Skinwalker at Summer Camp

Hello, I wanted to share this story in case anybody has had a similar experience. So some background info is that when I was in second grade, I attended an all-girls summer camp. I’m now 15 but I remember this like yesterday. So here it is…

As a young kid I was really shy and not very social so when I find someone I connect with, I very rarely talked to anyone but them. So I used to attend a summer camp up in the beautiful Pocono Mountains next to a huge lake. So when I was there after a couple weeks, I had connected with a counselor who I will call Beth. She had blonde hair and gorgeous blue eyes. She was the coolest person my small seven-year-old self-had ever met.  Every year we had these cool nighttime celebration with food and bonfires. So everyone in my cabin was getting ready and I was sitting on on the porch of the cabin. I heard my name and looked up to see Beth out at the edge of the woods and calling my name. Just over and over but the longer I listened, it sounded…wrong. Almost like a broken radio.

I got up, thinking she was hurt or needed help so I started walking toward her but the closer I got, the less I realized it was her. She was too tall, her legs too long for her body and her movements were jerky and wrong. But when I looked into her eyes I immediately knew it wasn’t her. Her eyes were a goat’s eyes, yellow and slit pupils. I almost screamed and ran into my cabin, thoroughly worrying my cabin mates.

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