Exploring abandoned hospital

Me and my best friend were always into horror movies and creepy stuff so it was naturally for us to explore such places to get the goosebumps. Most of our tries were disappointing beecause nothing rlly interesting happened.

Once i went to visit her in the city she studied back then and while going to buy some groceries we spotted a big abandoned building next to a hospital so we decided to get close to see what is it supposed to be. We felt rlly drawn to that building, it was like the moment we saw it, we started immediately walking towards it. When we went to the fence that was surrounding it we saw sign saying that the place is abandoned psychiatric wing of the hospital that was right next to it. It said the building was in ruins so its dangerous to go inside. Right next to the sign there was a hole big enough for a person to go through with crouching. We decided to leave the shopping for later and went in.

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Shadow Dog

So my story isn’t too long, nor is it terribly excited, but it WAS scary! I can’t remember my exact age, but younger than 13 for sure. We were living in a small apartment, and I shared a room with my younger sister. So all of the lights in the apartment are off, save for the nightlight outside of our bedroom door. My sister had a headboard, and a footboard while I did not.

Our beds were parallel to each other as well. I just so happened to look down at the bottom of my sisters bed. Crawling out from underneath was a massive, black, dog. It appeared to be a Doberman, with pointed ears and glowing yellow eyes. The footboard was maybe about 3 feet high or so, and this thing was only crawling out. It’s was easily past the board. It was like my noticing it made it stop, because I never once saw it move, and it never took its eyes off of me. It was the middle of summer, and I only remember because I hid under my blankets and gods was it hot. I stayed there not daring to look out until I fell asleep.

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The Ghostly Shadow

I was around 8 or 9 at the time this experience takes place.

I have dealt with sleep paralysis multiple times in my life and it’s never pleasant. This night was quite different. It was around 3 in the morning and I woke up in the middle of a sleep paralysis episode. I started to panic a little but quickly calmed down.

Until I saw the thing at the end of my bed. It was tall and sitting on the railing of my bed. It was simple black, with no face, or any features at all really. By this point, I was freaked out but I still couldn’t seem to move. I glanced back up and the thing started crawling towards me.

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My House is Haunted

This first encounter happened like 8 months ago. I was just lying down getting ready to fall asleep. I had my computer on with a tv show on for background sound. So with the computer open there was a little bit of light but not enough to completely light up my room. I was laying on my back when I heard a loud motorcycle or car drive by and lifted my head up to see the car light race around my room. At that moment I thought I saw something in the corner of room. I thought for a moment that it was just the shadow of something from the car light.

Then the fear swept over me when I realized the car was long gone. I’m almost certain that the thing standing in the corner of my room knew that I was in a state of fear because it slowly started to move towards me. The detail that made me know that it wasn’t human was when it was moving towards me there was no movement that showed steps. It just moved towards me like it was gliding across the floor. It kept coming closer till it was basically leaning over me standing next to my bed. I felt a frigid chill lay over me. I pulled my blankets over my face in fright.¬†When I peaked my eyes out to see if that thing was still there, it wasn’t. I was relieved and went back to sleep. But every night I get a little worried that it will visit again.

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