Guardian Nurse

This is a short, but quite interesting allegedly true story that my friend told me few days ago.

I am 16 years old female from Czech Republic and I’m studying nursing high school and help out the registered nurses when I can. I was fortunate enough to make a friend who was just finishing the last fourth year. Let’s call her Gabrielle.

Gabrielle and I became friends almost instantly and she was kind enough to share her experiences and tips, that’ll help me with my studies.

One night I jokingly asked her if there were any ghosts haunting the school, because it’s one of the oldest in my country. To my surprise, she said yes.

Apperenty, during school sleepover, she and her classmates and even the teacher saw an old lady walking through the dark halls, disappearing in the school chapel. Only the class teacher and the students are supposed to be present during that night.

Gabrielle asked around and her class wasn’t the only one who seen her. At least five other full classes who graduated before them said that the ghost is real.

Now, during the third and fourth year, nursing students have some practical lessons at the faculty hospital near our school. And to Gabrielle’s surprise, she saw the ghost lady walking around the patients. She held their hands and when the students needed help, she appeared to them and adviced them (like, where they are needed or what to do). She always did that without saying a word.

The last time Gabrielle saw her was at the matura testing. For those who don’t know, at the end of the final year, students have to pass (usually) four hard exams, both written and oral. And some high schools, like ours, also have practical matura. My friend and her classmates all had to prepare beds for patient after a surgery.

One of the guys was so nervous, poor soul, that he completly forgot to adjust the pillow in the right position according to the norms.

When the teachers were checking the others, two out of three students saw the ghost nurse grabbing the pillow by it’s corners and carefully positioning is it should be. They saw the pillow actually move.

That guy passed by one point. The right pillow position saved him. While the teachers were cheking the bed and scolding him for badly tied knots, the ghost was smiling and shaking her head, evidently amused.

That’s the last time Gabrielle saw her. Some of her friends say that they saw her during the matura party, watching over them, still smiling.

She has two forms. The first form is an old woman in her late 80s, wearing classical nursing clothes from the Victorian era. The second one is a young girl, around 20, wearing the same, but less worn, dress. We know it’s her, because of a distinct scar on her left cheek.

There are many theories about her. The two most popular one are as follows:

1) She was one of the first teachers at our school and she still wants to help young girls and boys who want to save lifes.

2) She used to be a student and after finishing, she devoted her life to helping people and saving lifes. That duty (a “mission”) is what’s binding her to our mortal world, still determined to save patiens and students alike.

Either way, me and my friends hope to see her one day. As scary as meeting a ghost sounds like, we’ll need all the help and support we can get…

Creepy Hermit Encounter

        I live in Burlington, Ontario, a nice lakeside city near Toronto. This story happened to me during a school trip when I was in eighth grade. At my elementary school, which by the way was Catholic, everyone in grade eight would get to go on two trips as part of their final year at the school. One trip took place in the fall and was usually a religious camping trip that took place about forty minutes out of the city. By religious, I mean everyone had to participate in group activities that revolved around being a good Christian and teamwork, etc. This, of course, completely sucked as this “camp” was little more than a religion class stretched to three days.

        The second school trip always took place in the spring and was usually a trip to Ottawa for the weekend where we could explore the city and visit museums. For some reason, it was decided my year would instead take another camping trip (at a camp I will not name) about four hours away at Algonquin Provincial Park. The camp was on one of the many lakes in the park and was set up like your pretty typical summer camp. Cabins were spread out near the lake and partially in the forest and there were bathrooms and a mess hall in separate buildings. As you would guess, boys and girls shared separate cabins. The girls’ cabins were built on supports above the ground and were the ones closer to the lake. Our cabins were almost in the forest and built on the ground along a gravel road. I shared a larger cabin with about four other guys. Although our cabin was the largest, it was probably the least comforting. While the other cabins had actual windows and doors that would fully close and lock, our cabin looked like it was built from balsa wood, only had thin bug-screens for windows and a door that wouldn’t close. I should also point out that I had no experience with actual camping, as my family hates it, so this was a pretty bad first impression.

        This is where the “creepy” story actually starts. On the first evening, we were all gathered outside the mess hall for a fun night activity. The camp counsellors told us about a hermit that lived in the nearby woods. The activity was that they were going to take us into the dark woods in groups to see where this hermit lived. This kind of caught us by surprise as it was quite random, but intriguing at the same time. As you would expect, everyone was pretty much screaming as we were led deeper into the woods with only our flashlights, looking for this hermit’s house. When we finally came across this “house”, which was little more than a huge log with a makeshift bed, we were led back to camp.

        Although my group didn’t see anything, other people started talking about seeing someone creep around the dark woods. Someone in my cabin even said they saw blue, glowing eyes in the darkness. I shrugged it off, thinking the whole hermit story was made up by the camp to scare us, and the person in the woods was just a counsellor.

        Sometime in the middle of the night, I woke up to the sound of someone sprinting down the gravel road that ran near our cabin. At first I was startled, and a little creeped out, but then I thought it might have just been an animal. That was, until, I started hearing the gravel crunch around our cabin. It was very soft, but definitely a person. I was suddenly terrified. My bed was right beside the door that didn’t lock. An animal could have easily pushed the door open on its own and walked inside if it wanted to. There was also nothing covering the screens, so the person outside could clearly see in. I was ready to scream as loud as possible if someone entered the cabin. I had my eyes locked on the door, anticipating to see it slowly open. But it never did. The sound outside slowly disappeared into the woods. Immediately, I thought it must have been the hermit. I ruled out the possibility of it being a counsellor or teacher because it was at least three in the morning, which was an odd time to check on students. Surprisingly, I was able to fall back asleep a short while later.

        That was the only interesting part of the camping trip unfortunately. The rest of the trip was pretty dreadful. It rained non-stop for the remaining days and a few people from my class caught the flu from another school that was sharing the camp with us, so the bus was partially quarantined on the way back home.

        As time passed, I mostly forgot about the creepy encounter, giving in to the possibility that it was just a counsellor checking on us. The story doesn’t end there though. The following year, it was my younger sister’s turn to go on the same eighth grade camping trip. Just like for my class, she also had to go on the weird hermit expedition during the first night. Although she initially thought nothing of it, during one of the other days when she and a few friends were exploring the woods along the lake, she described seeing a small hermit-like person sitting on a log in the distance.

        I know this isn’t the scariest camping story to be told, but it creeps me out knowing that the hermit was indeed real, and that this camp thought it was “fun” to lead a bunch of kids to this random person’s house in the middle of the woods. The hermit also isn’t afraid to peek on unsuspecting campers in the dead of night.

It’s been almost ten years since this happened and I haven’t done anything camping related since.

One By One They All Fall Down (Creepypasta)

Starting year 6 was a breeze for the most part, yeah the work was a little tougher, and especially when it came to maths but it was still an easy start. Over the following weeks everyone started making plans for Halloween, when eventually the day came that I overheard some of the popular kids planning to sneak out and go to the graveyard next to the school. They noticed me looking over and thought to invite me along, I tried get out of it but they weren’t having any of it.

The whole plan was to have a sleep over at Jacobs seeing as his was the closest to the school/ graveyard, and then sneak out around midnight, during the so called witching hour, the guys had been doing some research about the paranormal and found out between midnight and 3am is the best time to contact spirits, so naturally decided this would be the best time to go have a Ouija board session in the middle of the local graveyard, I know right sounds fun. We were all on the same page Tim, Jacob, Alex, Chris, Rob, Mike and of course me but over the week leading up to Halloween more and more people got invited, some were going to join us at Jacobs, some were going to sneak out and meet us there and well the rest of the class weren’t interested or had way to strict of parents to even attempt sneaking out or staying at others.

Finally the night came, October 31st 1999, a time without smart phones scary right, we were all having a fun night watching horror films, eating junk food and trying out our favourite wrestling moves on each other, eventually it got late, about 11pm, Jacobs parents popped the heads in to the room saying they were off to bed and for us to not stay up to late, nice people I wonder how they’re doing; we of us all waited about an hour to make sure the parents were asleep, we all got dressed and quietly made our way out to the back, now Jacobs back garden leads onto an alley way which takes us straight to the school, annoyingly we would of just used the gate but it had been locked for god knows how long considering the amount of rust on the metal so he had to proceed with boosting one another over the fence as quietly and quickly as possible.

We all made it over without alerting the parents, no idea how as we made so much noise that every dog in the area started barking but alas we were on our merry way down the well lit alley, Chris was explaining how the Ouija board worked to the few that hadn’t had a chance to find out, this ended up freaking out the 3 or 4 kids that were already a bit shaken and wanting to back out but we were all in this now, no going back, well apparently to the 6 who had originated this whole plan. By the time we had got to the school, everyone else had already been waiting for over 10 minutes. “about time” a few of them remarked in a snarky tone, “come one we don’t have all night” said one of the bratty girls, were call her Katelyn, this probably would of went a lot smoother if not for her, let me quickly explain she’s one of those princess, I’m never wrong I get everything I want, cant handle being told no types. Anyway we all made our way to the centre of the graveyard and set up the board on a large tombstone, you know the ones that are like huge stone tables which cam in very handy for this, so we all tried to gather around the board, some pushing and shoving to get closer, mind there was like 20 of us and if you’re at all familiar with Ouija boards you should know only say about 6 people can have their hand on the planchette at a time so this was a bit hectic, we all established we’d take it in turns obviously the 6 originals going first.

They tried asking questions for 5 to 10 minutes with no response, they swapped over with some others and the same occurred, nothing apart from one or 2 of them pretending to move make the planchette move. My go was next so we sat around the board and asked “is there anyone there?” no response, all the other typical questions had been asked so I thought I’d ask something different “would you like us to leave you alone?” at this point the planchette felt as is was being ever so slightly moved but that’s when Katelyn pushed me out the way having enough of waiting around with nothing happening, she angrily asked stupid questions and mocked the planchette moving until most of the group had either left or started to protest her. She finally gave up and decided to leave, we all calmed ourselves down and decided we might as well pack it in seeing as nothing was happening, just as we all agreed we heard scrapping, it was the planchette on the board, it was moving, by itself. We all looked at each other trying to figure out who was trying to trick us but no one was, no strings, no magnets nothing. We watched as the heart shaped plastic made its way ever so slowly to Goodbye. Needless to say we all bolted, none of us really expected anything to happen so when it did, my god did we run, a couple of kids even cried including Tim, there were a few jokes made at his expense. We finally made it back into Jacobs’s room and started discussing what had happened, making excuses and trying to disprove what we saw, but to no luck we had no answers.

The next week we returned to school from the half term break, we all filled each other in on what we had got up to and talking about the Halloween in the graveyard, but yet no one mentioned Katelyn’s outburst, I thought to be sure that would be top gossip but no not a word, it got to registration when I noticed Katelyn wasn’t there, everyone else was but not her, I thought maybe she was to embarrassed to come in or maybe she had moved school, that would be nice I thought, so I asked the girl sitting besides me but she gave me this look of pure vacancy, she had no idea who I was talking about, so I asked a few more kids around me only to get the same response; I thought maybe they’ve all agreed to just collectively ignore her and pretend she doesn’t exist. It was odd not one person had questioned where she was but even the teacher didn’t call out her name or give any reason to why she wasn’t there. I tried not to think much of it throughout the morning but I was just so curious, I finally decided to ask the teacher at lunch when she gave me the exact none vacant expression and answer my classmates had.

The following week the whole missing Katelyn deal had left my mind, it was peaceful not having her around, I feel terrible for saying that but it’s also therapeutic. I was in for a surprise the next day as another student hadn’t shown up to class with the same little things from last time, no one knowing who she was, her name not being called out, what was off this time though was this wasn’t a girl most people dislike, maybe even hated but the girl who had vanished, everyone loved, her name was Sarah and she put a smile on everyone’s face even if you didn’t want to smile but now just like Katelyn it seems she no longer exists. This carried on for the following weeks leading up to Christmas break, every few days or even a week would past then poof, there goes another one.

The end of the year had rolled around but by this time pretty much my entire class was missing; even the entire school population looked smaller. How many people have vanished to this unknown force? Why was I the only one to remember them? Everyone else involved with that night couldn’t remember so why was I burdened with these memories of people that no longer exist? I needed to know, maybe if I went back to where this began, maybe I could talk with what ever it was we had contacted so that was it my mind was made up, that day after school I would go into the graveyard and find some answers. The day final bell rang as we grabbed our bags, I was just about to leave as the teacher called other, “I want to know why you’ve been asking about students that I’ve never met” I got a little annoyed seeing as he had met these students, many times, “I’d like you to sit down while I go fetch your parents from the teachers lounge” I was furious at this point, he seriously called my parents in and none of them had mentioned anything, I tried to walk out of the room in frustration but the door was locked, I decided to just sit down and get this over with.

Finally Mr. Johnson and my parents had returned, they questioned me for what felt like an eternity, I explained everything the night we snuck out, the girl getting angry and every time I noticed a student had gone missing. They just looked at me with such confusion, eventually after more questioning my mother broke down into tears, she couldn’t deal with the constant lies or the fact I had gone crazy, that were the only two conclusions my parents and Mr. Johnson could come up with, I protested and protested until they had enough, my father restrained me at this point my mother had calmed down from crying but was absolutely furious. We walked home with no words spoken, when we got in we had dinner, still no words when we had finished they sent me to my room, I decided not to protest as it hadn’t gotten me anywhere so far and just excepted my fate.

The next morning I could her talking downstairs but it was only one side of a conversation, my father was on the phone so I decided to be nosey as young kids usually, my father was booking me a doctors appointment, great my parents actually do think I’m crazy, well its not like I can prove that any of those people exist not even their own parents remember them. We arrive at the doctors and he asks me question after question after question, he determines I’ve been having hallucinations and could possibly be schizophrenia, this did not feel good, they said they’d need to run some more tests over the following weeks. So this was my story, the story of why I’ve been locked in an asylum for 16 years, love you too Mum and Dad.

(Authors Notes: It may sound weird but both schools I went to growing up were either separated by a hedge line/fence or across the road from graveyards)

Reasons why I started to close my window every time, if there an tree near to the window

I was 13 at the time when this happen, it still give me chill whenever I shared about it with someone. The reasons why I started to close my window if there a tree near to the window. It was around summer when this happen it was one raining day in the summer. Oh before the story I have to mention that our house is near an wood, next to the wood is an old school that they change into an boys and girls club. I remembering waking up in the morning hear the thunder booming and and the rain hit in the concrete outside of our house. I wake up, take a shower and get ready for my day.

When I went downstairs my two little brothers ask me, if I could walk with them to the boys and girls club. I take them both down to the club I brought them in and I left. It was still raining outside, so I decide to walk around the school field and enjoy the rain for a minute. Just when I was about to go home I look up one of those big tree in the middle of forest I notice someone was standing up there it seen like a kid. I ask myself why would an kid do up there in the middle of the wood when its raining? The next thing still give me chill to this day, The figure wave at me I didn’t even react back I ran back straight home without look back.

That night I couldn’t go to sleep my window was open and there was an tree there as I blink I notice someone was sitting on the tree. I just look at the figure, the figure didn’t look back at me, it just sitting there like it didn’t even notice that I was there. I close my eyes and felt to asleep, It kept happening for me the next 3 weeks, I told my mom what happen and she’s notice it and take me serious, because she have notice that I wasn’t the same ever since I took both of my brothers to the club. The next day my mom drove us to the boys and girls club.

When we got in there she have an talk with one of the staff in that have being work there ever since the school was release it. One of them told us that it was late around 1983, some of the bullies beat her very bad, that one day she have enough and didn’t come to school for the next three weeks. The police do an investigation and found her body in the middle of wood near the school, she have commit suicide.

Scary School Experience

So when I was in Middle School we had this weird experience. So this story involves my 2 bestfriends we’ll call Gracie and Penelope. My boyfriend we’ll call Xavier and my Brother we’ll call Jayden. So Gracie and Jayden were in the same homeroom and Penelope, Jayden and I were in the other homeroom across the hall.

Ealier one morning a couple days before the incident when our bus arrived there was this commotion going on. A kid started screaming at a teacher to give his phone back. But those things can’t be used till after school at our school. The kid screamed that he will kill himself or someone else if he doesn’t give it back. The teacher never gave it back.

I started feeling uneasy because that sounded very threatening. But my brother Jayden just said I was being paranoid. And he reassures me that the kid says that stuff all the time. The day went by fine with no complication with the kid.

Five days later

Xavier went to run to the office to turn in attendance for our techer. But a couple minutes after he left we heard the teachers yelling across the hall in the middle of our social studies lesson.

Our teacher went into the hall and shut the door behind herself. The doors at our school automatically lock when closed so people on the outside can’t get in. We heard a teacher yell to call 911 making the classroom break into chaos. The other kids within the radius of us were pushed into the classroom we were in. So Gracie and Jayden ended up in the same class as us.

I ask Jayden and Gracie what’s going on. And it turns out the kid from the other day held some kids hostage in the bathroom. He tried to kill them but was delusional and thought a piece of paper and an eraser would wound them. One of the people held hostage was Xaivier,but obviously he wasn’t hurt.

But I can’t say the same about the kid…

Because they say people were going to send him to a mental hospital. But he never made it there because they day before he was going to leave he hung himslef on piano wire. He ended up decappitating himself says his next door neighbor. Nobody likes to talk about him because they think he haunts the school but I don’t believe that he does.