest canopy, but it’s a whole different story once it’s pitch dark and your trudging through the area trying not to trip on a branch while shining your flashlight around you as you attempt to keep up with the rest of the group.

And so after a day of hiking we were hanging at the cabin as usual, eating dinner, laughing, playing board games, the whole shebang. Of course the time came for me, Maria, Joseph and my two cousins to walk back to our tent in the dark. So we said our goodbyes, grabbed our stuff, turned on our flashlights and began our journey to the tent. That particular day I was more exhausted than usual and as a result I was at the back of our group and lagging behind a bit. I’d say we were about 3 minutes into our walk when I heard a very faint voice behind me say,


I stopped for bit, wondering if I really heard someone calling my name or if I was just succumbing to my fatigue and imagining things, but then I heard it again.


It was clearer this time, a bit louder and I could’ve sworn it sounded like Rosa’s voice.

I turned around a shone my flashlight in the direction I heard it, calling out Rosa’s name, asking if she was there. Then I heard it again.


It definitely sounded like Rosa’s voice. But I was just confused as I couldn’t figure out why she would’ve followed us into the forest at night. But then I figured maybe one of us forgot something and she was returning it to us, we were only three minutes away from the cabin so it wouldn’t take that long to reach where we were if you ran fast enough. With that reason in mind I started walking towards the direction I heard it, but no matter where I shone my flashlight I couldn’t find her.

“Rosa? Where are you? ”

Again I heard it.


This time I stopped in my tracks, there was something wrong.


I stood there frozen as the voice spoke again, it definitely came from in front of me, but this time any thoughts I had about it being Rosa were gone. It sounded like her, but it sounded off. The best way I can describe it is as if Rosa was talking through an old T.V or broken radio. It was static-y and distorted.

I could feel there was something in front of me, hiding from my flashlight, but it didn’t feel human.

One thing you should know about me is that I can sort of sense spirits around me, nothing to the extent of pinpointing where exactly one is or knowing its specific intentions but enough to know when something is near me or within my general area. If the spirit is powerful enough or if I’m around it enough I can tell whether its intentions are good or not. This was one of those cases when I could tell the ‘not’ part was more likely than the good.

The thing didn’t feel close, but I could tell that it was within enough distance that if I took just a few more steps forward it wouldn’t be my brightest idea. But contrary to what you’re most likely thinking, I didn’t feel scared, just confused. I definitely knew its intentions weren’t to my benefit but for all I knew it could’ve been a mischievous spirit or creature trying to play a prank on me, but I wasn’t too sure…

“Andi what are you standing there for?”

The voice startled me a little as I spun around only to see my aunt Maria lightly jogging towards me, I let out a breath I didn’t even now I was holding in.

She caught up to me, tugging at my arm as we power walked to catch up to my uncle and cousins

“I turned around and I didn’t see you, I thought you got lost or something.”

Under normal circumstances I would’ve responded with a sarcastic remark but I was still in shock about what just happened, so I just mumbled out an apology in spanish, but my aunt must’ve noticed how terrified I looked and stopped.

“Hey are you okay Sweetie? You look like you saw a ghost.”

Seeing no reason to lie to her, I told her what happened, from the voice, to it sounding strange, to the malevolent feeling I got when I walked towards it. You see my family is Mexican and as a result, we’re very superstitious and believed in the supernatural. But not in a “We fear them and demand the spirit leave this room before I shove this rosary down its throat.” way but in a “cool there’s a spirit, just respect it and be nice to it if it tries to interact with you” kind of way, and we often came to each other for advice if we were dealing with something supernatural we didn’t know. I was just hoping that maybe she’d give me an explanation as to what happened or what the creature was but she just shrugged her shoulders.

“Your guess is as good as mine, maybe it was a spirit playing a trick.”

“Yeah I guess…”

I glanced back one last time to see if I could spot anything, and I swear I could see the leg of what looked like a dog disappear back into the shadows.

Needless to say I spent the last 7 minutes of the walk back to the tent between my aunt and uncle.

The next morning while we were making breakfast at the cabin I remembered what happened the night before and asked Rosa if she went out looking for us last night.

“No, after you guys left me and the kids sat on the couch watching the T.V until we fell asleep. Did something happen?”

I told no and to forget I asked. She gave me a weird look but didn’t ask me anything. Later I wondered if Rosa was playing a prank on me and I asked her husband if the Rosa and her kids really fell asleep on the couch after we left and he said they did, he was sitting at the table near the couch reading and that they slept there for at least an hour.

Fast forward four years later and I became close friends with a person who has experience in dealing with the supernatural and other such things like exorcisms, spell casting, summoning and ridding an area of spirits, you name it. We often shared stories about our supernatural experiences and when I told them about my strange experience while camping with my aunt and uncle they said without blinking.

“Oh yeah that was most likely a Skin-walker.”

I little shocked and a bit curious so I asked them how they were so sure.

They explained that Skin-walkers inhabit the southwest and west coast area of the U.S and that they imitated the voices of people their prey know in order to lure them into a false sense of security.

“I’ve had to deal with a few of those shit heads before, a bit of a pain to rid an area off, especially if you’re trying to do it before they kill anyone. They often go for a person lagging behind in a group and try to separate them so they’d be an easy target. You’re lucky your aunt caught up with you and brought you back before it got you, they also tend to take the shape of a dog or coyote so that leg you saw was probably its.”

I felt a chill run down my back as I imagined myself coming face to face with a Skin-walker if my aunt had come to get me just a few minutes later than she did.

Needless to say I don’t think I’ll be camping on the west coast anytime soon.

The skinwalker of beaver creek hill.

I know this seems kinda far from the truth, but I want to share this with the rest of you by the way my fingers kinda have a tick so bare with me.

Years ago, when I was 7 I used to live on this hill with my family at a place called “beaver creek” and our house basically had a desert behind it, and a broken down car in it. A few weeks prior me and a cousin who ill name Ben, Ben and i were adventuring and we ended up at the busted down car.

We were checking it out when I noticed these “prints” I say prints like hoof prints in the ground I tell Ben and he shakes it off and says “maybe a deer got up here somehow”. I believe him and we leave, a few days pass by and I couldn’t shake this feeling of being watched and scared constantly.

One day me and my big brother who at the time was ten, were playing outside and he called me over by saying “hey bro come here” and we continued playing, afterwards we went inside to eat and get ready for bed. A few hours later I woke up having that feeling of being watched, so I looked at the window and saw the curtains were open so I got up to close them and open the window.

After opening said window I got a whiff of a smell I can only imagine as death, I looked at the car for some reason and saw “it”. It had the legs and the head of a deer, arms of a man but really skinny with long claws for fingers. Its eyes were deep in its skull and it was wearing a pelt around its waist, it was looking dead in my ddirection I closed the window and curtains and ran to my bed and hid under the covers. I sat there crying hoping I was gonna wake up from this nightmare.

I then heard it tapping on my window which was 10 feet above the ground, and repeating what my brother said that day in a deep, wrong voice “h-hey bro c-come here” and I just sat there crying even harder until I finally…..fell asleep.

The next day I checked where the thing was standing and there they were, the same hoofprints right there. Years later I told my brother and he said all he heard was me crying across the hall. A week after I told my brother the encounter around 2 a.m I heard a distant screech and I was sure it wasn’t no dream

the piper road creature

My name is Olivia, and about two years ago I finally escaped the hell that was my old home. I’ve lived on a road called Piper Road for almost six years, and through those years i’ve had many strange encounters and have seen some very disturbing things, but nothing can compare to the creature that stalked me and my friend for years. Piper Road was a quiet road, slightly out in the country, the homes were a good distance apart, but still within walking distance, my friends home was one house down from mine, so we’d often hang out with each other in the woods behind our homes. These woods were about three or four acres, and surrounded by dry vast fields that we’d have to run through to get to the woods. Because we’d go to the woods so often, we had gotten used to the strange growls and occasional footsteps coming from the thick brush beyond the thin trails. Me and my friend, Miranda, had once traveled off the trails once, to explore and hopefully find what was causing all of the strange noises and footsteps, but when we did, we couldn’t move, we had stumbled across an opening in the thick brush, where bodies of deer where piled on top of one another, their bodies were bloodied, and tore, with thick claw marks engraved in each. Limbs were also thrown around the surrounding area, and the same claw marks on the bodies covered the trees. A few moments after we found the bodies of deer we heard cracking and fast uneven footsteps, my friend grabbed my arm and practically dragged me out of the woods as we heard the footsteps fade and sharp growling in the distance. We asked each other about what that thing could’ve been, but nothing seemed to make sense, the only animal bg enough to take down all of those deer, and have claw marks that big would’ve had to been a bear, or a wolf at the least, but we live in michigan, and there are no bears or wolves that come down this far that we know of.

After that, we promised each other never to go off the trails again, and to never go into those woods alone. However, years past and she was in high school and I was in my last year of middle school, so we barely even saw each other, those promises we made were broken as I had decided to go into the woods alone one evening, I remember the time, seven-ten, the sun was floating just above the horizon, so it was still very light out. I had called a few friends as I walked around the woods, talking to them on the phone leisurely without fear, but to this day, I regret being so ignorant. As I ended my last phone call and made my way to the entrance to the woods to leave, I began hearing subtle noises, brush moving, strange hissing noises, but nothing too strange, until I was only about twenty feet from the entrance. I heard footsteps, not of an animal, they were in sync, one after the other, because of this I assumed they were human, so I called out to what I thought was my friend, “Miranda?” I questioned, but the footsteps didn’t stop so I called again, “Miranda is that you? c’mon this isn’t funny.” Then I saw it, only four feet ahead of me, as it began to walk out of the thick brush, it stopped, and I could see it. It was tall, maybe seven feet, but hunched over, with its arms hanging loosely from its sides, it was a strange color, the skin color was faded and had a freakish silver tint to it. As I stared at the beast more I slowly began to realise how inhuman it was, it arms were so long that as I traced them with my eyes I realised they touched the ground and sagged, it was also very thin, however because half of its body was covered by leaves I wasn’t able to see all of its face, what I could see was that its jaw was opened in an inhuman way and  was hanging disturbingly low and wide.

I stood there staring at that monster for what felt like hours, move, move! you have to move! what are you doing!? I mentally screamed at myself but my body wouldn’t listen. Then I saw its head tilt as if it were wondering why I was still standing there. I could feel its eyes piercing me, as it shifted its weight and leaned in my direction. At that moment my heart felt as if it had stopped beating, everything was dead silent, not even the wind blew. I told myself I had to pass that thing if I wanted out of these dammed woods, there was no other way. I took a deep breath and began to walk forward, “It’s fine, it’s just your imagination, it’s not real,” I told myself as I walked directly by it, so close i could hear its breathing. Then I ran for home, never in my life have I ran as fast as I did that night,and as I got to my house the sun was at its very last light, I went to the back room and looked out the window, to see it there, at the edge of the woods, watching me.

Camping Adventure… Gone Terrible.

It was a late night when I was sleeping at my grandparent’ house in the middle of the night. I Was sleeping so peacefully until I Heard a tapping on the window.

I pulled my cover over my face and attempted to fall back asleep. After that, the tapping got more violent. I Slowly stretched my torso up to the window that was essentially squished by my bed. I Turned my head to the left, And became terrified at the sight.

There was a tall, slightly muscular, deer headed figure looking down on me, glowing eyes and all. I Ran into my grandparent’s room, only to find them not there.

I Then heard a tapping, behind me on the front door. It quickly turned into violent banging. I Ran into the basement, In hope of finding a weapon.

I Didn’t.

I Then heard the basement’s sliding glass door break.

So then I Hid into the basement’s kitchen, panting in fear. In less than a minute, It’s standing above me, it’s Crimson eyes gleaming in the Crescent moonlight that gleamed into the basement. It ran it’s claws on my chest, as it looked at me with no emotion, no content in it’s eyes.

The Front door closed and it was gone with a single flinch. The only trace of the tracks it left in the mud, and the deep wound in my chest.