The unknown thing on the tracks

First off, some background information. I’m 20 years old now and was around 7 or 8 at the time of this particular event. At the time we lived in the south of Spain in a very rural area with miles of wilderness around each town, each with their own interesting tales and traditions.

My family place at the time was situated in the middle of a lemon orchard which only served to amplify the sense of isolation to my young mind. Playing outside in the daytime was fine, but once it approached the night and the sun dropped behind the mountains, the place turned into a very eerie place indeed. Every crack of a stick or anything outside of the usual nighttime menagerie of animals would highten your senses as the feeling of being watched would almost make me sick, along with even my tougher older brother.

The part of the country we lived in often had heavy downpours that would damage the roads/tracks, if not wash them away entirely. Most animals would take shelter in these times but, well, not all of them I suppose. Me and my mother were returning from a routine trip to the store to get groceries and such, and as it was approaching winter time it was light when we got there, and dark by the time we left.

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I live on a farm in the woods of new England and every night at 3 am my dog starts barking

Greetings darkness who we are dosnt really matter.but for the sake of the story my friends name is Alex and my dogs name is zara and I’m raven a bodybuilding female. I am a long time listener first time writer, but a few nights ago… things went too far. I just needed to tell someone about what’s been going on out here in the countryside. I’m currently typing this on my phone with my cabin doors all locked and barricaded with my dog inside.

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Alien encounters

It started last night as I was settling into my bed I felt heat and heard faint whispers, I wasn’t really interested in communicating with them so I told them firmly to leave… several times… but they didn’t… they instead hung around for hours.

Over time I got more and more aggressive but they still would not leave… I was forced to just ignore them and sleep.

I awoke at about 3:00am which is pretty normal for me… don’t know why… don’t really care… anyway I awoke and and started thinking again about the entity from before but I tried to suppress it so I could fall back asleep when I felt something shoot across the room and connect powerfully with my third eye.

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It was [2:30]PM and it was time for my shift, I work from 3-11 at one of Amazons Warehouse. I’d like to introduce myself first My name is Joey, I’m 23 years old 5’9 and pretty fit and muscular. Now that’s over and done with, it was a normal average day at work, stock up on items, packages, move items and ordinary warehouse work.

I work with my peers who only one of them leaves at the same time as me, we’ll call him “Jack.” He was an average hard working employee like me, so we basically stick to each other during our shifts. The day went pretty fast and I was surprised, things aren’t usually this fast? It’s always boring and empty most of the time. It was 10PM and I had to mop up the bathrooms and Jack did the shelf area, then we’d check everything and go.

I was finishing the last stall when jack called me over to him, “did you hear that?” I replied with “what?” “that growl and thud?” It was all silent, but was Brocken by a quick what sounded like a snarl and growl together and heavy footsteps coming from behind us, we booked it out there and approached to get into our cars and getting the hell out of there, forgetting about the warehouse. I took a glance when I was in the car and what I saw gave me the most jaw dropping wide eyed sight I’ve ever seen in my life. Standing on 2 hind legs towering over me was an estimated 7 foot monster who was buff, it had the head of a wolf with red deep glowing eyes, a man like torso, about 7 inches long claws, human like arms and hands, but the legs of a wolf. It had long sharp teeth and around the beast was dark black fur.

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The Wolf with No Tail

Hello my name is Eddie McCall and I experienced something I cannot explain! I was with my boyfriend (Adam Johnson) when he got some really bad news that his Granddad and Grandma died in a car crash!

So he asked me could we go to our local woods to clear his mind and I said ok.

I do really love our local woods, the birds chirping, the leaves swirling in the wind. So we told our parents that we were going camping in our local woods and they said fine. The walk to our local woods from our houses was around 20 mins.

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