It was 2:30PM and it was time for my shift, I work from 3-11 at one of Amazons Warehouse. I’d like to introduce myself first My name is Joey, I’m 23 years old 5’9 and pretty fit and muscular. Now that’s over and done with, it was a normal average day at work, stock up on items, packages, move items and ordinary warehouse work.

I work with my peers who only one of them leaves at the same time as me, we’ll call him “Jack.” He was an average hard working employee like me, so we basically stick to each other during our shifts. The day went pretty fast and I was surprised, things aren’t usually this fast? It’s always boring and empty most of the time. It was 10PM and I had to mop up the bathrooms and Jack did the shelf area, then we’d check everything and go.

I was finishing the last stall when jack called me over to him, “did you hear that?” I replied with “what?” “that growl and thud?” It was all silent, but was Brocken by a quick what sounded like a snarl and growl together and heavy footsteps coming from behind us, we booked it out there and approached to get into our cars and getting the hell out of there, forgetting about the warehouse. I took a glance when I was in the car and what I saw gave me the most jaw dropping wide eyed sight I’ve ever seen in my life. Standing on 2 hind legs towering over me was an estimated 7 foot monster who was buff, it had the head of a wolf with red deep glowing eyes, a man like torso, about 7 inches long claws, human like arms and hands, but the legs of a wolf. It had long sharp teeth and around the beast was dark black fur.

Jack and I drove right out of there and I swear what haunts me till this day, this monster said in the most darkened deepest demonic voice ever, “next time I find you Joey, it won’t be pleasant.”

The Wolf with No Tail

Hello my name is Eddie McCall and I experienced something I cannot explain! I was with my boyfriend (Adam Johnson) when he got some really bad news that his Granddad and Grandma died in a car crash!

So he asked me could we go to our local woods to clear his mind and I said ok.

I do really love our local woods, the birds chirping, the leaves swirling in the wind. So we told our parents that we were going camping in our local woods and they said fine. The walk to our local woods from our houses was around 20 mins.

We reached our camping spot around 8:00pm and it was still nice and bright because it was summer. Around 9:30pm we are our homemade sandwiches and than went into our tent to sleep! We went this early to sleep because we decided to roam around the woods even more nice and early in the morning.

Around 2:10am Adam woke me up saying that he kept on hearing a growl but me being my non skeptical self I told him it was most likely a raccoon or something growling because we had food.

I think he kind of believed me and went to sleep.

Around 2:50am he woke me up again so I got kind of pissed and I went and checked what the growling noise was, this moment was so haunting for me that I still get nightmares and goosebumps every time i remember this moment!

It was this large wolf with red eyes like it was the fire pit of hell and it’s teeth were human like and it had No Tail!! I quickly went inside and told Adam and he told me that the creature I saw was a Skinwalker!

The reason he knows this is because he aunt is married to a Navajo man named Alo! I’ve met him before and he is pretty cool!

Than Adam told me to pack everything quickly and quietly, and that’s what we did! When we opened the tent zip the skinwalker was still there and growling than Adam shouted some words in Native American and the skinwalker slightly backed off! We left the tent there and ran for our lives!

The skinwalker started chasing us and we were so scared!!

We ran for 40 mins to get our of the woods than ran as fast as light back to my house I thought my legs would come off!!

Adam rang Alo and the next day Alo done a Native prayer on us.


This is actually a story from my brother, Pete. Back in 2012 him and my grandpa used to hunt off the Dueber Extension in a large area of woods. I should mention that both Pete and my grandpa were qualified army sharpshooters as it’s important info later.

The woods they hunt in don’t have many houses or anything around except a small unmarked graveyard with about 10 graves in it. They were squirrel hunting and Pete heard something. He turned to see what looked like a large dog with mange. It either didn’t have a tail or it was tucked between its legs. They weren’t sure. It walked across the path and into the woods. Our grandpa decided to call it a hell hound.

A few weeks later my brother was hunting by himself and he saw it again. He wasn’t sure what was wrong with it so he decided to try and put it out of its misery so shot it a few times but said it never even flinched. He knows he hit it because it wasn’t standing very far from him. It ran from him and he followed for a bit but never saw any evidence of it or any blood.

A few days after Pete shot it he went back to see if he could find the body to bury it but all he found was a fresh pile of guts. He said they were so fresh they were still steaming but there was no corpse or any evidence that anyone had been there. It has rained and there were no tracks of any sort in the mud.

My brother got a new 9 mm about a month later and wanted to go try it out. Him and our grandpa went out again. They were walking along when they saw the creature again. Pete emptied a whole clip at it but it didn’t even flinch. It just growled and ran off.

He hasn’t really had much time to do much hunting because his daughter was born the next year and our grandpa got sick and passed away a few years after.

A few years ago (around the time he saw it) we had went out with a 22 and I’m a photographer. I was going through pictures yesterday and discovered one with a something odd. It could be foliage but it’s not it’ll any other pictures (even ones taken at the same angle) and Pete swears it’s the creature. We do hope to go back to that tiny graveyard soon to see if we can get a glimpse of this creature.

skinwalker or rake sighting in illinois

I am a 20 year old guy from Illinois, i have been in the woods my entire life. In fact my dad brought me hunting for the first time when i was 4yr’s old, and no he didn’t give me a gun then he just let me sit in the stand with him.

since then i have been in love with all things outdoors, along with firearms and the like, i mainly bow hunt for everything from deer to squirrels, but will often take my .22 or .17hmr out for coon, or squirrel.

This event took place about a year ago when i was 19, and my friend who ill call R was 17.
R and i were at his house which sat on a 10 acre plot of land but was surrounded by hundreds if not thousands of acres that we had free reign over, so long as we didn’t tear apart his neighbors corn or beans on our dirt bikes.

we spent almost every weekend out in those woods, either riding dirtbike’s, hunting, or fishing in the farm ponds, so we knew the area and the animals in the area very well, we very often even went out very late at night to coon hunt or coyote hunt, and that is how this story starts.

R and i were planning on taking his coon hound (banjo) out to get some coons because we were pretty bored, but we ended up hanging out in the back of their barn that was built into a man cave, just watching TV and hanging out with his dad.

That day i had brought my AR-15 out to his house to sight it in with the new sight i had put on, so i had it next to me in the man cave. We always had at least on gun easily accessible just in case we heard banjo out in his dog house barking, because they had a chicken coop and sometimes we would get coons or coyotes try to get a midnight snack.

this night, at about 1AM, R was passed out on the couch and i was just watching family guy, half asleep, when i heard banjo start to bark. I sat there thinking about how i didnt want to get out of the recliner to find out what he was barking at but figured it was better than R’s mom yelling at us about a missing rooster or chicken.

So i got up, grabbed my AR, which still had about 10 rounds in the magazine, clicked on the light i had attached to the rail and walked out the door, leaving R passed out on the couch.

when i walked out the back door i had to walk around another shed to be within 50 yards of the coop, so i walked around and started heading towards the coop, not really paying attention until i realized banjo had stopped barking, then the realization that i didn’t hear the bullfrogs or crickets, or any wildlife at all. Being a big fan of cryptid stories, and horror stories in general, this put me on edge. I started scanning the tree line with my light, not knowing what to expect. until my light got to banjo’s enclosure.. there was this pale white creature leaning over the 4ft high fencing they used for banjo’s area, looking right at his dog house, and when the light fell on it, it turned its head to look at me.

This thing stood straight up, and looked to be at least 8 inches taller than me (im 6’4″) with bright yellow eye’s that reflected my flashlight. This was the first time in my life that i had legitimately frozen from fear, i couldn’t move and this thing was just staring me down while making this really low growling noise, something i have never heard before.

After what had to have been 30 seconds or so I regained a little control. I raised my gun thinking there is no way that it would take down whatever this was, just wishing i had my 12 gauge slug gun.

I shot one round and missed because i was freaking out so bad. Then i emptied whatever was left in my magazine, I had to have hit it at least once because it screamed, this sort of howl, mixed with the most horrid sort of scream i have ever heard, i can’t even think of how to truly describe it, and it ran off, back into the trees.

After it ran off R came sprinting out of the barn with his dads 1911 pistol, looking around frantically and asking me what in the hell that was. I just stood there, staring towards the trees where that thing ran off to, and without looking at R just said, almost under my breath, “we have to get inside, right now”.

i spent the rest of that night clutching a 12 gauge slug gun, the one i wished i had had earlier. The next morning i told R what i had seen, him being a believer in cryptid’s he believed me and agreed we were lucky that night.

we continued to hunt at night, using banjo, who also survived the ordeal, to tree coons for another 10 months or so until i moved to Minnesota for work reasons. I never saw that thing again, but i worry for R and the rest of my friends down there, and hope they never see the thing either.

Goat man / skinwalker

We all have had moments in our life where we thought it was going to change majorly, but sometimes we don’t even know it. Just a year ago i was playing on the xbox one and my friend in the party said something about skinwalker so I asked “what a skinwalker” so he said to just look up a video so I did, and what popped up was a goat man story now I know that they are two different things but I was curious so I clicked on the video. And after I heard everything about it I was interested more than usual, so I did some research. And I found out exactly what the “goatman” was and started telling them stories at school about the goatman. So a few months had passed and it was summertime and my dad wanted to go camping , I thought that sounded fun and we went camping. One night my brother and I were playing hide and seek. Then he said that he would give me quarter if I went around the loop of part of the campground. So I did but in a joking way. It was night out so that was a problem. So I started going around the loop and then I decided I would take a shortcut through a small trail I was riding my bike on through and I saw a figure in front of me that was about 10 feet tall I tried to stop my bike but it ran through a puddle and I’m assuming it splashed the creature and it fled into the woods I proceeded terrified knowing what I saw. I tried to tell my brother what I saw but he just said I was joking. Now I’m at home writing this. I was going to bathroom a couple months ago and I saw a giant scratch mark through the window in the siding of the garage out the window. My dogs bark when they don’t see anything outside. I occasionally hear taps on my windows and walls. Here’s a lesson don’t talk about the goatman or the skinwalker out loud because you might regret it. That goes to show you never know what’s out there.