Serial killer neighbor

So my dad grew up in the San Francisco Bay Area in California and through his child hood he has experienced a lot of creepy things but this one has hit him the hardest.

Growing up he had a neighbor that lived behind him that him and his brother always found creepy.  His name was Steven Carlson and they called him creepy Carlson.

My dad and his brother used to like to adventure and explore the fields and drainage tunnels in their neighborhood for fun when they where bored. One day my dads older brother came to him and told him that his friend had found a dead body of a girl  in a nearby tunnel. Sure enough it was true and the girls name was Tina faelz.

my dads brother was interviewed on the news and his friend was used as a witness. 40 years later my dad came to me and told me that they found the person who killed Tina faelz.  I knew about the story of the body because he had told me when I was younger. When he found out who it was his jaw dropped.

It was the creepy neighbor that lived behind my dad. You can look this case up today and it truly happened

The Bus

Every day I get on this bus. Every day I see the same people. The guy sitting in front of me now with a brownish cap and and old warn out coat. This is the exact same spot he sits in every day without fail, the same book he reads each time getting a little closer to the end. The old guy sitting to the left of me in the exact spot every day. He dose nothing other than stairs blankly out of the window like he is tired of life, I can sense a deep sad lonely feeling emanating from him like he has just recently lost someone he loved. The guy sitting behind me right at the back, a young guy in his early twenty’s constantly making phone calls and blaring out loud rap music on his beats headphones. You can sort of tell how everyone despises the guy with the amount of loud obnoxious phone calls he has with his mate “Derick”. AJ the bus driver a very friendly guy everyone knows him, a young Turkish guy who came to this country about a year ago, he is very dedicated to his job and always strikes up a conversation with someone. But the reason I’m here today is for her. The same reason I’m here every other day, not to go home and relax after a long day at work like any usual person on this bus NO. I have been watching her for a while.

She leaves her house at 8:30, walks the ten minuet walk to the bus stop, gets on the bus at 8:50 and then travels to work. She then gets to work at 9:20 to her job as a Secretary, from then on she works most of the day till her 20 minuet lunch break at 1:00 she then gets back to work at 1:20 and then works for the rest of the day till 7:00. After this she walks to her local coffee shop and orders a medium latte. From then on she finishes her latte and heads off to the bus stop. She arrives at the bus stop at 7:45 and gets on the bus… well.. just about now I presume. I have remembered her exact routine. I know when she gets off the bus and when she arrives at her house. She usually gets off at the stop just before her house because she fancy’s a peaceful brisk walk before she gets back. So that will give me enough time to sneak into her house and find a good hiding spot. I usually like hiding under their beds, plus I have done it hundreds of times before. She sleeps like a baby. Sometimes when she is in a deep sleep I stand there and watch her just before I leave through her bedroom window. She Is absolutely beautiful.

Its funny how I have known all these people for about year now and not one of them has spoken to me. Nobody knows what kind of fucked up things I have done in life, let alone the sorts of crazy things that go on in such a normal looking persons head. Anyway she has just got on the bus now I can see her talking to the driver. She is gonna sit where she has done for the past year now right on the third row of seats to the left. I always get a perfect view of her dark long luscious hair. She looks so oblivious to what is about to come. A few minuets have passed and the annoying guy on the phone and elderly man have just been dropped off at their stops. Next stop. Her stop. As she gets off the bus I go over the drill of how I will get into her house. She usually leaves her bedroom window wide open to air the room, so that’s how i’m getting in. The driver drives off and eventually stops at the final stop. I say thanks to the the driver and me and the guy with the cap gets off. The guy with the cap goes in the complete opposite direction to me. So I won’t have to worry about him watching me sneak into her house.

The street is completely empty now. An eerie silence shapes the street with the cool winters air caressing my face. I make a swift five minuet walk to he house and walk round the back. I can see the window right above me. I climb up the bins and onto the small extension of the house I then slowly but cautiously crawl through her window. I’m in. I can see her through the window walking towards the house. I quickly rush around to try and find the perfect hiding spot. before I hide I select my weapon of choice which is my trusty cheese wire and then swiftly sneak into the cupboard. I hear her enter through the font door. I’m shaking dew to all the excitement. I have been itching for this kill ever since I laid eyes on her.

I can hear her now she is coming up the stairs. She enters the room I can see her through the slit of the cupboard. She flicks on the light to her room and walks straight to her window. I could just imagine dropping that heavyset window right on her neck instantly snapping it. It would be an accident. She just so happened to be leaning out of the window when suddenly it slides down instantly killing her. No I thought to myself it would still be a bit suspicious. I might as well stick to the plan. She just about shut the window and was about to get undressed. The perfect time to strike. I thought to myself. Just as she was taking off her skirt I looked to my left. Two sets of yellow piercing eyes staring back at me! I jump a little she didn’t hear me. I quickly flick on the light of my phone and shine it to my left. What I saw was a scene from a horror film. Two mutilated fresh corpses hung up in the cupboard like a couple of three peace suits completely drained of their blood. It was even more fucked up than the type of stuff I had ever done before.

I look back out of the slit holding my breath of fear. I can see her standing there staring right at me. She smiles. The hunter has now become the hunted. “I have waited for you Jacob” she says smiling at me. I stay silent. “Do you think the whole time you have been watching me I have been completely oblivious to your presence? How stupid do you think I am? she moves closer to the cupboard I am too shocked to move. She doesn’t move… she.. hovers. Oh my god what is she. As she gets closer I can see in her eyes. She is not HUMAN! I try to make a run for it but as I do the two mutilated corpses spring to life and grab me. I can’t move their grip is too strong.

She hovers closer and clicks her fingers. The cupboard door flings open exposing my presents. She looks at me and laughs. “There you are” as she utters the words and laughs I can see her teeth grow longer. She stops laughing and looks back at me with demonic eyes. “I am hungry VERY.. VERY.. HUNGRY!

Fishing with a serial killer

This story didn’t happen to me, it happened to my father when he was in high school in the late 70’s. He was, and still is, an avid fisher, hunter, hiker, etc. At the time this took place, he was ice fishing with a few close friends at a lake in southern Wisconsin. Every time he recounts this story to me, he get this look of disgust on his face, less like he remembers the fear, and more like he’s ready throw up at the thought it. The rest will be from his perspective.

We were out on the lake, it was cold. A few of the guys just walked back to the car to get some things, and it was just me Bruno. We were minding our own business when this older man walked out of the woods. He was sort of chubby, and big, and he had a creepy smile. We didn’t think anything of it, we were raised to be polite, so we struck up a conversation.

He said he’d been fishing too, and wasn’t catching much. He asked if we wanted a drink, said he had some at his camp. We told him we had our own and we were okay.

Then he asked us if he could hang out with us a bit longer. We thought it was odd, especially because he was so much older than us, and he was alone. He continued to talk to us, and even drank some of our beer. Then he asked if we’d come over for dinner at his place. This is where red flags popped up. We turned him down, told him we had plans, and eventually he left. All this took place when there were only two of us on the lake.

I would have forgotten the whole thing. He was just another strange creepy older man, who needed someone to talk to. Until a few months later when I saw him on the news. He was the Killer Clown, according to the news report. None other than John Wayne Gacy. Thinking back on it now, I’d hate to imagine what he would’ve done if we’d taken him up on his offer. I’m just glad he rotted in jail.


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