Exploring abandoned hospital

Me and my best friend were always into horror movies and creepy stuff so it was naturally for us to explore such places to get the goosebumps. Most of our tries were disappointing beecause nothing rlly interesting happened.

Once i went to visit her in the city she studied back then and while going to buy some groceries we spotted a big abandoned building next to a hospital so we decided to get close to see what is it supposed to be. We felt rlly drawn to that building, it was like the moment we saw it, we started immediately walking towards it. When we went to the fence that was surrounding it we saw sign saying that the place is abandoned psychiatric wing of the hospital that was right next to it. It said the building was in ruins so its dangerous to go inside. Right next to the sign there was a hole big enough for a person to go through with crouching. We decided to leave the shopping for later and went in.

I checked my phone battery so we can see if we will have enough of it to make a video with the flash on. It was close to full so we carefully went through the fence and on the ground floor of the hospital. It was full of wrecked items, shattered glasses, abandoned old wheelchair and all sorts of thrash, the doors were missing so we could peek slightly in the rooms. There was a staircase to the second floor and we decided to take it since the ground floor was full of those stuff i noted above.

During the whole time i was recording in every direction because the flash was our source of light. Nothing trully happened on our way to the second floor so i thought it’s probably waste of time but then we reached the second floor there were some weird creepy sounds but i thought it’s probably the breeze so i shrugged it off. Then i looked at my right and saw a door  leading to a pretty big room  but i couldn’t see what is inside from that angle so i decided to move forward to check it out but i tripped on some weirdly places bricks  in front of the door and that is where something very weird happened.

Suddenly my phone started flickering and stopped working. It didn’t turn off cuz there was no exit sound or the Samsung logo which it usually shows so we were left in the darkness in front of that door. I tried turning on my phone couple times as the panic slightly took over me. The phone didnt respond and the creepy sounds started getting louder, which it might be my imagination because we were left in the dark in abandoned hospital but it got me rlly creeped out so I told my friend to run down on the stairs to the exit and we did so even tho it was really hard in the dark on almost ruined staircase. I tried to turn on my phone in the same time while sprinting out and there was still no response. After we were out and caught our breaths I tried again and the phone finally responded and turned on. The firsst thing i rushed to do is  to see if the video was recorded but it wasn’t. It was missing which creeped us aswell additionally that it didn wanna turn on inside the building. We decided to call it a night and went back at her dorms.

Couple days later my best friend and her boyfriend were supposed to meet me at that city so we gather and go home together for the winter vacation. We told him the story and he was intrigued by it aswell so we persuaded him to go together in that place. We waited until it was dark and headed there. This time i decided not to record anything. I don’t know why i decided so but at the time I thought it’s the right decisions. We all used the flashlights on our phones so we have couple sources of light.

Everything seemed pretty much the same on the first floor but yet again we didn’t really explore it too much. We headed straight to the second floor with him in the front and me in between them. When he reached the door we were trying to explore last time he stopped at place. “Didn’t you say the door was open?” I found that super weird so i rushed forward to see what is he talking about. The door was sealed with bricks. I was shocked. “Who would seal a door at abandoned hospital with bricks?” I asked myself. It was open just 2 days ago. That really got us confused and creeped out. We wondered if somebody saw us going in and decided to do that. But the question was for what purpose would somebody do that. I truly regretted i couldn’t see what was inside the last time.

We decided to think about it later so we moved on on the corridor. The walls an the ceiling were a bit swollen from the moist. The moisture created some really weird shapes over it. I decided to check if somebody actually draw this or it was from the rainwater and snow cuz the windows were shattered. It wasn’t paint or graffiti. The most drew those weird shapes which looked like shadows of people. One of them was really long and the supposed head of the shadow person was on the ceiling.

We walked to the end of the hallway and saw straicases for both up and down. The upper ones seemed really shaky and not reliable so we decided we can look around the first floor  in more detail. We walked down on the stairs and then just when we were about to step on the first floor my bestie told us to stop and remove the flashlights. We got so stratled, so we did it quickly. I looked at her and she was staying close to the wall that created a corner with the other wall. She was peeking slightly through the corner. I didn’t quite like the idea of staying in the dark with so many opened doors in front and abandoned wheelchair. I felt so creeped out so i looked at every door to see if there is any sort of movement. It was really hard to tell in the darkness but i couldn’t stop it because i didn’t wanna any unpleasant surprise.

She suddenly stopped peeking and told us to move back to see if there is another hole in the fence that we can use to escape. We didn’t even need her warning not to make noise while looking. We did it immediately while she started peeking slightly again but we couldn’t find anything. I realized by our position that my best friend was looking straight the hole in the fence which was the only way out. That creeped me out even more.

We stayed like that for wut it seemed was forever but when i looked at my phone sneakily it was just 10 minutes. After couple more minutes she turned around and told us to make a run to the hole and we were happy to do it after staying so much time in the darkness in that creepy place. We went outside and she told us to head straight to the dorms to get our baggage. She didnt talk for a while but was looking backwards many times like she was afraid somebody is following us.

After our persistent ask to tell us what she saw she finally said it. She aw a shadow of really tall guy or what she thought looked like a male because it was too dark too see any features except the general shape. By her words the shadow just stayed there facing our direction and didn’t move at all. It just stayed there for so long staring at our direction and she told us she had the feeling he is looking straight at her.  By her words, after the whole time we stayed in the dark she decided to look back at us to see if we are there because we stayed silent at one place, and then looked back the shadow was gone. She told us she decided to stay there couple more minutes looking around before she told us to leave in case it returns. It didn’t thankfully but we found that really weird and creepy.

On our way to our hometown we kept on talking about it but nobody found any reasonable explanation for everything that happened. Who was that shadow guy and what did he want? We agreed that if it was a hospital guard he wouldn’t just stay there at one place. He would look around or point a flashlight at our direction but the shadow didn’t do any of those. The other question we still don’t have answer to is why would somebody bother to brick that door exactly after we left the first time. Why would somebody go through so much bother and most importantly what did that person decided to hide behind that door? I still can’t think of any good explanation except that somebody or something didn’t want us or anybody to see what was there and most important that somebody or somthing saw us going there without us suspecting.


Shadow Dog

So my story isn’t too long, nor is it terribly excited, but it WAS scary! I can’t remember my exact age, but younger than 13 for sure. We were living in a small apartment, and I shared a room with my younger sister. So all of the lights in the apartment are off, save for the nightlight outside of our bedroom door. My sister had a headboard, and a footboard while I did not.

Our beds were parallel to each other as well. I just so happened to look down at the bottom of my sisters bed. Crawling out from underneath was a massive, black, dog. It appeared to be a Doberman, with pointed ears and glowing yellow eyes. The footboard was maybe about 3 feet high or so, and this thing was only crawling out. It’s was easily past the board. It was like my noticing it made it stop, because I never once saw it move, and it never took its eyes off of me. It was the middle of summer, and I only remember because I hid under my blankets and gods was it hot. I stayed there not daring to look out until I fell asleep.

I’ve told a few friends about this, doubting they’d believe me. I only recently told my mom, who didn’t believe me. For a while I believed it was a hellhound, and I’ve only ever seen the creature once. After hearing another story of someone encountering a shadow dog, I thought maybe that’s what it could be. Either way I really don’t want to see this thing again, whatever it was.

The Ghostly Shadow

I was around 8 or 9 at the time this experience takes place.

I have dealt with sleep paralysis multiple times in my life and it’s never pleasant. This night was quite different. It was around 3 in the morning and I woke up in the middle of a sleep paralysis episode. I started to panic a little but quickly calmed down.

Until I saw the thing at the end of my bed. It was tall and sitting on the railing of my bed. It was simple black, with no face, or any features at all really. By this point, I was freaked out but I still couldn’t seem to move. I glanced back up and the thing started crawling towards me.

At this point, I was home with my aunt since my parents were out of town for a couple days, and she’s a pretty heavy sleeper, so when I screamed, she just kept sleeping away.

I glanced back up and saw the thing right in front of me. It seemed to stare at me for a while, then crawled back to the end of the bed. After a while, it left my room. I don’t know where it went, and I don’t really want to. But I didn’t see it again, at least, not yet.

I didn’t believe in things like ghosts until this night. I don’t know what on earth it was, but I want to know what it was and why it was there. I still get freaked out to this day thinking about that creature. I don’t know what it wanted….But I feel that it’s still here….

My House is Haunted

This first encounter happened like 8 months ago. I was just lying down getting ready to fall asleep. I had my computer on with a tv show on for background sound. So with the computer open there was a little bit of light but not enough to completely light up my room. I was laying on my back when I heard a loud motorcycle or car drive by and lifted my head up to see the car light race around my room. At that moment I thought I saw something in the corner of room. I thought for a moment that it was just the shadow of something from the car light.

Then the fear swept over me when I realized the car was long gone. I’m almost certain that the thing standing in the corner of my room knew that I was in a state of fear because it slowly started to move towards me. The detail that made me know that it wasn’t human was when it was moving towards me there was no movement that showed steps. It just moved towards me like it was gliding across the floor. It kept coming closer till it was basically leaning over me standing next to my bed. I felt a frigid chill lay over me. I pulled my blankets over my face in fright. When I peaked my eyes out to see if that thing was still there, it wasn’t. I was relieved and went back to sleep. But every night I get a little worried that it will visit again.

My next short story was only 1-2 weeks ago. I was in my room with my door open waiting for my mom to come home. I was watching youtube videos. I had just finished a video and I heard a car pull into the driveway. I got up and waited for a second because something didn’t seem right. I heard the front door open. I slowly still a little skeptical started to head downstairs. I heard my mom walking through the house to the living room. I got downstairs and checked around and no one was there. I just realized the situation I was in and looked outside and saw no cars in the driveway. I bolted up stairs and almost dove into my room.

I was about to slam my door shut and lock it when I heard the footsteps again going back towards the door and it opens and closes and whatever was downstair had left. I again creep downstairs. I should mention that when this happened it was snowy outside so if someone were to come in you would see wet spots or rock salt on the floor. When I got downstairs there was nothing on the floors, they were perfectly clean. Since then I never feel completely alone when I’m home “alone”.