terrific terrace room in school

This happened before 6 years when i was studying 10th standard .Being in India and one of its main cities I usually grew up chilling with friends every day. Going to school is so much fun. 10th class in our country is very important to pass out with good grades so we used to have extra classes until 7.30 pm and more over our batch is the so called “toppers batch.” its only our section which stayed until 7.30pm.

Our class is at the last floor of 5 stored building and for the last floor we have 2 staircase to go to the terrace i.e two ways to reach terrace from the either side of the corridor.But they were always closed with very huge locks with a grill door. I am giving this clarity so as to understand for what happened next.

Morning sessions we used to have classes and from afternoon onward we have study periods.
During study periods our batch of girls used to sit on one of the stairs almost closer to the terrace door .And the other end of terrace near THE 2ND DOOR stairs boys used to sit. neither can we see them nor they can see us so daily it was an usual for us to sit there.

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Guardian Nurse

This is a short, but quite interesting allegedly true story that my friend told me few days ago.

I am 16 years old female from Czech Republic and I’m studying nursing high school and help out the registered nurses when I can. I was fortunate enough to make a friend who was just finishing the last fourth year. Let’s call her Gabrielle.

Gabrielle and I became friends almost instantly and she was kind enough to share her experiences and tips, that’ll help me with my studies.

One night I jokingly asked her if there were any ghosts haunting the school, because it’s one of the oldest in my country. To my surprise, she said yes.

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Creepy Hermit Encounter

        I live in Burlington, Ontario, a nice lakeside city near Toronto. This story happened to me during a school trip when I was in eighth grade. At my elementary school, which by the way was Catholic, everyone in grade eight would get to go on two trips as part of their final year at the school. One trip took place in the fall and was usually a religious camping trip that took place about forty minutes out of the city. By religious, I mean everyone had to participate in group activities that revolved around being a good Christian and teamwork, etc. This, of course, completely sucked as this “camp” was little more than a religion class stretched to three days.

        The second school trip always took place in the spring and was usually a trip to Ottawa for the weekend where we could explore the city and visit museums. For some reason, it was decided my year would instead take another camping trip (at a camp I will not name) about four hours away at Algonquin Provincial Park. The camp was on one of the many lakes in the park and was set up like your pretty typical summer camp. Cabins were spread out near the lake and partially in the forest and there were bathrooms and a mess hall in separate buildings. As you would guess, boys and girls shared separate cabins. The girls’ cabins were built on supports above the ground and were the ones closer to the lake. Our cabins were almost in the forest and built on the ground along a gravel road. I shared a larger cabin with about four other guys. Although our cabin was the largest, it was probably the least comforting. While the other cabins had actual windows and doors that would fully close and lock, our cabin looked like it was built from balsa wood, only had thin bug-screens for windows and a door that wouldn’t close. I should also point out that I had no experience with actual camping, as my family hates it, so this was a pretty bad first impression.

        This is where the “creepy” story actually starts. On the first evening, we were all gathered outside the mess hall for a fun night activity. The camp counsellors told us about a hermit that lived in the nearby woods. The activity was that they were going to take us into the dark woods in groups to see where this hermit lived. This kind of caught us by surprise as it was quite random, but intriguing at the same time. As you would expect, everyone was pretty much screaming as we were led deeper into the woods with only our flashlights, looking for this hermit’s house. When we finally came across this “house”, which was little more than a huge log with a makeshift bed, we were led back to camp.

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One By One They All Fall Down (Creepypasta)

Starting year 6 was a breeze for the most part, yeah the work was a little tougher, and especially when it came to maths but it was still an easy start. Over the following weeks everyone started making plans for Halloween, when eventually the day came that I overheard some of the popular kids planning to sneak out and go to the graveyard next to the school. They noticed me looking over and thought to invite me along, I tried get out of it but they weren’t having any of it.

The whole plan was to have a sleep over at Jacobs seeing as his was the closest to the school/ graveyard, and then sneak out around midnight, during the so called witching hour, the guys had been doing some research about the paranormal and found out between midnight and 3am is the best time to contact spirits, so naturally decided this would be the best time to go have a Ouija board session in the middle of the local graveyard, I know right sounds fun. We were all on the same page Tim, Jacob, Alex, Chris, Rob, Mike and of course me but over the week leading up to Halloween more and more people got invited, some were going to join us at Jacobs, some were going to sneak out and meet us there and well the rest of the class weren’t interested or had way to strict of parents to even attempt sneaking out or staying at others.

Finally the night came, October 31st 1999, a time without smart phones scary right, we were all having a fun night watching horror films, eating junk food and trying out our favourite wrestling moves on each other, eventually it got late, about 11pm, Jacobs parents popped the heads in to the room saying they were off to bed and for us to not stay up to late, nice people I wonder how they’re doing; we of us all waited about an hour to make sure the parents were asleep, we all got dressed and quietly made our way out to the back, now Jacobs back garden leads onto an alley way which takes us straight to the school, annoyingly we would of just used the gate but it had been locked for god knows how long considering the amount of rust on the metal so he had to proceed with boosting one another over the fence as quietly and quickly as possible.

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Reasons why I started to close my window every time, if there an tree near to the window

I was 13 at the time when this happen, it still give me chill whenever I shared about it with someone. The reasons why I started to close my window if there a tree near to the window. It was around summer when this happen it was one raining day in the summer. Oh before the story I have to mention that our house is near an wood, next to the wood is an old school that they change into an boys and girls club. I remembering waking up in the morning hear the thunder booming and and the rain hit in the concrete outside of our house. I wake up, take a shower and get ready for my day.

When I went downstairs my two little brothers ask me, if I could walk with them to the boys and girls club. I take them both down to the club I brought them in and I left. It was still raining outside, so I decide to walk around the school field and enjoy the rain for a minute. Just when I was about to go home I look up one of those big tree in the middle of forest I notice someone was standing up there it seen like a kid. I ask myself why would an kid do up there in the middle of the wood when its raining? The next thing still give me chill to this day, The figure wave at me I didn’t even react back I ran back straight home without look back.

That night I couldn’t go to sleep my window was open and there was an tree there as I blink I notice someone was sitting on the tree. I just look at the figure, the figure didn’t look back at me, it just sitting there like it didn’t even notice that I was there. I close my eyes and felt to asleep, It kept happening for me the next 3 weeks, I told my mom what happen and she’s notice it and take me serious, because she have notice that I wasn’t the same ever since I took both of my brothers to the club. The next day my mom drove us to the boys and girls club.

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Scary School Experience

So when I was in Middle School we had this weird experience. So this story involves my 2 bestfriends we’ll call Gracie and Penelope. My boyfriend we’ll call Xavier and my Brother we’ll call Jayden. So Gracie and Jayden were in the same homeroom and Penelope, Jayden and I were in the other homeroom across the hall.

Ealier one morning a couple days before the incident when our bus arrived there was this commotion going on. A kid started screaming at a teacher to give his phone back. But those things can’t be used till after school at our school. The kid screamed that he will kill himself or someone else if he doesn’t give it back. The teacher never gave it back.

I started feeling uneasy because that sounded very threatening. But my brother Jayden just said I was being paranoid. And he reassures me that the kid says that stuff all the time. The day went by fine with no complication with the kid.

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Math Tutor

I am a 18 year old girl and recently read some stories about school and teachers which made me remember this story I’m about to tell you.

Back when I was about 13 years old, I was in middle school and I really needed a math tutor who would give me classes since I was very bad at math. I consider my circle of friends very big so I asked them for any recommendations for math tutors who would give me classes, and about 4 of my friends recommended someone which I will call “C” for this story. I asked them for his number and they gave it to me, I texted him and asked him all about the classes like the time he would be able to come over and the price per class. I agreed and would have my first class with him within a week from the first time I texted him.

He came over just in time and we sat in a desk I have at my house. He was middle-aged which really made me uncomfortable, but there was no going back since I had an important test coming up in some weeks and I didn’t know anything. He gave me classes and everything went normal, C was funny too which made classes pleasant.

I took classes with him and I took my math test which I got a good grade on, I decided to keep studying with him and start geometry too since I was doing bad on that subject too. Classes were fun with C and everything was normal, my friends gave me really good comments about him and I stopped feeling uncomfortable.

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College Shooting

I am a 19 year old American college student and I Attend Northlake College in the Dallas area. This story however isn’t going to be from my perspective, but rather from my girlfriend’s.

Some background: If you didn’t hear already about a month ago an active shooter came onto our schools campus and opened fired. I was thankfully at a satellite campus during the ordeal. But my girlfriend was at the main campus at the time when it happened and experienced much more than I did.

She was in the middle of class reviewing for the final next week. It was a normal day and nothing out of the ordinary had happened at all. We did have a weird instance the day before where the principal got over the intercom and told everyone an emergency had reported on campus. But all we had to do was evacuate and it turned out to be nothing. But not less than 24 hours later my girlfriend was sitting in class and only about 100 feet down the hall shots started to ring out. She said they were so loud, and so real. One of the students immediately closed and locked the door as everyone else in the class piled up into the least visible corner. Just then the Principle came on over the intercom, except he sounded frantic and scared to death. He managed to spit out “we are in lockdown”. At this time they were sending out alerts on our system so me my professor and everyone on my class at the time received the message that there was an active shooter at Northlake. We still had to go into lockdown because the authorities weren’t sure which campus it was at and they didn’t know if this would be a collaborative shooting or something like that.

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